Last Call..

Hey all.. I’m excited for the first day of Quilt Market in Portland to begin!  Gloria wanted me to send a quick post about only having 7 rooms left for our Miami to Rome cruise!!! So if you want to go on a cruise if a lifetime, at a rock bottom price now is the time!!!! The details she sent me are below… we would love to have you on our adventure!!!




Hey Gang!!!   14 DAY CRUISE TO ROME, ITALY!!!!  Click here and look on the right side of the main screen.. click on “Making Waves” Cruise To Rome and read more about the trip PLUS access your registration form!

I’ve just been notified by Royal Caribbean we have two weeks left to fill our remaining cabins before they have to be turned in!!  They also told me we have the lowest prices out there…   Cabins require a RCL deposit of $900 (credit card).  The remainder of each individuals total fee is not due until late December 2018.   This cruise to ROME, ITALY is a SUPER-GREAT PRICE… DON’T PASS IT UP!  14 DAY CRUISE!  (see flyer)

We have left:

>> two (2) Window Oceanview cabins – double occupancy @ $1066.02 per person  OR  if you want single occupancy your rate will be $1795.02 (only $128 per day for lodging, food, entertainment, fun, and more!)
>>  and 5 (five) inside cabins – double occupancy @$1006.22 per person  OR  if you want single occupancy your rate will be $1675.02 (only $119.64 per day!  You can hardly rent a hotel room anymore for under that!)

Plus there is a $250 fee (for crafters) and/or a $125.00 fee (for guests) that is paid by check (see reservation form and/or flyer)

Go to: and print your reservation form today, fill it out, call me so I can call in your reservation, then you can drop it in the mail to me.

We have lots of husbands and wives traveling together… so gals… if you want to bring along your hubby (or vice versa) come on along with us.  Soon this great price will be gone!

2018 Summer Blocks of the Week

Hey All…

It’s that time again…my favorite time of the year when I get to create these new projects for you…it means I have spent lots of time planning and stitching and who wouldn’t love THAT job!!!


Shown here with the navy flannel background…we also are offering it on a medium muted blue as well and we had some red backgrounds but those have all been purchased with those who have been in previous SBOW groups…
2018 Summer Blocks of the Week featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean2018 Summer Blocks of the Week featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanThe 12 Blocks are 18″ inches with our hand dyed wools and the best (MODA) flannel in the world… This is going to be a show stopper, mouth hanging wide open quilt.   You know I don’t usually say things like this but I believe it on this and it might be because…I know already how this quilt will finish…which BTW is a first…and I believe this may be the best SBOW to date.  This is my opinion but EVERYONE quilter or non-quilter loves this when they see it…so if you’re “on the fence” this is not the year to teeter…FYI there will be a wool finishing kit for it available at a later date when we have all that figured out…but you will already have the flannel…if you choose to set yours differently, you can use the extra flannel for something else or for backing.

Here is one of the blocks while I was stitching…2018 Summer Blocks of the Week featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

If you are interested click HERE  for ALL the pesky details that I don’t take care of…


I know I have lots of you who love scrappy quilts!!! This I why we keep doing lots of SBOW’s…2018 Summer Blocks of the Week featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanYou will make 20 of them each time…Each weekly kit contains 120 fabrics- for 1440 for the whole quilt…we will try and not duplicate but we may run out of fabrics so there could be some that are in more than once….but we are talking about a strip!!! We will stick with a certain color scheme…no purple or green…so very 1880’s.2018 Summer Blocks of the Week featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean There are no triangles- so no papers on this one…once we make those cool little stars the rest is “a piece a cake”…I will be doing a video on our FB group on how to stitch these little stars like a pro so there is nothing to be afraid of!

HERE is the post about those pesky details again….for the PIECED and the next HAND PIECED or EPP project.

ENGLISH PAPER PIECED- SUMMER BLOCK (ROW) OF THE WEEK2018 Summer Blocks of the Week featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanI love this…because…I think I am much more likely to finish this because the shapes change…Joanne Blank has basically designed and made this quilt in record time…I will corral her to do a video in our FB group on her method.  She is an awesome person, as well as a quilter, and has been an employee/stitcher with Primitive Gathering from it’s beginning.  So look forward to meeting her…ALL the details for this project are in the above link as well.

