Celebrating our 10th Anniversary and a sneak peak!!!

PG Stitch-Along

In honor of our 10th Anniversary I would like to do a FREE 10 part quilt pattern and run a Stitch-Along here on my blog…Now I have to admit…I have it designed, but not stitched…I am going to STITCH-ALONG with you on this one…I will post them twice a month or so…and we will be done in November to avoid all the Holiday stuff…

Some of the details…It will be a little quilt, medallion styled…and scrappy!  I will do two versions…one with a wool applique on cotton center and the other a pieced center for those of you who do not appliqué or you may want to do both!!!… (I did not even think about offering kits for it but before I could even post this we have had calls about it…so since I did not start yet…I can pick fabrics and kit them…then I will post again when I have kit details)…The center of the quilt will be 6″…and have 9 more borders added to it.  The patterns will be a free pdf posted here on my blog…hope you want to join in and share your version with us!!!

Also…I know some of you are anxiously waiting for our 2014 Summer Blocks of the Week to be announced…They will go on our site today!  AND…I am very happy…over the top happy that I can say….I am stitching the wool on the appliquéd border!!! So we have all the information for you on pricing, shipping, threads lists…finishing kits and know everything before it starts!  This is what I have been up to instead of blogging…lol… but I can say that everyone in Paducah who saw me stitching L-O-V-E-D IT!  Which is really cool, because… do you know how hard it is to design a project that you can kit 1000 kits for and have everyone like it?  It is always hard to compete with the last years SBOW that I stress over all of these issues to the point where I drive myself crazy….The Crows and I were talking and we figured this is the 8th summer of the block of the week…and it took us a bit but we figured them all out and in order!…without cheating…We were wondering…has anyone done all 8??? and the freebies too?…I would love to know if you have or if you are close to doing all 8…like maybe you did 6?…ok..back on topic here…. I don’t think I’m going to show the FREEBIE, which by the way is all stitched and even quilted!!!…because I am showing you more of the SBOW than I usually do…But you can tell from the pic here that you will be doing 25 blocks?, right?  can you see you have an alternating pieced block??  13/applique,12/pieced

2014 SBOW Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
2014 SBOW
Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
2014 SBOW Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
2014 SBOW
Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings

….for the wool version…and that is why the price is $16 this summer and the finishing kit is only $65…I have shown a little of the border here as well…see no stitching on the border yet…that is because I stayed up till 3am as I did not want to stop until I had the borders designed and cut and pressed down….I was very happy when it was done…I couldn’t stop staring at it!!!!  Quilt is 68″x 68″,  Also you can see a pic of another one of the blocks on our shop NEWSLETTER that has just been placed on the site…Please see our website here Primitive Gatherings for all the details…and don’t forget about the Pieced(no wool appliqué) SBOW called Opposites Attract…14 weeks, 12 blocks each week for a total of 168 blocks…plus you will be piecing the border as well each week!  The blocks finish at 6″…and will finish 76×88, with 168 blocks and a little pieced border…you then can add big borders to make it bigger if you wish…So much fun…this will also give you a chance to try out our new Triangle Papers from Primitive Gatherings that will be included each week!  This is a really great chance to “collect” repro fabrics if you do not want to “piece” these blocks…but these blocks are so much fun…and you know…fast too…

Opposites Attract 2014 SBOW Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
Opposites Attract 2014 SBOW Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings


Thank you for following my blog and supporting our shop all these years…we appreciate you all so much and hopefully I will be blogging a lot more now that the SBOW stuff in out of the way!…It’s like a mega load has been lifted and I can actually say that both projects just maybe quilted and finished before the first block is sent out…This is a first!… and will probably never happen again, unless…I start next years now?

Stitch on…




49 responses to “Celebrating our 10th Anniversary and a sneak peak!!!”

  1. Victoria Cloud Avatar
    Victoria Cloud

    Let’s get to it! I’m excited!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      lol….glad your excited…I just need a bit of a break I basically did Sunflower Gathering in less than a month…and I do have to work..that is run Primitive Gatherings…I wish I could just stitch all the time, but so far that hasn’t happened yet!!! Coming Soon is the best I have for now…LB

    2. Sharon K. Lozano Avatar
      Sharon K. Lozano

      I’m trying to sign up for the Bitty Banners Group. I forgot my password so I registered again. They tell me my email is already used. DUH That’s what I tried to tell computer, Please sign me up and give me another password. Sharon K. Lozano

  2. Kristie Avatar

    Beautiful design!!! Can’t wait! Lisa, have you found a replacement for Steam a Seam 2? At the class I took with you in Hershey you hadn’t yet found a new favorite. Which one would you recommend now?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I’m hoping next week at market we will either get new samples or get updated on their progress….I’m starting to run low too!

