I can wait to see this today when I walk to my door….

Do you see it? That super cool door mat that says…Someone sews who lives here! We only have about 10 of in our WI store and a few in the CA store…these are not on our site….if you must have one…because I know some of you will…call the shop and get the details…they are really well made and heavy.

WI 920-722-7233.

CA 951-304-9787

But really I am super excited to be home for over a month before I go to MODA for ReSTORE and QUILT STOCK for a fun time in Dallas TX and then to Waco to see Magnolia!!!

I am going to be riding my bike…Hanging out with the “little man”…So…I want your input on future blog posts…what do you want to see, read about and learn….I want lots of suggestions so I have non stop material to discuss and share with you…

can’t wait to hear what you have for me…


54 responses to “I can wait to see this today when I walk to my door….”

  1. Germaine Avatar

    Do you have recommendations for online selling of quilts? Particular sites? Or other suggestions on selling?

  2. Judy Avatar

    Enjoy your time at home. After all, there’s no place like home! (Especially up north here in the summer!!!) We would love to see more of your sewing room. How do you like to store your quilty “stuff”? You have such a beautiful space to create in, we love it when you share.

  3. Ann Tascone Avatar
    Ann Tascone

    What influences your design? Is it strictly historical? American? Or do other cultures influence you? Where does your color inspiration come from? What background materials have you tried, and which do you like, dislike, why?

  4. marie Avatar

    How do you store your fabric? Good tips on working with small pieces, like 1 1/2″ squares. I love everything you do.

  5. Patti O’Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    Please show your wool appliqué techniques. Do you always do blanket stitch or do you use whip stitch on smaller pieces. How do you prep your work? This May be at be in your classes and maybe one day I’ll get to take one.
    More of the quilts in your home and sewing room would be nice.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Pat Avatar

    So glad you are enjoying home time, June and July are great months to enjoy our northern climes. I am off on a road trip to Calgary with my daughter and her three preteens. We will be travelling in a winnebago that sleeps 6! We plan to make many memories and I plan to get a fair bit of hand sewing done. So far I have House on the Hill, Garden Blooms, Squash Blossoms and the 1st 2 blocks of Moon Garden in the process of being prepared. Any suggestions for travelling needle workers, would be much appreciated.
    We leave June 29th and will be gone for three weeks. Pat

  7. Yvonne Avatar

    You’re doing a great job now! Love seeing pictures of your beautifully decorated home and Little Man – he is fun and precious! Also love seeing your wool and quilting works, always a treat! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  8. Karen Schneider Avatar
    Karen Schneider

    Lisa, luv your front door look. What kind of bike is that. I have a man’s mountain bike and I need one where the bar is lower. Getting too old to get my leg over.

  9. lol Avatar

    I have found your videos on how to do various embroidery stitches very helpful, the commentary sparks insite that stays in my brain. After 40 years of making big quilts,your little ones are really fun. I use many patterns from your books, adjusting patterns with “big 2” or more” to patterns with little pieces. Also, you create and are current with new developments in our quilt world. Thank you

  10. Sandra Goddard Avatar
    Sandra Goddard

    I would love to see pictures of your gardens. More pics of little man and what he is doing. Pictures and information about your antique quilts and how they inspire you. Your process for putting colors together for your quilts and blocks. What inspires you for new designs. Nick’s fishing accomplishments. And thank you for sharing your life with us it is like having you with us in our circle of friends everyday. The videos are awesome also. I’ve learned so much.

  11. gingerfolkdesigns Avatar

    Hey Lisa. Love that doormat. Hope to see one local. Sounds like fun in Texas to come. I moved to Texas 4 yrs ago and love it. Am still searching out the quilt shops. Have fun. Havent been to Waco yet. New Mexico is fabulous if you get a chance to go. Im a new designer, Gingerfolk Designs, can be seen on facebook and instagram. Have been following for yrs. keep sewing and designing 🚲

  12. ourlittleredhouseblog Avatar

    Love the doormat. I just started learning how to quilt so I am glad I discovered your site. I have a lot of reading to catch up on, your site is great. I like anything that has to do with family adventures, crafts (especially Christmas) upcycling and home decor. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Deanna Avatar

    More of Little Man of course & family. How do your ideas start–doodles ?? What notions do you use most often ?
    New patterns in the works ? Favorite foods–recipes ?
    Loving the new Moon Garden.

  14. PK Binns Avatar
    PK Binns

    I have made many of your designs in wool, although in a brighter color palette. Would love to see some samples of your designs in the brighter hues as alternatives.
    Always enjoy seeing pictures of your sewing room, storage ideas, and your grandson!

  15. Catherine Avatar

    I would like to see how you display large quilts….like the Moonlight Garden quilt, please.