So there is a quick snapshot of our summer BOWS.  Thank you to all our loyal SBOW-ERS and if you are NEW you will find out why we have such a great group of stitchers who continue to come back to us for these great offerings and did you think I was not going to mention the FREEBIE!!!2018 Summer Blocks of the Week featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

I think this is the best REASON you should join…you get FREE blocks with each kit…I know you all loved the “houses” from last year, but this one is going to be “clever” you will know what I mean by this when you get week two!!!

I am taking a weekend class/course…So I have to run…I’ll let you what it is soon!!!

Be Happy, Be Kind and Be Sttiching!!!    Lisa

Moon Garden Block #2

Happy Friday!!!…Quickly…I thought I would give you a little insight into my inspiration for Moon Garden…

First off…I have a confession…these blocks were a previous freebie that we did many years back they were 4 1/2″ blocks  finished I believe Ours our 18×18 right now!!!…and to be honest a couple of quilt shops wanted me to make this pattern bigger so they could run it as a BOM…so when I thought about doing the Wool Stitch Along this year I thought it would be the perfect time to enlarge and use these blocks again…but I cannot do anything the same twice…so I have recolored them based on my current gardening obsession and because we have such big blocks and appliques there is lots of room for some fancy stitches…so lots to learn in the Stitch-Along.This is a pic of the Garden Basket quilt but keep in mind our Moon Garden will NOT be finished the same way.  This was the secret discovery some of you made and referred to on Facebook…I told them to keep it a secret until I was ready to reveal…but the quilt will look totally different and I have added to & changed some of the blocks…so really a totally different quilt in my opinion…

Now back to that obsession I talked about…My garden at home is all shades of “white” with a little yellow here and there…so thus the inspiration to update and recolored the basket blocks…Here is a small selection of what is starting to come up around the house…

Now before I get too off track… back to the stitching…

It’s time again for another block!!! I am so impressed with all of your blocks you are sharing on Facebook!!! PLEASE post alot…we love seeing all the activity…I am glad the 6 videos were helpful and THANK YOU  for your kind comments on them…We will be doing videos covering the FLY STITCH for Block 2…I also will go over how to find the end of your balls of thread and how to keep your paper disc with your thread once it falls out…So look forward to these soon.  Also some basic info as I know there are lots of newbies and we love newbies and what you to know how to navigate….if a word is underlined…those are live links…they will take you to where you can find out more info and purchase if you so wish to reward us for our hard work in this Stitch Along.

If you have not joined our Stitch-Along yet you still can…the most recent pattern is FREE each month and I think we may still have kits left that include the printed pattern and you can now buy block 1.  But the Facebook group is where all the instruction is held…so go to Facebook and type in Moon Garden Stitch Along and ask to join…it is a closed group but we let you join.

Block 2…If you are having problems printing this pattern full size on your printer you can always order the pattern EACH MONTH from us for $5…Click HERE to go to our website for easy ordering and not having to go OUT and have it professionally printed. Click here for Moon Garden Block 2 -(update…this link has been removed…only the most current block is available FREE…please visit our website to order this pattern HERE  

Download it to your computer if you are printing them yourself.  You will notice this pattern now carries a watermark so they cannot be printed and resold…the first one had this too, but I accidentally sent you the wrong one…my bad.

Here are a few close-ups for you as well…

I know some of you get them done as fast as you can and this is great!!! But remember I will let you know ahead if there is a video coming if you want to wait for that part is demo-ed.  But I know some of you may know more than me so stitch on!!!

Be Happy…Be Kind & Be Stitching!







Family Vacation!!!

It’s been a long time…the last time was in 2000 we took the kids to mexico…but I decided it was time to bring us together for some fun in the sun…and that is definitely what we had!!!

