MBH4 Block #15 – “Highland Plaid”

Hey gang! Here we are, back at it again with this week’s Moda Blockheads 4 Block #15 release! This time around, Highland Plaid takes the stage with its simple and straightforward plaid motif. Highland Plaidwas designed by Crystal Manning of crystalmanningart.com out of northern Missouri. Crystal is a graphic/fabric designer who uses her art and design skills to create unique surface and textile patterns. Her style is highly inspired by natural things like the outdoors, flowers, birds, and other animals. She combines these concepts with a bright and cheerful color palette, often resulting in a vintage feel.

I appreciated this block because it was fun yet simple and fast to do. It doesn’t get any more straightforward than working with squares, which makes Highland Plaid a quick and easy block to crank out. Quick and easy is especially perfect for this week, considering I’m sure you’ll all be busy with the holiday weekend coming up. It’s also a great block to do if you’re looking to hone in on your nesting skills. For the complete pattern and instructions for Highland Plaidclick the button below!

For my blocks I used a combination of grayscale prints and solid orange. The outer corners are done with a tiny black print on mid-gray, while the inner squares are done with a white floral print on light gray. For the center “cross” I chose another black tiny print outlined in the same dark gray. The center square is done in white with a silver and gold star motif.

All of my grayscale fabric choices for these blocks came from my Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II line, which you can find by clicking the button below! If you like the way I pieced my blocks together and want to do the same, you can also usually find the orange color I’m using (“Ochre“) in the shop – which is a bright Bella Solid. Unfortunately we are currently sold out of “Ochre.” It was ordered a while ago but as we all know, with the way shipping works these days it’s anyone’s guess as to when it will actually get here! I do know that it should be in stock soon, so don’t give up!

As always, if you’re just joining us for MBH4 and need previously released blocks, you can find them by visiting the Moda Blockheads 4 Archive. You can also locate the archive in the main menu at the top of my blog page. In addition, bonus blocks can be found on Moda’s Inspiration+Resources Center page by clicking HERE!

Did you get a chance to tune in to, Stitch with Lisa Bongean on Monday? We came to you live on scene from The Gathering during our Hogs for Heroes Mystery Mission Sit & Stitch event – and man, what a turn-out! Stitchers from all over gathered together for the day to help turn all your donated flag blocks into their final masterpieces! Volunteers broke into teams, with each member tackling on an important part of the job like cutting, pressing, pinning, and of course, stitching!

I was in absolute awe when I saw how many fellow stitchers showed up to lend a hand in this important mission. We had people from near and far, both from in-state and out helping to put our Hogs for Heroes quilts together!

Once quilts are fully assembled, an embroidered label that includes all the names of the people who helped to create it will be applied to the back. After that, off to the quilter it goes! Finished quilts will then be donated to recovering injured veterans through the Hogs for Heroes Organization.

I have always said that if I need something done that’s too big to handle on my own, all I have to do is ask my fellow stitchers and I know the job will get done. Yesterday was even more proof that I’m 100% right about that! And it didn’t matter if you came with a group or alone, we all left as friends!

To every single person who either donated a block (or 30!), volunteered to assemble the final quilts, or both – I cannot thank you enough. I want to give a special shout out to our top four flag block contributors. Everyone did an amazing job! Congratulations to Carrie DeCoster, Elizabeth Schraeder, Lisa Bierman, and Ginny Radloff! All I can say is WOW! Excellent work ladies! If Jess has not already contacted you regarding your prize, you will be hearing from her soon!

I am so proud to be part of such a loving and hardworking community of people…words alone aren’t enough to express my gratitude. I am truly humbled! That’s why I will continue to do as much as I can for the men and women who sacrifice so much to protect our freedom. If you’d like more information about this great cause or would like to contribute to Hogs for Heroes directly, you can do so by clicking the link below. If you love swag, we have some really cool t-shirts that feature an American flag quilt block on the back with the slogan, “I Stitched for a Hero.” We also have Hogs for Heroes patches available. All sales from either item go directly to support Hogs for Heroes!

Since we’re in the spirit of giving, let’s give a way some prizes for comments on my blog! Delores R. and Julia D. – Congratulations, it’s your lucky day! As always, I am not posting last names or email addresses for everyone’s privacy, so if you think you’re one of these lucky winners please check your email! You can also contact Heidi at heidin@primitivegatherings.us if you have not already received a prize confirmation letter from her. She will use your email address to confirm that you are in fact the winner (in the case that there is someone with the same initials, she will determine the correct person with matching email credentials)! If you’re not a winner this week, keep trying – your turn is coming!