  16. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    Enjoy your downtime and your family!
    I would like to see and hear how you store all of your Valdani. I have bought MANY of the thread kits from PG for wool projects and need hints on storing what is left so I’ll use it for future projects. Also how do you store everything as you work on a wool project? Thanks. I’m sure I’ll think of other ideas but I’ve been thinking about this lately as I work on 3 PG wool projects and wait for the wool SBOW.

  17. Dee Hill Avatar
    Dee Hill

    Enjoy your time at home with your family. Is your bike a Trek motor assist? I saw one at the Florida RV Show this winter and on my “want” list. I going to Dallas also in a few weeks and very excited to be taking your class along with the other designers.

  18. Linda Stemmermann Avatar
    Linda Stemmermann

    Big stitch quilting please!

  19. Jan Carpenter Avatar
    Jan Carpenter

    Everything the ladies above have said. My sister and I met you in Charlotte(NC) a few years ago(AQS), rainy weekend. It was early. Talked to you and Nick, got a picture with you. I love seeing (all) your house, little man, let’s see more of Nick. My hope is to be in a retreat or class with you one day. You have such an amazing heart and spirit. do you get stuck in a certain color group? Where can I find antique quilts? How do you treat or store wool quilts? Thanks for all you do.

  20. Diane Beckler Avatar
    Diane Beckler

    I purchased the Everyday Crazy table mat. I get it out and seem to get stuck trying to figure out exactly how to get the foundation fabric and the dark pieces of wool put together for the base of the mat. Do you have any videos or a series of photos for Dummies like me? 🙂

  21. Becky Avatar

    How you sew your penny rugs; your work is beautiful, would like to see and hear your tips. thanks

  22. Nyla Dominguez Avatar
    Nyla Dominguez

    I love to see decorating ideas in your beautiful home. I would like to see patterns from some of your antique quilts, I think this would be really fun! I purchased fabric and pattern for chenille pillows and thought there was going to be a tutorial but if there was I missed it, has there been one?

  23. Muriel Brawn Avatar
    Muriel Brawn

    Looking for your suggested setting for Triangle Gatherings. I have made all but 4 but the past few months have been a medical challenge at our house and perhaps I missed it…please advise?
    Thanks a bunch Lisa!

  24. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    Love all your blogs regardless of content. Keep on doing what you have been writing about , quilting, your home, your life, etc
    Thanks for all you share!

  25. Caren Avatar

    I’d like to see tools, products that you use and pictures of your students work that use your designs but have some distinguishing features.

  26. valleystitcher Avatar

    I love your blog too..no matter what you are doing. I would like a back to basics class with you. I made a zillion stars last summer and really benefited from your tips and rulers. I would love mention of needle turn, fusing wool, embroidery, precision cutting, a consitant 1/4 inch, pressing. I would like any tips on use of PG needles and any notions and thread you use. Thank you for requesting input..

  27. Debbie Sousa Avatar
    Debbie Sousa

    I’m writing from the Mojave Desert in Calif. I have visited your Murietta, Calif, store many times and love it! When you have an idea for a block, what steps do you take to get it from your head/heart to done? Do you draw it in a sketch book, then on heavy paper, or just cut out shapes right from the get-go? Thank you.

  28. Kathy Goff Avatar
    Kathy Goff

    I love the door mat!

  29. moosebaymusings Avatar

    I am sooo envious whenever I hear someone is going to or has been to Magnolia–someday!!! I’m also curious where you found all your anchors and how long it took you to make such a great collection–love how they look on your wall!

  30. Antonia Avatar

    I enjoy reading about your life along Lake Winnebago since I grew up near there but on the other side from you.
    A mix of quilting, family, travelling keep me following you.

  31. Betty cabral Avatar
    Betty cabral

    You do great. Love seeing your grandchild(ren) grow up. Thanks for your talent and your generosity.

  32. Diane Avatar

    I love all you do, Lisa, and also all the suggestions of what others would love to see and hear from you! I get so much inspiration from your blog!!! I would LOVE a suggestion as to how to set the blocks from Triangle Gatherigns — I have mine all made in 5” blocks and ready to put together. I used all CW Repros and muslin — they are awesome — used browns, blues and reds —— many are your fabrics left from past projects Ive done with you too! Anxious!!!!

  33. Cindy Avatar

    I want to see more blocks of the week!
    I need a change from my bridal sewing!

  34. Mary Lou Ripper Avatar
    Mary Lou Ripper

    I enjoy your posts including your Little Man. Since my grandkids are all adults, I enjoy you sharing yours growing up. Thanks for all you do for us quilters. Please continue your Blockheads and sew alongs as well. Keeps me entertained. Wondering if you got the finishing on the HST sew along done?? Would like to see how you set all those blocks. I did the small ones.

