Heart to Hand…Kathi Campbell

Kathy Campbell from  Heart to Hand
Kathi Campbell from
Heart to Hand in  Portland Oregon, Spring Quilt Market

I promised to feature a few women designers from Quilt Market…and here is the first…We all have done at least one of Kathi’s Designs…we do several of them as Blocks of the Month and the others we do as kits featuring our flannels and hand dyed wool as whole kits…

This is just a heads up that we will be doing a new Block of the Month which is not yet featured on Kathi’s site…but is shown here to the left of Kathi…We will be taking sign ups later on this summer…so look for our post explaining all the details!

Kathi has donated a pattern set of her Autumn Quilt as a give-a-way for this post…Here is the quilt…to win this pattern set…leave me a comment  telling why you should win it!296Heart to Hand Website Click Here

270 responses to “Heart to Hand…Kathi Campbell”

  1. Laurie B Avatar

    This pattern reminds me of my native New England. I have been transplanted to the desert of Texas and am trying to surround myself with reminders of New England. This would be a perfect addition to my home as such a reminder. I LOVE Autumn!

  2. Jodi Avatar

    With Kathi’s pattern and your wool and flannel how can a person go wrong. A keepsake in the making.

  3. Julie Goedeke Avatar
    Julie Goedeke

    Autumn is my favorite time of year and this is a beautiful quilt.

  4. Susan Cook Avatar
    Susan Cook

    I have made two of these quilts and love her designs. Haven’t made autumn so would love the patterns. And would love to do the new one too!

  5. gayleburton Avatar

    Well, I should win it because I love all things wooly – what a fun new pattern!

  6. Bonnie Emmons Avatar
    Bonnie Emmons

    I really love fall. I have many things in the fall theme including the pumpkin wool candle table round from your shop. Love Love Love this pattern I would love to win it.

  7. Cindy h. Avatar
    Cindy h.

    I love fall and this quilt is the perfect picture of it. I like the white pumpkins.
    Cindy H.

  8. Marlene Avatar

    What a beautiful quilt! I’ve finished Primitive Garden (I know…it took me a while!) so it’s time to start a new one. This would be a perfect one to take its place! Blessings, marlene

    1. Lesley Avatar

      Oh my goodness…I think I should win it because I love it and would have so much fun putting this together for the fall. Beautiful pattern and fabrics! Thanks for the chance!

  9. Nancy Pleimann Avatar

    Well for one thing I love fall. And it would look great in your wool. Thanks, Nancy P.

  10. Melanie Eiswerth Avatar
    Melanie Eiswerth

    I have not seen Kathi’s designs before and although I am not a big fan of fall designs I would make this offering if fortunate enough to win it. Thanks Lisa for featuring talented women

  11. Mary Avatar

    Love Autumn – My favorite time of year. That quilt is beautiful. Would love to make it and then display it in my home.

  12. Ann in PA Avatar
    Ann in PA

    Fall is my most favorite time of year, I love applique, and Kathi’s pattern is wonderful- pumpkins, crows,stars, a house block with a sunflower, what’s not to love….besides I just might get it finished by fall!

  13. Béatrice Avatar

    I love applique & autumn but I think it would be the right pattern to give to my friend Lori. Thanks for the chance

  14. Jackie Avatar

    Love the fall quilt. I would love to win the pattern set. My 12 year old daughter and I planted pumpkins for the first time this year and i cant think of a better way to mark the occassion than if we would end up making that quilt together this year as well. We will keep our fingers crossed. Love seeing the new stuff from market thanks for sharing. Jackie and Audra

  15. sharon h Avatar
    sharon h

    Gosh Lisa, I would love to win this pattern set! How amazing this work of art is. We have such amazing talent in this country! Thanks for using your blog to showcase other artists along with your work! You ladies all rock, keep those creative juices going!

  16. Brenda Avatar

    I love this pattern! i have seen it done in both wool and wool felt. The wool one was by far so much richer looking. I should win it because I can’t afford it otherwise. Facing an empty nest next year, this project would be a great one as I focus on finding myself again.

  17. Kathy Bahn Avatar
    Kathy Bahn

    Oh my gosh, I believe this quilt is speaking to me. Fall is and has been since I was a small child my favorite
    time of the year. It reminds me of the drives I used to take my mom on through all the winding hill & valley
    roads so many years ago.

  18. Cindi P Avatar
    Cindi P

    I could say “I never win anything” as the reason I should get the pattern, but that’s not true:) I just downsized to a smaller home and donated a ton of fabric, so I need a new fall project to work will be my reason! Thanks for the chance to win again!

  19. Diane Ziegler Avatar
    Diane Ziegler

    Autumn is not just a season, it’s a whole season and way of life as far as I’m concerned, and that quilt is absolutely beautiful! I would love to spend my Autumn and probably Winter working on it!

  20. DebrafromMD Avatar

    I love this pattern. I don’t have many Fall themed designs and would love to make this up for my home.

  21. Mary Kannas Avatar
    Mary Kannas

    Love her designs!! I have also become quite addicted to working with wool and fall colors are my favorite

  22. Deborah Kuchta Avatar
    Deborah Kuchta

    I’m amazed at how much fun that pattern looks to be! Love the colors and design.

  23. Elizabeth Bryan Avatar
    Elizabeth Bryan

    Perfect colours for my home. I did a Christmas block of the month of Cathy’s , my first wool project and loved working on it, It is greatly admired when hanging on the wall at christmas

  24. Kitty Graves Avatar
    Kitty Graves

    Lisa, I love autumn! My home is decorated to the hilt during the fall months and it’s my favorite time. I wear the colors of fall and am always drawn to the look that is offered here! The quilt would be perfect among all my pumpkins and crows.

    Miss Kitty

  25. Mary Seifert Avatar
    Mary Seifert

    I don’t know why I should win this pattern more tha any one else, except I love it.

  26. Peggy Dalberto Avatar
    Peggy Dalberto

    Hi Lisa, Hmmm, why should I be gifted with a pattern. I would buy all the material needed from you, that’s one reason. Maybe Terri would say ” oh Lisa, give it to Peg, she will enjoy it!” (ha ha) But seriously, I would treasure such a gift from you cause I think you are very incredible. Your mom agrees!
    Peggy Dalberto
    Saint Germain

  27. Jacque Avatar

    Fall is my favorite time of the year and what away to showcase it on a wall in my home for all of my family and friends to see.

