Summer Block of the Week Wrap Up…

September is almost here…and it’s time to get your finishing kits ready to order…

This year we only have two things that need finishing kits…Star Studded Event has no finishing kit it is just the blocks set 15 across x 16 down for a quilt that finishes 90×96 or you can always make two smaller quilts…60×72 which is 10×12 blocks…I will be posting my quilt when it is finished…because of the complexity of Twighlight Garden, the wool applique block of the week and am not currently caught up on SSE, But I will spend a day or two catching up and putting it together…

Fussy Cut Fantasy’s finishing was in with the last shipment and included in the weekly price.

lisa bongeanTLGTwilight Garden…I am working on the outer borders and it will take me most of September to stitch them…yes…those of you who are stitching them know it’s not humanly for me to have this done…that is why we are breaking up the finishing kit into two parts…the first part will be the center and the inner center border, which I have finished.  We will be shipping these the end of September try to order by the 15th , if you order after the 15th you may not get your when the shipment goes out the end of September.  I am sure you understand we need time to dye and cut all these wools…

.The second part…the outer border will ship in the end of October and the quilt will be finished and off to the quilter but we will have it photographed before it goes and also will know of any more thread that it will take to complete it…I know on the site it says extra threads needed to complete…but I know I will be running our of some more on this border…it is just a lot of stitching…but so very worth it…i wish you could see this in person…as you know these pics do not do it justice…

We have split the pricing in half and you can pay for the two months in installments or we give you a break if you pay for it all at once…The pattern alone for JUST the finishing is 45$.  This is a huge pattern with full size layouts and tracing diagrams.  You will love this pattern.  If you missed doing this SBOW and want to order the pattern…do not order this as it is for the finishing ONLY…We will have the whole pattern when it comes home from the machine quilter….

We also have backing options for all the projects…

Lisa Bongean/freebieThe Freebie Finishing is only $31 dollars…Pattern only is $12 again this is for finishing only…whole pattern will be available later on in October.  There are a couple of threads I used different from the blocks.  This will be gorgeous after it is quilted.  Randy also has a finishing kit for his free blocks located there as well.

Here is a link to our website where all this info is located…all the prices include shipping.  Summer Block of the Week Finishing Options

Thanks Everyone for a GREAT summer spent stitching…but boy did it go fast!!! If you have questions you can leave a comment, ask in our Facebook group or call the shop…920-722-7233.  And please try and order as soon as possible so we can get them out to you sooner rather than later…my best…Lisa


Moda Block Heads 2…Block 13

IMG_2852Its lucky week no. 13 and this weeks block is from Corey Yoder!thHer design company is called Coriander Quilts…Her block this week is called…Patchwork Flower

and here is my version of Corey’s pattern..lisa bombeanBH2-13Now do not look too close…there are some descrepensies in my block and to me it looked just fine…there probably were some tweaks to this pattern and I just worked from the original Moda sent us a LONG time ago… my leaf is switched and the logs around the flower are directional…I made mine all the same and then noticed it…but it is NOT a obvious error and I did not change/correct it to be exact as the pattern…because who really cares???? Not me… is the answer…I LOVE this block…it was so fun…I have not made any of this type of block yet…and I loved it…

PLEASE go to Corey’s Blog HERE for the pattern…I have picked Corey to become a Block Head for this round!!! I love her fabrics and her style…she is from OHIO!!!  Last week was my week and I just love what Corey did with my block!!!39945333_10217215668807603_4627863407884763136_n.jpgDo you remember that little give-away from last week?  Well here is our winner!!!

Lisa P.
Hi! I am from PA and I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. You inspire so many of us! Love all of your fabric lines, and the new one looks fabulous! Thank you!

Lisa P please contact… and Amy will send out your charm packs!!!FGG

Now its time to get started on this  block…

All for now…LB

Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 12 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 12

Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 12 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Hey Everyone!!! Glad you stopped by my blog today for the Moda Block Heads 2…Today is MY day and I am super excited that you are here…I am one of the original 6 Blockheads!  I am glad we added a few more designers to the party this year…after all the more the merrier!!! My name is Lisa Bongean and  I am Primitive Gatherings!  I have been a Moda Fabric Designer for 8 years already…whoa time flies when your having a blast!!!  Click HERE and you will see an upclose look at my next fabric line that is coming in October!!! I can’t wait…Hopefully you will see a fabric or two that you will need to add to your personal collection…But in the meantime while I wait for Flower Garden Gatherings to arrive I am working on designs for our state’s shop hop fabric line for Wisconsin…I know probably not that thilling if you have nothing to do with Wisconsin…but it is REALLY exciting for us…in lots of ways.Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 12 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Then my designer yardage for my Quilt Market line has come in and we are frantically starching and plotting all the quilts…here is a peek at that line…which we will have a book coming out with the same name…Star & Stripe Gatherings…..the book will include 10 quilts and a bunch of other things like pillows, wool mats, punchneedle and so on…Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 12 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

This is one of the stitchery projects too…Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 12 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanNow back to the MBH2-Block 12 is called Jace’s Star named after my only Grandson at least for only a couple of months…when we will be welcoming ‘little man 2″.  We are so pumped about this…Big Brother Jace will be amost 4 when 2 comes along at Christmas time….here is Jace…aka “little man” painting his MiMi a masterpiece…Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 12 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanModa Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 12 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Click HERE to print the pattern

