Things are starting to get back to a comfortable “normal” for me…not rushing to go here, there…do this…have to do that…So here are some of the things that have been going on…

Our WI Sit & Sew group…(we are working on a better name) Had our first of nine get togethers this year…Here are the show & shares….If I know the sources I will give them..if not..I’m sorry in advance.

Judy shared two of her quilts she made for her grandchildren…
Vickie comes from us all the way from Madison…she shared her finished  quilt and fabrics, this quilt/pattern is from years back…so I do not know if it is still available but if you click on Sandy’s name her site will come up…Jean shared two Heart trivets for Valentines Day…Kay shared two projects…a table runner kit was from Primitive Gatherings…Pattern is in a Kim Diehl book.I managed to finish this little binding on one of my class samples…Squash Blossom quilted my Karen Miller from Red Bird Co.   Karen quilts on her domestic sit down machine and is starting to teach professionally.Then I saved the best for last…

Remember the Wooly Block Adventure??? This was our block….remember???  Can still be purchased HEREI wish you could see this in person…We have also picked this as our WINNER for our Primitive Gatherings Shop…Kathy Decker from Fond du Lac WI…

This is the corner you cannot see behind her…Just STUNNING!!! I was hoping she would leave it here but…somehow she remembered it was up on my design wall..darn it!!!

She has used my black MODA FLANNELS , we have just received a new shipment…look for color…blackbird….The MODA flannels are the best look at how that quilting shows up!! They are super soft and by FAR the best out there!!!..thank you Kathy and thank you MODA for giving us such great fabrics!!!

Here are a few more close ups..Kathy has done all the stitching and the quilting…she has taken some classes from my famous quilter..Linda Hrcka..aka  Kathy said she loves Linda’s curved rulers…they helped her get this quilt to look amazing!!!  We think Kathy should win the Grand Prize Wooly Block Adventure…If and I hope there is one given!!!

Hope you enjoyed WI Sit and Sew Day!!




Moda Blockheads…Block 48

Week 48…the last (but certainly not least) block is  from Carrie Nelson…called Harmony!  Go to the Moda blog for the pattern.

Question of the week… – Since we’re sharing settings… ‘fess up.  Is your quilt finished?  Or do you just have blocks and a plan?  

Well…so glad you asked…because YES…mine is finished and off to for quilting!!! Linda will do her magic on it and it will really come to life!!!

Today is a special day…we get to reveal our settings…Here is my plan …Lisa-blockheads-layout

I used this bella solid for my setting/sashing and borders it is the closest match with the creams in my Moda lines…I didn’t not piece my borders…I cut them lengthwise and used 6 yds (this is a little generous) of fabric for the HST border around each of the 6″ blocks, 2″ star cornerstone backgrounds, sashing between blocks and borders.  My quilt finishes 88″x 88″

So…how about a peek?   Wait…I forgot …I have 49 blocks…I apologize for not have a pdf of the 49th block….my graphic designer is on vacation this week…but here are the numbers to make the block:

Make 5- 2″ finished stars- the directions are in my setting directions above(the same as the sashing stars) Page 2.

Then make 16-1″ HSTs…make 4 pinwheel blocks, the block is shown here with the 1″ HST’s around the 6″ blocks that are part of the setting…I thought I would show you this up close…so now my 6″ blocks are 8″finished- 8 1/2′ before they are sewn in…

The quilt went together pretty fast…I pressed the long row seams open.

There are some surprises to come….we don’t want to say what they are yet…but hang around for the fun!!!  AND… I purposely did not show you the whole quilt…not yet…somethings you have to wait for!!!

I hope my setting inspires you when planning your quilt finishing…I know I have some intricate parts…more HSTs and tiny star cornerstones…but I strive to make quilts that are different and look like they were thought out beyond just adding sashing’s and plain cornerstones…not that there is anything wrong with that but just trying to give you more of a challenge…you did well my friends…I loved seeing you stretch your abilities while making some of my harder blocks here in blockheads…the FB group was really fun!!!

piece on my friends….Lisa

can you hem my…

I know we all have these things that we are asked to do because we sew…There are things I will not do…like, hem anything…I actually pay to have my own dresses shortened…and the only hemming I ever did was my Dad’s pants way back when…but..sometimes you get asked to do something really cool and different…like fix a flag?  A 20′ wide flag??? I am assuming it was 20′ x 40’…I did not measure it the other way…

My brother Mike is a volunteer fireman for Little Chute-WI,  (the little town I grew up in back when the population was 5260-ish???)…and he volunteered my services to “fix” the flag…since the local alteration place has gone out of business…they were taking care of the “Little Chute Flags”…yes there is more than one…I was just told I will be getting another tomorrow…that one can wait a bit…cause I guess the “fixed” flags last awhile…

I trimmed her off….