  28. Elsie Stomberg Avatar
    Elsie Stomberg

    I love ,love ,love to work with wool !! love her designs and need something for fall . This is perfect for a spot in my living room
    Elsie Stomberg

  29. Julie Forslev Avatar
    Julie Forslev

    I would love to win this pattern! Autumn is my favorite season, and I would love to make a primitive autumn wool quilt!

  30. CJ Avatar

    Wow ! I would love to win this pattern set ! I am so excited about going to Wisconsin for the first time in July. I will be stopping by your shop and cannot wait for a wonderful time seeing all that you have to offer. If I win, then it would be a perfect time for me to sign up in person for the Block of the month. Thanks for the terrific prize.

  31. Carol Deloney Avatar
    Carol Deloney

    I just looked for this pattern at my LQS with no luck. I love fall and would love to win this pattern.

  32. Patty Fowl Avatar
    Patty Fowl

    I would love, Love, LOVE to win this pattern. Living in Phoenix AZ, we do not experience the change of seasons and I find I really miss autumn, in particular. Love seeing the mums, pumpkins and gourds, smelling burning leaves, and having a reason to put on a sweatshirt!

  33. Pat Duddleston Avatar
    Pat Duddleston

    Is there any other season but Fall?

  34. Candee Abraham Avatar
    Candee Abraham

    Oooo, love love love it. I can see those blocks made into smaller projects too! What fun I would have! See you in a few weeks for tiny tulips in IL.

  35. Judy R from Buffalo Avatar
    Judy R from Buffalo

    What a terrific pattern for Fall – would love to do a Fall quilt! I’m trying to do a quilt for each season but only have a Christmas one (not a Winter theme)…and am working on a Spring quilt ( a little late for this year)! Judy R from Buffalo

  36. Vicki Yanda Avatar
    Vicki Yanda

    Autumn is my heaven on earth! Thanks!

  37. Debbie Angle Avatar
    Debbie Angle

    I love fall! Fall quilts and fall patterns! This pattern has what I really love….pumpkins…both orange and white. It just doesn’t get any better . I have just the spot for this quilt in my family room….it would be too perfect!


  38. Mary Avatar

    I am new to wool appliqué and love it. In South Louisiana we don’t really experience change of seasons. It’s either really hot or it’s not. We use quilts and door decorations to let us know when the season has changed. Fall is my favorite time in New Orleans and this quilt would, with its pumpkins, crows and stars, be just perfect. I would love to have the chance to make it.

  39. klwheelerfeathersandloops Avatar

    Oh, I love the pattern and have the wools to go with it. I have no fall quilt like this and would love to make it.

  40. Nancy Hess (the Michigan one!) Avatar
    Nancy Hess (the Michigan one!)

    Fall is my absolute favorite season! I love the combination of flannels and wool….very primitive. It would go so nice in my log house!

  41. Peggy Elliott - Lighthouse Quilter Avatar
    Peggy Elliott – Lighthouse Quilter

    I have absolutely “FALLen” in love with applique (it’s all Lisa’s fault! LOL). I have never done applique before a workshop in Racine a couple of months ago. Can’t think of a better reason to win this pattern than I would have a great project new project doing what I love and my favorite time of year – FALL!

  42. Janet blaze Avatar
    Janet blaze

    Wool Applique is a wonderful way to spent time. I love it when you give us kits and block of the months projects.

  43. Deborah Fields Avatar
    Deborah Fields

    I am trying to get my day guild to try some wool applique and if I made this one to show and tell, they’d be so envious they’d jump at the chance to so some too! Thanks for saluting designers. Kathy is terrific! My son lives in Portland, so it would be doubly great to win.

  44. Connie Litfin Avatar
    Connie Litfin

    I love the quilt and enjoy working with wool. I have enough to make it a few times over. Fall is a wonderful time of year and that pattern is perfect as it can be out for several months.
    Connie L

  45. Peggy Avatar

    I do not have any wool quilts. I have enough fabric collected and this would be easy enough to finish before fall. The pieces are not that small. So pretty

  46. Melody Lenart Avatar
    Melody Lenart

    Fall is my favorite time of the year. Would love to have this pattern and get it done for this coming fall.

  47. Marlene Avatar

    The quilt is gorgeous! Halloween is my birthday and I love the pumpkins and other Ll images in the quilt . . . it would look fantastic in my home. – Marlene

  48. Carrie P. Avatar

    Well, I am just going to be honest and just say that I am selfish and that is why I should win the pattern. But I think we all are because it is a gorgeous pattern to represent fall. thanks for a chance.

  49. Brandy W Avatar
    Brandy W

    I would love to win this so that I can give it to my mother. She deserves it for all the wonderful quilts she has already given me.

  50. JoAnn W. Avatar
    JoAnn W.

    I love al things Fall, and this design is right down my favorite “alley”—would love to make this quilt!

  51. Sharon Heirholzer Avatar
    Sharon Heirholzer

    First of all fall is my favorite time of the year, love working with the fall colors! I’m fairly new to wool but am enjoying it very much.
    This pattern would keep me busy for awhile. There are some very talented artists out there including yourself.

    Keep up the great work.
    Thank you for a chance to win this.

    Sharon H

  52. Linda Kramer Avatar
    Linda Kramer

    Simple, fall is my favorite season and this quilt is simply awesome!

  53. Nancy Avatar

    If it is big enough to reduce my wool stash, I need it. Hehehe

  54. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I love all her patterns and fall themes especially! I just had my hip replaced so I have lots of time for hand work and along with your BOW that would be nice to do too! That quilt in the picture is beautiful ….I hope you run that as a BOM too!

  55. Kim Kopac Avatar
    Kim Kopac

    I am always amazed at the beauty that people can create!!! I love her items and I would love love this pattern!!!
    Thank you

  56. Denise Cabral Avatar
    Denise Cabral

    Please, can I win! I love her stuff!

  57. Leslie McKee Avatar
    Leslie McKee

    Absolutely gorgeous quilt! I love Kathi Campbell’s designs and this one is no exception. I love the fall ..it’s my favorite time of year. This quilt would let me keep fall year round!