Alright gang, time to get back over to The Gathering. Bernina Embroidery Manager, Connie Fanders was gracious enough to make an appearance here today as the guest instructor for our, “Perfectly Quilted” educational event. Participants are learning all about how to quilt using a domestic machine, without the use of a longarm. Fascinating! I’ll fill you in more later. I will see you all tomorrow LIVE on YouTube at 1:00PM for Stitch with Lisa Bongean! You can watch by hitting the link below. Don’t miss it – see you there! ~Lisa


Meet Me in the Garden Stitch-Along Intro & Supply List

Can you believe it? After what feels like an eternity of waiting, the Meet Me in the Garden Stitch-Along is finally ready to begin! This is a summer stitch-along that will feature a custom quilt project designed by my good friend, Val Krueger. Val based this intricate pattern on my new Garden Gatherings line, which after much anticipation arrived here earlier this month. Check out this beauty of a design. I can’t tell you how gorgeous it is in person – absolutely stunning!

Completed "Meet Me in the Garden" Quilt

Planning to join us for Meet Me in the Garden?” This post will take you through all the fabric and tools that you will need to participate in this stitch-along. This is the beginning of a six month long project, so having everything you need prior to starting is a great idea. It’s never a good thing to get half way through a quilt project, only to realize you’re out of something you can’t get anymore. We’re talking serious bummer there…so let’s try to avoid that by setting up for success! Fabric requirements for Meet Me in the Garden are as follows:

There are also several required rulers and tools that you will need. Ruler and tool requirements for Meet Me in the Garden are as follows:

Excited to get started yet? Video tutorials featuring explanations on the different rounds that make up this quilt will be released each month. Below you will find a list of rounds along with their video release dates, so you have an idea on how to plan for this stitch-along.

Alright! You only have a couple of short weeks to get your ducks in a row for Meet Me in the Garden.” Remember, you can find the video tutorials posted to my YouTube channel, “Stitch with Lisa Bongean” each month on the listed release dates. You can watch the intro to Meet Me in the Garden now by clicking the STITCH button below! If you have any questions feel free to email the shop at store@primitivegatherings.us and we’ll be happy to help!

I hope you have a great week everyone! I’ll be back here on the blog on Wednesday for Moda Blockheads 4 Block #15 release, plus this week’s blog comment prize winners. Until then I know you have plenty to do so be sure to make time to stitch every day! Bye for now! ~Lisa


Covering the World: One Quilt at a Time

Beginning in January 2022, AccuQuilt partnered up with Moda Fabrics and Baby Lock in a year-long, pay-it-forward charity campaign called, Covering the World: One Quilt at a Time. Entrants in the campaign include all levels of skill, from top designers at AccuQuilt and Moda, to beginner quilters who are just starting out. No matter the experience level, participating quilters all share a common goal – to contribute their time, skill, and hard work by making and donating finished quilts to well-deserving charities in need.

I knew I wanted to participate in this generous quilting event as soon as I heard about it. Since I obviously love to quilt, I thought this would be another great way to help support my favorite veteran’s charity! I’m sure most of you know that we are partnered with the organization, Hogs for Heroes as a fun and creative way to give back to our WI veterans. I am so proud of the fact that currently we have raised over $43,000 between our 2021 American Quilter’s Stitch-Along fundraiser, private donations, and our most recent online auction event this last spring! That’s over $43K that will go toward healing the mental and physical wounds suffered by Wisconsin Veterans through the therapeutic benefits of owning and riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. All funds raised goes toward the purchase of a motorcycle which will then be gifted to a Wisconsin Veteran Hero. If you would like to know more about Hogs for Heroes and what they’re all about, click the button below for more information!

The amount we’ve already raised in honor of Hogs for Heroes is truly amazing. Your generous donations and hard work continues to inspire me every day. I am constantly brainstorming about new ways to support our veterans, so I was excited to learn about the Covering the World: One Quilt at a Time campaign. Let me tell you how it works! Participants select or design a quilt pattern to make, and then donate it to a charity they choose. Once the quilt is completed, it is photographed and then presented to their chosen recipient. After submitted quilts are photographed, they are posted to social media outlets with the hashtag #QuiltTheWorld2022. For donating their quilts, participants are eligible to win some cool prizes. Pretty simple!