  35. lynn Avatar

    What a cool bike Lisa. summer gets us outdoors, and fully energized Enjoy this home respite, then your time away sounds very exciting. Think I’ll just chillby the ocean here in N.S,

  36. eileenkny Avatar

    I’d like to see some tutorials for beginner woolies. Maybe some videos of stitches and knots. Also, how do you rotate your quilts? By season, by holiday, by whim?
    I love your blog! Also, I think you live near my cousin.

  37. Gayla Kenyon Avatar

    I love the show and tell pictures from your customers. I even purchased a couple patterns because the pictures. Love the decorating ideas also.

  38. Beverly Avatar

    when you get to Waco and Magnolia, find out WHY Joanna never seems to decorate/use quilts in those homes they renovate. 🙁

  39. Paula Avatar

    I love seeing your home, sewing room, flowers, family pics, anchors everywhere, the lake pics! I love reading about your adventures and fun times. Oh yes, the recipes. I would like for you to share more of them. You are such a successful business woman. Keep doing what you do! Paula in KY

  40. Kathy Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I met you recently at the day 1 workshop in Lindsay, Ontario. I love to see all the things already mentioned. Could you do a piece about how you care for all the pieces you make; wool, cotton and combination pieces. Enjoy your time at home.

  41. Debby Krzyston Avatar
    Debby Krzyston

    🌷 Greetings from Waukesha, Wisconsin. I agree with everyone above my comment. Maybe you could do more videos on YouTube or FlossTube. Not everyone can attend your classes. Newer woolies have a lot to learn and you’re the pro. Thank you for sharing, your family and home are wonderful. Warm regards, Debby

  42. Kimberly Avatar

    I would like to know the secret of not having the dark fabric show through the light fabric when assembling a quilt. Say a red and white quilt.
    Enjoy your time at home and especially your grandson……he is growing up fast!
    Happy Sewing

  43. Bobbie Rumler Avatar
    Bobbie Rumler

    OM’s also your wool projects are great thanks Bobbie of Vail AZ

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Bobbie…what is OM’s??? Sorry…

  44. Janet O. Avatar

    A very fun welcome at your door!
    I love seeing your sewing space, your home decor, “little man”, and any creations you choose to share!

  45. fabienne Avatar

    Hello !!!
    Can you make a tutorial for chenille pillows ?
    Thank you

  46. Stephanie Woodward Avatar
    Stephanie Woodward

    This is so happy I’m ashamed, everything you do or teach is great. I do live on the gulf coast, where it is hot, so the wools seem not to be in my future. But, that said I love them.

  47. Lenore Avatar

    I enjoy everything you put in your blog from the pictures of your lake house, recipes, family pictures and adventures! Most of all I value anything you can teach. I think you are an amazing teacher! I was fortunate to take one class with you in Alpena MI when a sister guild hosted you. Since that time, I look forward to learning anything you teach! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Lenore

  48. Joan Barnes Avatar
    Joan Barnes

    I personally NEVER get tired of your home, inside and out. And Little Man is so darn cute. Recipes are wonderful. In a blog is it too much to discuss different stitches that you use in your wool applique? Tips and hints, i.e. what iron you use (I think I know that), your starching preferences (know that too) but things like that which are informative to us and make us better stitchers. Just read Lenore’s post and it is exactly what I am saying also. P.S. I also took one class with you in Blue Ash, Ohio. Keep filling our minds. Thanks Joan

  49. Sandy Avatar

    I would love to learn more about EPP and mixing cotton and wool projects. How do you quilt them and care for them, etc… Love your work! Thanks for sharing your talents!


  50. J.A. Konkel Avatar
    J.A. Konkel

    Could you explain how one “blocks” a quilt so it is square/rectangular? I read that people say you should block the quilt, but never HOW to do it. Thank you.

  51. Karen Avatar

    LOVE the videos that you shared with Moon Garden purchasers in the Facebook group for that project. Please make more videos as we get to new stitches, as new products become available, and as your techniques evolve. Would like to see your sewing room in detail to get inspiration for redesigning mine. And of course your lovely home, garden, and family.

  52. Kathy Avatar

    I know you have said in the past you find big stitch quilting relaxing and so I would learn more about that technique. What threads are used and how do you decide when to use it on a quilt top? What determines that style versus say an all over machine quilting design? Thank you for sharing your days with us. Enjoy by relaxing with family and all the activities summer brings us.

  53. Cathy Avatar

    Awesome bicycle (what is it?) and that front door- so inviting & beautiful. Love the door mat too. I guess if I had a request for blog info, it might be just trying to find your video on how to do your embroidery cross stitch that you use on your vines. I have trouble getting the angle correct and even stitches. Love your recipes too. Cherry Chip cookies, yum!

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