Ok…this is CRAZY! Awesome!

So about two weeks ago I received a message from a young women on FB Messenger..she was contacting me because we had both entered our DNA on 23&Me…we were related…it was saying we were first cousins…and we were trying to figure out how…so long story short her Mom was adopted and when they looked at her DNA we came up as Half Sisters…she is 4 years older than me…Her adopted parents told her, her mother was very young…So my Father must have fathered a child he did not know existed before he met my mother.

We had been texting for about two weeks…she was in Alabama where her husband was working but they actually live near Wausau WI..about 1 and a half hour from me.  She came home this week for the summer so we met today…

I haven’t been able to concentrate very well since I found out…I wanted to know so many things…I did not want to actually voice talk to her until we could meet in person……but here is just a little background about my family…I have 4 brothers…raised three sons and now I have two adorable grandsons…so a real Sister??? How can that be!  But when your DNA matches 24.5%..there is no argument and when she sent me her picture as a younger women…I could not believe it…here we are at the same age…30ishIMG_3129

so I cannot tell you what today felt like when I met her…I cannot imagine what it was like to grow up wondering where you came from…she told me I was the first person she has ever talked to that she was related to besides her own daughter…

IMG_5551I have long been “envious” of those who have sisters…and have made “my own” sisters in my life and they are great ones…but to find out after all this time that I have a FOR REAL one!  It’s pretty shocking…but so wonderful all at the same time…

We had a great day and look forward to more…OH..I almost forgot…Her name…is Lisa  she said her adopted mother changed it to Lisa.

Thanks for listening my friends…and if you are looking for someone who is lost out there…I hope you find them or someone….who maybe can fill some void.

Our first selfie…IMG_7669


Happy June Everyone!

I love summer…and I cannot begin to tell you all the things that are happening…so look for lots of posts coming…I know they have been few are far between again…but hopefully we are all organized up and back in the swing of things…

First… I want to start off with the need your prayers for a speedy recovery for someone very important to our family…Ruby 29, just had a major heart valve replacement yesterday and all went well, now we need lots of PRAYERS for a great recovery!!  That is the first thing on my mind this morning…AND  I know your awesome prayers work…


The girls are killing me for not posting this as of yet…but here goes…We have a new cruise to offer you…it is the best/newest/biggest ship in the fleet and we are going to warm/sunny/fun places!!

royal-caribbean-symphony-of-the-seas-exterior-galleryYou all know I love adventure…so let go…stitch/sail/play all day long…

Where are we going…starting from Miami…Labadee Haiti...I’ve been there…it’s so fun…I went parasailing last time and then the beach is marvelous…this time I want to go zip-lining over just about the whole island!…ok maybe not the whole…but I think its the longest zip line I’ve ever seen…then..I’ve never been to San Juan Puerto Rico and then Charlotte Amalie St Thomas and then the new CoCo Cay...in the Bahamas…it’s an adult playground!!!cococay

Here are all the major details.

March 2021 Caribbean flyer

The Olde Green Cupboard girls really know how to plan a cruise…they have it jammed packed with things to do besides the ports of call!!

They have to book these ships as soon as they come available so we can book the whole conference room…you know how important that is for us to stitch and have a place to hang out it…so that is why it is sooooo far away….but because it is soooooo far away…we have lots of time to SAVE for it…the cruise can be payed in installments so start saving that Starbucks money and you can do on the cruise with us!

Here is the registration form….Symphony of Friends Registration Form

If you have any questions or please contact us!  Gloria’s number is on the form or…904-742-1100.

I’m already getting in shape so I can were my bikini…IMG_7662IMG_3212IMG_3215

15 miles on the WIOWISH trail last night…this is the tunnel under HWY 10…wish I had a riding partner?

Have a great day…hope you are seriously thinking about coming along we will have a blast! Lisa