Moon Garden Block 7


Hey All…first off…I need to apologize for how long it has taken me to get this out…I have been through two book projects…one..a wool “how to” book for Martingale that we snuck in my schedule so the book can come out next fall instead of spring 2020…and I am working on a book for market for our Star & Stripe Gatherings…and THEN….I have to create and pattern all the projects for our Primitive Christmas Event that happens right after market…so that means there is really no time for any kind of real “life”…so that’s my story and until after I leave for Market November 1st you will not be hearing much from me….my present to me for my birthday was actually taking time to “do” my hair that day…so you see its a sad life and I am not taking very good care of much…unless it involves a sewing machine or needle and thread….but I promise our Christmas Event is going to be awesome!!!block 7!

I miss being on Facebook and can’t wait to get back to somewhat of a normal life as I know it….hold tight for the videos….  Click Here to print your pattern Moon Garden Block 7 blog. This link has been removed…See link below to order your pattern.

block 7e

Remember these need to print on 11×17 so take your pattern to your office supply store OR just order the pattern from us for $5…Click HERE  to order the pattern.block 7 MGblock 7JPG



16 responses to “Moon Garden Block 7”

  1. Sandy Robinson Avatar

    Lisa, you rock, lady… and pretty darn hard. I love what you do – your creativity, and especially your generosity. But please, please, do take care of yourself.

    And btw I LOVE your hair!

  2. 2spouse1125 Avatar

    Lisa..I don’t know how you do it!! Wow!! And thank you💕💕💕

  3. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    Thank you for your generosity.. I love your patterns and work. But I have a questions=-the pictures in the blog show a different basket than the pattern for Block 7. Did we just get a sneak preview of Block 8?

  4. 2spouse1125 Avatar

    Is there a problem with printing the pattern? I cannot get the colored part to print. It is not my printer because I printed other stuff in color with no problem. Checked what I printed..yes says color..checked my ink level..yes that’s ok. Would appreciate any advice! Thanks!!

  5. Dianna Lindseth Avatar
    Dianna Lindseth

    Lisa is this block 7 different than the one we received as block of the month kits? This one is completely different than the block seven I just traced nd cut out?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Sorry… it is 8 pattern will come soon

  6. Jakey Avatar

    Happy Birthday Lisa!! Glad to hear you pampered yourself a little, even if it was just a hair color. Looking forward to seeing all the hard work you’ve been up to. Hugs, Jakey

  7. Susan Novak Avatar
    Susan Novak

    This is NOT my #7 at all.
    S. Novak

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Because I posted 8 by mistake… sorry

  8. Virginia Beck Avatar

    What is the stitch used on the leaves in the single leaf picture? Looks like some sort of lazy daisy.

  9. Patricia A. Adams Avatar
    Patricia A. Adams

    Hi Busy Lady……..I just love all your wonderful challenges . So fun to read…..I am Patti Adams one of your Magic of Christmas quilt makers and Blockheads 1 and 2…Last Wed. Oct 24, nothing came email wise to me from Blockheads 2…..did the rules change or do you know who I am to contact to be sure I am included next Wed? You are admired by me….Thanx Patti

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  10. Melody Anderson Avatar
    Melody Anderson

    Moon Garden block #7 that was emailed. does not match the pattern link attached. They look like 2 different blocks. love these so please let me know.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      They are… I screwed up and posted the pics for 8

  11. Dani Quilter Avatar
    Dani Quilter

    I think the blocks are beautiful! However, I sent requests a few weeks ago to be accepted to the Moon Garden Stitch A Long on Facebook. When I didn’t get a response, I sent a Facebook message to each of the administrators and still no response from anyone. I have an open Facebook page so the administrators can see that I am a real person. I also called the shop and asked about it when I got no response. I have purchased all of the patterns so far from the shop and a significant amount of wool. This is very discouraging 🙁

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      So sorry Dani… this is the first I have seen this request… I went and approved everyone… so hopefully you can now enjoy the group

  12. Nancine Pike Avatar
    Nancine Pike

    Block 8 any day or after Thanksgiving?!

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