Day 7…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 7

Thanks for all the laughs yesterday, there were some funny, funny comments!!…and even for those of you who had nothing for me…thats fine too…just commenting and wanting to win a ruler was good enough for me…we sold lots of rulers yesterday…maybe Santa will be EXTRA good to us on Christmas Day!!

Day 7’s NEEDFUL things is again something I didn’t think I NEEDED….wrong…after laying patches out and having this happen again and again…I’m giving in..snoman gatherings 2

I can’t keep it from happening…I am using 9 light fabrics…this SHOULD NOT happen…but it does…from now on I am pinning my pairs when I stitch with numbered pins…nqpinsno more screwing up…and ripping!!! or not ripping because I’m tired of ripping…I can live with this below,snowman gatherings 2 with them kitty corner…but this was not supposed to happen either…





Now I know some of you are going to say…who cares…and that’s fine…who cares…but when I take the TIME  to lay them out so this does not happen…I do care…

Succumbing to pining with numbered pins when it matters is going to be the way to go from now on…I will still use my fine pins for seams, these are not intended to replace them…The numbered pins are for organization which will work on stitching squares together… stitching blocks together, numbering rows and probably a bunch more uses that some of you who already own them can tell us about…but I’m using them from now on…Here are the details:

130 Straight Pins Numbered 1-20. Each pin is approx. 2″ in length.
Pins come in a convenient doubled sided plastic case approx. 5″ x 5″, with divided sections holding the numbered pins
Reverse side of pin head is blank which you can mark with a permanent marker if you      need numbers higher than 20
Perfect for organizing your quilt blocks & rows

So convenient for taking to class, demonstrations, etc. Makes a great gift.

Pins are $29.95 and for this event they will be $24!  Shop HERE if your tired of  fabrics finding a way to be together when stitching?

I’m having a Christmas party for our family and “mutual” friends tomorrow night…an “ugly ornament” contest and this year some “live” entertainment…I’m not making ALL the appetizers this year…I’ve asked everyone to share one…I feel a little bad about this, but I know I couldn’t have pulled it off with all the extra things going on…so I took the easy way out this year!!! Jake, Amy and Al have been setting up the warehouse and I gave them some special projects to do…I will take some pics and share them after…

To win some Numbered Pins…comment and tell me what is your favorite thing about the holidays…be honest…If its when everyone goes home…then say so!!! NO… just kidding…I know everyone like spending time with their families…but do you like to bake cookies?…do you like to shop?  Do you like to wrap?  I want something specific…an easy comment for today…see you tomorrow- LB



Day 8…Needful Things…


12 Days of Christmas 8WOW…the days go fast..I’m working on the new store and working on these posts…traveling to and from the store, eat dinner and a watch a movie maybe and then fall asleep…do it again the next day!  Just trying to get the most done while I am here… I go back home tomorrow.  I want to THANK everyone for the great comments yesterday…I actually read them all because they all get sent to my phone…and I have to delete them…but I read them first, so thanks again for making me feel good while I slave away painting and running around trying to get all the things done..painting 15 ft. walls…painting cabinets…locks changed, business license, utilities all lined up…signage…carpenter instructions for checkout and more shelving…IIMG_1327‘m sure I forget half of what we all did…here is peek at the store BEFORE we did anything…I didn’t take quite the same view, but here is the what it looks like painted.  I added this last picture because you can’t really tell the paint color in the second one…anyone guess the color?  paperbag!IMG_1342IMG_1330

Now back to the NEEDFUL thing of the day…

CGRGE1Day 8’s needful thing is…the Creative Grid Stripology ruler.  This ruler was new at Spring Market but I did not get a chance to use it until I had the perfect quilt to TEST it on…Snowman Gatherings 2 (coming to stores in MAY-can’t post quilt until the 30th)has an 80 block quilt SNOW DANCE that is made by cutting 4 widths and then sub cutting all into 2″ strips…I stacked layered and cut 8 blocks at a time…it was a breeze…the ruler never moved and it was so easy and mindless and accurate…I probably cut my usual cutting time in HALF because of this ruler.  I am a fast cutter to begin with and who wants to spend lots of time cutting out a quilt when we can be stitching instead…so saving time cutting is valuable to me.  lisabongena Here is my whole quilt cut up…I made 2 sets of 4 blocks to test for accuracy.  There are 8 blocks in a baggie….2 darks and 1 light make 8 blocks.  I didn’t have anytime to stitch these but I was ready just in case….There are many features to this ruler and I want to you see them ALL so you need to view this You Tube video by Gudrun Erla (the strip queen) for all the awesome details about this ruler  STRIPOLOGY RULER VIDEO 

This ruler is regular priced at $54.95…on sale for $44.00.  Here is the shopping link if you NEED it.  STRIPOLOGY RULER

PS…this is no June Taylor strip ruler…WAY… IMPROVED!!!

