March…just madness

It’s ALREADY March…so even though a lot of us are still having crazy weather we know Spring HAS to come soon …

I am still working on my blog post about Nashville, and Daytona…so you will see that soon…but here is March’s Quilt & Pillow offerings…and a little Spring decorating…It is so much fun decorating the bed each month! What do you think about this idea?

I made two wool pillows with homespun backing…and we patterned the Ocean Wave antique quilt on the bed…IMG_0959IMG_0956Do you like the pillows together or apart?…Did you see on IG…this pic of my table…I found a bunch more of those green vases…so added them all around the house…like by my nightstand…they are literally 2-4$each…this quilt is an antique lone star.IMG_0817


This quilt is much smaller than my bed…but I just use it as an accent…the under quilt is the main quilt for warmth…If you want to make the quilt bigger…just add more blocks or a big border…I think we have extra white to make the borders much wider in the kits…IMG_0965So If you wish to order this months quilt and pillow you can do so HERE…just an FYI…if you order the kit for the pillows or just the quilt or both..the pattern is FREE…if you just want the pattern it is $12 and includes both pillows and the quilt.  The pillows are wool appliqué on wool background…the wool was the perfect color, there was no flannel that wasn’t olive toned…so that is why I used wool on wool…the backing is homespun…Also keep in mind that the fabric will be a bit more saturated, not faded like the antique…but the fabrics that we picked out and the wool pillows will go nicely together….much better than mine do here…but I don’t have to have everything matchy, matchy.


Now…just another design to decorate the couch…This is a flannel with wool applique pillow. ( I used the same pillow form from the Let’s Snuggle pillow)…I will get a video/tutorial out next on putting in a zipper in the back- so you do not have to have a bunch of pillows and can keep switching them out using a zipper.IMG_0975

I pulled out the black and white buffalo check pillows…IMG_0979

Also looks nice on a chair…or a bench when you walk in the room…  Click HERE if you wish to order this pillow.IMG_0973

Jeter just can’t help himself…he knows you all want to see him too!IMG_0971


I love go antiquing/junking…AND….I cannot believe I found this old truck and trailer for $40!  IMG_0966

Also…I noticed…Jess has planned a whole category for March on our site…see what else the shop has for you HEREStay warm, and dry my friends…

OH! One last thing….I got a couple of comments that I have not posted much about “Baby O”yet…well.. you are all in for a treat here…remember…he is only 2 1/2 months, borns 3 weeks early, when you watch this…being MiMi is the best…now that I am back home I can go see this is person!  If it gets above zero degrees soon…


News from the Shop…

Just want to keep you informed about what is happening at Primitive Gatherings….

We are ALL…everyone, every shop… still waiting for our Star & Stripe Gatherings pre cut to come…the newest up date is March 14 ish…I know…come on already!!! We hear you…we have about 200 orders with a pre cut in them waiting to be shipped from our 12 days of Christmas event!!! You all have waited long enough but unforturnately we cannot do anything about it…we are at the mercy of International shipping…

We can however add a FQ to your shipment to dull the pain of this extended wait…Please except our apology for this and Thank you for understanding that these are things we cannot control…

Thank you to All who ordered our kit for the Crazy Seasons Blog Hop…the girls are busy making them and they will go out early next week! Remember to join the FB group of the same name and see all the blocks coming to life….I love how different they all look!

I did a starching video with Martingale at Fall Market? Click HERE to see it. It is the 2nd most important thing to do in quilting…the first is the perfect scant 1/4″. Their blog post about me is crazy awesome…they make me sound like I know what I am talking about!! I can’t wait to share another great book…compiled by the great Lissa Alexander….and the moda all-star crew…

Here is a peak at the quilt from Primitive Gatherings…a simple quilt made with 2 1/2″ strips…Don’t you love how the quilting shows on a flannel quilt! Maggie Honeyman quilted this little beauty!!! I will soon be sharing kit info and book info along with other projects in the book…

Since we are talking flannel…here is a peek at the next flannel line…Coming out in July 2019…Farmhouse Flannel – Wool & Needle VI,Printed by the best fabric company in the whole wide world-Moda Fabrics

This may just be our best flannel line yet! Kali and I are in the Airport in Detroit…catching our last flight to Nashville soon! Look for our blogs and posts on IG and FB as well. It our first time at Quilt Con!

Moda Block Heads…Block 43

So last week I hurried and finished my blockhead block and found out I pieced #43 instead of #44 So I was a little upset with myself and forgot to post it…I know this is not the current block…but it is A block at least…hoping to get a bunch done next week…after Nashville…my flight is a little delayed…hoping to be there by Midnight!

Block #43 is from Zen Chic CLICK HERE for pattern

Happy Block Head day…


Getting Ready for Rome…but also Quilting Cruise in 2020!

Let’s go!!! We are currently heavily participating in Winter here…(Nick just caught a Northern Pike through the ice in front of the house…first “ice fishing” fish he has ever caught here) I can’t stop thinking about being somewhere warm…So I can’t think of a better time to start getting ready for our Miami to Rome Cruise next month…For the 60 stitchers plus lots of Hubbies I have a few quick items to think about…Did you order your electrical converters for Italy? Click the photos below to add one to your Amazon shopping cart…and Luggage Tag Protectors…Here is what I have coming…

I also went on to Royal Caribbean and booked some fun stuff for the 14 days we will be float’in the Ocean!  Things like: Mystery Dinners and Specialty restaurants and WIFI packages…I signed up the THE KEY…and don’t forget a trip to the Spa…I soooooo need a message…

This is our itinerary….not trying to rub anything in here for those of you not attending…really…but keep reading…


Cruise Ports Image 2019.jpg

IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MIAMI TO ROME…We have another opportunity next year September 2020 …so lots of time to save for it!  We were planning 2 cruises in 2020 Southern Caribbean and Hawaii… but we lost our great rate for the Southern Caribbean one so we are now down to only the Hawaiian cruise in 2020 we only have 30 days to fill our reserved cabin they could up our rate for our remaining unsold cabins… the rates are so great that the big travel companies are grabbing them all up….we are little over half full as of today…Call or email Gloria…she would love to sign you up!  Call a girlfriend or drag your Honey along…it will be so memorable, or if you are a single…we can pair you with another single.