I chose to donate my American Quilter’s Quilt to Hogs for Heroes because it’s a perfect representation of my patriotism and love for our great country. It features 20 unique red, white, and blue flag blocks, proudly showing off my quilter’s spin on our nation’s flag and colors. Nick and I were absolutely thrilled to be able to present this glorious quilt to Hogs for Heroes, along with a check for $43,462.31 a few weeks ago. Needless to say there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!


This all just goes to show you how easy it is to make a positive impact on someone’s life. Would you like to join us in the #QuiltTheWorld2022 challenge? It’s easy to participate! You can find more information on #QuiltTheWorld2022 by clicking the link below!

As I mentioned, after experiencing such great success resulting from our previous efforts I just want to do more! That’s why I also came up with what I’ve been calling my, “Mystery Mission.” My goal was to produce and collect as many red, white, and blue Flag Blocks as possible, which are now (thanks to all of you) currently being used to create quilts of valor for injured and recovering veterans around WI.

We are well on our way to the finish line for this mission but still have a ways to go. Just like with the flag blocks, this next goal of mine is a big one and I’m going to need your help! If you are local and have some time to spare please join us this Monday, June 27th, 2022 from 9:00AM until 4:00PM at The Gathering for a special stitching event. We need volunteers to help turn over 600 donated flag blocks into finished projects. Bring your machine, we’ll provide the rest – even lunch! No machine? No problem. We need help with pressing and cutting too!

Thanks again to all of you who have already contributed to the “Mystery Mission” both near and far. This is proof yet again that when we work together, we can really make things happen! I mentioned in an earlier post that I was excited to see who would make the most blocks, and that I would reward with them with a prize. We’re in the process of notifying our top three entrants and will announce the official winners soon!

Jess and I are packing up and getting ready to leave Chicago after being at the h+h Americas event for the last couple of days. I do have to say, I apologize for our technical difficulties on Thursday –  I know many of you were excited to see us LIVE on location with Stitch with Lisa Bongean but the wifi gods were just not having it due to the building we were in. It happens! No worries, we’ll be back LIVE from home ground next week starting on Tuesday at 9:00AM CST for Shop Talk with Shelley where she’ll be talking about her favorite must-have’s from around the shop, along with some specially selected sale items we think you should know about. Then catch me on Stitch with Lisa Bongean Thursday at 1:00PM CST. Don’t miss us – and don’t be shy! Give us a shout out here on the blog or during our LIVE shows for a chance to win a nice little prize. I love sending them out, just give me a reason to! Have a great weekend! ~Lisa

MBH4 – Block #14 – “Bird on a Branch”

Hey Blockheads! Welcome back. If you’re following along with the MBH4 quilt-along you should be ready to tackle Block #14 this week, brought to us by Jan Patek of Jan Patek Quilts. Jan is a talented fabric designer for Moda, and is especially known for her primitive folk art quilts and published pattern books. Her block, Birds on a Branchsteps a bit outside the box for this quilt-along, considering it is the first appliqué unit so far. This block features, you guessed it – a bird on a branch – done in simple appliqué using whichever method you prefer. You can find the full pattern and instructions for Birds on a Branch by visiting Jan’s blog, or in the MBH4 Archives under the menu link at the top of this page.

I’m doing something a little bit different with my MBH4 block this week. Summer is in full swing and as you know, I’ve been super busy with projects galore. To save time I decided to skip doing Jan’s appliquéd block and stick with something a bit more straightforward. Instead, I went with my featured MBH4 bonus block #3, Star Turn as a substitute. This block is a mix of the simple checkerboard look of a nine patch in the center, combined with 1/2 square triangles to form a star shape overall.

Fabric wise, for the nine patch center I chose to use a white floral print on mid-gray, paired with the opposite mid-gray floral print on white for the alternating squares. For the outer “star” portion I used a matching mid-gray floral print on black to help the star to pop. The background is a bright orange Bella solid with the exception of each corner, which features a triangle piece in the same white with mid-gray print used in the nine patch. If you’d like to use my bonus block as an alternate as well, you can find a link to the full printable pattern and instructions below!

All of my grayscale fabric choices for these blocks came from my Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II line, which you can find by clicking the button below! If you like the way I pieced my blocks together and want to do the same, you can also usually find the orange color I’m using in the shop, (“Ochre“) which is a bright Bella Solid. We are currently sold out of “Ochre” but have it on order so it should be in stock soon!

