Moda Blockheads….Block 39


Today’s block is from Jo…called Framed Star….Please go and visit her BLOG for the printed instruction.

I have to admit that when I read the name of the block…my mind had formed in an opinion of what I thought this block was going to look like…so I took some creative liberties and added the 2″ star in the middle to make mine a little different….that is the only thing I have changed here…removed the 2 1/2″ square in the center.  I hope you like it!!!

This weeks’ question is…Have you started your Christmas preparations? Baking? Shopping? Made a gift-wish list for yourself?

I have started my  holiday season by attending/teaching at a retreat called…The Spirit of Christmas…we have 42 quilters attending on the Outer Banks of North Carolina…hosted by the Old Green Cupboard girls…I will try to do daily posts on some of the goings on…but  it is a retreat based on putting Joy back in your Christmas…lots of gift ideas, recipes, decorating and so on and on…but back to the question…when I return…the prepartations will commence!!!  I am shopping a little bit here…Nick and I are doing 25 gifts- one for everyday leading up to Christmas, we are trying something differerent this year…now as I explained to Nick…they don’t have to be high dollar items…can be simple like a favorite candy bar…or gift card to dinner  or maybe a pair of small thick hoop diamond earrings at Kesslers….ok maybe a few over the top gifts!!!!LOL…

I am blogging on an iPad and I have to admit I do not know how to navigate real well…I miss my laptop!!!



Triangle Gatherings…Blocks 84 & 85


   TRIANGLE GATHERINGS BLOCKS HAVE BEEN REMOVED…BOOK COMING SOON!I am on my way to NC for the final trip of the year!!! This retreat is all about Christmas so I will be full of inspiration when returning home to decorate and start the holiday season!!!!

This will keep you busy this weekend!!!



I did want to share my Sit & Sew this last week…another great time…potluck and lots of Bring and Brag…new term from Donna a new addition to our group!!!  I need to apologize in advance to my group…some of the photos I took were in movie format**(%$#^*…darn it!!!  So if your pic is not here that is why, so please forgive me…

and then there was the food…


All in a Row Again!!!

Winners are:

Here are the winners for the ALL IN A ROW BOOK!!!

Amy will be emailing you for your mailing address!!

Aww! So sad they didn’t pick the cover I liked! I follow your blog because a) you are awesome b) love your store c) I love wool! Your designs are so original and I love local stores. I seriously travel from Chicago because your store rocks. That and the cookies that were at the open house… btw can you post that recipe?! Thanks again! Have a great day off!


Sandy May
I saw Primitive Gatherings patterns and fabrics at a quilt show, and that led me to the blog. I don’t have time to keep up with it on a daily basis, but when I visit, it is like running into an old friend who brings me up to date on what has been happening in her life. She shares tips that I can use and passes on recipes that I might like. The photos of food often send me directly to my refrigerator. On topic, I leafed through the new book yesterday at my local quilt store. It will be on my Xmas list this year.


Robin Klein

Wins the Martingale PDF copy!!!


I do not leave the house on Black Friday…I even close our quilt shops…I look forward to staying home and maybe you do too…if you are willing to go out and experience that kind of shopping your hard core…(bow).

Today I get the priviledge of being a part of another compilation book!  The first row by row book what such a hit they did it again…more rows…more fun!

Today is also  Lissa Alexanders’s day to talk too….so go there for  a visit and another chance to win something!!

There were two cover versions of this new book offered and social media got to vote on which one it would be…here is the cover that lost out (Autumn harvest)…My row is on the loser cover on the bottom edge…that’s how it goes sometimes…can’t win them all…The lighter version is a very pretty cover…you can’t argue that!!!

I want to share some of my favorite rows from the new book with you…

Jens row…is awesome…super sweet and I guess I truly love appliqué…

How cute is this row….I love houses what more do I need to say…Barb & Mary…so creative!!

Then there’s Kathy’s Row…I think stitchery is coming back in a big way and I’m super excited about it…combined with simple HST’s (maybe another reason I like) this row is a stunner!!!

my row from the book…

Rows can also be runners…the can soften the hard edges of a room..