Now what do you have to do to win this???

Lets do this…I’m in a good mood because a bunch of you stuck up for PG on Facebook yesterday to some people who were all crabby about not getting their orders yet from the Christmas Gathering…sometimes during holidays designers take off and when we order we don’t get things in right away…or other things…don’t they realize we are not holding their orders on purpose? WE want them to get them asap???…but this year the girls got half the orders out in a week and I think the last of them went out today…I’m not going to say how many orders there were cause you wouldn’t believe me…My girls busted their rumps!!! Organizing, ordering, and picking and shipping!!  So because I didn’t have to stick up for my girls and you guys did it for me…Were going to give 2 of these away…one to someone who purchases it and one to someone random who probably didn’t!!! If you are not going to purchase it now…leave me some silly comment…make me laugh while I’m waiting in airports today.   PSS You won’t see the FB post…I think they removed it…it was two persons trying to commiserating together…life is too short to complain about your quilting order…THANKS FB FRIENDS!!

one more thing…do you know they plant poinsettias in the GROUND in California???? They are perfect too…I love it!!! Next time I come back it will be for a month hopefully the sun will shine…it was good working weather though…See you California…will be back in January, for a month!



Day 9…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 9

















Just a reminder…if you are shopping the Needful Things and want us to HOLD your order you need to type HOLD on every order.  Thank you…this will help us both out!

Steam-a-seam 2 Lite…..This is the fusible web that I love to use with my wool appliqué… It has been out of production for over a year…Well we NOWlsasasst have the NEW 24″ wide by the yard …we have 18″ wide by the yard and we have the 9″x11″ 5pk sheets….all in STOCK!  All STEAM-a-SEAM products will be 20% off till the end of the year.  Those of you who have been living without it…I feel for you…

I know there are a lot of words in this post without a lot of pictures…but if you are interested in wool appliqué there may be some GOOD things here..

Why do you want to use the Steam-a-seam 2 Lite?  I will refer to it as SAS2 and I only use the light…some use the regular and like it I like the lite.

We are talking about fusing our wools down with the fusible web…I fuse for a couple of reasons:

Wool can be a little fuzzy…the fusible helps keep the fibers intact and not fray out.  I like clean neat appliqués, not fuzzy thready and unkept…I do not hide behind the “it’s primitive”…I want my things to still have exceptional workmanship.  I want my “wool” appliqué to be able to be “as good as” a needle turn appliqué.  I know this may not apply to you…you may not care…it’s a personal thing…and that is why I’m explaining the why. Just a little fact…Portland Rose, a flannel quilt hand stitched with wool appliqué won 1st place in the Bed quilt category in Paducah this last show…I think it was different…and Linda from thequiltedpineapple  her quilting elevated it to its glorious status!  We won big money and a trophy…who would have thought a flannel wool appliqué quilt would win in Paducah…the biggest and best quilt show on the planet!!!

Do not follow the directions on the fusible packaging…They are not using it for wool…Follow the directions on the pattern you are using…Yes…you HAVE to read them…especially if I have to WRITE them…SAS2 is made to be used with STEAM…WOOL and STEAM are best friends….you will not overheat it! In fact I believe most people do not get the SAS2 down correctly.   I fuse to cotton, cotton flannel and wool…Use lots of STEAM always keeping the Iron moving and tiny hard presses when pressing the wools to their backgrounds…You do not need steam if you are fusing the paper to the wools like you would in the first steps…If your needle is gummy when stitching, use more steam and pressure to bind that fusible to the background. You will get the added benefit of a facial when done correctly…lol…Since you are not overheating this product the appliqués stay in place.  There will be a few exceptions if your dragging a project around for years or have small tiny berries and such a few may come off with all the finagling of your fabric when stitching…but for the most part, I fuse my whole block, mat or whatever it is and start stitching.