Busy busy! I’ll let you get to it. Remember to catch me LIVE tomorrow at 1:00PM CST on my YouTube channel, Stitch with Lisa Bongean.” Jess and I will be on location in Illinois at h+h americas – a new trade show platform for the North American Handicraft industry. h+h is an all-inclusive industry event, embracing all types of handicrafts. The event is new to the U.S., but has already been in business overseas for years. This market is business to business and I can’t wait to experience if for myself! Over 200 vendors will be featured, including experts in fabric, yarn, cross-stitch and more-more-more! And all of this gathered in one place? Yes please! Come see what it’s all about tomorrow at 1:00PM (as long as the wifi God’s behave that is…). Set your alarms now so you don’t miss out. I’ll see you there! ~Lisa

Autumn Gatherings Trunk Show

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend and an easygoing Monday. I made sure to take advantage of the nice weather, and got outside to play with my grandsons as much as I could on Saturday and Sunday. Spending time with those crazy kids is always so much fun – I absolutely love it! They definitely keep me on my toes. I’ve been super busy in the studio lately so it was nice to escape from work for a while. Not only do I have a bunch of projects going on simultaneously (as usual), but I also have several fabric lines moving forward in their process. It’s always a little bit nerve-racking waiting for a new line to get here – which is what I’m experiencing right now with Autumn Gatherings,” my new collection of fall flannels scheduled to arrive this August.

It seems kind of crazy to be talking about flannel since it’s been so hot lately, but now is actually a great time to start thinking about autumn-themed projects if you want to get them done in time for fall. I can’t tell you how excited I am that Autumn Gatherings is so close to being here – I really think you’re going to love it! This line is a collection of unique colors and prints that perfectly represent the autumn color palette. My definition of eye candy!

As difficult as it is not to have Autumn Gatherings already in your sewing room, there is some good news. You can pre-order your supply now so once it does arrive, you get it A.S.A.P. And hey! Even more good news – all “Autumn Gatherings” kits, patterns, and pre-cuts are ON SALE! Get dibs on your stash now by clicking the button below (offer available for a limited time. Sale valid on “Autumn Gatherings” pre-order items only. Please remember that pre-orders need to be the only item in your cart when placing your order because we do not have an exact date of when the inventory will arrive at the warehouse, and do not want to delay the shipment of the rest of your order.

Along with my new fabric lines comes new projects of course, and Autumn Gatherings is no exception! I think one of the most clever things about this line are the panel options I designed based on one of my previous wool appliqué projects called, “Live a Thankful Life.” I refer to these as “cheater panels” because they’re super simple, fast, fun, and require zero appliqué and minimal stitching. If you want to take yours a step further, you could always add your own wool appliqué or fancy stitching to give it a little flare. The panels come in either a light or dark versions, and are a great option if you want beautiful results without a lot of time investment.

These seasonal panels are a fun way to get your project started without having to put too much thought into the theme of your overall design. You can do them as a whole panel, or cut them into pieces for a more patchwork look. My pattern, Autumn on the Farm is one project you can do using these panels cut into sections and paired with some of the flannels from the Autumn Gatherings collection. You can do Autumn on the Farm in either the light or dark versions… or both if you’re feeling extra ambitious! Finished size is 50″ x 59″ which is great for display as wall décor.When you take a look atAutumn Morning at first glance many think it’s a complicated quilt to accomplish, but that illusion is what makes it such a neat design. Autumn Morningis actually a super simple quilt that requires only one little sew-n’ flip on each square. I love the way this quilt tricks your eye into thinking it has a circle motif when in reality, the pattern is built using multi-sided geometric shapes. Finished size for “Autumn Morning” is 72″ x 84″.

Looking for something a bit on the bigger side? Swirling Leaves is a real monster of a quilt, measuring in at 100″ x 100″. I tend to make bigger pieces in flannel quilt designs, so you won’t see any tiny half-square triangles on this one. The bigger pieces make  Swirling Leaves a nice choice for anyone who’s not quite a master quilter, but wants to take on a larger project. And hey, I happen to think that the size and weight of this makes it a great wedding quilt… I call it, “the baby maker” because by the time the newlyweds are able to get out from under all that weight, a baby has most likely been made! LOL!!!

