Busy Week and Weekend…

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone…I hope you all had a good time… It was Nick’s Birthday on Saturday….he’s says he is 24…we all know he is a little dyslexic….I actually made him his favorite cake…carrot cake…I found a recipe in Taste of Home…that has to be good right? Well it sure was….it had peanut butter chips in it???? I think this is the first cake I have made since I made a teenage mutant ninja turtle cake??  Here is the proof…and the recipe  TAKE-ALONG CARROT CAKE click on link to print.  Nick loved it and my Mother even thought it was great!

Dusted off the Kitchen Aid
Even made the frosting!
I didn't even burn it....
Made a Chicken Noodle Salad w/honey poppy seed dressing while cake was baking
Ta da!!!!
Trip to Honeymoon acres....10 hanging baskets!...My helper didn't even complain once...wait till we go back for the bedding plants!
Hanging basket in planters....All covered up for the 3 nights of FROST!!!

Our Neighbors had an opening of the Pabst Patio on Sat. night…that is why I made the salad. That also turned out great too.  I really didn’t follow a recipe for that I just had a rotisery chicken breast, noodles, cuke, grapes, red and green, craisens and walnuts and then made my poppy seed dressing that i put on my layer salad…but i through in some greek yogurt with instead of so much salad dressing…



Oh…did a little sewing too…..i know this is not what you expect from me…but I have procrastinated long enough…we came out with these wools over a year ago…It turned out pretty cool though…PS…I think I am good for another year or so….I can use this on our boat that finally got put in the water…the boys are leaving for the lake…I will not drive in the truck with the boat behind it…it is way too scary…and the last time I did…the trailer came unhooked from the truck…i will say no more…LB

Flip Flop Tablemat
Headed for the Lake! Too bad it is in the 40's temperature wise...
20 yards of Mulch, one day---thank God for boys

Dr..appt…and other stuff

I had my preventive Dr appointment last week…they called yesterday…everything is all good…but the best part is I was 35lbs lighter than my last visit…I have added excercise to my daily activities…and it has made a big difference, but I have to admit I have truly committed to it, I do something everyday and sometimes twice a day.    I also have joined Jenny Craig to get the last 20 off…I still have 10 to go…the hardest ones, so thanks for all the wonderful comments at the shows…a lot of people were even asking me where I was???

While I was in Paducah, we stayed in Metropolis which is 6 miles north of Paducah in Illionis.  We stayed at the Harrah’s Casino Hotel, which doesn’t have a gym…so I was hoofing the streets of Metropolis at 6am…no one must get up that early there, the streets we almost deserted.  But I stumbled upon Fort Massac built in the 1700’s, now this was really cool… there was a huge statue of George Clark (part of Louis & Clark)….if he was truly as handsome as this statue I would have following him all through the country too!  You could walk right up in these log cabins…It all sat over looking the beautiful Ohio River.  I made Nick stop so I could take some pictures before we went to work that morning.

I got up early this morning and pieced month 4 of Civil War Tribute…so I now am on the current month…I have a couple more table mats for Market…I will show them soon….just need to stitch the backs on.  LB