Quilt Hangers

Quilt Hangers featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanI have had so many requests about the quilt hangers I use to hang my quilts in my home.  I did not want to tell you about them unless I had a source…My cousin Scott who is the same age as I, and is probably my closest of cousins…came to work for me almost a month ago…

He has been a home builder for 30 years and has had enough of the cold and the climbing and wants to preserve what left of his beat up body…so now he is working on many many projects for us…the first being these quilt hangers…

Here is Scott putting the the “quilt room” shelving he made and installed for me at Anchor Point (home)…this turned so awesome…you may have seen it in an earlier post filled with quilts.Quilt Hangers featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongeanhere it is again…it is that glorious…right?Quilt Hangers featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Here are the hangers in action in my home…shown with no quilt…this the the 3 foot wide one…Quilt Hangers featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Quilt Hangers featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanQuilt Hangers featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanThey really add a nice touch to any room…these two hangers are located on each side of this cased opening…Quilt Hangers featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

This is the 4 foot long hanger, this one is in my bedroom…you might want more of the quilt showing …or just have the option of a small quilt or a large one…this quilt could be spread out wider or it is nice as it is too!!
Quilt Hangers featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanSo here are your options…they come black, white, grey, stained brown (like the backdrop in the photo at the top of the post) or plain/no finish…I was thinking maybe you could want them the same color as the wall?? I also want to note that they come with a little sanded off edges…you cannot see it it the photo shown here…We also will have a limited number of them at the shows…but color options might be limited.

They are 23″ long(tall) and 36″ or 48″ wide…we have ordered special double walled boxes for shipping and this will be added to your shipping cost- the shipping will be calculated exactly…we will call you and to let you know what that charge will be…we do not want to guess- we do not want to make or lose any money on shipping so we will want to handle that after your order is placed and we are ready to ship.  All of this info will be on our website…you can order HERE.  They are $55 or the 3 foot aned $70 for the 4 foot.

Quilt Hangers featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanI have recently arrived home from our quilting cruise to Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel MX just in time to change out the quilts for Easter…Hope you enjoy these beautiful antiques.



Home project…you know the kind that keeps pestering you in the back of your mind…

I have had this project festering in me for about a year…but I just couldn’t take the time to pull it off…I am sure we all have them…I tried to get it done before Christmas…that did not happen so it became my Christmas card holder….it ended up having lots of cards on it but must not have taken a picture of it at all…(probably should have cropped that Harley boot out of the pic!)but…in February, when I did not have one travel date…I started setting aside a little time to work on my “project”.  

My son Jake, had found two of these 6 foot+ windows on the curb, on trash day a few years back…the minute I saw them I new I would “use” them for “something”… So when we moved into the new house I had saved this wall in my back hall/office area for this window…We just celebrated 2 years in the house!

The first step was to wash the years of “smokers” residue off the inside…the outsides were so much cleaner…I think it took more 4 times in each pane to be satisfied with them…once the window was cleaned I started going through the photos…to pick 25 great pictures or memories that I wanted to “see” everyday….was the hard part.

The insides of the panes were a little bigger than 11″ not perfectly square but just a little longer…So..I checked Walgreens…they had an 8″x 8″ photo size ….that could not have been more perfect for this…I ordered them all online…with a matte finish…they came 3 days later in the mail.  Some of my photos were professionally shot that i just scanned or took a photo of with my phone…yup…I took photos of my old photos and are they perfect?…no…but they worked.   Could some of them be better?… yes…if the photo was a earlier cell phone shot and not the best quality but who cares…I love all my photos here…Did I maybe find one or two after the fact…yes, but I can always move some in and out…here’s how I did it…

Now…how was I going to put the pictures in the windows?  I did not want to tape them to the front…I really wanted them “behind” the glass….so this is what I discovered….photo corners…you know those black little triangles that hold a picture to the page?…they were popular long time ago and then for scrapbooking…they come in CLEAR!!!…all I had to do was to use them backwards….put the photo corners with the sticky side to the glass and then insert my photos inside the corners, picture facing the glass and that is what is holding the photos in place…also…this makes them very easy be switched out!!!  Click to order Clear PHOTO CORNERS …they were very inexpensive…but order more than you need…as some will be damaged in the process.

The hardest part was getting them in the exact location on the glass, but with all those fine quilting rulers we have this was actually pretty easy…they were tricky to handle but I managed to get them placed without too much cussing…yes…a few of them were “lost” in the process”…it took me less than 2 hours to place them in…and the results were  A-MAZING!!!!  I couldn’t have been more pleased at how it all turned out!!!  

All the photos now in….just waiting to be hung…We bought heavy duty hangers and spaced them  16″ apart where the studs in the wall are…and it’s perfect!  You really can’t even see the photo corners…It is hard to get a good photo of how amazing this is… in this spot…I can’t stand back far enough from it to get a whole shot…but here is the best I can do….I also was going to touch up the window but then decided…I liked that the paint was uneven…cracking and you know… just showed it’s life…

Hope you enjoyed this post…and maybe it inspired an idea for something you can do with an old window….all for now…LB


Do you remember the Magic of Christmas blocks/Stitch A-long?

