Moda Block Heads 2-Blocks 8 & 9

IMG_2852I am playing catch up today in a couple of ways…

Let’s get the business part done first…IMG_3984Block 8– Pineapple from Jan Patek…click  HERE to visit her blog for her pattern…Jan is known for her hand applique, which I love…but I decided to go with a pieced pineapple that I seen in the Moda Block Heads Facebook group…its very simple all based on a 1″ grid…so this was an easy catch up for missing last week while in Dallas for the awesome retreats from Moda/Martingale….back to Jan…

thJan is an original Block Head…she is an icon in the quilting world…the Brannock & Patek Moda fabric lines have long been my favorite…I have a nice collection of their wovens from the last 20 years…

I wish we could see a quilt show of Jan’s quilts…it would be a a soothing journey to browse throught the folk art style.  Jan’s show would have to be held in Houston…the only venue big enough to house them all!!!  I am planting  this seed so maybe the powers that be can put it into action.. Here is it… wouldn’t  be nice to see quilting legends like Jan have an opportunity to browse among ALL (ok..I no this is not possible to track them all down)…of her quilts in a setting that is fitting of the contribution people like her have given us through the years?  We do it to honor them after they have passed but…why not celebrate while they are still with us and creating…just my thought for the day…what do you think?th-9th-8th-7

Block 9- With a plus from Laurie Simpson…the quilting half of Minick & Simpson. IMG_3989th-2 Laurie the is the quiet-est quilter I know…I have spent time with her at retreats and I am glad I had this opportunity because you get to know someone a lot better when you hang out in your PJs.  Laurie is known for her applique and hand quilting, yes I said HAND…she loves it and I get it…as I do as well…so go visit Laurie HERE on their blog and print your pattern and see what is happening.  fullsizeoutput_314b-1


So..I hope enjoyed these last two blocks and the designers who made them and the fabrics…my pile of them is getting bigger!!!IMG_3988Now…I know not all of you have grand children….but some of you will know this and for some I hope you get to experience something like this…but when your “little man” says…Mimi you have been gone too long!…you must have a play day, NOW!…here is some of our fun on Monday…warning…it may wear some of you out…

I picked him up and we went straight to the retreat house….The Gathering…we actually have a nice big garden planted and I was told stuff needed to be picked!!!  Thank heavens Scott is taking care of it and it is well tended to while I am still running around…We picked a couple of zucchinis, seedless cukes, onions, jalapenos and green peppers…came home and cleaned them up…IMG_3923IMG_3930 I had to share some of my chocolates from class with my little guy…someone got him hooked on dark chocolate so I thought he would enjoy a few of these too…Kate Weiser ChocolatesIMG_3924“Little Man’s” most favorite thing in the world right now is riding on the Jetski…so we were off…we probably spent almost 2 hours on it and rode to Lake Winnebago through all the bridges in Oshkosh…we got to see the train bridge lower and raise as well.  It is very hard to take a selfi on a Jetski, but we were both saying the magic word for a (less than) perfect picture…IMG_3931After the Jetski excursion it was time for lunch…we packed up the “summer car” and headed to the little local drive in, The Well in Winneconne.  We spread our quilt and he got to order anything he wanted…a hamburger and a hot dog, fries, cheese sticks and lemon aide…then of course a blue raspberry sundae!!!IMG_3933IMG_3934IMG_3935IMG_3938It was just us and some working teenagers who were working on the very near road construction…on the way home “little man” said Mimi…can we go to the park??? Sure why not…We did our most favorite thing first…I pushed him in the swing for what felt like half an hour then I coaxed him into the slides so I could rest and take some pics…We also played “drive thru” where I was told I could not order cookies, I had to order “vanilla petite scones and a coffee”….hmmmm I think he has this experience in this area…IMG_3948IMG_3964Then back home he then saw “the piglet” aka the moped (the Harley is a Hog…so the moped is the piglet)…so we rode the moped through the neighbor hood and stumbled upon a lemon aid stand…IMG_3974We had to then drive home to get some cash…came back…were served our drinks and we made sure to leave the girls a nice tip!!

As our day was coming to an end…we remembered we stopped at a yard sale on the way home and bought a “new” to us tricycle….he did not want to stop at the timehe said rummage sales are just junk and he was excited to get to Anchor Point….but he then changed his mind when he discovered this trike….that occupied him for a bit until it was time for Daddy to pick him up!!! Mimi…had to get ready for S&B sewing night….I had a binding to finish!!!IMG_3971

I needed a day like this…so fun…have a great day today ..and make some memories however you can!!! Lisa

39 responses to “Moda Block Heads 2-Blocks 8 & 9”

  1. laurajkissel Avatar

    Best. Day. Ever. (p.s. I’d like to be your grandson for a day! haha!!)

