Moon Garden Block 4 -Pattern


I know some of you have been waiting for this!!!  Block 4 is linked below and this weekend the video on the Drizzle Stitch knots and Alternating Chain Stitch  will be uploaded to the Facebook group…Nick is ready to be my camera man and he is super excited for me to be home from Dallas.  If you do not have the needles to do the Drizzle Stitch they can be found HERE.  Get them ordered and you will be ready to go… Here is the link to the pattern  Block 4 has been removed…please see website here to purchase

Please remember to post your progress on the Facebook group…We appreciate seeing your beautiful blocks!!!

I also can’t wait to come home from Dallas and have some time to post all the fun stuff we did and the good times…we had!!!

my best, Lisa


Moda Block Heads Block 6 & 7


Thank you all for the much needed prayers for Nick and I during this difficult time…It’s funny but with his first surgery we were scared to death and asked for lots of prayers as we needed all the help we could get…then with the second surgery we decided not to bother anyone and just try and fly under the radar with it and let life go on…then we encounter all the complications…I again asked for your prays and it all gets better real fast…so if that is not a testimony that prayer works I don’t know what is…

Today’s block is Spin Cycle from Stacy lest Hsu-Click HERE to get the pattern.  th.jpegStacy is the Moda designer that makes those cute little cut and stitch dollies…I loved teh mermaid…so adorable…I hope you spend some time at her blog reading and discovering more about her and her

Here is my Spin Cycle block…IMG_3630and if you are very observant you will notice mine is spinning in the opposite directions…which is “ok”…most of you would not have noticed…

then here is the family so far…it’s so hard to capture the real color of these blocks…the one above is too blue…these are too dark…the navy is reading black on my screen….but I also know that all of our color setting are not the same so…that is why it is nice to see fabric in PERSON if we can…IMG_3632Since I did not post Betsy’s block last week I am sneaking that in here as well…”Path through the woods” I think was the name of this block…IMG_3628It is funny but I think this pic really show’s it actual color the best so far….this block was a stunner!!! I love it…of course it might have to do with the fact that I am totally in love with those three sided shapes the most…If you need the pattern for this block HERE is the link to Besty’s block 6 post. She actually has a tutorial there for this block and I actually pieced it the exact same way….with cutting the bigger triangle larger and trimming them after they are stitched on.  Betsy is an original Block Headth-3


We love her fabrics and patterns and carry them in our Primitive Gatherings shops…Primitive GatheringsCA

So… now I am caught up for the moment…but I can tell you right now that I was able to leave and attend the ReStore and Quilt Stock events in Dallas where we will have shop owners and consumers retreats back to back this week and next…so next week’s block may be late for me…It’s Jan’s block and an applique one…I have not decided yet if I am going to do the applique one…I will make my decision while I am here…

Nick was doing very well and he has lots of care takers at home making sure he follows  his doc’s orders, and that nothing crazy happens, which it won’t becaue of all those prayers…I would love to be home taking care of him but I MUST work to be able to pay all those doctor and everyday bills….when I make a commitment I follow through…life goes on…and I would not have left Nick if it was not possible.  I also am going to admit here that I need a break back into normal life…my stress level needs rest…I needed to stitch these blocks and do what I love and that is to teach this awesome art of quilting…

Last night…after a flight to Dallas and some set up we were treated to a chocolate making class with Kate Weiser ….We made these fancy BonBons…they were works of ART!!!  Lots of work/love go into each and every piece…I will gladly PAY for them than make them, but they are worth every penny…and I learned a few things about chocolate, ganache and coconut butter and lots of other things…but this girl was humble, funny and just a joy to take a class from…if you wish to order them…I would wait to until Dallas is a little cooler… I received these for Christmas one year from Moda and they were amazing!   I think I may have one (ok maybe two) for breakfast!!!IMG_0258 2

IMG_9692IMG_3659IMG_4822IMG_2217 3IMG_6684IMG_9462Thanks Carrie for thinking of this great “break” from all the work to come and the before prep it takes to pull of a crazy awesome event like this!!!

Make sure you visit all the other blogs to see their blocks!!!

Have a great week Block Heads!!!

Betsy Chutchian


Brigitte Heitland – Zen Chic


Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts


Jan Patek


Jo Morton


Laurie Simpson


Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings


Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles


Me & My Sister Designs

Barbara Groves & Mary Jacobson


Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life


Stacy Iest Hsu

Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique

Carrie Nelson




Quickly… I wanted to let you all know Nick had a second brain surgery on Tuesday the 3rd of July we are back here at Froedtert with some complications…

It’s been one hell of a morning is all I can say… but I feel better he is here now and they can take care of him.

I tried to keep this all on the down low not make a big deal about it… but that is not how it is going to happen…I have not worked much since he arrived home a day and a half after his procedure…way too soon to be put in my hands for his care…

I can’t post or if I do get a chance to be on my Phone/computer it isn’t much…just to check/delete emails and I thought by now he’d be on the mend…and all would go on…

His brain is leaking and is under a lot of pressure… so I’m sure there will be yet another surgery soon hopefully

Please say a prayer for him…

So I am asking you to be patient with me and I’ll do my best to keep up on the things that really must be done..

I know I’ve promised some posts and videos in my FB groups and other things as well but this is why I’ve been absent and might be for a bit…

Thanks in advance for your understanding…


Moda Block Heads 2…Block 5

Hey Everyone…this week’s block is from Vanessa fromLella Boutique.  Click that link to go to her account for the info on this week’s pattern.  Vanessa’ is one of the prettiest “redheads” I know….She could be Jamie’s Daughter “Brianna” in the Oulander books…just my opinion…

This was a huge block…and mine came out perfect!!! It was awesome how it fit together…the toughest part of this block is where to place what fabric…I draw out my patterns to see if I like the placement, then I start cutting.

Here is my 24″ block.img_3386.jpg

It was a lot of fun to stitch… and then here are all my blocks all together…they make quite the family…sorry about that sun peaking though on my photo…I did not see it until I am writing this post…notice how the colors change in photos??? Some also think these blocks have black in them…it is actually navy.IMG_7202

St. George Utah Retreat!!!

Janet (mastermind of those “crazy” awesome patterns/books -you probably have one or several of her Buggy Barn Crazy books)  is going to teach at my friend Joyce’s Retreat in Southern Utah…here is the flyer…You might need a late Summer get-away!!!  This was so much fun last year when I was there…contact Joyce Weeks for more information or click this link…