If you’re a fan of super big quilts, Falling Leaves is another large piece designed with Autumn Gatheringsin mind. This big boy will fit right in with your autumn décor around the house or cabin. Mainly done in earthy browns, Falling Leavesalso features a colorful triangle boarder with an autumn tree of life in the center. Despite its size, this is another simple design that with a little determination could easily go together in a weekend. Jess reports she was able to finish her’s in just a couple days, even though she has a two year old to wrangle at the same time. Amazing. Beautiful work Jess! All said and done, Falling Leaves” measures 98″ x 98″.

Next up we have Potting Shed.” For those of you who have asked me in the past if Nick has ever made a quilt, this is the actually the autumn version of a Christmas quilt he made a couple of years ago. This cozy tribute to autumn is fat-quarter tower friendly, with a square-in-square design that is super simple and fun to make. I especially love the way this one shows off all the different colors and textures within this line. With a finished size of 60″ x 72″ it’s large enough to use as a bed cover, and small enough to display as wall décor.

Nothing says autumn has arrived quite like a colorful garden Mum. This pretty quilt is a reproduction design based on one of the antique pieces from my own personal collection. If you enjoy working with simple appliqué, this project would be a great choice! The way the light colored background shows off the unique and intricate quilting is really stunning, don’t you think? Garden Mums is 60″ x 72″ when finished.  

Most of you know that when it comes to designing quilt patterns, I’m a big fan of working with both super little pieces and super large pieces alike. As I mentioned earlier, when using flannels I tend to lean toward larger pieces because the flannel seems to behave better that way. Autumn Star is as about as big and chunky as it gets, using simple and large pieces that make it quick, easy, and a great option for a weekend project. Less is clearly more when you see the finished product. The simplicity and ease of this pattern certainly doesn’t take away from its beauty! Autumn Star” is a square quilt and measures 70″ x 70″ when complete.

I’ve always said, “nobody’s too good for a nine patch!” I like a good nine patch quilt because they’re simple, straightforward, and always fun. WI Autumn is a beautiful nine patch quilt that is sure to be the the center of attention wherever you decide to display it. I really enjoy the clean, geometric look that almost resembles autumn leaves slowly fluttering to the ground. Once again, despite the size simple squares make quick work of this project, resulting in a brilliant aesthetic treat for your eyes. At 76″ x 96″ “WI Autumn is a nice versatile size that can be displayed just about anywhere.

Even though each and every one of these projects is beaming with autumn glory, I can’t say I’m ready for fall quite yet. Autumn Gatherings on the other hand, can hurry up and get here! I’m really proud of these flannels, and I think you’ll be just as proud of the art you create with it. Remember, if you’d like yours to ship as soon as it arrives here at Primitive Gatherings, you can pre-order kits, pre-cuts, yardage, and projects – now on our website! Don’t forget, if you pre-order your backing at the same time as you pre-order your quilt kit, you’ll get 15% OFF on the kit as well as 20% OFF on the backing for ordering everything at once. 

I hope you were able to catch Shop Talk with Shelley this morning. She covered some important announcements, new events, and the arrival of some exciting new inventory here at the shop. If you missed it you can watch the replay by hitting the button below! As always, be sure to leave us a comment here on the blog and during our LIVE show for a chance to win a prize! It’s easy to win… Just ask Joan R. and Cathy B. – our lucky winners this week! As usual, I’m not posting last names or email addresses for everyone’s privacy, so if you think you’re one of these two lucky winners, please check your email! You can also contact Heidi at heidin@primitivegatherings.us if you have not already received your prize notification. She will use your email address to confirm that you are in fact the winner (in the case that there is someone with the same initials, she will determine the correct person with matching email address). Congratulations to the winners! If you want a chance to be a winner like Joan and Cathy, be sure to leave me a comment. After all, you can’t win if you don’t play! See you soon. ~Lisa

Are You Ready for the 4th of July?

According to the calendar, this Tuesday will be the official first day of summer 2022! As you know I absolutely love to decorate my home according to each season and holiday, so naturally, I’m sporting a lot of red, white, and blue right now. July 4th is one of my most favorite holidays because I love my country and what it stands for. That’s why I’m proud to use my creativity and skills to design décor that shows off my patriotism!

How’s your summer decorating coming along? I bet there are some really neat projects being worked on out there… Let me know in the comments what you currently have on your work table – I’m always curious about what you all are up to! If you’re looking for a patriotic project or just need some inspiration, we have a ton of really cute patriotic-themed projects in the shop, many of which are on sale right now! Let’s take a look at a few of my favorites.