There is a tackiness to the SAS2 that helps you position and move your appliques…this keeps them in place while deciding if you like it…or when you have a vine with lots of leaves that you have to bend, it STAYS in place…not slip sliding all around…

I know some pin, staple or glue and do some other sort of things for their wool appliqués…but if you have to trace it anyway…might as well do it on fusible than freezer paper…

My recommendation…SAS2 is sensitive to climate change…if you live where is can be hot, cold, muggy, raining…all in the same week…protect your fusible in a zip lock or twist tie the larger stuff in a kitchen garbage bag to help keep out the moisture.  This NEW SAS2 is a lot nicer than the older versions…I say plural because you never knew what it would do..sometimes the paper fell right off, some the fusible was on one side and then after you traced a ways it was on the other…This NEW stuff definitely sticks to one side…but you still have to be careful and slow when you are removing the waste backing…grab the fusible and drawn paper side and pull gently knowing and looking that the fusible is with your drawings…its all about YOU being in charge of it…just in case.

Shop HERE for your 20% off all SAS2

I love to teach wool appliqué…if you ever have a chance take one of my classes…you will learn lots!  If you have taken a class from me …let others know what you thought of it….I welcome your comments on wool appliqué…fusing….why you don’t use fusible web…or whatever you want to comment about relating this post…Yesterdays post was very informative with all the comments about what they used the Wonder Clips for…Let all LEARN together!!!  Sorry for the wordy post!




Day 10…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 10This next needful thing is kind of funny….when these first came out I was laughing…why would you buy those things…I don’t need clips to hold my binding while I stitch…well…here is the story…I think I am starting to get a little arthritis in my hands(bummer right!  I’m hoping its just overuse…lol)  Well with the help of these babies my hands hurt ALOT less when I bind!  I love to bind a quilt…I’m excited because it will be done soon and I can start something else!!!

So to make a long story short…these are needful to me NOW!  So whether you have some or have never tried them yet…I think we will all eventually NEED them as it much easier on my hands and this is important to not overuse them if I can help it and these clips help me to not crank my hands around to hold that binding in place.   Stock up with our 50 pack on sale for $25.40…I notice some ladies have them all the way around a quilt.. or try the starter pack of 10 and keep moving them around while you are binding…on sale for $5.60  Click HERE for 12 Days of Christmas shopping.

In your comment today…tell me if you already have and use them…or if you never used anything(like maybe you are using the hair clips) to aide in binding yet…I’m interested in the results…

I was painting the new store all day yesterday and my phone does that little jingle every time someone leaves a comment….everyone thinks I have way too many friends….I didn’t tell them about what’s really going on!  They were like…does you phone do that ALL day long??? I’m like YUP…so I read some of the comments at lunch yesterday and on the ride home…In CA you ride to and from work a lot more than I am used to!

wonder clips-350x350binding



Day 11…Needful Things

12 Days of Christmas 11One of the things I am going to do differently this year for Needful Things is…. I’m going announce all the winners on Christmas Day…It will be kind of like opening a present and maybe create some anticipation like Christmas did as a kid…So remember to leave a comment at the end of each posting for a chance to win…in this post tell me about your favorite project you made from a precut and anything about which precut…expl…Like you made a bag using 2″ precuts using Seasonal Little Gatherings…they do not have to be my precuts…but just a little info about your favorite thing from any precut fabric..If you don’t remember the line of fabric thats ok too…just anything you can offer …I promise this year there will be lots of great prizes.  We will give away 6 Precuts on this post!  Which one will you win?

This Needful thing is all about Precuts…What can I say…I LOVE precuts….I am going to try to design more with them, but I think they are great stash builders and they allow you to have a little bit of everything line of fabric you like or we at Primitive Gathering cut our own precuts of all sizes..2″, 2 1/2″ 3 1/2″ 5″…tumblers, mini thimbles…and then we package like all blue fabric, all shirting fabrics or 50 light prints and 50 dark prints in one precut package…and so on…Precuts are so NEEDFUL!

ALL precuts on our site are ON SALE 20 % OFF with the exception of only two…Lakeside Gatherings and Primitive Muslin Flannels from Moda…these are too new to have on sale…I also don’t want anyone UPSET with me if they just bought them and now they are on sale!!!  BUT all the precuts that Primitive Gatherings cuts and packages are ON SALE 20% off…Like those 50light/50 dark CHARM packs …any size or shape, like the 5″ for the triangle papers in the last post…All on sale…we will adjust the price when we process your order…I didn’t want Judi to have to reprice them all on our site!!!

We have a whole section dedicated to Precuts on the site or come in the store. Click PRECUTS  to shop online. Here are some photos of the many lines…Some are brand new to the shop!  Get them while we still have them supplies may be limited on some!