  3. gijane279 Avatar

    Lisa… All I can say is WOW, I just happened to be on the website and saw it posted and ordered before I saw this sneak peak… LOL I guess I’m either really lucky or I’m a stalker!! I know I tell Michelle at Fat Quarters Quilt shop in Vista CA that I’m her Facebook Stalker… but honestly it’s stalker in a good way. What can I say I love, no wait LOVE LOVE LOVE all the things you do in wool And to think you’ve been making them for 8 years, this will be number two for me!!! To think it all started for me when I happened upon your booth at Road to California and fell in love with “A Primitive Garden” and with your encouragement took that GIANT LEAP of FAITH to purchase it even though at the time I didn’t know squat about working with wool, well guess what after taking your class in January at Fat Quarters I’ve almost finished my Christmas “SNOW” mat and the Garden is being started this weekend. Oh and I’m working on the center of last summers SBOW now and should have it done by this weekend, then it’s on to the boarders. Thank you again for all you do and Happy Tenth to you and your shop. Sending you lots of warm wishes, love, and hugs Liz

  4. churcae Avatar

    Sounds like a wonderful QAL! Can’t wait to start!

  5. Teri LaVoy Avatar
    Teri LaVoy

    Oh WOW. Beautiful!!! How can I not do this?? I’m still not done with two years ago. Maybe I’ll do a smaller version and then give away the other blocks so I can justify doing this one! Thanks, Lisa for your creativity.

  6. suejean1 Avatar

    Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary for Primitive Gatherings. I wish I could say that I have done all 8 SBOW. This will be my 3rd. year. I am so excited about Sunflower Gatherings. The glimpse on your blog has me wanting more. 🙂 I am also looking forward to the anniversary quilt along. Thank-you Lisa for all you do. You continue to amaze us with your creativity and generosity.

  7. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    Wow! Every year I think you won’t be able to top or even match the previous year but you’ve done it again.
    I think I’ve done six of your SBOWs but I’m not sure if I’m confusing a kit for a SBOW. Now you’ve made me curious. Could you possibly list all of them? Or better yet show a picture of all of them.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I will do this!

  8. Janet O. Avatar

    I can’t believe how you can come up with so many cool designs all the time. Blows my mind!
    I’ve never done any of your SBOWs (too busy with all of your patterns that fill a drawer in my sewing room), but I am going to try and keep up with the Anniversary QAL!
    I’m curious about your opinions on a replacement for Lite Steam a Seam 2, as well. I’m almost out and am wondering what to try next. One thing I tried on a whim was nasty. : )

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hey Janet…you will love the QAL…I know we both love little quilts!

  9. Debbie Avatar

    I am so excited about both of these–the stitch-along and the SBOW. I finish up teaching on May 30 and will spend the weekend getting my sewing room ready to start stitching. I will try to resist the urge to wait by the mailbox everyday until the first blocks show up! In the meantime, I will work on the stitch-along and maybe even finish some other projects in the list. Thank you for the wonderful things that you design and send our way. I look forward to the summer!

    1. ronda926 Avatar

      Lisa, you are so talented. i’ve only been quilting since 2010 and last year was the first year that i started to follow you and i signed up for last year’s SBOW and i finished putting the binding on it today. it is truly gorgeous. i wished i had some of the older kits, but i’m trying to catch up as fast as i can! 🙂 I can’t wait!!!

  10. suejean1 Avatar

    Lisa, I can’t find the newsletter. Does it take a while to show up on the website?

  11. Robyn Avatar

    I’m quite excited, I’ve never done any block of the month projects as I like most who sew have far to many projects going at the one time & lacked a bit of confidence. I’ve followed your blog for a few years now & my confidence has improved & I CAN’T WAIT TO BEGIN YOUR STITCH ALONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Carrie Avatar

    Lisa, such a beautiful design….its as exciting in year 10 as it was in the first year when you introduced the first quilt! Your stitch along sounds like our summer will be busy and exciting.

  13. Lori Avatar

    Lisa & staff : Congratulations on a Wonderful shop & great relationships on the way. I LOVE visiting Menasha and when I enter I am overwhelmed with creativity, I truly enjoy everything in your shop. If one could only find the time needed to make a portion of what I like. You have found a place that many people love visiting over and over, on line or in person. Kudos to you and all your staff at PRIMITIVE GATHERINGS! May you have many more creative years!

  14. Teresa Miller Avatar

    I’m going to try and keep up with your stitch along!!! Congrats on your 10 year anniversary!

  15. Julee Avatar

    Love it, love it, love it all!!! Congrats on 10 years and many more to come. I think I have done the BOW’s since 2009. Thanks for the 10th anniversary gift….it’s great too.

  16. Debbie St.Germain Avatar

    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! This looks like a beautiful quilt, can’t wait to follow along, always love doing your designs.


