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Working on some quilts from jelly rolls…

Just thought I would share how we starch now…,I used to spray and iron all my fabrics dry… Now we starch…,and hang them to dry…press them when dry and then proceed to cut out the quilt… They become nice little stiff pieces to stitch with… For much more accurate piecing… Two jelly rolls starched and drying in my the work studio…

I’m stitching at the Lakehouse today… Nick caught his first fish through the ice here today after two winters of never getting anything!

Have a good weekend!


for all the cool Grandmas…

This will be my Jace… someday? b9a88c53f6808da5552e7b8cc983eac4


A visit with “little man”…and a finished quilt…

OK….I’m crazy “In Love” and I have to introduce you to my first grand baby…Jace James Neubauer…Born Feb, 3rd…6lbs 11 ozs and 19″ long…He is so perfect…a little man…who I just want to snuggle with…I finished his 2nd quilt and brought it over to him on Sunday to try out…I brought Great-Grandma Teri with and I didn’t like sharing!!! But “little man” seems to love his new snowman quilt…hopefully he will be snuggling on Sunday mornings at Grandmas house with it for years to come!!!  He may have to grow into it…while it sells some kits and fabric for my newest line of fabrics from Moda…Snowman Gatherings II!!!

Quilt is called Mr. Snowman…will be coming out in May 2015, quilted by Valerie Krueger LVegas, NV, who has a quilt in the current APQ magazine!!! Made from Homestead Gatherings YAY!!!…other quilt on the couch is Prairie Bride…Jake and Lauren’s wedding quilt.  Jace’s little Buddie Romie…was very protective of his little brother…I’m sure you will be seeing lots of LM as he grows up!!!IMG_1930_2Jace w/Mr.SnowmanIMG_1933_2IMG_1932_2IMG_1944_2


IMG_1950Last Pic…is my next flannel quilt…all 30 blocks cut packaged… test block done…now to piece away!!!



2015 Designer Mystery BOM-Fat Quarter Shop!!!



Blog banner-01

I am very excited to share with you the 2015 Designer Mystery Block of the Month that Fat Quarter Shop is running….I have participated in previous years but this year is pretty special…The quilt is made using my next fabric line…Snowman Gatherings 2 due out in quilt shops in May. SG2 has a few new colors…grey and light powder blue!! along with the same navy, creams, tans and medium blues…so its a great line like the first one with an updated twist with some new colors that will blend right along with the previous ones!!  How fun is this not only to be asked to do a block this year…but to use my fabrics!!! Super cool…over-the-top!

The 12 blocks are designed by my fellow Moda designers and I co-designed the setting along with the gals from the Fat Quarter Shop…they are awesome to work with and we just spent some time brainstorming and throwing ideas around until we came up with the final product!  Which is a mystery….so we can’t do a total reveal…but it is a very neat and different quilt with lots of personally…and if you are a snowman lover???…well lets just say this is a “no brainer” you have to sign up and join in all the fun…the details for this quilt are on the Fat Quarter Shop Site HERE    Make sure you check out the finishing kits and backing options as well…

We can give you a sneak peek of our block (meaning not the whole block)…mine is the bakeshop…perfect if you know what a sweet tooth I really have!!! I am a snob about it though…only bakery or homebaked goodies for me, (no packaged preservative sugar snorkels)…a girl has to have some standards…



Here are some more photos of this quilt…without showing you the whole thing!!!

IMG_6363IMG_63422015DesignerMystery_1One of the questions we are supposed to talk about was…what is our favorite place in the world…Mine is actually HOME…but I know that is not very exciting for you as it is for me…but besides HOME…I spent some time after Chrismas in Jamaica this year…Nick and I ran away from it all and relaxed and had a blast…One of the things we did was visit..Rick’s Cafe…in Negril…home of cliff diving….I have to say the minute I layed eyes on that cliff..the water…I knew I was jumping!  Nick thinks I am crazy, but hey…I can’t help it…I am very adventurous, and I love doing things that are a little dangerous!!! Here is photo of this amazing place…it is also listed at one of the top 10 bars in the world!  I know why!!! and it not the alcohol!10882243_10203801157245474_5499232690684034572_n



As I stated earlier this DM was a collaboration from a bunch of cool women who I get the opportunity to be associated with…They are my Moda Sisters…they are very special to me because… they know…you know…they just get it…we get each other…we are not the same…we are all totally different…be we all have  that something in common…we know each other pretty well with only spending a little time with each other a couple of times a year.

