Farmer’s Wife March Blocks

Here are the Farmer’s Wife blocks for this month…. if you are STILL waiting for a book they are now on their way to us…so you will be getting it soon… I don’t know how they expect us to run businesses, when it takes so long to get books…but they are coming and we appreciate your patience. Sue has included all the sizing direction for you this month. THANKS SUE!

Classes at the PG Shop

Here is my niece Kaity with her blocks after 2 quilt classes with Sharon.  Looking good Kait!  She even has good taste..Japanese fabrics…She is prepping for her summer job…(if she passes)

On Sunday (28th) Jeanine hosted her Buggy Barn Class…here are her no particular order…Diane, Lor,i Cathi, Sue, Erica, Cindy and  Lara.  I know three of these girls came from Eau Claire area and spent the night.  Thanks for coming and hope it was all you thought is was going to be…maybe next year we will have that retreat house for you all to stay at!  I was being a pest…just needed a break between project directions…

tulip pots

Buggy Barn Class

Winter Weekend In Wisconsin

Hello World….I’m baaaack!

No serious…I can only concentrate on book things at “book” time…and I am done with my projects…Carole is finishing up the pincushions and we are proofing directions and photography is set for Thursday…I love all the projects! Can’t wait to share them with you.  But below is the only thing I did in February, beside “book” projects…We went up to Mark & Debbie Field’s (Granola Girl Designs) home on Rice Lake…we had a blast…Nick set up his portable “ice house” to fish as soon as we got there, we went tubing on Friday night, played snow golf, sledding, and snow shoeing on Saturday.  We had a wonderful Valentines Night dinner and played games the rest of the night.  Their log home was just awesome, all of her quilts hung and it was decorated totally “Northwoods” tastefully, though…i might add.  It was a nice break for Nick and I…I think he was tired of me…Kitty from Landauer Publishing and her husband Jake were the other couple who attended the “up north olympics”…I hope we are invited back next year…Thanks Debbie for making sure we had a great time…we sure needed it!