Moda Block Heads 2- Block 40 & 39

I am writing this in the Doc’s office…I am going for a 6 month mammogram check up…I have a 2mm something that they are watching…it has not grown…he tells me not to worry but they will be watching it for a year or more…so good new for me…but PLEASE everyone get your Mammies checked every year if you are supposed to!! Oh…and I had the new 3D mammogram…thought it was going to be something (easier) same situation… I didn’t even know the difference, just an FYI.

Now after that small but important message…back to the blocks…

Block 40 from Lynne…Kansas Trouble Quilters…click for pattern

no lie…this one almost did me in…I turned those hst corners the wrong way, then I noticed my center was wrong…and so on…so I’m glad this one is over…lol

moda bh 40

Block 40 was the easy one…this is one huge block!!! those squares are 4″…

block 39

Not caught up yet, but not given up…keep on it with me!

Hope you are all staying warm! LB

Domestic Bliss…

I know some of you might find this weird…but I find much satisfaction in getting things in order…One of the things on my list was eating better this year…I live in a rural community….so pretty much everyday on my way into work I drive past many farms…and this is one…

In the summer they have strawberries for sale…so I asked If I could get on the list for part of a grass fed steer…I got a call last week that it was ready…I don’t really eat a lot of beef because of the conditions and the antibiotics…but if you know where they come from it is much different story…

I have not ordered beef since I had three sons at home to feed…So off I went Saturday morning to pick up my meat…here is the load.

Five boxes total…one is already in the freezer…I was so fortunate that it all fit!!!

Along with the deer meat on the top shelf that Nick got hunting and in our smaller freezer this should last a year…I love supporting the local farmers…by buying their fruits and vegetables and now I also can trust that my beef is safe as well…then I saw this…

So I guess it is catching on? Do you know Decor Steals? Sign up to get their emails…its a lot of fun…hard to control yourself sometimes…

Next on the days agenda was taking Jeter for a walk…we went back to our favorite spot…

There were lots of dogs and their people’s there…it was 30 degrees and that is warm for January in WI…we did 1 hour and almost 3 miles….and I was hot and cold both at the same time!

We arrived home to spend the next two days hanging out with Nick who is trying to get over being sick…pretty much almost pneumonia …he gets it every year and this time we tried to get it quicker but it still is lingering…tomorrow will be a week…he’s miserable.

I had three things to work on this weekend…one, was I needed to stitch the cover of my new “Wool how to”…book…yeah…you heard me…I stitched the cover…it turned out pretty good…can’t wait til you get to see it…

second…I wanted to work on finishing the quilt I have had on the quilt frame for way too long…I managed to get a whole row done during the Cheif/Colts game…

Here is a close-up…Quilt is called Full-time Part-time…made with Homespun Gathering Fabrics.

Now the next row is marked and ready for Sunday’s stitching…when Hand Quilting you cannot do too much in one day…until you have the callus on your under finger…so…we are all marked and then I threaded 15 needles also…see them all lined up?

I promise do a video on hand quilting and all the tools involved…so look for that some time in February…

During the Dallas/Ram game I hand stitched the wool embroidery on three pillows…which is the third and last thing on the the accomplish list…

Today…it was off to Yoga class and then I made breakfast for Nick and we then watched the football games as well…I made the five pillows into pillows and stuffed in the forms…and then finished that second row of hand quilting…

Quilt on bed is called Heritage Star

S seeing this all done….I am so excited to announce that my next flannel line just arrived on Friday…so it is time to start making the projects….I have designed 6 quilts and 7 pillow projects for a book called Farmhouse Flannels…the fabric line has the same name!!! As soon as I can start showing the fabrics and projects I will! These photos are kind of what will be going on in the new book…quilts for the bed or couch and lots of pillow options! It’s also about feathering the nest…and making home as comfortable as possible.