Here is my finished quilt from our 25 red & white/cream-6″ blocks…Magic of Christmas Stitch A-Long we ran here before our Triangle Gatherings blocks… How many of you are still working on your blocks?

Or… how many of you have seen some of the quilts made from this SAL and have patiently been waiting for our book?!!!

Well the wait is over!!!

Our spiral bound block book includes 25 pieced blocks that finish 6″.   Directions for 3 different layouts and then a gallery of other layouts from 9 different quilters who participated in our SAL!!!! The quilts all vary in size from wall/lap quilts to large bed quilts…It is so fun to publish other quilters finished designs!!! They all are great and we “thank” them for sewing along with us by letting us show the world their beautiful finished quilts in our book!!!  The books are $16 and can be purchased HERE

And the winner is….

  1. My first thought when I saw the plaid pillows was Outlander and Jamie Frasier. Go figure. I love your house Lisa, it’s beautiful and so welcoming.

    Rita…send me your address…I’ll send you a prize…send it to: Ahoefler@new.rr.com  Tell Amy it is for the pillow prize and we will send you something fun!

Yesterday I talked about Spring decorating and what the wool pillows on my couch represented….and right away Rita figured it out….they are the wool tartan clan plaid from Outlander…the Mckenzie Clan plaid of Jamie’s Mother…here is a photo of him wearing it…See I know think you want your own pillows…right?….now If you are interested in history and a good story I strongly suggest the Outlander series of books and at least the show on STARZ or DVD to catch the last 3 seasons…I mostly listened to them on audio tape so I could still stitch and would really wake up run to my sewing room so I could get back in the story….Here is a little blurb to get you interested…

Outlander (Cross Stitch in the UK) is the first in the OutlanderSeries of novels by Diana Gabaldon. The book focuses on two main characters, Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser, and takes place in Scotland in the 18th and 20th centuries.

While Outlander follows a few basic tropes of the romance novel, it deviates from them just as often, and could be accurately described as a work of historical fiction, science fiction, and adventure, among other genres. Diana Gabaldon has asserted that the series as whole is the story of a long, successful marriage, so while Outlander certainly involves the typical courtship story of a romance novel, it is the only installment of the series to do so.

The story of Claire and Jamie continues with seven sequels, a handful of companion stories, and a spin-off series.

Now…I’m warning you this is addicting… so…if you need  hours of entertainment to get that stitching done this is it…and remember…Audio so you can still work on your stitching at the same time!!!! …Click HERE  to get yours now…. this is the 1st book in the series…and the narrator Davina Porter is awesome too!!

My crazy cousin Mary got me hooked on Outlander AND she is the one who bought me those lovely wool plaid pillows that started this whole thing…we have lots of fun…hours of conversations about the books…and maybe a trip to Scotland…

Have a great day everyone!!






Spring decorating…featuring antique quilts and hand made decor…

Just before I left for California I decorated the house for Spring…we had a few nice days and we all are anxious for it to stay….So I can think no better idea than to bring in March with some spring decor…

The first thing I did was change the quilts in the cupboard….I have never showcased my pastel/1930’s quilts before…I never knew I had this many….I do not “collect” 30’s quilts…not my era….well…for someone who doesn’t collect them I have at least 20!  How did this happen?  I collect 1800’s and /civil war era quilts…So why do I have 20- 1930’s quilts?  BECAUSE…as a quilt collector I am also drawn to the “pattern” of the quilt not just the fabrics…If I see a cool/unique pattern I don’t care how old the quilt is…it is coming home with me.  Some of these are in such great condition too…I will showcase a few of them this Spring…and tell you what I can about them…

So in March we all can be Irish for a little while….I did 23& me recently…I am 100% eastern european…I know…pretty boring right?…now I think Ireland is in eastern Europe..but I knew going in for the test I was Dutch/German and Polish…so who knows maybe I have a distant Irish cousin or something…so why not celebrate with the Irish…and when looking for a March quilt for decorating can you think of a better find…lucky shamrock leaves!!! 

Maybe you are on IG (Instagram)? and seen my table quilt…I love simple table decorations…and I throw a “seasonal” quilt on the table and the appropriate seasonal centerpiece…this satisfies my taste for simple decorating without too much fuss.  I love  two color quilts for home decorating…this quilt would even look great at Christmas time with red poinsettias…they are so versatile.

Now for a few pics of the rest of the “spring decor”…

Cute little egg holder…with some felted easter eggs…. I think the egg holder was from pottery barn…

How about a few “chocolate” eggs…I believe this pattern is from “Little Stitches” by Debbie Lofgren, the pattern had pastel eggs…well mine had to be chocolate…the bunny is again Pottery Barn.

I spend a lot of time at this spot…for some reason I like to do dishes by hand..I do not like what the dishwasher does to my pots and pans, and anything plastic so I’d much rather do them by hand… I just found this sweet little clock for my kitchen…do you believe I do not have one wall space appropriate for any type of clock??  So this works for now…I also store my Dawn dishwashing liquid in an old fashioned glass pitcher…

Behind the kitchen in the hall…3 little daffodils…simple.

