winners for Moda Block Heads II post…

Hello…I’m Back…from Rome…

I stayed home from Paducah b/c I had way to much stuff to do…and now it’s time to get some normal in my life…but first I promised a give-away…and look what it is….If you read my last post…way on the bottom was this little giveaway…

I have picked two winners …from the MBH2 post about finishing the MBH2 quilt….here they are….If this is you…please contact me and I will send you an OLFA 40th Anniversary Rotary Cutter!!!  email Amy at: to claim your rotary cutter

  1. I have only 19 blocks done so far but have started working on them once again. I am doing it in scrappy yellow, gray and black, not sure how the appliqué will look may have to add orange. Thank you for doing this I have thoroughly enjoyed following along with everyone and seeing what is going on in the quilting world.

  2. I have only one block left to complete. I have started sewing the blocks together but I love the thought of separating the blocks with sashing to show the blocks off. When with a basic red, cream and blue color palette, the layout is very busy. I have taken the suggestion from Jo Morton of clipping the seams to be able to stagger the seams when setting the blocks together. I had a great time with this project. I watched BH1 from a distance but decided to get into BH2 and had so much fun. Thanks so much to the designers for their creativity

    be back soon with some fun stuff!!!



Moda Block Heads 2 Finishing…

Today Corey’s block 52 will post!!It is the final block to the here to go and print your block 52!  We are all amazed at how fast these weeks fly by…kind of scary???

I have been thinking hard about this quilt and how I wanted to finish it…so I have come up with a little tiny twist that I will be sharing the directions (measurements) for while I am putting mine together, but most of you can probably figure it out…for those of you who cannot, I will get to it…I promise…I will be posting my blocks that I have not yet completed here and promise to finish this quilt…but my schedule is (still) crazy the first half of the year…after Quilt Market it will be much more relaxed than it is now…but here is a peek at what I have come up with for the finishing…I will be plugging my colored blocks into it, but as you can see I just used the blocks moda supplied to see how it will work…and this gives you the idea of how we separated them…it will finish 80″x 86″ as is…if you need it bigger you can add a border…6″ border will give you 92″x 98 so adjust as needed as well…just keep following my blog to not miss anything!!!!

LisaBongean/PrimitiveGatherings BH2 Finishing
Primitive Gatherings Finishing Layout/Lisa Bongean

I want to THANK everyone who supported us during this SAL especially those of you who now FOLLOW US on our social media platforms, who BUY from us directly or
LOOK  and ASK for our products in your local quilt shops…OR even TALKING  and spreading the word about us is supporting us…as you know all you have to do is be EXCITED about what you are doing and share it and that someone has to be in on it too!

If you want to continue to see these great projects…you have to be a part of it too!  

To celebrate the reveal of the last block I am going to do a give-away!!!! Please comment and tell me how many blocks you have completed so far and something you have learned during Block Heads or if you already know everything tell me something funny or why stitching is so important to you…I will pick a couple of winners, and promise some fun prizes!!!

Bye… for now from the sunny port of Valencia Spain!!!  I have been gone two weeks now…is if kind of funny that I miss my sewing studio the most????? …LB





Moda Block Head 2- Block 51

Hey Everyone!!!

I am praying I will not screw this up…I am in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on my way to the Azores…then Gibraltar UK, two stops in Spain- then Italy…14 days to get there…and my Block Head is posting during this time…I am sure it will post early as we are a couple of hours ahead of the US…but I’m sure at this point what’s the big deal with when it posts…

Here is block 51-Power Star


I guess 8 stars total…this is not an easy block because it has to be put together into rows…but with planning it is done quite nicely…

Click here to print your block directions.   BLOCK 51

I also want to take this time to share with you all the finishing options…there is only one block left and Corey will be sharing that next week…that is why there is that empty block…here are both color versions…

BH2-Lisa-B-Trad.jpgBH2-Lisa-B-Modern.jpgand then here is a link to the basic instructions for putting the quilt together…

I also want to let you know I have an OPTIONAL way I am going to set my blocks to make a bigger quilt…stay tuned for next week to find out what it is!!!

Hope you are stitching away…I am doing only hand stitching here…