  58. Terry K. Avatar
    Terry K.

    I have been sitting next to a sewing friend, watching as she worked on this same quilt. I love every detail about it and would love to win it!

  59. Robyn B Avatar
    Robyn B

    I should win because I have just discovered wool! By that I mean that I have just begun working with wool applique and wow I am hooked. I am working on the Merry Christmas by Heart to Hand and I really like wool. I had no idea. I would say why didn’t someone tell me sooner but in all reality you all have been talking wool forever. I, apparently, wasn’t listening.

  60. Elaine Petrik Avatar
    Elaine Petrik

    Fall is my favorite season … The quilt is gorgeous and would be THE focal point of my fall decorating!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  61. Mary D Avatar
    Mary D

    I should win because Autumn is my very favorite season and I love Kathi’s designs and this is one I haven’t done yet!

  62. wendy Avatar

    Love….love…love…..hope I’m lucky enough to win!

  63. Betsy Avatar

    Because I love Autumn and here in Florida, Autumn does not look like that pattern

  64. marlene Avatar

    I don’t know if I should win this or not. I just finished my first wool project (Tulip Table design from a class I took at your retreat center) and it is now my new favorite thing to do. I am not known for finishing things fast. I finished this in no time – and you are right – stitching on wool is like stitching on butter. I feel a sense of accomplishment. Whoever gets this pattern I’m sure will enjoy it. I love your blog. I look forward to it. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  65. Betty Lawson Avatar
    Betty Lawson

    I have a “thing” for all things fall-especially anything with crows!

  66. Joy Bergquist Avatar
    Joy Bergquist

    wOW what fun to possibly be a winner. I love the quilt and would love the pattern. I hope to make that quilt someday.

  67. Judith Avatar

    Oh my gosh, it is beautiful! I am new to wool fabrics for applique and embroidery, and think they are stunning! Thanks for the chance to win, and continue to pursue a beautiful craft!

  68. Susie Brown Avatar
    Susie Brown

    I should win this one because I really, really like it!

  69. alice tignor Avatar
    alice tignor

    Love it! I decorate my home with my quilts and have a spot ready for this one. Thanks.

  70. Barbara D'Antonio Avatar
    Barbara D’Antonio

    OMG it’s fabulous and Fall is myfavorite time of the year!
    Barbara D.

  71. marie Avatar

    The pattern is to die for—pumpkins are my favorite fall decoration. Wool is my all time favorite to work with and having done 2 of your BOW’s your wool rocks. I’d love to win this , all else would be put aside to get this done in time for fall. Thanks for the chance.

  72. Lisa LK Avatar
    Lisa LK

    I love Kathi’s stuff, and I’ve been looking for the perfect autumn project. I think this is it!

  73. Karen Avatar

    Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Warm days with cool, crisp evenings. And I love the colors of fall, too. Thanks so much for a chance to win AND for introducing me to Kathi and Heart to Hand… Hi, Kathi!

  74. Tanya Quilts in CO Avatar
    Tanya Quilts in CO

    Omg this design has been on my wish list for months…I would be honored to win it!

  75. Jackie Staup Avatar

    Oh my! I have not done one of hers but this is the type pattern I am looking for! New and self taught this would so inspire me to keep going, If I were to win it I would be speechless. Cannot wait to visit her site and find more!

  76. Lynda Malloy Avatar
    Lynda Malloy

    Not only is Autumn my all time favorite time of the year, but Kathy’s interpretation of Autumn in this quilt is absolutely gorgeous.

  77. Sharon Avatar

    Being a teacher…fall is always my favorite time of year. The children are so excited, beginning a new school year… just as excited as I am, beginning a new quilt!

  78. Bonnie Coon Avatar
    Bonnie Coon

    How about – it’s stunning and I’ve never won anything before!

    Bonnie Coon

    5 Amanda’s Point

    Oakwood, IL 61858


  79. Sandy M Avatar

    I’m a huge fan of Kathi’s work but I have always admired from afar because I have not dared to take the plunge into wool.
    I was at a retreat in January and the gals sitting at the next table over were all working on that quilt. I spent the 5 days of retreat hovering over their shoulders wishing I could make that pattern. I would love to win the pattern and be inspired once and for all to take the plunge and start with wool.

  80. Christie Yorks Avatar
    Christie Yorks

    This is a beautiful combination of all things autumn! I love Autumn and I live on Autumn Street! I so very much enjoy doing wool hand work. It’s so relaxing after a long day at work! Pick me please!

  81. Gale Fabio Avatar
    Gale Fabio

    Would love to win a Fall themed pattern from Kathi. I love Heart to Hand/

  82. Krislovesfabric Avatar

    I would love to try this pattern in wools, it looks beautiful!

  83. Elaine Avatar

    I am Fall Junkie so this would fit in very well, especially if the wool came from Primitive Gatherings.

  84. Rose Jeter Avatar
    Rose Jeter

    I am sure there are at least a million reasons why I should win this pattern but to be honest with you I can only think of three….I love it, it is amazing, and I love fall. It would be amazing to use your wool’s to make it up. As always thanks for being so generous.

  85. Lesa Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful!,,,,

  86. Kathie Rokitski Avatar
    Kathie Rokitski

    This is such a great quilt, and it includes WHITE pumpkins – my very favorite!!

  87. jeannehopko Avatar

    The quilt is spectacular and I would love to win the pattern. Fall is my favorite time of year and this would be great at the cabin.

  88. jeannehop Avatar

    The quilt is spectacular and would look great at the cabin. Fall is my favorite season for decorating with quilts.

  89. Kathy Avatar

    I would love to make this Fall quilt and now would be the perfect time to start!!

  90. Pam Huggins Avatar
    Pam Huggins

    How nice of you to introduce us to Kathi. I love the quilt too! As for a reason why you should pick me, I just finished your Primitive Garden BOM in the allotted 14 months so now I’m looking to start a new project :). Thanks for the chance to win this project!

  91. Diane Avatar

    Love fall colors and since I don’t have a wool quilt, this would be a great way to start.

  92. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    I’m really not sure that I SHOULD win it, but I love it and I would like to have it on my list of “to do’s”.