I hope you have a great week…I will keep in touch…LB

Updated 2019 Crazy Seasons Mystery Quilt Sew-A-Long

This new blog hop is a big deal…so much that we do not think you will be pleased with getting a block each week…these blocks will be intense and we need to give you and us all involved a little more time to complete them…So here is the new schedule…there is a link to print or download your own schedule so you will not miss one!

Thank you in advance for your understanding!

revised 2019 flyer copyClick here to print   revised 2019 flyer

Winners for 2018 Needful Things!

Hey Everyone…Thank you ALL who have ordered our Needful Things!!! I do need to let you all know a couple of things…It took awhile to with the holiday days off and winter in WI to get all the orders printed…There is a lot of words here and not a lot of pretty pictures so bear with me and read all the following if you have an order coming from us…

The girls are working as fast as they can…first they have to print, count and order all the items if we did not order enough…we get a better discount if we order in bulk and that is why we can give you a nice discount as well.  A lot of the distributors have 10% off sales in January.

We received a TON of orders…so it will take a little longer than normal for you to receive them.  So please if you NEED to check on your order please email the shop…but if you can just be real patient it will come as soon as possible.

We also are waiting to receive some items…like we ran the distributors out of the new Bosal Splendid web…so it will take a bit longer for them to get it to us…we are waiting for 17 bolts!!!

The inserts for the storage totes are on backorder…

Ouch” pincushion was a big hit and it seemed everyone ordered him on the last day!!! We are also waiting for him…

The machines are all ordered and we are just waiting for them to come in…but as soon as they do we ship them right back out as soon as they come in…we did not hit out “goal” this years to give machine away…

Our Wool boxes will be ready to ship around the 15th that is our goal…could be sooner…I can’t wait for you to see what we have in them for you!

Star and Stripe Gathering does not ship until sometime in January…so that will hold up your order.

So I hope this info helps you with any issues you may have…

Here are the winners of this awesome event!!!  Winners…when you receive your package can you share it on Facebook or Instagram with us all!!! I will let you know when they are being shipped.

Congratulations to the winners and I hope you keep following us and maybe you will win next time!!!  If you find your name please email:  this is my assistant Amy and she will see your package is mailed to you. I will post the day we send them all out!


thumbnail-1Day 12- Linda Pickenpaugh-Book Package

Day 11-Sue Bennett-Storage Package

Day 10 Harriett Murray-Ruler Package

Day 9- Nancy Altman-Fusible Web Package

Day 8- Benda WYatt-Ironing Accessories Package

Day 7- Diane Schwarz-Pre-cut Package

Day 6 Nancy Knight-Needle Package

Day 5- Susan Jensen-Stash & Store Package

Day 4- Tami Ellis-Wool Package

Day 3- Jakey-Star & Stripe Package

Day 2- Twyla Sheffield- Wool Box Subscription

Day 1…this will be a surprise…we will add some items with your machine, to those of you who ordered a machine—Juki Accessories

I am looking forward to 2019 and all the fun we are going to have!!!

Lisa and the Staff of Primitive Gatherings.




Moda Block Heads 2…Block 38-Anchor Point, Block 10 & 35 also!

Hey All….I hope you all had the most wonderful-est of Holidays…I am ready for the NEW YEAR!…Very happy to welcome you all to 2019! I am excited…I have been organizing and puttering around the house for a couple of days now…I have a couple of goals for 2019…and the main one is… needing to get ahead of my projects/ you all know I am not caught up of BH2…2018 was a tough year and we did A LOT!!!! So I am super determined to stay ahead of the game for 2019!  (I’m actually writing this on 12/28!)

So block 38-Anchor Point…IMG_6952

Click the following link to print pattern for BLOCK 38 bh2_lb_anchor-point

Click the following link for cutting and piecing following the pics below…

Cutting for Moda Block Heads Round 2 I left the colors a light grey so you could write in your colors…







IMG_6952If you do not know me and want to know what Anchor Point is…Click HERE


Now here are a few I was missing…Block 10MBH2 10Block  35AfterlightImage 3