Border Correction…for Happy Home….Summer 2017 Freebie pattern….and the start of Fall Quilt Market!!!!

I wanted to let everyone who bought the Freebie Finishing kit “Happy Home” that we wrote the directions for adding the border the wrong way…well.. we wrote them for how a border normally goes on…sides and then top and bottom…but I put this border on log cabin style…so if you cut both your sides the same size you will not have enough for the top fabric….It was caught early but if you cut yours already please call us at the shop. (920-722-7233) and we will take care of it….

Happy Home Correction     I have also added it to our corrections page..

Thank you as some “mistakes” are not easily caught!!!

I am in Houston…all set up for the show!!!

Patterns will be coming soon for the quilts and the little things…Fulltime/Partime is the name of the blue quilt…Sticks & Stones the quilt on the left bunched up…and Checked Out the quilt on the ladder…

Sentiments of Home…These can be framed, pillowed or put on a funky clip board!!

Chenille Pillows…who remembers making chenille back in the “homespun” crazy days?…this technique is so easy and fun…I’ll be doing a video soon on how to make them!!!  You can insert your favorite word…home…family…faith…or an Initial…or a symbol…like the heart, anchor…I can see a stag…star…pumpkin…cross…do you see all the possibilities???  See the above 1st for more pillows…

Sweethearts…I always wanted to stitch some hearts…perfect for upcoming Valentine’s Day or really…everyday!!!

I’ll be doing some more posting…also see FB & IG!!!

take care…LB


Moda Blockheads Block 34

Today’s block is from Jan Patek…Please go to her BLOG for the appliqué house block…I promised to give you alternative pieced block for the appliqué block…so here is this weeks…Click HERE for the pattern for the alternate #34.       Keep in mind that all the pieces cut will not be used…

With Quilt Market on the horizon, what is the best part about going to Market?  What is the worst part about it – is there a “worst part” for you?
This is easy..the best part…is the inspiration..all around…you come back ready to create and then the is nice seeing and visiting with our Moda, brothers & sisters.  The worst part…I hate not being home for Halloween…I now have a Grandson…so we have to do a trial “trick or treat” tonight…as I leave early tomorrow in the morning…so I guess…I just wish they would change the date.

I have a line of homespun fabrics being introduced at QM…I can’t wait to post some pics for you!!! Please follow us all to see all our newest things!!!

Make sure to visit the others as well!!!


Triangle Gatherings 77 & 78


Hey…. I hope you all are hanging in there…I know these blocks are hit & miss…right now I am almost ready for fall quilt market…my fabric line is called Homespun Gatherings, which will enter the atmosphere in April…I am so in love with the neutral urban farmhouse look that is so popular on IG and TV…This is a peek at one of the simple little designs using some of the homespuns… I’ll show you more soon…Enjoy the TG block…and please post on our Facebook group!!



Mini Quilt Show…Mini Quilt Wall…

I am so excited to receive your mini quilt for our quilt show!!! So I was thinking about hanging them and remembered…. I forgot to, and promised to share with you the details of my Mini Quilt Wall in my home sewing room…


I used random yardsticks that I have collected through the years…from antique stores and sometimes even on eBay…(We have Primitive Gatherings Yardsticks for sale at shows and I know we have them in the store, so if you want them you will have to call as there is something about the shipping of them and that is why they are not on the site)…I then lightly stained them all.

The yardsticks are attached to the wall by using a spacer.  I cut up one of the yard sticks at 1 1/2″…then placed them behind the front stick…so it is hidden.  I then screwed (must pre-drill to avoid splitting the yardsticks) one to the wall at the very start.  Then where the 1st one end and the 2nd one begins I place another spacer, so it would be half under the 1st on and half under the second.  Repeat for how long your wall is or the space you want to fill…

I then used these small Mini Metal Hooks   to hang them on the yardstick…two for most of them and three for the larger minis so they wouldn’t sag in the middle.  When you get the clips they look like this…use a pliers and open the hook a little more so they easily hook on the yardstick.  These hooks are also cut for hanging lots of other things like little mittens or ornaments, everyone should have some…

 I hope you do not have this little problem I originally had….When the installers put in the controls for my room…they randomly spread them out!!! But for a little money they came back and tucked them all together and out of the way of my “wall”.The quilts are real easy to put up…take down…and re-arrange…If you are making a “mini wall” you must send me a picture…I will post them all someday!!!

Sorry this took a bit for me top post…I know some of you are “ready”!!!!

have a nice weekend…Lisa

12 contests “mini quilts”— It’s time…

We are ready to pick winners for our Moda….12 contests…mini quilts!!! You have until this Friday…the the 13th of October…to email it to me or post on instagram and/or Facebook…

But here’s what we really want to do…I want to have a quilt show the month of November at Primitive Gatherings…So here’s what I have for you…

Send or bring your quilt to Primitive Gatherings 1860 Bud Dr Suite 104 Menasha WI. 54952  Attn Lisa Bongean

We need to have them obviously before November…but the earlier the better for planning…so get them in the mail asap!!!

Label your quilt with your name & address, the name of the quilt and a brief explanation of your inspiration or methods used…and which of the three categories you want it entered in.. appliqué, triangles or pieced

Every quilt sent to us will receive some sort of prize and will be sent back with the quilt.  If you win one of the 3 BIG prizes from Moda they may be sending those out to you.  We also will be giving away some VERY nice gift certificates for Primitive Gatherings….but again all entries will receive something..

Voting will be done by our customers and I will pick a Designers/Judges Choice as well…

Can’t wait to see them hanging in the store!!! They are all are so sweet!!!

Hopefully I did not forget anything…but if so I will keep you informed…

below are some of the quilt , it was easy to take a screen shot of them in one place…from Instagram…I have some that were emailed and some that have shown up on FB as well…just send them in and let the fun begin!!!