  2. Pat Robinson Avatar
    Pat Robinson

    Lisa, you are amazing at everything you do! Best MiMi around💕💕. Very happy for you.

  3. lorraine bujnowski Avatar
    lorraine bujnowski

    What a fun day! Wish you were my Mimi!!!

  4. Jan Avatar

    What a great day but can’t believe you had the energy to sew afterwards. I sometimes watch a 2 yr & 16 month old set of brothers. When they leave I’m exhausted but it’s fun as we explore, read & play. But thankyou PBS when I need to do kitchen work. I think I may do your version of the pineapple.

  5. Tracy Petrykowski Avatar
    Tracy Petrykowski

    What a glorious day you had spending it with your Grandson, he sure is a cutie pie. You are teaching him great things, and creating wonderful memories <3

  6. Linda Crumpton Avatar
    Linda Crumpton

    That’s what Mimi should do. Lisa he is so cute. You are a good Mimi.

  7. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I don’t have grandkids, so I’m exhausted just reading your post! What a fun day for both you and “Little Man” making memories along the way. Enjoy each moment.

  8. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    I don’t know who is luckier, you or Jace. He is a cute little guy.

  9. Krissy Butorac Avatar
    Krissy Butorac

    Lisa, I am so in awe of you. You understand the importance of making good memories where ever you go and who ever you are with. You are a lovely person inside and out. I met your son at the St. Cloud quilt show and little man sure reminds me of him. Beautiful family and a beautiful life. Your hard work has paid off well for you and you deserve every bit of it.

  10. Jennifer Krough Avatar
    Jennifer Krough

    You are a great G-ma😉

  11. Marilyn Pearlman Avatar
    Marilyn Pearlman

    Told you. Grandkids are the best. Keep enjoying those days. I live for it.Hope Nick is doing well.Marilyn Pearlman

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

  12. Kyra Franz Avatar
    Kyra Franz

    I completely agree with your thoughts concerning our wonderful quilt designers and the heritage they are creating for all of us. YOU are included in this amazing group, Lisa! (will you take me for a ride in your summer car?!!!!)

  13. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    I loved your day… thank you for sharing! You’re one Rockin “Mimi” and these are lifetime Memories! LOL I call vespa type of scooters “piglets” and someday I will have one to putt around the neighborhood; only I don’t think I’ll park it next to the HOGs LOL they might get jealous. I pray all is going well with Nick’s recovery!!!

  14. Patricia Rosenbaum Avatar
    Patricia Rosenbaum

    What a wonderful way to be welcomed home! So glad you got to enjoy your “Mimi” time! It is truly wonderful!

  15. Valerie Geib Avatar
    Valerie Geib

    What a great day! Thank you for sharing it. It is always fun to see a day in the life of a prolific quilter like yourself. Many blessings to you Lisa, and Nick!

  16. Patricia Avatar

    I have wonderful memories of days like yours and your little man. Mine were spent first with three little girls, whose names all began with H, thus referred to as The 3 H’s. Then later we were given the twins, whose names began with W, thus forever referred to as The W’s. Many summers they spent with us. Our rewards include theose grandchildren all reminding us of Those Wonderful, Busy, Times! Ahhh, couldn’t be doing that now.
    You continue to have many lovely, memory making times!!

  17. theresa Avatar

    loved your post!!!! envious of your water time but then I love water and anything that gets you out on it.
    if your planting a seed – can you plant it for Paducah as a location??? surely they could find the space.

    many blessings

  18. emmccorm1949 Avatar

    WOW! That is one very lucky little guy. I would love a ride on a jetski for myself. And, if I ordered whatever I wanted I’d order whatever he had (except no hamburger).
    You are a wonderful mimi. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Kristy Avatar

    I agree with you totally. We should celebrate people’s lives while they are still here to experience it with us!!!! “Little man” is getting so grown up and cuter every day…how is that even possible? My best days are centered around time with my littles….our treasures! Also, I continue to keep Nick in my prayers, I hope all is going well.

  20. Marianne Avatar

    Trying to do my blockheads like yours. Could you please give more instructions for block 8 as i am not on facebook.