First up we have my super popular quilt, Our Flag Stands for Freedom.” This fat quarter tower friendly quilt is great for both beginners and master quilters alike. The simple square pieces go together easily, and the star units provide an opportunity to get some practice working with half square triangles.

You can doOur Flag Stands for Freedom either as a mini measuring at 27″ x 36″, or full-size quilt at 54″ x 72″. The mini quilt makes a great gift or weekend project if you need something fast. The full-size version is on the quick and easy side as well, but still produces stunning results. Plus, all you need is a fat quarter tower to make both projects (binding and backing are separate). Instructions for both the mini and full-size quilt are included in the pattern!

Another quilt designed with patriotism in mind is, Liberty Gatherings.” If you like wool appliqué and don’t mind a little bit more of a challenge in a project, this quilt is for you. Complete with the liberty bell, symbols of peace, love and patriotic pride, Liberty Gatherings doesn’t miss a beat in showing off my love for this country. It even has a flag waving sheep!

Measuring at 76″ x 76″ this is a  great quilt for wall décor. I also think it would look lovely hanging over the back of your front porch swing, or displayed on a full size bed in your home or cabin. So many possibilities!

Land of the Free… Home of the Brave is a beautiful patriotic quilt that Jess designed for us. This quilt is the perfect representation of America and would make a great gift for a special soldier in your life. Large red lettering proudly displays our country’s slogan around the boarder. Land of the Free… Home of the Brave measures 76″ x 88″ making it a nice size for a bed or couch. I personally think it would look really cool hung as wall décor for the 4th of July.

Do you like punch needle? If you said yes I have a few adorable projects that you just might be interested in. Up first I have Big Red.” I can’t get over how cute this pattern is! It features a plump brown hen proudly holding her American flag up with her wing. SO… stinkin’… cute… Finished size on this gal is 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.

If you think Big Red is too cute to handle, wait til you see Two Chicks on a Lamb!” This darling pattern shows a lamb enjoying a stroll through through the flowers while two yellow chicks hitch on a ride on her back. One little chick is taking after Big Red with its American flag proudly in tow. Also measuring in at 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″, “Two Chicks on a Lamb fits right in just about anywhere around your home.

Last but not least in my punch needle selections, I want to show you Home of the Brave.” You know how I love my sheepies so obviously this darling pattern is just my style. As you can see, this piece is graced by three lovely ewes, each adorned with red, white, and blue swirls in their precious wool.

Home of the Brave wouldn’t be complete without some stars and stripes, so each one of the gals is doing he part to spread the message that we are in fact the, “Home of the Brave!” All said and done, Home of the Brave” is 8 1/2″ x 20″.

Need a patriotic pincushion in your life? I know a gal!!! LOL! Check out my Liberty Pin Cushions collection! These fun designs can either be done as pin cushions or as little mug rugs! The Liberty Pin Cushions collection includes simple patters with beginner level wool appliqué.

These little projects make the perfect scrap busters, so if you have leftover fabric from the O’ Say Can You See Quilt-Along, here’s a great solution! Get the pattern alone or order a kit! Patterns include instructions for four separate projects including: “Flag Measure Tape” – 3″ x 10 1/2″, “Wool Star” – 3″ x 7″, “Button Flag” – 3 1/2″ x 6″, and Star Flag – 4″ x 4″. Great as gifts or keep them all for yourself!

If table runners are more your preference for holiday décor, give the, I Pledge Allegiance runner a try! Simple and fast, this project can easily be done in a weekend with a little determination!

A little bit of crazy stitching on the wool appliqué star gives this design a little extra pizzazz, all while reminding of us of the allegiance our flag deserves every day of the year! Finished, the I Pledge Allegiance table runner measures 7 1/2″ x 30″.

Changing gears but still sticking with table mats, Flag Day Penny Banner is an awesome penny mat specially designed for this time of year.

With all these great ideas you must be feeling inspired by now! Don’t forget, we also have patriotic fabric on sale through Monday as well, so if you’re in need for the holiday or anticipate running out before the O’ Say Can You See Quilt-Along is complete, the time is now to stock up!

Alright everyone, I’m out of here! It’s been a long week and I’m ready to spend some time at home. I hope you all have a chance to get outside and enjoy the weather, and of course stitch! I will see you all next week. I’ll be back to to blog on Monday when I cover my new flannel line, Autumn Gatherings and the projects that go with it. I have some really great stuff to share with you, you’re not going to want to miss it! Until then, take care and have a great weekend! ~Lisa