The biggest reason I do these compilation books is because the money goes to some charity each time…I don’t have time in my schedule to do quilts of valor or project linus or other things like that…so when asked to participate the answer is always yes…the proceeds of this book goes to…


They give very sick children and their families a much needed free holiday.
So when we have blog hops we have giveaways!  Martingale the publisher is providing one of you with a free E-book version of All in a Row Again…I will also give-away a couple of books too!!!
To enter, just leave a comment below about why you read this blog… Is it the quilt stuff…is it because I share some of my life with you…it is recipes??? do you want more of them??? What do  you want me to post more about…In other words…what do you like and what do you want to see in the future from me…make sure your email is in the comment as well…
If you must have this book and can’t wait to see if you win order it HERE!
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I am sure you can still visit!!  Here they are…such wonderful quilters!!!
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I will leave you now to stitch, shop or put up Christmas decorations!!! I think I will do all of these today!!!






















So when we have blog hops we have giveaways!  Martingale the publisher is providing one of you with a free E-book version of All in a Row Again.  To enter, just leave a comment below about why you read this blog… Is it the quilt stuff…is it because I share some of my life with you…it is recipes??? do you want more of them??? What do  you want me to post more about…In other words…what do you like and what do you want to see in the future from me…



Moda Blockheads…block 38

Happy Wednesday!  This block is posting on the Eve of Thanksgiving…I know that these blocks are being made world wide and some of you do not technically celebrate our American holiday…but I think we all can celebrate a day of “Thanksgiving” for what we all have been given…..

Todays block is from Betsy…Peace and Plenty….Click HERE to go  on over to her blog for the pattern…Today’s block looks a little complicated because it’s set “on point” but it’s really not hard at all…Here is my patriotic version of her block.


Today’s question is What is your Thanksgiving traditions?

I have 3 siblings and we share hosting holidays… Thanksgiving is here at my house.  It’s pretty simple…Mom will come over today and we will start preparing all the fixings for tomorrow…then we get up early in the morning…insert the turkey and about noon we have about 20 of us over…My mom is a fabulous cook so everything is very tasty…we all clean up and then watch football or something but I think this year we all will be making an ornament for Christmas…I have a really easy one ANYONE can make so I will be twisting arms to get them off the couch to make one.  They can then bring them home to their tree or to give as a gift…after all this will hopefully start a new tradition! A family the MAKES together CELEBRATES together!!!

Just in case you are new to my blog and want to order a pre cut(all the circles) kit for these candy canes you can do so HERE at our website.  These were such a big hit at our Primitive Christmas Event we are making tons of kits for them.  They come 2 candy canes per kit…pattern is sold separate from the kit so you can order more than one kit and not have to pay for a bunch of patterns…sizes are 3, 4 1/2″ and 6″ candy canes…  Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!


Triangle Gatherings…83



Wow…we are almost there…just a few more left…how mad would you be if we came up with a few more blocks…like 94???lol…sorry can’t help it…but you can quit at 90!!!


I forg0t to post about “little man” and his Mama and Daddy coming to make an ornie too!!!



Whooo hoo…Thank you!!!

Thank you all for an awesome Primitive Christmas Event!!! We’ve had lots of ups and downs….site going down…lots of fun…we have an issue with some of our mugs…so sad…but we have lots of orders already shipped out and you will start to get them fast!!! We all get better and better at this event every year due to a lot of hard work on everyones part…..I told everyone I’m start on next year already…no seriously I must…to hard to do it all after coming home from Houston…

One of the best parts of this event is I get to see lots of my customers that I do not get to see because I’m was always gone!!!!  I appreciate them coming to the store during this event to hang out a little bit and make an ornament with us…look at how happy happy we are…creating beautiful things!!! these ornie were a big hit…making more… I am sure you see some of the same ones from last year….like Jade my High School girl from Weyawega High School (i hope I spelled that right) she is growing up so fast… So much fun!  I can’t wait for next year…

Jess will be posting about our progress getting your orders out…but again…thank you all for your orders…we appreciate your business and supporting our shop all year long…you know we are a small family business trying to do all we can for you the best customers ever!!!!!