  21. Sharon Z. Avatar
    Sharon Z.

    Days shared with our grandsons are always special ones. They grow up way too quickly! Our oldest grandson goes into 8th grade this year. Makes me feel older than I already do! Have us a lucky little guy! 💙

  22. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, Oh my, so much fun!! I’m so looking forward to being a grandma in the future. You are the AWESOMEST grandma!!!! Love the pics, especially the hot dog & ice cream pics!! Such wonderful memories! I wrote a story about mine for school several years ago and gave it to my grandma… she said it was the best present anyone had ever given her… made me cry. I miss her terribly and revel in the love she shared. As for Jan Patek… I totally agree, she is a favorite of mine too, have many Red Wagon books. Do you know where we can get the pattern or kit for Jan’s Christmas quilt pic? Hugs, Jakey

  23. Kimberly Avatar

    Now that is one fun day! You rock Lisa! And little man has changed so much, looking like a boy and most of the “baby” is gone. Make those memories Grandma!

  24. Carol Nichols Avatar
    Carol Nichols

    What a fun day! For both of you I am sure. Your little grandson is darling!
    I have to add, I also love your picnic quilt! That toile fabric and scalloped edges! Too cool! Of course blue and white are my favorites! Was that fabric one of yours and I missed it?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Carol…I just loved the panel so I did a mini border and a large scallop!! Fun!

  25. Sandy D’Angelo Avatar
    Sandy D’Angelo

    My four grands near me would love to have a younger grandma to jet ski with them. The boys are all very active as is their three year old sister. I see them lots but get tired just reading all you did today. That little man is a great looker. Just adorable.

  26. Pamela Rathjen Avatar
    Pamela Rathjen

    A perfect Mimi day!
    (someday for me – but not too soon) 😉

  27. Janet Patek. Avatar
    Janet Patek.

    Thanks Lisa for your kind words and for the contribution you have made to our art. And for doing it while making sure your family know that you are there for them. See you at Market

  28. Abbie Avatar

    I love the pics of your Little Man. We have a “Mister” and “Buddy” in our grands. I stayed at The Gathering House last winter. There was lots of snow and no garden to be seen 😢 I’m new to the Blockheads this year and I’m loving it. Everything is organized in a 3 ring binder and I’m almost caught up 😉 I have a non quilting question…we are working on a remodel plan for our kitchen. I noticed a small sink in an island in one of the photos. Do you like it? Is your cooktop in an island, too? Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with us!

  29. Margaret Mossing Avatar
    Margaret Mossing

    Thanks for sharing your day with Little Man. Such a fun day with Mimi with lots of wonderful memories.

  30. Bobbie Rumler Avatar
    Bobbie Rumler

    don’t know about the ladies doing the blockhead program but I think some of them has lost the enthusiasm it had the first time around even the Moda Carrie Nelson isn’t showing a sewn block just the computer site….and Jo Morton my favorite quilter has done none of them

  31. Sharon Ernst Avatar
    Sharon Ernst

    What a very special day! It was a joy just to read about it! 😊

  32. Bonita Avatar

    I love it when it get to have a day with my little man. It would be even better if I had the other 4 of my grandchildren with me also.
    Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  33. Felice Avatar

    Imagine a day so perfect. Thank you for sharing. Hoping one day to have grandchildren too. Glad you two had fun escaping for the day:)

  34. sylvia11310 Avatar

    No pattern for the pieced pineapple block? Think I really like that one better – did download the applique version from Jan Patek though.

    If you have the pieced version, please post your pineapple block version!!


    Sylvia Bryan Kalispell, MT

  35. Clara Avatar

    What a great blog post, Lisa!! Being a grandma is good for the soul. I enjoyed activities with my “little” ones and now, I get tingles when they tell the good times they remember. My grandchildren are 25 and 21.

  36. Sharon Bochmann Avatar
    Sharon Bochmann

    Felt like I spent the day with you!! Thanks for sharing!!

  37. Suzann Huff Avatar
    Suzann Huff

    Oh Lisa I totally understand your day with Little Man. My Grands are age 4 & 5 and when they come to grandma’s house we do whatever they want; bake cookie, play on the swing set, ride the kabota car and look at Pa’s cows or numerous other things they dream up. It was an honor to meet you at Quiltstock 2018. You were an awesome teacher!

  38. usairdoll Avatar

    Great post! I’m a grandma too and love spending time with my grandson. Thanks for sharing your day. They do grow up too fast.

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