  93. mtneedle Avatar

    Thank you for introducing us to her designs. I’d love to have this pattern….can see it done in wool on cotton and hanging in my living room during the fall. Thanks, Lisa!

  94. diane wingo Avatar

    I love the fall season and this quilt would be great to hang on my wall.

  95. Brenda Hanes Avatar

    I should win it ’cause I really, really like it a LOT!

  96. mdghall Avatar

    Love fall colors and since I don’t have a wool quilt, this would be a great one to win.

  97. Rebecca Avatar

    Yummy pattern. I should win it because I would make/finish it!

  98. Julie - Me & My Stitches Avatar

    Very cool patterns. I should win because I just finished Summertime and I love presents! HAHAHAHA!!!!

  99. Carolyn Vogel Avatar
    Carolyn Vogel

    Probably more why I shouldn’t win. Fall is my favorite season and I already have lots for that time of year. But that being said, I love it, and know it would be one that I would love to make. A new designer for me, but really like the look of her stuff.

  100. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    How great is that. Fall is my favorite season, and I really like that one. I am working on Autumn Harvest Table Mat.

  101. Sharon A Avatar
    Sharon A

    The only thing I’ve made from wool is a small pincushion, so would love to win the pattern and give wool a try on a quilt! I love appliqué and the wool was so easy to use.

  102. Maria R Avatar
    Maria R

    What a fabulous pattern. I would love to make this georgeous fall quilt.

  103. kathelmn Avatar

    Love all Heart to Hand designs and all things Autumn. Would love to make this quilt using flannel and wool.

  104. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    I should win because fall is my absolute favorite time of year and this quilt is the epitome of everything that is fall. Okay, that might not be the best reason given but thanks for giving me a chance to enter.

  105. sandy Avatar

    Well, I think I should win the pattern set because I deserve it.!!! I have never done one of her quilts, I have been collectiong bits of wool for the past two years as I can afford it, I love fall and I wear fall colors. Enough reasons? lol.

  106. gwen alford Avatar
    gwen alford

    I should win this quilt because I love flannels, warm colors and crows. I live where the crows eat in the fields behind our house and even our bird seed on occasions. I love this quilt, oh yes, and I love to appliqué by hand and machine.

    Gwen Alford 972-658-4335

  107. Connie Kelly Avatar
    Connie Kelly

    Hot, hot summer days, are a great time to hide in my cool sewing room and make a fall quilt designed by one of my favorites!! I have many Heart to Hand patterns and I would finish this one by fall!!

    1. wantstoberetired Avatar

      How about a poem?

      I love this quilt
      I love it all
      Oh please choose me
      I live for Fall !


  108. Mary Macomber Avatar
    Mary Macomber

    I think I should win because my birthday is in October. It sure would be a nice birthday quilt!

  109. Janet Scott Avatar
    Janet Scott

    Because I love it and have never seen her stuff before. Pick me! Janet in Nebraska!

    Sent from my iPhone

  110. Jane A Avatar
    Jane A

    I would love to win this pattern because I love each square. I am currently hooking a pumpkin rug and this quilt would go perfectly with it.

  111. Susanne Avatar

    Love her patterns. Don’t have this one would love to win it

  112. Sue Rock Avatar

    I love, love Heart to Hand patterns. She is my second favorite designer because you are my favorite! Sue

  113. Janice Avatar

    I would love to win it! I love her patterns, I’ve started to collect the fabric so I definitely should win this pattern.

  114. Nancy D. Avatar
    Nancy D.

    Love, love, love Kathi’s autumn wool applique quilt …..I believe that I should win it because I have taken an interest in wool applique and have some lovely Valdani pearl cottons just waiting to be used in this. I also have the perfect bare spot on my 3 season porch that would be the perfect place to display this throughout the fall months here. Another reason for me to win is that is the only way I will be able to obtain this quilt because hubby has been out of work since Nov. 2010 for health reasons. He has had 4 surgeries this year….the last being removal of cancer on his left kidney and my budget has been cut off for quilty things unless they are absolute necessities to complete a project that I can make from my stash. Have also let all my quilt magazine subscriptions run out to save money there.
    I have never done one of Kathi’s quilts, and this one is the perfect way to be introduced to what she has to offer.
    Win or lose, I want to tell you I enjoy your blog and thank you for this opportunity to win such a lovely quilt.

  115. parkabmax Avatar

    Love her patterns but you are by far my favorite!! Primitive Gatherings wool would be fabulous for this. Can’t wait for the new BOM. Looks beautiful.

  116. Julee Avatar

    I love wool !!!!! I already have several pieces of orange wool that would work great for this pattern…and fall is my favorite season.

  117. Tracy Avatar

    Why me?
    Love the quilt, thank you for all the fun!

  118. NancyG Avatar

    I would love to win this pattern because fall is my favorite time of year, and you can never have too many fall quilts!

  119. Joan Richards Avatar
    Joan Richards

    Fall is my favorite time of year here in Michigan! I have never done a quilt with hand stitching like this and it looks like the perfect first one to cut my teeth on!

  120. Joyce Avatar

    I love all things wool!

  121. Pam Mickey Avatar
    Pam Mickey

    What a beautiful quilt! I just love fall. It is my favorite season in northwest Indiana! My favorite is working with wool.

  122. Mary Jane Avatar
    Mary Jane

    I would love to win, it would definitely be a great addition to my fall collection of pumpkins and crows. Plus our dog is fall colors of black and reddish orange and would look great posing in front of it with our black cat

  123. Karen in breezy point Avatar

    Yikes–I should win it because I love it!! It would help me use up some of my wool stash, for sure.
    I got my summer block of the week on Friday. The freebie is finished and I just need to stitch down the stems and I will be ready for week 2!

  124. Cathy Avatar

    Love her patterns. I’ve been of fan of her and you for a while. thank you both for a chance to win. Hugs

  125. Judy W Avatar
    Judy W

    I. Should win this pattern because autumn quilts are my favorites. I have been wanting to do an appliqué sampler quilt and this would be perfect!

  126. Cheryl K Avatar
    Cheryl K

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern. LOVE fall. Would love to win this pattern. Did I tell you I LOVE this pattern!!!!