  17. Sharon Laurin Avatar

    All I can say is, STUNNING! Love your designs, your shop and your friendship! ; )

  18. Julie Avatar

    As I saw the SBOW blocks in Paducah, I can say that they are beautiful! My daughter and I always visit Lisa’s booth as it is our favorite! I do have a question about the Steam a Seam 2 lite. Is the new version that came available at the end of the summer last year not any good? Happy 10th Anniversary to you!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Julie…a lot of people did not like the new paper so they went back to re develop it…

      1. Julie Avatar

        Thank you Lisa for the reply about the steam a seam. Will be watching for what you find out at market.
        Going to try the SBOW! – From your groupie in Paducah:)

  19. LTeslik Avatar

    Dear Lisa, I am a bit confuses by your post… if the 10 part quilt pattern is free, I would be very interested in trying this stitch along (I live in Germany; have ordered many many times from you, but cannot order anything right this moment)…you mentioned it would be a free pattern pdf file…how do I access it? Please let me know, or please let me know if I’ve misunderstood this…. thank you so much. I LOVE your patterns and your shop (I was there a couple of years ago and bought almost everything in the store–only a slight exaggeration) and I am working on a couple of your things right now (and have just finished a couple)…. thank you very much for clarifying about the stitch along. Sincerely, Linda Teslik

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes…it is FREE…my post is just a FYI to let you know it is coming…There are no PDFs yet…I will post the pattern s for each part on my blog. You will just download the pdf and print it.

  20. Mary Jo Jones Avatar
    Mary Jo Jones

    Congratulations on 10 years! You are such a talented person…whatever you design we love! I am really looking forward to the stitch along…I know it will be a winner. Hugs!

  21. Sandy Avatar

    All I can say is WOW!!! Love it! This will be my 5th SBOW. So love them. I do wait at the mailbox for them.
    Congratulations on your anniversary and thanks for all you do.

  22. Shirley Avatar

    Can’t wait for the stitch along, should be a blast. Love your site.

  23. Jan Gezon Avatar
    Jan Gezon

    First, I love the new design! Saw the blocks in Paducah, they are truly beautiful. But you confused me on the $16 per week in the blog, and the $29 on the web site. Is that for the pieced version?

    1. Jan Gezon Avatar
      Jan Gezon

      My bad. I figured it out. I hit the wrong “product info” button and got the one for both quilts. Can’t wait for the first delivery!!

  24. Rosemary Malzahn Avatar

    Happy Tenth! Can’t wait to start! When do you think you might post block 1?

  25. Brenda Avatar

    Beautiful choices. What a lovely quilt it will be.

  26. Wanda Burleson Avatar
    Wanda Burleson

    Does the price on the “Paid in full” on the SBOW include the finishing kit?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      No it does not. As the finishing kit has always be optional for the summer block of the week. Thank you

  27. Judy D. Avatar
    Judy D.

    Congrats, Lisa on your 10th Anniversary. Everything you do is just wonderful. I wish I could do all of it, but I have to be realistic and pick some choices. I am looking forward to doing the quilt along with you. When will it begin?

  28. Susan J Avatar
    Susan J

    Lisa-you are a Quilt Goddess! I am already signed up for SBOW, and can’t wait to start, and am anticipating the SAL-I know it will be stunning, you are so talented.

  29. DaisyS Avatar

    Oh my gosh! They are both so beautiful! I am amazed at how you continually come up with some such beautiful designs! You are so talented! Happy anniversary to you and your crew! What does the “paid in full” price include on the SBOW as it is higher than the weekly price times the14 weeks? Can’t wait!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      The $16 does not include the weekly $4 shipping cost.the paid in full price does.

  30. Sherree Avatar

    Lisa, congratulations of the ten years! I love all of your designs and am currently signed up for the My Enchanted Garden BOM. Your SAL sounds just great too, I’ll have to join in on that too. Do you have any future plans of doing the Primitive Garden Quilt as a BOM?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Not at this time … Next year it will be 10 years old…maybe then!LB

  31. Cheryl Avatar

    Happy 10th Anniversary!!! Love, Love, Love the SBOW. I already placed my order, I definitely don’t what to miss out on this one. Can’t wait to see what the SBOW freebie looks like and the 10 part quilt pattern. You are your team are amazing. Again Happy Anniversary and cheers to you on your next 10 years.

  32. Cheryl K Avatar
    Cheryl K

    Beautiful! Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary!!
    Best guess at Past BOW: Folk Art Album (2007), Summer Time,, Primitive Garden, Summers End (2009), Lisa’s Flower Garden (2010), Flower Penny Garden (2011), Evelyn’s Album, (2012), and Words to Live By (2013).

  33. brenda kowalski Avatar
    brenda kowalski

    Happy 10th Anniversary Lisa

  34. Cat Avatar

    Thank you for the 10th Anniversary Stitch Along. Part 1 is so pretty and I am currently stitching on it. Just want to be sure I haven’t overlooked downloading part 2, when might it come out? Love the SBOW too, but just can’t squeeze more hours into my 24 each day. Happy Anniversary!

  35. Donna Christian Avatar
    Donna Christian

    I cant seem to find the stitch along pieced??? Have I missed it??

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      July 2nd post

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