Here are all my blocks…(except 10)  I just did not find the time to get it done…see it’s ok to be behind…they are all piled up here … 6’s 12’s and a 24″er…I love these blocks…I love that there some easy one that only take a very short time to complete…because I know I am not the only one who has lots to stitch and am not just waiting for the the next BH to come out on Wedenesday…I am currently hand stitching these wool appliques for our summer project called Twilight Garden…which will be a Block of the Month soon…Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 12 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

AND…I am at the machine piecing 240 of these blocks call Star Studded Event which will also be another Block of the month..I am at 180 so I have ONLY…(lol) 60 more to go…Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 12 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanSo those of you who know me know I “sometimes” do things just a little more challenging then most… when you see my block next to the others here  you will see is it 6″…but just take your time…starch your fabrics first and then cut and piece as accurate as you can…and you will have a beautiful block!!!  Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 12 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Thank You for hanging around here this long listening to me ramble about what is going on around here so let’s do a give-away to celebrate my 1st block for MBH2 …If you are new to the blog…please leave a comment/ or subscribe to my blog and say HI! and where your are from…and anything you want to share with the group….if you are already signed up please still comment  and I will pick a winner for these two charms packs of my next line that you cannot buy yet!!!  The rainbow colors (all shown in the header on the top of the blog) and the backgrounds!!!  Good LuckModa Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 12 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Make sure you visit all the designers and see their version of Jace’s Star…

Now get started on the block…who will be the first one done?  Go to the FaceBook group and see!!

bye for now…LB

Moon Garden Block 5

Yay!!! I’m home again!!! Thanks for waiting for Block 5…I know we said we would put them out around the 15th so I guess we are not too late…I love this block…so fun to stitch…IMG_4443

Free Pattern has been removed ….please purchase pattern HERE. Here is a closeup of the fly stitch…you already know how to do this one…IMG_4445but then on the leaves I stitched the feather stitch…the one that everyone thinks is the hardest…I promise in the video I will make it very easy…and you may get a laugh or two…  Also someone pointed out that we did not have the black O531 thread not in our thread kits…I blanket stiched all the blocks and wrote down all the threads…then as I was looking at them I decided they needed some bling(pretty embroidery stitches)…so I am adding them as we go…so if you have to have the threads I am using for those special stitches you can order them or just use what you have that is close…no big deal…just thought I would let you know how/why this happened.  Besides aren’t all those extra stitches and videos fun!!!IMG_4444I hope you have a wonderful weekend…feather stitch video coming soon…please post in our FB group Moon Garden Stitch Along your progress…I’d love to see all your blocks in one photo…even if they are not stitched!!!  Stitch On my Friends…LB

Moda Block Heads 2- Block 11


I know…I did not post block 10 yet! (because i did not stitch it yet!)…I had way too many deadlines that week: turned into Moda a bunch of fabric lines-like 5, Warehouse sale was happening, had to write that new lecture, quiltsproject/fabric requirement for 9 quilts- for my next fabric line *Star & Stripe Gatherings* and so on, too much stuff…right?…but since it wasn’t my block…I bet no one noticed…lol…but I will post it when I return home from this teaching trip…but… this week’s block was super simple …it literally took me 10 min.  

Moda block headThis week’s featured block is from Sherry McConnell…th

Go to her blog HERE to get this week’s pattern.  Sherry is one of the NICEST people I know…always smiling and just a beautiful person inside and out!!! Now one of the things I am envious about Sherry is she has a goregous daughter named Chelsea who alsoth-4th-3 quilts and designs fabric with her!!!!! So special and cool at the same time…Sherry also has one of the best quilting blogs where you will find this weeks block…listed above…th-2All for now…this pic is from the pier in Huntington Beach…oh the beatiful things I get to see…all while teaching quilting…how much better can it get…IMG_4268 2.JPGIMG_4269 2

Flying Geese…

I am near Huntington Beach teaching workshops yesterday and today! IMG_4267IMG_4266

Teaching how to use a “redneck” overlay to postition their wools on the background.. def…A crude outline of the project on a plasitc bag, sheet protector ect…to fast and easy positioning of the appliques so they are close enough…do not have to be exact…unless you have to have them perfect… you would trace the motifs (more) carefully….IMG_4265IMG_4264IMG_4263lisabongean2_gal_crock-116x116Click this link if you are interested in the kit or kit & pattern

I am excited for tonight….after the workshop I am presenting my first ever trunk show/lecture on Re-creating Antique Quilts…I think I have 20 quilts, which is really 40, the antique and the re-creation, to show tonight!!!  Come see me at the Flying Geese Quilt Guild meeting at Rancho San Joaquin Middle School!!!

So by now you know that I am in California…I also am teaching at our shop Primitive Gathering- Murrieta  on Tuesday and Wednesday…Both Sit & Sew days…join us…bring what you need help on, whether you are starting something new, stuck on a stitch or you need some advice or how to on something you have been struggling with…come join us…call for availablilty  915-304-9787.

Hope to see you soon!!! Lisa