  127. Deborah Smith Avatar
    Deborah Smith

    Autumn is back to school, new crayons and of course that first day of school outfit with new shoes! Cool days and beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellows abound. This pattern is just like those found childhood memories of back to school. I would love to win the pattern and bring Autumn alive in my house.

  128. Becki Pender Avatar
    Becki Pender

    Lisa, I just started getting into wool projects after I took your class for the tulip table topper. Boy did I get bite hard! I really am enjoying working with wool. I would really enjoy this pattern. I retired 2 weeks ago. I finally have time for doing these projects. Thanks Lisa for your inspiration. Becki P.

  129. Marilyn Avatar

    Fall is my favorite season. Everything is so beautiful as the leaves start to change color, and it isn’t buggy like spring and summer. I would love to win this!

  130. Karen S. Avatar
    Karen S.

    OH, I could tell you many reasons but the first one that comes to mind is that I LOVE it and would really enjoy making it.

  131. Flo Mielcarek Avatar
    Flo Mielcarek

    Lisa, LOVE this pattern! I also LOVE fall! And would LOVE to win this!
    Thanks, Flo

  132. Pam Avatar

    Thank you for the wonderful blocks of the month you do. The past year has been very stressful with my son in law in Afghanistan and being injured. My dad having heart surgery and many other days spent in the hospital waiting . Hand sewing these projects gave me something to do and they are made from the heart with love.

  133. eileen halloran Avatar
    eileen halloran

    It gives me a warm and cozy feeling. Fabric and designs go great together.I like how the designs move across the blocks

  134. Laura Benthien Avatar
    Laura Benthien

    Beautiful quilt and LOVE the colora used in it! I would love to win…..because I NEVER win anything! lol
    Thank you for the oportunity :). Laura B.

  135. Marian Mapes in Dana Point CA Avatar
    Marian Mapes in Dana Point CA

    Kathi got me started in quilting. I went into a fabric store (quilt shop) to purchase fabric to use for one of her sweatshirt patterns back in 2000. I fell in love with the idea of making quilts, too. I must have at least 20 of her patterns. I’m currently working on her ‘My Kitty Cat Says. . .’ And I love it as much as all the rest of hers. And she’s a wonderful person! Thanks for selecting her!

  136. Michele Klein Avatar
    Michele Klein

    In AZ that is the closest to fall as we get! We miss out on the beautiful turning of the leaves and such. Pumpkins and corn stalks look really out of place when it’s still in the 80’s on Halloween! That’s why I love the fall colors in quilts!

  137. Sandy Pierson Avatar
    Sandy Pierson

    I have been waiting and waiting for this beautiful fall quilt for soooooooolong. I live for fall and this is the puuuuuurfect quilt for our home. I love love love it……Sandy Pierson

  138. Jean Lange Avatar
    Jean Lange

    Love the colors. This quilt will look so beautiful in my home. I believe I am the one that needs to win it so it can proudly be displayed with my other Lisa Boneagns works of art. Jean L.

  139. Stephanie kluk Avatar
    Stephanie kluk

    I absolutely love autumn designs and have armored this pattern for quite awhile now. Would love to win it!

    1. Stephanie kluk Avatar
      Stephanie kluk

      Sorry that should read ADMIRED!

  140. Diane Kubicki Avatar
    Diane Kubicki

    I have seen this quilt on several blogs and have drooled over it. I had hoped you would have a kit for this one, but if I had the pattern I probably have enough fall fabrics and wools to put this together myself. I am still working on completing the Heart and Home quilt and I love all Kathi’s quilts. Keep them coming. I also like the way you structured the bom with only mailing out every three months. Then I am always surprised when they come.

  141. Mary Pasewark Avatar
    Mary Pasewark

    I love this great Fall design! It would be the perfect quilt to use up some of the wools in my closet. I’ve got a big stash and will be moving soon. My husband REALLY doesn’t need to see everything that I have squirreled away over the years! Please save my marriage!

  142. Mary Colley Avatar
    Mary Colley

    This autum quilt would make a lovely addition to our home. Would love to win the pattern, then I would have a good excuse to buy more wool and threads. Mary

  143. Renee Avatar

    I would love to make this quilt. The design is fantastic and the wools are great.

  144. Virginia Howell Avatar

    That is a beautiful quilt. I can just see it as a topper on my guest bed. It would certainly keep me, a retired teacher who taught school for 43 years, busy for a while!

  145. Barbara Bledsoe Avatar
    Barbara Bledsoe

    I wish I had a great reason as to why I should win this quilt…other than it is a beautiful autumn pattern!

  146. Babs Williams Avatar
    Babs Williams

    I havent made one of Kathi’s quilts but I really like the pattern! Also I’ve never won anything!


  147. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    Kathi has some beautiful quilts. I love the colors she puts together. I would LOVE to win one of her patterns. I don’t have any fall wall hangings, so this would be perfect for me! Thanks!!

  148. Lynn Rodby Avatar
    Lynn Rodby

    I have several of her designs and just love them. Autumn is my favorite time of year and she has captured it beautifully

  149. Kathy J. Avatar
    Kathy J.

    Love it! I can’t resist pumpkins!!

  150. Mary Samaniego Avatar
    Mary Samaniego

    Fall is my favorite time of the year and I love doing anything that has to do with fall. This will be a perfect pattern to do for my living room wall. I love Kathi’s patterns and look forward to doing this one once it is released. It also would be a nice plus to win it! Thanks. Mary

  151. Kathy O in GA Avatar
    Kathy O in GA

    Oh dear Lisa, I need to win it…because I love all things pumpkin? I have never done one of her patterns, this looks like the perfect first one!

  152. Lorrie McDonnell Avatar
    Lorrie McDonnell

    I LOVE pumpkins and Autumn. I always say you can NEVER have too many pumpkins!!

  153. Lisa Miller Avatar
    Lisa Miller

    I just love this pattern. I have been trying to get it to make a sample for a near by quilt store I help at, the distributor has part 2 and 3 back ordered 🙁 Would love to win this patte. I have a great appreciation for Primitive Style!

  154. Alice Borge Avatar
    Alice Borge

    Because I love the pattern and I think Kathi is super talented and more importantly, super nice!!! Love her!!!

  155. Angela adams Avatar
    Angela adams

    I love fall……what a great pattern to win…..pretty please! Love it!

