Moda Block Heads-Catching up, as promised! Blocks, 30, 50, 45, 44, 49!

Time to get our Block Head quilt done!!! Here are 5 blocks from yesterday!  I bet some of you thought I was not going to finish/show these…wrong-o…I am proud FINISHER!  But I know my limits…so now that I am home for 5 weeks…this will get done before I go to Quiltstock & Restore!

Block 30…I cut the center strip the wrong size…so I am going to try and fudge this one in a bit…18″ should be no problem…


Block 44MBH44

Block 50MBH50

Block 49mbh49

Block 45MBH45

This next photo is a tile of up-coming posts!!! Look for them soon…

Anyone want my scraps from this BlockHead quilt when I am finished?  Comment and I will pick a winner!

All for now…got a lunch date with my Sister…still seams odd!  LB



Moda Charm Swap kicks off now!


I did not want you to miss the first day of our Charm Swap!

Our quilts are perfect for your Moda 5″ charm packs and coordinating sashing and border fabrics!  Start rounding up or collecting more 5″ Charm packs for each of the designers!

Click on over to: Kansas Trouble Quilts to see what Lynne made with which Moda designers fabric line?  Here is a quick peek at  what you may find over at Lynne’s blog…go see the rest and collect the downloadable pattern!Bright Crosswalk 5x5 LR web

Check back each Wednesday thru July for a new charm quilt each week. Watch next Wednesday, July 3rd, for Sherri McConnell’s charm swap challenge reveal. We all can’t wait!

Here’s the Summer Schedule …
June 26 ~ Kansas Troubles
July 3 ~ Sherri McConnell   
July 10 ~ Laurie Simpson
July 17 ~ Me and My Sister Designs
July 24 ~ Primitive Gatherings
July 31 ~ Lella Boutique

The best thing about a 5″ Charm Pack is the price…for only $10 you can get the whole line of a fabric collection…AND with a basic or two added you can have a real quilt!  Perfect for babies, TV lap quilts or to decorate your home!

Hope you enjoy our Summer Fun we have planned this year for you!


Today is the first day of Summer and here is A little Summer Fun!



Always working in the same old color palette and need a change?
Are you in a color rut?
If this sounds like you we have a cure!

6 Moda designers will be swapping charm packs this summer and working with colors they don’t usually work with!

You’ll be rewarded for their bravery with a free charm pattern each week.

So visit ALL the designers to see them using their quilts on a summer outing!

The rules were simple …
We each sent 1 charm pack and 1.5 yards of our coordinating fabrics to our assigned designer. 
We then had to come up with a pattern and make that quilt using at least 80 percent of the fabrics we were given.

The swapping fun starts June 26 and runs through August 7th.

Each week you’ll need to visit the featured designer to download their free charm pattern.

Here’s the Schedule …

June 26 ~ Kansas Troubles
July 3 ~ Sherri McConnell   
July 10 ~ Laurie Simpson
July 17 ~ Me and My Sister Designs
July 24 ~ Primitive Gatherings
July 31 ~ Lella Boutique

The wrap party will be August 7th.

See you June 26 and can’t wait to show you what happens!

This is going to be so much fun…and I can’t wait to show you how BRAVE we ALL were…

piece on….Lisa


Just some time with the girls…

It kinda feels like summer but not quite…but we had our annual Sit & Sew at my house today…and I just want to start blogging again…so right after the girls left I started this…If I do not list the pattern name or link I do not know it…

It is so nice so sit with a bunch of ladies and just get together and share, EAT, and just laugh…so It was a nice change to the hustle and bustle…but I will be catching up on my posting…matter of fact I will post about this groups May’s Sit & Sew as well…

Thanks ladies for a fun day!


Here is Lori…with her finished quilt top from the Hexi group that meets at the WI shop once a month…these ladies get stuff done!!!!  I know these are pieced hexes from a book.  Call the shop and ask for Debbie it is her group.

Then Kathy is the queen of WOOL Stitch-A-Longs…these pattern are free on 12 designers blogs- Jan 15-July 1st…

Kathy finishes these with her own magic touch of putting fabrics together to make hers original from all the others!  (and yes…that is my Wool Summer Block of the week on the table…block 2 shipping now!)


