the winners are!!!!

sorry if this being sent twice…i am have computer issues…


Thanks to all of you who commented on my blog…I truly enjoy that fact that quilter’s  would want to spend their free time visiting my blog…even though we are bribing you all with goodies…you still took the time…

There is some confusion about my blog posting and my pattern the Thread Catcher…It was posted and on my site on “my day” through the hop and a couple days after the hop was over…it has been removed because I use that little pattern for a couple events and it was for the blog hop on the days during the hop..which ended Oct 2nd….for those who might have missed that opportunity here it is Thread Catcher -1 …it will be “on” for 24 hours..thanks for your understanding.

I have been traveling and getting ready for Market and two shows in Atlanta and Houston which is huge…I have not found any free time to pick winners out of 802 comments…so while sewing I had Emily pick the winners …randomly so It is because of her that this got done…

The first two persons below who acknowledge they won will receive one the 2 fat quarter packs each…the remaing 10 will receive $25 credit (gift card) at our store…Primitive Gatherings where you can purchase what you want!  Good for me and you, as I don’t have a bunch of time to round up the 10 remaining gifts…so all of you below Congratulations and please send me full names and physical address to this email:  You have one week to claim your prize.     Send to this email to claim your prize!!!!



Celine K.


Gwen Windham-

Fran Bianchi-

Linda Wilkinson-

Kathie L.-

Barbara L.-