Ironed some fusible web and folded her edges and sewed her back up…”this is my best..”Betsy Ross” pose…lol.
It took four of us to fold her back up…

Look how big those stars were…

and back she went in her container that was labeled…flag bucket.

I will get a pic of her hanging the next time I drive by…

The whole thing probably took a little over an hour…time well spent and glad I could “help”…but the answer is still NO to hemming anyone’s pants…

My best…LB


Moda Blockheads…Block 47

Today’s block…second to the last…I know…all good things must come to an end…this is my last block…it is called Starry Nine Patch and can be printed by clicking here:_Starry9Patch

I was able to “fussy cut” a small thread spool in my center square…This fabric is from my Needle & Thread Gatherings fabric line that is now in stores!!! Click HERE to see some of the quilts and fabrics…Click HERE to go to our website if you have to have some of it!!!

I want to thank all of you who are making these blocks with us and making our Stitch Along and our Facebook group so much fun!!!

I want to encourage you to sign up for my blog and see what happens next for one…I am planning a 49th block (as my quilt is set 7×7 with 49 blocks)and it is a beauty (the block has 100 pieces)!!!…I would also love to have you all here as I am planning another Stitch Along similar/but different to Blockheads and Triangle Gatherings…so stay tuned it will be coming soon…I know some of you have gained a new found confidence in piecing and if you wish to continue I am sure I can come up with some more challenges for us all to become better quilters!!!

I am finally home from a couple of weeks in sunny California where we worked hard and had lots of fun…both in my sewing groups at the shop and at the Road to Cali show…it was nice to see all of you again…I talked with many of you and met some new friends as well…

This week’s question….January 24 – Now that we’re nearing the end… if you could start your blocks and quilt over again, is there anything you’d have done different?  

Answer….NO…I love the way mine is going to turn out…It will be a labor of love and I can’t wait now for it to be finished and quilted when it  really comes to life…and then to show you the finished result…it is always difficult to come up with something that has not been done before with 6″ blocks…so that is the next challenge….I think we will be sharing the settings on Jan 31st!!!

Sorry for the short post….all for now…LB

Please visit all the other’s blogs to see their blocks:




Moda Blockheads Block 46-alternative…

Three blocks left to go!!! This week’s block is from Jan Patek-click HERE to go to her blog…and as you know Jan is famous for her awesome appliqué….but I wanted a pieced quilt so here again is your alternative block…The directions for the alternative block are located here Block Head #46

Here is the question for this week:  January 17 –  When you stitch – hand or machine – do you listen to anything?  Music, podcasts, audiobooks, television or Netflix?  I am a Netflix/Amazon junkie…so If I am stitching I am watching the latest series…I am currently watching POLDARK on Amazon…I just love it!!!

I still can’t believe we are almost done!!!   I am in California for the famous Road To California Quilt Show…we will be setting the booth up today….here are some pics from yesterday’s work in progress….If you are in CA…If you’re coming to the show…stop in and visit!!!




Working in Cali

I am working my butt off in CA…Taught a couple of classes…and now we are working on our booth for the Road to California Show…Jan-18-22 in Ontario CA.

But I wanted to take a sec and tell you about some of the cool things we did in Sit & Sew…

First, I want to apologize for not taking pics of Thursday’s get together are some pics from Friday..

Charlotte with a wool-small pieced project from my book…Nine Patch Gatherings

Charlotte also was stitching Garden Blooms tablemat.

Teri finished her project from our Christmas Event that was a free pattern…it is now available as a kit and pattern…Snowflake Catcher.

Charlotte again with Tree Trimming Party…a Farmhouse Threads pattern and we kitted it at Primitive Gatherings. Sorry, the kit is no longer available…

Caren has finished Grateful…is the pumpkin project..

Beth was working on Grateful as well…she learned my fast and easy method of crossing over the stems…

Kathy’s class project Postage Due was completed and I helped her put her borders on…..isn’t this just out of this world…Tina teaches this class at our store in Murrieta!!

Patsy is an awesome hand appliqué-er who just started her first wool project…I hope she loves it because she has a beautiful blanket-stitch.Look at how Happy Betty is that her Among Friends is finished…I was like….aren’t you glad you are finished??-she said she loved making it!!!


Kim is working on Lisa’s Flower Garden…one of my favorite patterns..

Here is a pic of the whole quilt…

Linda…was working on some hexi flowers that we blanket stitched down to her block and then she learned colonial knots as well…I am not familiar with this pattern so I have no info on this one…Thank you ladies…I had a blast and can’t wait to see you when I return in March 2018!  I hope you all liked our little show and share from our get together!!!