Our Primitive Christmas Event…

Today is the day of our Primitive Christmas Event…Even through we let you start shopping early…because we learned “stuff happens” and it did…you crashed our new server…which I guess needs to be bigger for the months of November and December…but all is up and running again so you should all be able to place your orders…

With so many NEW things under the site for A PRIMITIVE CHRISTMAS it may be a little confusing to see what your FREE patterns and kit are with a $25 reg price purchase…This year we have 4 items for you… You do not have to order the FREE patterns in your cart…we will automatically put them in every order the next 4 days.

Up first….Layers of Fun…63″x 81″…a pattern for a quilt made from a layer cake…this one is Snowman Gatherings II but could easily be made from any Layer Cake and some extra yardage…This quilt goes together quickly and would make a great gift or….look how nice it looks on my outdoor living couch…hmm might have to live here this winter….You can order a kit for this one…for $76.50

img_8716-1 img_8706 img_8718-1 img_8717-1Layers of Fun was quilted by Valerie Krueger from Las Vegas….love how fun the quilting is!!!!

Then we have a little wall hanging Winter Diamonds….17″x 21 “…winter-diamonds-lr-550x550This little cutie is made using 2″ diamond papers…this was pieced by Deb Diedrich and I added the cute little snowman, which will be featured on my next Snowman Gatherings III fabric line…due out in May 2017….img_8727this is a triple top secret…so double pinky swear…you won’t tell a soul…Kits can be ordered for $18…there is also 6 Valdani threads used…which a kit can also be ordered for $31.50…the threads are listed on the website.

Then there is the wool project….I love this one…did you have a “woody” station wagon growing up? img_8721-1 This was our gem…Dad…love those white rims!!! I’m sure we had the only one ever with white rims…Tina had this picture…why???…maybe she has fonder memories of it than I do!!! Ha…img_8728Our wool mat is called “Snowflake Catcher” as he is collecting snowflakes on his ride home…how fun…mat is 16″ snowflake and a kit can also be ordered for $35…thread kit for $45.

Last but best of all….well may not best of all but it sure is fun!!! Our HOME pincushion kit and pattern…img_8697This is a way cool as a pincushion but also can be framed and given as a great little gift to anyone…see how you stitch a heart where you/they live??? We have included all 50 states…this pattern is 4 pages!!! Do you have friends in all 50 states? Hmmmm that is a good goal….pretty attainable if you are a quilter on FB!!! We have 3 color versions available…and sorry we will randomly put one in your order…however if you want to make sure you get a different color…you can oder however many you want for just $6…threads $10.50 for 2 Valdani threads….Do you like it framed?  We also can make you a frame for $23.

All of these patterns plus a kit for the HOME pincushion/frame  come in your packet…

I love how all of our projects turned out…I think this is the best Primitive Christmas Event EVER!!!

Thanks again for being so loyal and breaking out site…shows how much love you have for us…and its funny to watch the web guys scramble and be amazed that this many people love our handwork!!!  This is why we went live early at 6pm instead of 12am, just in case…and we needed it!

Here is a quick LINK to our site if you have not placed your order yet   PRIMITIVE GATHERINGS

Take care…my next post is all the OTHER goodies we have for you….Not just the FREE ones….LB

Repost- Magic of Christmas block 6 and Alabama

Here is the post where block 6 is embedded in…it seems a lot of you cannot find it…look for the RED


Hi Everyone…

I have safely made my way to CA from AL…I loved teaching in AL…Had two great classes with lots of smart women…most of them were software engineers, scientists and more than one were pilots of blackhawk helicopters!  This would be an interesting group to spend more than a couple of days with…they are all from the Huntsville AL area where the NASA rockets are/were built…img_7865 img_7866

And some of them even brought show and tell from the last time I was in AL in 2011.

img_7868 img_7872

One night after class June…took me to see the “old ” beautiful houses and then to the Lowell Mill…a closed but reopened old mill that is full of artists/craftmen’s spaces and food and entertainment…there was a band playing on the old loading dock…so much fun…thanks June for taking me!!!

img_7881 img_7885Now I don’t want you to go too long between blocks…did no. 6 the night before I left…but did not take a pic to post..but you’ll forgive me…I hope..



I know you don’t need to know this but….I watch way too many Netflix series when I am gone…this guy is way to easy on the eyes…even when he’s full of mud from building the Union Pacific RR!!  Cullen Bohannon-Hell on Wheels-I’m on season 5!!  Anyone else watch this one yet?   LBimg_8047

Magic of Christmas…Blocks 14,15,16 & 17


I hope you all are doing well…I’m home…feeling good…got my mail sorted, laundry washed and dried…took a 2 hour nap with Jeter in the afternoon sun coming through the bedroom window…I promise 4 blocks today so here they are…

BLOCK 14img_8678



If you want to make the 8 1″ HST using the papers you will need to cut 4 squares of paper…measure and cut your red/white the size of the paper…then only cut 2 – 1 7/8″ squares in half instead of 6.

BLOCK 15LISA BONGEANmagic-of-christmas-block-15








I have shown the 3/4″ triangle paper you need for this block…cut you red/white fabrics to the size of the paper…You will still need to cut 8 -1 5/8″ squares, cut in half once…for the FG units.

I hope this keeps you busy for a little bit…the MOC blocks will be coming fast and furious now…and THANKS again for being patient knowing I am working and not able to release these blocks in a normal pattern….

I so enjoyed the last post with Sylvia…thanks for giving her some words of encouragement…These blocks need to be starched wet/air dried, need to be cut right, 1/4″ seam needs to be right..you need to understand where the 1/4″ points of the triangles overhang…and then pressing seams, some open, so there are a whole lot of things that have to be in harmony for the blocks to come out good…I don’t say perfect because I’ve been known to let a few things slide if they are not detrimental to the outcome…

Tomorrow is “little man” day…I miss him so much!!!

Enjoy your 4 blocks!!!

Coming home soon!!!

I can’t wait to be home tomorrow morning after taking the red eye home tonight from CA…I want you all to know I will be posting 4, yes 4 Magic of Christmas blocks when I get home…

While in CA one on the classes I teach is a Sit & Sew… where you come and you can work on any project you want…you learn a lot of different things in these sessions.

Sylvia was a first time attendee… she was working on her first Magic of Christmas block…I purposely left her alone while I helped the others with their projects…I also wanted to see what her results were without me interfering ….I did notice she did not starch her fabrics to begin with…so after we ate lunch I went over to check out her block…it was pretty wonky… but I said no worries…we are going to do another… we starched her two fabrics and hung them outside to dry in the CA heat…in a matter of no time we could start cutting the stiff fabrics….now I was also pretty tough on Sylvia with her 1/4″ seam…and we ripped several units  until she was hitting the guide perfect every time…her results shown here between the two blocks are night and day…  I hope she didn’t think I was too hard on her…but I thought this would also be a great opportunity for a post… I really want quilters to be successful and love to quilt… and when your blocks turn out it IS so much more enjoyable and not so frustrating…Sylvia was such a good sport and I’m hoping her smile means she is pleased and will come back to Stitchers Gathering Sit & Sew with me next time!!!

Leave Sylvia some encouraging relies please!!!

I have two Sit & Sew sessions in CA that meet about every other month or so… in WI we meet about 4 times a year, but will soon be adding more dates in 2017 as I will be traveling less ….I promise to post dates in 2017 as soon as we do the calendar for next year.

Look for blocks 14-17 Friday or Saturday!

All for now from sunny southern CA!