scrap basket block 12

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  1. Linda Avatar

    How can I get the directions for Block #12?

  2. Lisa Dillow Avatar
    Lisa Dillow

    Would it be possible to get the directions for this block? I printed blocks #1 through #11 without a problem. I cannot get block #12 to print. http://scrap-basket-block-12.pdf

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I have anonther person waiting for this also…I am on the road teaching and will not be back for awhile…I promise to post the pdf on the blocks sometime in August when I return home…I am sorry I cannot help until then…It is on my home computer and not my laptop…I also have been living at our summer house and not ever near that “home” computer…so PLEASE know that i will post it as soon as I can. LB

  3. Shireen Avatar

    I’ve been able to download all of the Scrap Basket Quilt blocks except for block #12. I love the colour combination you used and would like to make a similar one.

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