  156. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    I love this quilt. Fall is my favorite time of time of the year and her patterns are so beautiful.

  157. Cathy Avatar

    I love Kathi’s patterns and I love fall!

  158. Michelle Oglesbee-Flores Avatar
    Michelle Oglesbee-Flores

    I love fall. Pumpkins, the crisp fall mornings and most importantly, FOOTBALL…lol….I know, I know….but what can I say. My son’s last year of high school football will be this coming year so this would be good quilt project to work on to remember his last year.

  159. Marcia Porcelli Avatar

    What a wonderful give away! Kathi was very generous to donate this to you and I would love to be your lucky recipient! Pumpkins are such a great symbol of the cool and colorful days of Fall.

  160. Sally Finney Avatar
    Sally Finney

    Omg ! Fall is my favorite season and the quilt has everything that I luv !

  161. Marty Toale Avatar
    Marty Toale

    The colors are so rich and pleasing and easy to look at. This quilt could be displayed from September through Thanksgiving and I would hate to put it away even then to make way for Christmas. It covers the whole season!

  162. sue singer Avatar
    sue singer

    I love doing wool projects and would love to win this pattern

  163. maureen Avatar

    Because I LOVE it!

  164. Angela Brady Avatar
    Angela Brady

    Maybe I should win this one since I don’t have any of her patterns and Fall is my favorite time.

  165. Alicia Key Avatar

    I should win because…well, because!

  166. Jill Bodwin Avatar
    Jill Bodwin

    Love, love, love her designs and color choices. Between working a very demanding, 50+ hour/week job and spending most of my free time with my ailing Dad, I don’t have much time for quilting but I can dream and appreciate you sharing these beautiful quilts which I plan on making some day.

  167. Sharon Miller Avatar
    Sharon Miller

    I would love to make this pattern for my fall decor. It’s a wonderful design with all the right elements.

  168. Pat Neyens Avatar

    I need something new to SURVIVE the ARIZONA HEAT. That is all I am saying …

  169. Kathy Avatar

    I would love to win this pattern and here are my top 5 reasons why I should win
    #5 I don’t have a stash of wonderful wool patterns yet
    #4 I love fall….it’s my favorite time of the year
    #3 This would be a great challenge for me
    #2 I’m batting zero on ever winning a giveaway
    and the #1 reason
    I’m really nice and would be soooo excited to win
    What a generous giveaway,,,thank you. Kathy

  170. Linda H Avatar
    Linda H

    I would love to win this pattern for all the reasons other people have already said. I love to decorate for Fall and I already have a special place for it. I love your patterns Lisa; I would like to have one of each! You do beautiful work and I love wool and flannel. Whoever wins will have a wonderful Fall quilt and I hope it’s me! Thank you for the opportunity to win something – I’ve never won anything.

  171. Donna Fuller Avatar
    Donna Fuller

    i would like to win this pattern because my son is moving to Vermont to get to know a girl he may marry. this would be would be the perfect wedding gift for a Vermont fall wedding. She is swedish Hannah and my daughter is southern Hannah , it is meant to be.

  172. Barb Avatar

    I should win it because I would love to do it as wool applique on cotton.

  173. Linda horn Avatar
    Linda horn

    This my favorite pattern. I have always wanted to make this. I even have dreams that Primitive Gatherings will do this again as a BOM. So I hope I am lucky and win this pattern!

  174. Patty Avatar

    Pumpkins–always my FIRST choice in making a quilt.

  175. Sandie Mackintosh Avatar
    Sandie Mackintosh

    I think I should win it because I have never had the pleasure of doing one of her designs, and this would be a great chance to!

  176. Lyn Smith Avatar
    Lyn Smith

    Even though we don’t really have Autumn in our part of the world(Brisbane, Qld, Australia) I come from further south in Australia, where they do have Autumn, & I’ve always loved the Autumn pictures, especially the leaves & the pumpkins. This quilt really reminds me of growing up in the south of Oz(also I visited USA during autumn several years ago & loved it & it would be a great reminder of my trip. lyn.robyn.smith@gmail.com

  177. Melva Campbell Avatar
    Melva Campbell

    I love the autumn pattern and I have the perfect place to hang the finished quilt. Thanks, Melva C.

  178. Elaine S. Avatar
    Elaine S.

    Fall colors are my favorite. Plus adding your wools would make it awesome!

  179. Pat DuBois Avatar
    Pat DuBois

    very cute! I want to do the future BOM also, it’s beautiful, great colors. I just need more hours in my day!

  180. Jane Avatar

    I don’t know if I should win it but would love to win it. Life has been so busy for me with my husbands’ ongoing health issues. With the last heart surgery he had replacing his Vent. lead about 3 weeks ago, with a new generator for pacing his electrical rhythym, it seems like a heart transplant will be a long way off AGAIN (we can only hope). We’ve been dealing with his diminished cardiac output for 9 years now and are fortunate and know we are blessed.
    Love this pattern and those wools are just scrumptious too. Wish I lived nearer to check them out personally. Jane

  181. Carrie Avatar

    I really enjoyed meeting Kathy at Market, I am making her christmas quilt, and have her autumn quilt pattern with alot of your wools. Of course I enjoyed chatting with you at market about your quilt home, I hope it is a blessing beyond your dreams. Thank you for all you do to bring joy to us wool lovers!

  182. Kathy B. Avatar
    Kathy B.

    I would love to win the pattern by Kathi – my sisters and I would have so much fun creating the blocks together with the stash of wool we have been collecting. Besides, we’ll need something to work on after we finish the Summer BOW once summer is over. (Now that’s a grand imagination that we’ll keep caught up week by week!) Thanks for the chance!

  183. Felicia hamlin Avatar
    Felicia hamlin

    Because is something I would enjoy making and it will be nice to win for a chance. Felicia

  184. robinttttt Avatar

    This quilt is beautiful and a perfect project for my mini group. It’s my turn to choose a pattern for the group to make. When the top is finished it’s mine to quilt and keep.

  185. hardenbrookgirl Avatar

    Autumn is my favorite season – I hope that is a good enough reason! And I love autumn quilts.

  186. Penny Avatar

    I think this would make a perfect project to get me thru the summer and have all ready for when the fall rolls around here in the North East. Thanks so much for the chance to win this great pattern.