Primitive Gatheringsimagesimages-1

petite Prints fat quarter bundles-116x116collections community mini-116x116hearts content batiks jelly roll-116x116red, white & free charm pack-116x116photo-2-116x116because of the brave charm pack-116x116


Day 12…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 12Welcome to the 12 NEEDFUL things on my list this year…Please remember to leave a comment if you would want to win this one!!!  We will be picking 2 winners…one will receive a full set of Triangle Papers and the other a full Triangle Papers for Charms Squares

If you follow me or are new to me…you will find that I love quilts with lots of TRIANGLES in them…but one of the things that is common is cutting off the points of a triangle…we don’t want to do that if we can help it…I want to introduce to you TRIANGLE PAPERS from Primitive Gatherings…Triangle paper allow you to execute perfect Half Square Triangles (HST) This method is fast and easy and like we said accurate…I can find only one tiny extra step that we have to do when using the papers and that is to tear it off…now how long does that take?  I am very willing to sit and rip the papers off if it means I will have perfect triangles…Now there are other methods…drawing on your squares…but is that accurate?  I can’t do it perfect……What about just cutting them and piecing them…are they perfect? No..there are always a few that somehow turn out wonky….We have sizes from 1/2″ to 2 1/2″…and yes…anyone can make and piece a block with 1/2″ triangles in them…but I would only attempt that with these papers…Our triangle papers have been designed with what we think are the best of what we have had to work with previous to these…

I will point out some of their features…

In the 1/2″ -3/4″ and  1″ sizes you can use them to do a few HST…like a strip of them…or you can stitch the whole sheet continuously see how the stitching lines run from strip to strip?…IMG_0170the larger sizes are easy to cut apart if you only need a few…we could not do the strip feature on the larger ones and still get the maximum number of HST on a page…1 1/4″,1 1/2″,1 3/4″, 2″and 2 1/2″IMG_0178

They all have single thin lines for cutting…no more wondering..do I cut on the line, in-between the lines…there is only ONE line between ours.

Clear directions printed on the covers so you will not forget a step…like shortening your stitch.IMG_0173

We also have them conveniently configured for using with any 5″ charm pack…the charm packs have 60 papers in them…so enough for 120 dark/light charms…which will make a ton of HST’s… We have them in 1/2″-3/4″-1″ & 1 1/2″IMG_0174I want you to view a (rough) video I have created at the last minute… sewing a charm square with the triangle papers… you can see how easy it all is…VIDEO

IMG_0182Remember to press with the paper still on…see how I chain press them…laying the next one on the top of the last one?  Then clip the “dog ears”.

IMG_0183Layout the block…I have two extra…will save them for a scrappy block… Now piece them into rows and then stitch the rows together. IMG_0184In the video you can see how fast they can be stitched…and in no time you have a small block…this one happens to finish at 3″ when you use the 3/4″ finished triangles….They really are not tiny until they are stitched in the block…This block shows up bigger on my computer screen then it is in real life…See how nice the points are…It’s magic…have you ever heard me say…I don’t do anything hard…it may look like it…but it is not…Fabric is from Snowman Gatherings 2…will be out in Spring/early Summer…IMG_0169


Now the one thing you cannot do with these triangle papers is COPY them on the copy machine…they have to be a 1st generation print, to be accurate…if they are all off and you have to trim them or their too short you just ruined the whole point of using them…for the accuracy and not have to cut a bizzilion triangles down to the right size…I do not want to waste my time cutting triangles down….when we can make them perfect with Triangle Papers.

TRIANGLE PAPER AND TRIANGLE PAPER CHARMS Click the link where all the sizes of TRIANGLE PAPERS are listed on the site….All of the papers will be $5.50 for this special offer….FYI am going to run a contest next year using these my papers…so you might want to get them while they are on sale!!!


Oh Holy Night…Pattern and recipe changes

PATTERN…  Sorry about the PDF in the other post. Someone asked about the star…it is stitched in …as well as the shine on baby Jesus and the legs of his cradle…There will be kits for these ornaments…I forgot to write down the price….but I think they were $12.  Will get them on the site soon…when I can confirm on Monday!mangerShepard:sheep

It has been brought to my attention that this recipe calls for T.  I think because they typed in all in CAPS this got mixed up…ALL the T.’s should be TEASPOONS (t.)  …sorry for this mishap…


I’m one of the designers for…


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