Help…..Hershey PA

Anyone at the Hershey quilt show that can help us out? Jake is sick and Amy is in the booth alone… If you can stop by and see if she needs anything I would appreciate it!!!

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  1. Kathy Cadilek Avatar
    Kathy Cadilek

    I’ll be there on Saturday . I was planning on shopping at the booth. I’ll certainly ask her if she needs anything while I’m there. Sorry to hear your son is ill, hope it’s nothing serious and he feels better soon!!

  2. Barbara Miller Avatar
    Barbara Miller

    I was there today and saw Amy after Jake had left feeling ill. She was doing well and selling items like crazy. I asked if she needed a drink and she said she was ok. Wish I could have done more for her. We love your booth and look forward to seeing Amy every year in Lancaster and Hershey, PA!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thanks Barbara….hopefully he will be better today…but just in case we have my cousin Mary coming in to help…but again thank you for checking on her…she appreciated the efforts.

  3. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    If I was closer I would definitely come help! Hopefully everybody is nice to Amy!

  4. Ann Avatar

    Jam heading there today…I will certainly ask if she needs help.

  5. Amy Avatar

    Many thanks to everyone for stopping in to see how I was doing, and for being so very patient when the line was long….Our cousin Mary came to the rescue, and we had a great show! Jake is feeling much better today. We will see you next year!
    Amy & Jake

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