We all loved Kathy’s shirt in the photos!IMG_3598

Here is the list for this stitch along…

and…she still has time to do the Summer Block of the Week!!IMG_3597

Judy shared a Blackbird Design that she just finished quilting…1/8″ echo! Just fabulous…IMG_3602

Jean was sewing on her Wool Summer block as well and she has mastered the feather and fly stitches and now the bullion knots…IMG_3603

Isn’t this Lori Holt cross stitch the sweetest!  We framed it for her and we all loved how it turned out!


Kay shared a new  I spy baby quilt…WE all need ideas for those fast baby quilts…IMG_2539 2

MaryAnn is showing off all her Wool Subscription box goodies from #3..THEY WERE ALL DONE!IMG_3595

And she has finished a PG towel pattern….just LOVE IT!  A few good men pattern and towels…IMG_3596

The next set of photos is from our April Sit & Sew…It started off with these lovely heavenly scones…and sorry…do not even ask me for the recipe…it is as secret from my friend Tina from Bittersweet Quilt Shop in Pinconning MI…she trusted me to keep the recipe and not share it…these are made only for those who come to quilt class/sit & sew and so on…so come join in!  White Chocolate Raspberry Scones…YUM-OIMG_3006

This is from Donna……she is putting this in the center of the Dresden…some artist she knows drawings…how cool…


Donna’s thread birds…yes…thread!IMG_3008IMG_3010Super Chicken! The extra large version!  Pattern coming soon to shop…Donna made us Wisconsin Chickens!!!  With the new Shop Hop fabric!!


Here is Ms. Kathy again with her completed Stitch along from the Wooly block wonders…

IMG_3012and then here is her (Kathy) first loser award..HA!…that is what I call 2nd place…but she knows it is for sure a winner!!!! OH…did I mentions she quilts these herself!!!!  I’m kind of envious of this…but…hopefully I’ll get over it soon.


This quilt is called Somewhere in Time…we still have kits for this beauty…one of a kind masterpiece.  The link only brings you to the pattern…if you want the kit call the shop…It must not have made the site when we changed to the new site…we will get it on soon thoug, tomorrow morning…we are still finding some items that have been lost in the wicked world wide lost website realm…IMG_3014

We had some guests this time…and I a smuck and didn’t write down any names…but these girls stayed at The Gathering retreat house and I wish I could have crashed their party…next time!IMG_3015

Jodi with her Early Bird Pillow Project  looks like she added some fun embroidery!IMG_3016

Jodi sharing a simple but stunning nine patch quilt!!IMG_3018

Sorry Jean…I sometimes don’t capture the best smiles…but this is too cute not to share!IMG_3019IMG_3020

Got ya smiling now!


Kay…A few good men..towel is finished!!!IMG_3022

I do not know for sure but I think these hex’s were a sew along online…


Chris…sharing some Lori Smith Blocks done in wool…IMG_3024IMG_3025IMG_3026

Judy sharing Sunflower Gatherings!!! Yay!IMG_3027

MaryAnn is in the process of moving so she loves that the wool box is keeping here stitching when everything else is packed!f


More towel project finished as well from our last Primitive Christmas event!IMG_3031

Karen showing some of her work..IMG_3032

Wool blocks from the Wool box…Everlasting…DONE!IMG_3033

Our block from the Wooly block adventure 2017?IMG_3034

Finished quilt…IMG_3036

Judy has this awesome tin…Look at how those threads fit in there!!!  So perfect!  Judy you are a genius!…UPDATE…I just order this tin…actually 4 of them…b/c they are only $5.95 and they come with cookies in it!!! BONUS!!  HERE is the link if you have to have this tin!!   ps…I do not make any affiliate money off this…I do not want you I-balling my new tin when I decorate it all up…so I am sharing!

