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scrap basket block #2

I thought I should get this second block finished since I have already have giving out the directions.   Carole is making them in shirtings and other vintage fabrics…here are hers too…just finished my ad for Patsy at Homestead Retreat for her newsletter…so now I can sew basket blocks for the book…i finished laying out the last 39 blocks…bagging them- so I just have to drop them out, assemble and sew them.. I have 61 done so hopefully i will get the rest done by this weekend…If I get them done I will photo the stack…Nick is playing poker tonight with  the neighbor guys so I am go to put on the sweats, the History channel and…sew… the directions for this block are either in your recent purchases or in Jan 11 2010 post- just click on the underlined text and it will appear.

Carole's Scrap Basket Blocks...she is making 2 of each...but not as scrappy as mine...aahhh the possibilities!

Scrap Basket Block #2

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Time to pick up the mess I create every time I stitch!#lisabongean #woolspplique #primitivegatherings #primitivegatheringsca Done stitching for the weekend!#lisabongean #primitivegatherings #primitivegatheringsca #woolspplique Spring! Another wool one done for quilt market!!stitching fingers are starting to get sore! Lol...#lisabongean #primitivegatherings #woolspplique #primitivegatheringsca Today is winter... New pattern coming soon! Stitching "in season" wool appliqué design coming soon!#lisabongean #woolspplique #primitivegatherings #primitivegatheringsca Vote for my friend Stacy!

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