Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks vol.8

Look what I have here!!!…I have a block in the book and my name is on the cover! Page 59…Quiltmaker sent me 5 copies…and I am going to give away 3….so lets see…the first three people who can comment me with a guess of what my Dad did for a living wins a copy!!!  None of my employees can win and they better not tell…I will post a pic of my block with the winners….The issue goes on sale November 19th.


Threads of Change…


Hey Quilters!    Looking for a story book to read about a family (mostly women), heading west from New Orleans to avoid the Civil war?  You have to hop on over to Jodi Barrows’ (the square in a square gal)site and order the first book in this new series…The story is based on Jodi’s actual family…it features her great grandmother Liz, who has made over 200 quilts in her lifetime…I can’t wait for the 2nd one due out early next year..I read this in the hotel room in Houston in only two nights…so it is an easy read…I really want to support my fellow designers so you have to go to her site…I want her to make ALL the money…I will have it on my site later, but for now I want to do my part and let everyone know about it!   I am sure she will send you a signed copy if you order directly from her site, click here: Square in a Square

Shop owners call Jodi and order them for your store too!!!

Here is some more information:

Threads of Change – a novel

A Quilting Story – Part 1

In the first book of A Quilting Story series, the four cousins–with social graces, charm, and a love for quilting–will face the anguish of life on the frontier in 1856 with every turn along the wagon trail.  Raging storms and adversities hit the small band of travelers.  Relieved to finally arrive at the abandoned military post at Fort Worth, Texas, they begin the hard work of establishing a home.  When trials follow them, they must decide to become true warriors of their hearts, minds, and souls or fall to the sufferings of prairie life.
Join the four women on a passage of friendship, love, and self-discovery as lives are mended around the quilting frame.


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Price : $14.99

video for writing on your Words to Live by blocks…

Hey everyone…

Here is a video that Gene taped for Shop Owners at Market…I am showing it to you because you can see how I trace a word onto the block…I have to admit I am not at all comfortable doing this yet…it is all on the spot..no rehearsals…this is actually a retake because the first one the sound did not work…uuuggghhh…so that is why I had to trace on the charm square!!! but you get the idea just the same…I think I did about 6 videos at market for various people…but it is still not my favorite thing to do yet….but for you I will get better at it and hopefully more comfortable.

If you love your Summer Block of the Week…Words to Live by…show your local shop owner your blocks and tell them about this program through Moda and they can order it to run as a BOM in their shop next year.  All they have to do is  see their Moda rep to get all the details and order!!!

Video for Words to Live by…


Here was some Moda fun at market….

This link will take you to Moda’s blog…view Jimmy and Justin first…then our Moda rendition….


and a little advice….the graphic below was designed by Megen Dougherty

see more on her site.     http://www.cafepress.com/bitchystitcher