I believe the tulips are a LilyAnna Stitches pattern…IMG_3040

Teri showing off this beauty!  A Timeless Tradition pattern.IMG_3041

Lori with a hand appliquéd runner…IMG_3044Wow…I am so glad I am sharing these with you…I have lots of photos from my OTHER adventures…but no time to post…so I will be back with more…

My phone takes some lovely photos of these sweet ladies…

All for now…stitch away!


Ok…this is CRAZY! Awesome!

So about two weeks ago I received a message from a young women on FB Messenger..she was contacting me because we had both entered our DNA on 23&Me…we were related…it was saying we were first cousins…and we were trying to figure out how…so long story short her Mom was adopted and when they looked at her DNA we came up as Half Sisters…she is 4 years older than me…Her adopted parents told her, her mother was very young…So my Father must have fathered a child he did not know existed before he met my mother.

We had been texting for about two weeks…she was in Alabama where her husband was working but they actually live near Wausau WI..about 1 and a half hour from me.  She came home this week for the summer so we met today…

I haven’t been able to concentrate very well since I found out…I wanted to know so many things…I did not want to actually voice talk to her until we could meet in person……but here is just a little background about my family…I have 4 brothers…raised three sons and now I have two adorable grandsons…so a real Sister??? How can that be!  But when your DNA matches 24.5%..there is no argument and when she sent me her picture as a younger women…I could not believe it…here we are at the same age…30ishIMG_3129

so I cannot tell you what today felt like when I met her…I cannot imagine what it was like to grow up wondering where you came from…she told me I was the first person she has ever talked to that she was related to besides her own daughter…

IMG_5551I have long been “envious” of those who have sisters…and have made “my own” sisters in my life and they are great ones…but to find out after all this time that I have a FOR REAL one!  It’s pretty shocking…but so wonderful all at the same time…

We had a great day and look forward to more…OH..I almost forgot…Her name…is Lisa  she said her adopted mother changed it to Lisa.

Thanks for listening my friends…and if you are looking for someone who is lost out there…I hope you find them or someone….who maybe can fill some void.

Our first selfie…IMG_7669

Happy June Everyone!

I love summer…and I cannot begin to tell you all the things that are happening…so look for lots of posts coming…I know they have been few are far between again…but hopefully we are all organized up and back in the swing of things…

First… I want to start off with the need your prayers for a speedy recovery for someone very important to our family…Ruby 29, just had a major heart valve replacement yesterday and all went well, now we need lots of PRAYERS for a great recovery!!  That is the first thing on my mind this morning…AND  I know your awesome prayers work…


The girls are killing me for not posting this as of yet…but here goes…We have a new cruise to offer you…it is the best/newest/biggest ship in the fleet and we are going to warm/sunny/fun places!!

royal-caribbean-symphony-of-the-seas-exterior-galleryYou all know I love adventure…so let go…stitch/sail/play all day long…

Where are we going…starting from Miami…Labadee Haiti...I’ve been there…it’s so fun…I went parasailing last time and then the beach is marvelous…this time I want to go zip-lining over just about the whole island!…ok maybe not the whole…but I think its the longest zip line I’ve ever seen…then..I’ve never been to San Juan Puerto Rico and then Charlotte Amalie St Thomas and then the new CoCo the Bahamas…it’s an adult playground!!!cococay

Here are all the major details.

March 2021 Caribbean flyer

The Olde Green Cupboard girls really know how to plan a cruise…they have it jammed packed with things to do besides the ports of call!!

They have to book these ships as soon as they come available so we can book the whole conference room…you know how important that is for us to stitch and have a place to hang out it…so that is why it is sooooo far away….but because it is soooooo far away…we have lots of time to SAVE for it…the cruise can be payed in installments so start saving that Starbucks money and you can do on the cruise with us!

Here is the registration form….Symphony of Friends Registration Form

If you have any questions or please contact us!  Gloria’s number is on the form or…904-742-1100.

I’m already getting in shape so I can were my bikini…IMG_7662IMG_3212IMG_3215

15 miles on the WIOWISH trail last night…this is the tunnel under HWY 10…wish I had a riding partner?

Have a great day…hope you are seriously thinking about coming along we will have a blast! Lisa