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the dog days of a july summer….

Jeter was taking a nap while I stitched in the chair next to him this afternoon….he has to be to be close……………..I thought I might share this summer’s pieced BOW…are you keeping up?  I have up to 3 all done…parts of 4 & 5 stitched and I am sizing 6 and 7 tonite…Carole is auditioning a border….hmmm I don’t know if I am going to border…Are you?  I know she now has this basted and is ready to quilt it!!!

Hope this inspires you to keep up or keep stitching…



Wool Summer Block of the Week-2012-Evelyn’s Album

Good morning everyone!  I am back from North Carolina where I taught and met a bunch of really nice ladies…a few of my favorites were Hillie and her friend….it went kind of like this, this is Hilda’s side of the conversation….Now, what is this?…I need that…and what about that?  that too…and what else can you show me?…got to love a woman possessed by our stuff…then their was Stacy and her friends…(sorry girls, but Stacy gave me her card) can’t remember the friends names…they treated my like some kind of Rockstar, and I think soon realized that I am just like them and could be in their sewing group…but honestly….I love being HOME!!!         My two buddies like being home also….they helped me decide what wools needed to go on the borders of our Summer Block of the Week (SBOW)…and then proceeded to snuggle in it…they know what the good stuff is!

Here is the real point of this post….I am nervous about the finishing kits for the SBOW and having enough of them…we have twice as many participants than last year!!! YEAH!   So I want to get things rolling as fast as possible to get as much red fabric for finishing as possible and then order what is not in Moda’s warehouse…but here lies the problem…how many of you are going to want the finishing????  See my dilemma?  So here is what we are going to do …This post is the REVEAL…and we are going to start taking names of you who want the finishing kit… They will be specially priced at $85, nice summer deal…this includes: two pieces of flannel, which will include the binding…and the wools for the 6 center blocks and the wools for the border…and instructions. This price is over 25% off of what it should actually be…

I know right now I have enough for about 2/3rds of you who signed up …so first come first get…and then if we run out you will still get the finishing kit but it might not be  until October?  The only difference here is the wait for the finishing, which I don’t think it will be a problem for some?  Because I know you collect these? but I also know some of you stay right up with this and will want them as soon as you can get them… The one good thing here is, this is a Moda basic…but… lol…they are having a hard time keeping these basics in stock! …who would have thought…everyone would like this dark stuff…lol…

So please sign up for the finishing kit if at all possible on our website: and look under NEW or Blocks of the Month and you will be signed up!

If you have to call the shop that if fine…but if all you call…our phone will be ringing off the hook and we won’t get any work done!  lol

Thanks for your understanding and I hope you love the SBOW as much as I do….and how about those freebies?   Now I have to finish them…

PS…I used 4 balls #8 O196 so far and have not stitched the borders yet…I think I will use a 5th and hopefully not have to go into a 6th…I do not stitch really tiny…so adjust according to your stitching…

All for now…keep on stitching everyday…you know you deserve it!


Quilt to Share…

Here is a my design 45 & Life to go…done in red and white…it is just stunning…and the quilting…wow…does’nt get much better than that….

This is Maggie Honeyman’s quilt and I want to thank her  for sharing her quilt with me (us)…This quilt is 55×55, those are 1/2″ squares in the center of those blocks.  The pattern also comes with a 110×110 King size version with 1″ squares.

Do you have anything that I have designed but tweaked it to make yours different?  Send me a photo and I will share it with you all…


My first real advertising adventure…

Highway 41…. North on the way to the quilt shop… What do you all think?



My favorite place to eat in KY…

We went to Pattie’s tonight for dinner…it was fabulous as always…we went with Bruce & Diane from Sew Batik, great people..they are in the Rotary where the antique quilt show is…we stopped in by them today so finalize our dinner plans and I got to peek at the quilts there…This year there is a collection of Pennsylvanian quilts ….they all are fabulous….here is a pic of one below…I don’t want to ruin it for those who are coming, so this one is for you who can’t be here..l just love the green print used in the background…i know this pic will not do it justice, but imagine how it is in person…this is not my most favorite quilt at the rotary, but close to it…if any one who reads this and goes to the rotary show…sends me a pic of what they think is my favorite quilt… I will have a prize for them…now only one try per person…send it to: by emailbr />



Taping with Mary & Marianne

Today I am in Iowa watching a taping of Fons & Porter. This is so I can see what it is like, so tomorrow when I tape… I know what to expect and hopefully don’t mess up too bad!!! Got to go now so I can pay attention… Here are some behind the scenes pics…






The next little tease…

Yesterday, we showed you a great deep navy…now todays offering is what I would call dark blue…not a navy but blue…so we now have the dark blues covered…

This line of fabric that I am teasing with will be shown at Spring market to shop owners…so I am thinking it will be in shops by October…seems like forever…such a long time from now…yesterday I sent in my next line of Flannels to be shown at Fall Market…life in the fabric fast lane…

Today, Nick.Jake (son#3) and I set up the booth in about 5 hours…not bad…lots of goodies for any of you that can come…since this post is talking about Moda fabrics…I have in the booth with me the precuts for the Seasonal Little Gatherings line that is coming in next month…we have them all…layer cakes, jellies, 5″ charms, fat 8ths, and fat quarters towers…and just a little FYI…the charms, jellies and layers only have 42 skus in them…the towers of fat 8ths and FQs have all 50 skus…yes this line has 50 pieces in it!

Now all for tonite…I am watching the rest of Idol…do you have a favorite? I really am not sure who mine is yet…maybe Colton???


Finished today with 10 minutes to spare…


Setting goals sure helps to get things done!….now it’s time to close the store for the day and go eat… All that punching made me hungry… Now I have to figure out what to work on tomorrow…LB
Pattern by Country Stitches


Punch needle in Duluth GA

Good morning everyone…we are hanging out in GA this weekend stop in if you can…I working on a big PN project from Country Stitches…

I just love doing her designs…she is so good…not much going on…looks like a good day to stitch…come on…you know you can fit in at least 15min…you deserve it!


Down in Georgia








Nick and I finished the booth early yesterday and the only thing I wanted to do was visit Little Quilts before meeting some friends for dinner…the shop did not let me down… A quaint building stocked to the brim with quilting and stitching projects… MaryEllen and Wanda showed us around and made us feel welcome….it was a nice day…now it’s time to work…I hope to see all you Georgia girls at the show this weekend…we got the goodies come and get em!!!!


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