Hope your Sunday went well…Now next up on my list…Wool Box pincushion and Everlasting blocks, pillow and wool mat…Did I just give you a clue of what some of the projects are for our March Box!!!!  The crew needs to start kitting while I am in Nashville.

Thank you to all of you who have already signed up for the Subscription…click if you are interested.IMG_1162

easy like a Sunday morning….

It’s a great Sunday morning…I have my coffee…and now I am ready to FINISH!

I have just downloaded a new Audiobook to listen to…click on the book photos below to view them….I finished “Educated” recently and It was also a very good book…very different than what I normally read…I wanted to read/listen to “An Anonymous Girl “but then found a book the authors wrote previous…so I will read that one first…

thumbnailI want you to know that I listen to books while stitching for a couple of reasons… the obvious reasons to read books…always learning new things, new places, different people and their religions, cultures and how their locations affect their lives and history is so “cool”- when it something your interested in.

But… let’s face it… the main reason is when you are absorbed in a good story, the time flies, and you want to keep listening and STITCHING…and the result is…your projects get done, one less UFO!!!!! So think about listening to books…TV is hard to watch unless it is something you have seen already… you miss so much by not paying attention all the time…because you are always looking at your project…

You know the place you used to go to check out a book, the Library,..well, I guess you can also get(check out) audiobooks at your library …to go in and ask for help…if some of you know how this is exactly done…let us know in the comments…but I know some quilters/stitchers do it.  I have an Audible subscription…and I love it…because as I travel around the country I need it…but one of these days when I am home I am going to visit the Library…soon.

Click on book photos to View

and now I am going to finishing big-stitch quilting…I will post a finished quilted pic…

Also…I will be doing a tutorial/video of big stitch quilting starting from the beginning…preparing the quilt top and so on…we are piecing the quilt and getting ready!  It is from a new flannel line! Farmhouse Flannels…what for those updates!

Have a great day my friends….Lisa

PS…I love my new computer…3 years makes a difference in technology/equipment!

Crazy Season of Mystery..Blog Hop

Yay!!! I’m done with this…I should not have waited til I had two days to do all the stitching but that is how it works for me…Our block is SPRING!Lisa Bongean Spring Crazy block

daff/LBongeanIMG_0790IMG_0789IMG_0788IMG_0787I love doing this kind of project…I love all the threads and what I really loved was using the #5wt Valdani…we have every #5wt Valdani has…and they are great for the CRAZY STITCHES, as you can tell by the photos here…I do not use anything to aid in making my stitches…as I like that I can just make them fit here and there and I guess I have made lots of this type of thing before and it’s easy for me…

Here are the details of everything:

Note..we have built in thread “deals”…balls are $5.50 each, Free Shipping on anything over $100, if you do not hit the $100 it is $5.99 flat rate.

KIT ONLY: $27.00
KIT AND PATTERN: $32.00 includes 10x 10 flannels and all the wools to complete block
APPLIQUE THREADS: $185.00-37 balls -3 balls are free
#5 WT. CRAZY STITCH THREADS: $93.00-18 balls -one ball is free
This is the 3rd block of the Crazy Season Mystery Block Blog Hop.  Each designer will do a 16″ finished Crazy Mat.
If you would like to receive a printed pattern from us instead of downloading it and going to get it printed from somewhere you can do so for $10.00.  We also have it available in the kit as well if you would like to purchase a kit from us.
Applique Threads only will include 37 different balls of thread ($185.00).  Crazy Stitches Threads will be the #5’s only needed to do your crazy stitches on the mat for a total of 18 balls of thread ($93.00).  A complete thread kit will include all threads listed below for a total of 53 different balls of thread ($267.50)
Threads used:
0196, 0562, 0519, P5, PT4, 0126, 893, 0575, 0775, P12, H207, P2, P4, 0532, 82, 0562, 0522, 190, 1645, M28, 199, 078, M23, 1, 0548, 813, 841, 0522,
0575, P4
P6, 0560, P12, 031, P2, M49, V3, 0154,0775, 0522, 0523, H205, M33, M5, M30, 0510, M81, 100, P5, 0521, 0576, 0578, M80
Just a heads up…I stitched my flannel patches to a foundation…that is how crazy quilts were  done and the way I have always done it…so this might be different than the other designers blocks…The foundation gives it a little more stability to hold all the work nicely.  Please read the instructions carefully and do what it says step by step and it will work…IF  you want to do it your own way that is fine too.  There is no right or wrong way to do anything…well maybe some things..but you get it..
Click Link to print your FREE pattern!
Also…I just printed the pattern from the above link…so we know it works…if you cannot print it is with your computer/printer …the link is good.

I just want you all to know that these blocks and their patterns (especially) are A LOT of WORK…so keep that in mind and order kits, threads and whatever you can to support us and ALL the designers in any way you can…I get that you may have what you need, but then go ahead and maybe order some OTHER thing from them (us)…WE ALL APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!

If you are seeing this for the first time…here are the other designer’s blogs to get their blocks and see


the schedule for future blocks.

My best…Lisa

There is also a Facebook page for our groupREVISED 2019 Flyer copy