  187. Ann Knuth Avatar
    Ann Knuth

    I have never done one of Kathi”s quilts and would love to do a wool applique quilt.

  188. Mary Avatar

    I should win it because i have had a crazy weekend at work and looking forward to seeing the pattern would be a great think to thin k about, plus I love fall quilts, fall colors, wool, etc!

  189. fabienne Avatar

    J’aimerais beaucoup gagner ces patrons, alors je tente ma chance !!!!

  190. Jackie R. Avatar
    Jackie R.

    *To win it, visualize it (yep, in my mind it’s now hung on my wooden wall for all to ‘ooh, ahh’ at)
    *Crows are my husbands favorite bird.
    *I love pumpkins, and the color orange was my Dad’s favorite color.
    *The above just proves why this Jackie should win 😛

  191. ikorniquilt Avatar

    I really love these autumncolours…and when I feel the wool,I purr like a cat! So your lovely pattern will have a good destination….;-)

  192. Marie-Odile Josse Avatar
    Marie-Odile Josse

    Comme il est beau et comme j’aimerais le gagner ! On peut toujours rêver !

  193. Shirley H in Massachusetts Avatar
    Shirley H in Massachusetts

    I should win it because it speaks to me of Fall in New England and when I make it I will hang it in my living room to enjoy for many months.

  194. Ann C Avatar
    Ann C

    Because autumn is my favorite season….wool my favorite fabric…pumpkin my favorite Colorado.

  195. suejean1 Avatar

    I love everything Fall. This pattern is beautiful, it would be so fun to make this quilt. I have not done one of the Heart to Hand quilts yet but like them all. This would be a good one to start with.

  196. Siobhan Avatar

    First, i love fall. Second, I need lots of projects to keep me inside and out of the heat this summer!

  197. Becky M Avatar
    Becky M

    Fall is my favorite time of year and I love this quilt!

  198. Debbie Gallett Avatar
    Debbie Gallett

    That is a wonderful quilt. It would look great hanging on my wall to celebrate fall. I’d love to win it.

  199. Linda K Avatar
    Linda K

    First, I want to thank you, Lisa, for the gift last week at East Cobb. I was one of the 37 guests at the guild that morning and “sew” enjoyed your program. Looking forward to your visit to my guild next year. Thanks so much for the chance to win Kathi’s wonderful pattern. I’ve done a few of your wool patterns and am hooked on wool!! Fall and Halloween are my favorite subjects for home decorating and sewing. What a great pattern!!

  200. Sheri in Iowa Avatar
    Sheri in Iowa

    Well, duh, sister…how about because I love it!!!!

  201. Leanne Avatar

    Thanks for a change to win Kathi’s pattern. I have been looking to start a fall project and this would be perfect!

  202. Beth Avatar

    I’m new to Quilting and just love this autumn design. I don’t have anything for fall and would love to make this my first fall project. Of Course my stash is “great” yet, so I would have to scout out a few friends stash to help! I would love to win!

  203. Mary N Avatar
    Mary N

    I have the perfect spot for this quilt to hang on my wall, and I will be so proud to say I made this wonderful design. I’m itching to begin the stitchin’.

  204. Patricia. hallock Avatar
    Patricia. hallock

    Just because I would like to win something different and this is right up my ally

  205. Beverly Linnane Avatar
    Beverly Linnane

    This would be a perfect quilt to hang in my dining room for fall! I just love her work and all of Primitive Gatherings wonderful fabrics and kits. Bev Linnane

  206. Cindy Avatar

    As all my friends know we LOVE fall, sunflowers, pumpkins and this quilt it a 10 with my style!!! Love it!!!


  207. Janice Fish Avatar
    Janice Fish

    I am a beginner in wool applique, and think this design is wonderful. A great project designed by a talented artist. Would really love to win this….I have never won anything before. Regardless, I will be looking for this pattern at my local shops.

  208. De Fleming Avatar
    De Fleming

    Because it is simply beautiful and fall is my favorite time of the year

  209. Sher Avatar

    Love the flannels and wools and Kathies patterns.

  210. Paula Bish Avatar
    Paula Bish

    Would love to win this! I am not a lucky person and you could help make me one 🙂

  211. Nancy Avatar

    I would love to win it–i’ve been getting more brave with applique would love to tackle this project. We live in a log cab and i have the perfect wall to hang this on!

  212. Diane Gunter Avatar
    Diane Gunter

    Besides the quilt being beautiful and stunning I would love to win it because I love fall colors and just fall in general. All of the ones I have made have been donated to charities and I would love one I could actually keep!

  213. Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.

    Just a beautiful design for my very favorite time of the year.

  214. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Well I am sure Ian no more deserving than any other woolie responding to your quest for a winner, but I have several reasons for wishing to win. First, as a member if your monthly Wool Gatherers Club, I have materials at the ready. Secondly, I finished my first wool project ever, a project featured in Primitive Quilts and Projects and if I do say so myself, my stitching will do justice to this gorgeous fall project. And finally, fall is to me the best season, a time to reap what you have sowed/sown ( sewed/seen?!)… the sunflowers and pumpkins in the garden, the nuts from the trees, even the pesky crows have their place. It is fall year round in my heart, and this quilt is a reminder to appreciate life even as the world slows down and readies for winter. Beautiful!

  215. Lisa Dolcini Avatar
    Lisa Dolcini

    I just love Kathi’s designs…they feed my passion for wool applique. I’m in the wool gatherers club and my wool is just waiting, eagerly, to be used in this pattern.

  216. Susan S Avatar
    Susan S

    We all hope to win (-: so all I can add is… whoever, wins happy sewing!

  217. Kathy Y Avatar
    Kathy Y

    A simply gorgeous quilt. I love fall and this would look great in my house.

  218. Karen Avatar

    Because I love it!

  219. Nellie B Avatar
    Nellie B

    Beautiful quilt and I haven’t done a Heart to Hand quilt in a little while. It’s time! Love her design that you’re going to do as a Block of the Week as well!

  220. Jean WESTFALL Avatar

    I should win because I never win anything and I really need a pick me up. My daughter got married sat and I hate change!