We chose to rent a beach house from a recommedation from one of my quilting students and it was all that she said it was going to be and more…Cape San Blas is very secluded very private…we basically had as much of the beach as we wanted…left our “stuff” out all day long…and basically I stayed in my swimsuit from sun up til sun down…

Cape San Blas is part of a peninsula in Gulf County, Florida extending westward from the mainland of Florida, separating St. Joseph Bay to the north from the Gulf Of Mexico to the south. The St. Joseph Peninsula extends northward from the west end of Cape San Blas. It is approximately 10 miles south-southwest of the town of Port St. Joe, located at coordinates 29°39′49″N 85°21′20″W.

I know some of you love seeing “little man”…and my Mom has cooked for some of you at The Gathering retreat house…so I am sharing this post…

We drove from WI to FL took basically 3 days…stoped in Metropolis IL the first night so the Fisherman could go to the casino…and AGAIN he was successful-luckiest guy I know…but then on day two we stopped in Memphis to see Elvis…now my Mom was with us so I decided she should see Graceland…but…there is kind of a back story here…quickly….I was a 10 year old and a big Elvis fan when he died…that June he was in Green Bay and I begged my her to take me…and the answer was…”your too young…you’ll have plenty of time to see him”…WELL we know that was NOT the case and he passed in August of that year…and I have NEVER forgiven her for this to this day…so I said as we were pulling up to Graceland…You know…I shouldn’t take you here cause you didn’t take me to his concert…so don’t think I forgot!!!  But I was there about 5 years ago and boy has it changed, so much more…so you must go again…even if you are not a fan…you will be when you leave…how someone can still be going strong even after he is gone…just like our quilts we make…they will carry on…but here are some photos from this stop…I don’t want to spoil it if you have not been there so there are just a few…Elvis loved fabric too…this room has over 300 yards of it on the walls and ceiling!!!Here is my favorite Elvis “costume”.  The original American Idol.

He named his only child…Lisa…how nice of him…this is her key to her golf cart..and then look.. she had an embroidered patchwork quilt in her crib…

1070’s Media roomMom at the TCB fence…into the museums of his life…Ok…onto the beach…We had lots of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my “little man” and the big men in my life…as well as my DILs  Lauren and Brooke….Also last but not least… Corey and Nicole..a few vacation crashers but…lol…the more the merrier!!FL selfiewaiting til 5pm to get to the house….Jace how do you like FL so far?

don’t you just love this little hat GG got him? Papa and Little Man…always playing…Papa go hide!  I will count… Great Grandma…aka GG on the beach for the first time…ever this is pretty impressive for amatures… lots of fishing for the boys…

the kite that mostly nose-dived…sunset…
off for a shelling treasure hunt!!! the boy’s castle in progress…and my little buddy getting me wet as I try to capture the moment… Corey caught a couple of sharks babies.. How cute is this??? Little Man and Mimi making a Drip sand castle… Happy 30th B-day Brooke!!!Mama…and her goofy boy…Big Papa…being goofy as always…
Chilin on the beach with Lauren and Jace…Mimi and her best “bud”“Little Man and his Daddy …showing off his first ocean fishthe MERMANLuke & Brooke
out for dinner one night…at Mama Joe’s pizza…to die for…”little man” all spiffed up…tried to get some exercise…to ward off some of MOM’s cooking…biking and beach walking…didn’t help though…still got fatter…but I guess that’s what you do on vacation…very private beachview from our beach house screened in porch…those are out lonely beach chairs…the shell master… he loves treasure hunting for them…but Mama..I love them all!!!  when he was asked to narrow them down a bit…they all came home…lolBrooke and I…

So there you go…I hope this inspired you to do a family vacation or if you cannot maybe you can “live” through these for a bit…I know it’s not the same….

I did manage NOT to stitch until Wednesday(3 full days without)…I did stitch all the Summer Freebie blocks on the drive there…so a peek at them will be shown soon for the Summer Blocks of the Week…I get up so early and the house was super quiet so I stitched a little on the Wool SBOW…will get that post out soon to sign up…I know we did a pre-sign up in some of our FB groups…but the blog post did not go out yet…with all of them…

I had to laugh…I did get a few emails asking if all was OK since I had not blog posted in about a month…boy..the time sure does fly…with the things going on…but now we are back on track…one last push to get the Spring market stuff out for next week…

my best…Lisa