Kitchen overview…taken from the lake side of the house.


View from the opposite corner…I have no idea what that black square is…it is not in my photo.

Living Room…

I need to work on a “spring” pillow for the couch… Give away PRIZE for the first one…who knows what the plaid on the couch pillows represents, comment on this post…you are disqualified if you are close enough to me to already know.  You know who you are so…let someone else win.

I need to make another one of these so I can have it at home!!!! I love my little Irish Blessing Clip board, or these can be hung on the wire stands that we have seen everywhere.

I will have a whole series of these…to get started with this one click HERE to order a pattern or Kit & pattern!  It is simple enough to make in a day for your Corned Beef & Cabbage party!!!

I will be posting soon again…all for now,



updated Garden Mystery Block Instructions…


I was sick the last couple of days…and that is my excuse for uploading the 1st/unedited version of the Garden block…I don’t get sick very often so it was just one of those things…the good thing is there were not may issues…the finished size was changed along with some thread numbers that needed to be added…those blank spaces???…yes..those…so nothing detrimental just annoying little things…but thank you for letting us know so we can get the right one loaded and out to you….here it is

Mystery Block Inst. 2018

I am in CA and yes, I am feeling better…Nick thought I should have called off my trip but I really do feel lots better…I have a coughing fit once and awhile but you can hardly notice it otherwise…I know many of you have been sick as well…I guess it’s been a tough year..

Have you noticed my lack of communication in FEB?  I sorta took off…intentionally…I was home the whole month…got organized..got caught up on my commitments, just concentrated on things and now I’m ready to go- to get back to business…and even more now that I am almost 80% unsick at this point…100% is just around the corner…by tuesday for sure…

Since it is Sunday…family day..I’ll share some of our FEB adventures…with “little man”… so if you here only for the quilting you can cut off here….

Feb started off with his birthday…we celebrated at the indoor waterpark in Green Bay…tundra lodge…just for the day…

This was Mimi and Papa’s first time…it was a blast!!!

The next day was his party…here are all his buddies..being silly with their ring pop colored tongues!!!

We got him a kids tablet since he has taken over mine when he is here at Anchor Point…he wanted to play games…like on Momma’s phone??? Oh well…I’d be holding him back if I didn’t let him in on technology…and it does occupy some of his time so I can do a few things while he is absorbed…
As you can see he enjoys it in many places as well….He stayed a lot with us in Feb…Momma was away on buying trips for their store…so we had lots of fun…

There was lots of baking…both real things…and then we did play dough…so he could practice rolling out his cookies…there was arts and crafts as well

The recipe I used for the Play- dough was found on Pinterest- pictured below…and it was awesome!!!… Click HERE to go to her site.

will be back soon….LB





Garden Mystery Block Blog Hop

Today is my DAY!!!  The blocks will be posted on FRIDAYS..until you have collected them all…Have you been following along already or is this the first you have heard about it?   I did post awhile back saying it was happening…but no worries you can still go and capture those 3 previous blocks…Here is my block…GROW

Garden Mystery Block Blog Hop featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

I love being part of a blog hop!!! Yes, it is another thing I have to do…but when you see the finished quilts made from these events it makes it all worth while, I just helped someone (Kathy) with their setting for the Patriotic blog hop we did last year…her quilt is going to be amazing!!

I  truly loved Rhonda’s Potting Shed block and wanted to design something that would go along with her block…so GROW is what I have come up with..lots of flowers and a cute little lady bug enjoying them…the spouts on the bottom have not yet blossomed so thus the name…grow…not all gardening is about the bloom…it is the process and the excitement of watching it ALL happen…those first few sprouts are just as celebrated as the blooms! Even though the blooms get all the glory…kind of like quilt making right???  The finished quilt gets all the glory but for me it’s all about the whole process…

Click here for GROW-Mystery Block Instructions

Click here to order GROW KIT  Kits are $12.

Here are the Valdani Threads I used…Check which ones you have… the ones you don’t order them along with your block…

#12-  0775, 0575, 1 or 0511, 1641 or 0513, 0154, 180, 841, 86 or 086, M30, 0562, 0534, 8111, V3

#8-  0575, 1


Listed below are the other designers participating in the blog hop…make sure you go to each site…download their pattern and support them by buying their kit…if you cannot do this for everyone or you are doing your own wools/fabric…please try to support them in other ways…things like making sure you comment or LIKE/ Share their posts on social media platforms- buy from their websites- share with your sewing group/guild what you are working on… just by being excited is contagious and some of them will possibly buy from us as well..post in your FB groups what you are working on and who’s design it is….and so on…you get it…right?  Support doesn’t alway mean with your money …just make sure you follow the rules involved with copyrights and do not give anyone another designers work…show or tell them where they can get it themselves…

THANK YOU for Blog Hopping with us ALL…We sure APPRECIATE you as our customers!!!  Without you events like this would not be happening!!!


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