Here is a list of all of us….PLEASE stop by their blogs as well! (sorry the links to each designer are not working…but GOOGLE is your friend, just type their name and they will come up!!)Designers Collage-01


1. Bonnie & Camille
2. Me and My Sister Designs
3. Primitive Gatherings
4. V& Co.
5. Kate Spain
6. Bunny Hill Designs
7. Pieces of My Heart
8. Minick and Simpson
9. Pat Sloan
10. Sweetwater
11. Laundry Basket Quilts
12. Fig Tree Quilts DM-quiz
Here is a QUIZ you can take to see which block is the most like YOU!!!

Again…stop on over to the Fat Quarter Shop to join in the fun!


CA address

Sorry… I didn’t know the address to the new store was not posted on my blog…
Primitive Gatherings
26855 Jefferson ave
Murrieta CA 92562

We had a wonderful day today at the shop and I had the chance to visit with customers which I never get to do at the shows…Thanks especially to those who came today snd settled my nerves about this new adventure….I know many more of you stated your coming sometime this week… Moda has sent a few door prizes that we will pick winners for on Saturday… For all of you who came the first week!

Thanks to my hubby and my staff at home for the beautiful flowers… and here are the door prizes from the best fabric co in the world!!! You will want to win one of these!!!
I’m truly blessed with a lot of great people in my life….and that’s really what this is all about… People… It’s why I work so hard.


CA shop opening today!

Our store hours are 10-5 all week days…we will stay open on Wednesday til 6:30… Sat 10-4pm

We will post normal stores hours soon after we have time to throughly think them through…

We are super excited about the opening today but we ask for your patience while we all learn our new jobs and equipment.

The store looks good and you will see we have some empty shelves just waiting for our fabric shipments to come in!!! We are trying to build this shop to be one of the best CA has ever seen but it doesn’t happen in a couple of weeks.

We look forward to seeing many if you in our new location… Also keep in mind we are running these two stores independently, as they may carry different inventories… The CA store will have its own website. We will try to workout the gift card situation if you have purchased them from the WI location, but we ask that you not use them this week as we work through our new POS system..
We thank you for all the excitement, encouragement and support through this next adventure…
In pieces…
Lisa and the Primitive Gatherings Staff

From this to this in a week




Day One Road to Cali….

Day one was busy busy busy, but the best thing about the first day was Roxanne who visited our booth and told me that Primitive Gatherings was on her bucket list…she was in tears because she finally was here….this was totally awesome…so I took her picture to document her visit to our mobile Primitive Gatherings she was a cutie!!!

Here is the crew from Primitive Gatherings Tin Lizzie… We are super excited to be working with them to bring long arm quilting to others with Luke taking on this adventure…

Well it’s late and we have to be in early to restock… Thanks for coming to the show today… Everyone was super pumped about our Murrieta store… And we were out of 500 address cards by 1 pm… I believe there were record attendance numbers today!!!
Hope to see you tomorrow as well…

Here are the names of the winning quilts from yesterday that were sponsored by PG… Quilts shown on previous post ….They are not commercial patterns for sale .



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Preparing videos for our "Somewhere in Time" Facebook group coming this summer.. If you cannot take a class from me this project will be the next best thing! So sign up it starts in June and there are limited spots.  Visit Primitive Gatherings website in my profile to find out details or call 920-722-7233 for info.  #lisabongean #primitivegatherings #somewhereintimeSBOW Love using my light panel for laying out wool appliqué blocks!!!#lisabongean #primitivegatherings #somewhereintimeSBOW Spent two whole days "exploring"with an awesome talented group of ladies! Thanks for a great time!#lisabongean #Repost @hrckal_thequiltedpineapple with @repostapp.
Who wants to join me in sunny Southern California?? ☀️☀️ You guys have asked and now here is your chance! I will be teaching 2 days of workshops at Primitive Gatherings California in Murrieta! June 10 & 11 2015. 
We will be celebrating the Grand Opening of the store as well! Plan a trip to visit with Lisa and myself. *Please contact the shop at 
951-304-9787 for booking and all class details.*
#thequiltedpineapple #theqpcurvetemplates #lindahrcka #machinequilting #freemotionquilting #fmq #freehandquilting Does anyone want to do a wool block of the week?  We are starting to take sign ups... Somewhere in Time...starts in June... See my website (in profile) for all the details!.. We are also going to do a closed Facebook group for only those signing up.... planning lots of things, tutorials, giveaways...encouragement and so on...#lisabongean #primitivegatherings #somewhereintimeSBOW#woolapplique My mini wall for the book... Will be adding a few more!!!#lisabongean#primitivegatherings #miniaturegatherings #showmethemoda #modafabrics

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