  221. Dee Avatar

    I would love to win this quilt – love Heart to Hand projects – and a girl cannot have too many wool projects going on, right?????

  222. Julie Green Avatar
    Julie Green

    Because it would go so well in my house!!!

  223. Karen Qualls Avatar

    I love this pattern. Would love to make it.

  224. Debbi Avatar

    I absolutely love this pattern and I have a perfect spot to hang it (once I finish the quilt, of course).

  225. Cheryl Harrod Avatar
    Cheryl Harrod

    My birthday is Oct. 3. I have always loved pumpkins and I love working with wool. It would be fabulous to make this pattern.

  226. Brenda Harrison Avatar
    Brenda Harrison

    Love this pattern and need something for fall!!

  227. Jakey Avatar

    The pattern is beautiful, and Fall is one of my favorite themes. If I won, I would gift it to one of my Threadheads in my friendship quilting group, because they would love it, and because I think I already purchased the pattern. 🙂

  228. Deb Sargent Avatar
    Deb Sargent

    Love, love, love fall and especially pumpkins. This is a beautiful quilt and would fit perfectly in my collection.
    Deb S.

  229. Carol Avatar

    Fall is my favorite time of the year and this reminds me of it. It is absolutely gorgeous. Love it!!!!!!!!!

  230. Sheila Ek Avatar
    Sheila Ek

    I love all things autumn. This pattern and the resulting quilt would look great in my house. IT would be so much fun to have it.!!!!

  231. Marjan Avatar

    it is the perfect Quilt to make on a cold wet Dutch autumn day or better days. would love to win. thanks for the opportunity. Marjan

  232. Betty Jo Chaplin Avatar
    Betty Jo Chaplin

    Fall is my favorite time of the year and when you combine it with wool with an off-white pumpkin, that would make it even better. Betty Jo

  233. Cindy Avatar

    Oh my! I would love to win! My husband watches sports & I don’t, but I do listen while I’m stitchen! Good for him and so very good for me. Love, love all your designs and fun pictures. Thank you!

  234. Patricia Bartholomew Avatar
    Patricia Bartholomew

    I would love to win this pattern. I lived in Neeah for several years and this pattern reminds me of the wonderful autumns in Wisconsin. The trees were so beatuiful in the parks and along the country roads. I loved going to the park along the lake and watch the birds flying south and see the lovely view of the trees across the water. Now I am in South Carolina and I truly miss my northern autumn days. I would really enjoy having this pattern as a reminder . Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas.

  235. Laura Kissel Avatar
    Laura Kissel

    Love. Love wool applique. Love fall. Love primitives. Love.

  236. Karen Snyder Avatar
    Karen Snyder

    The fall quilt is beautiful! It is my favorite time of the year to decorate and love fall colors!!

  237. Linda Kay Avatar
    Linda Kay

    I love Autumn so this pattern is just right. Also, I really like to do this kind of applique. Thanks for the chance to win this pattern!

  238. Terri Karasch Avatar
    Terri Karasch

    I love this quilt! It’s made in my favorite warm colors and with pumpkins and crows, how can you go wrong? Would look perfect in my home.

  239. Mary Ann Avatar

    I would love to win as I really like the fall colors and I have never made one of her patterns.

  240. Nancy Augustine Avatar
    Nancy Augustine

    I would love to win the patterns as fall is my favorite season and my birthday is in October. I also love fall becuase our harvesting is done and it is time to hunker down for the winters in northern Wisconsin and quilt, quilt quilt!!

  241. amyjgm Avatar

    To bring a little bit of primitive fall decor to the UK! I wish England would embrace all that is autumnal like the U.S does!

  242. Carol Larson Avatar
    Carol Larson

    I have made a number of her quilt patterns and fall is my favorite time of year. So it would look nice in my collection.

  243. Debi Avatar

    This is stunning! I should win this because I love autumn and this design. 🙂

  244. penelope10 Avatar

    I just posted in the wrong post, but I would love to win this because it totally inspires me to stitch for the Fall!

  245. Teri LaVoy Avatar
    Teri LaVoy

    I would like to win this….just because. I love working with wool and one more added on would make me happy. Thanks for sharing with us. Love your blog

  246. usairdoll Avatar

    What a beautiful pattern and quilt! Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I’d love to make this. I’m a good grandma and even fly in to babysit, hehe.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  247. Deb fox Avatar
    Deb fox

    I absolutely ADORE fall quilts! I hang them everywhere in the house. I would love to make this one too!

  248. Diane Ranshaw Avatar
    Diane Ranshaw

    This quilt reminds me so much of my Great Grandma who loved all things that had to do with the earth, since they were hard working farmers in TumTum, Washington. I think this quilt is the perfect reflection of her spirit. What a wonderful way to honor her memory.

  249. Michelle Ussher Avatar

    A gorgeous pattern, I would love to win this!! Thanks for the chance!

  250. Robin Crittenden Avatar
    Robin Crittenden

    Oh my I love this pattern. And after nursing my hubby through rotator cuff surgery and now he has a herniated disk so I think it would help with my depression.

  251. Pamela Miller Avatar
    Pamela Miller

    What a darling fall pattern! I have tried to grow pumpkins down here in southern Alabama-with NO SUCCESS, so I guess I will have to quilt my pumpkins. Fall is my favorite time of year, as so many others have stated. Would love to win this set of patterns. Thanks for giving us a chance to win them.

  252. Arnette Jasperson Avatar
    Arnette Jasperson

    What is better than fall and fall colors. Especially like the white pumpkins. This quilt makes me homesick for New England.

  253. Linda Brandau Avatar
    Linda Brandau

    I think this is a lovely quilt & I would love to display it in my home or in my office…not a profound reason but a sincere wish!

  254. Dorothy Hopko Avatar
    Dorothy Hopko

    Love this wall hanging – and love fall – live in the Hi Desert in California – not much change of seasons – took trip two years ago to the northeast coast to see the wonderful colors – guess what? – too early!!!! So this would really make up for not finding the fall colors….thanks for this great chance …Happy Fall!!!

  255. kristina Avatar

    I would love to have this in my home. Fall is my favorite time of the year to decorate. It’s time for summers end and time for football and chilly nights, warm soups, cassaroles and pumpkin roll!! I think I should win this because-well, I never win anything!!!