My latest obsession?

This might surprise you a bit…but then again maybe not…As you know I have this beautiful kitchen and that makes be want everything in it to be awesome as well…

anchor point kitchen

image_d6f97f41-cb53-4818-8ac2-11fd25eac33f.img_5641so here it is….

I am obsessed  with Pyrex!

Not only because it is better/healthier way for storing your food than in plastic, it’s also so pretty!  I have included quick  links to go to Pyrex if you wish to purchase some of these as well…I do not make any money from pyrex…I just love it their product…Maybe  they will send me some to give away?

Here is some eye candy…and the first two are my current favorites!IMG_3325

Really…they are killing me with these new ones! Click HERE


and then look at the patterns…are these kinda quilty or am I the only one who thinks so?IMG_3329

Can you say Aqua?  How sweet are these? To order these from Pyrex click HERE


Sophisticated blue & white…Click HERE to purchase

IMG_3327and then…seasonal of course!  These are all sold individually on their site.

pumpkins, mummies and haunted houses…my pet peeve…where did my lid go?

Nick, what cabinet did you put it in?  I know I’ll have to check the highest ones in the kitchen, the ones where I have to get the stool out for…that’s where he puts them…do you think he does it on purpose or is he just trying to put things away as fast and he can and whatever…

IMG_9800 3

Christmas…where is the gingerbread house one…the third one to this set?  I found it…see next pic…IMG_6464

here is an action shot…in use…a look into the fridge…notice I didn’t show the whole thing?


They also come in plain if plain and simple is your thing… and you can customize your lid colors or get replacement ones…uh-hem (see above)!! I just found this out…click HERE if you want to browse Amazon

If you want to start a collection of Pyrex… Click HERE for their whole website.  I did send them an email to say I was going to do a post about these and see if they would sponsor a give-away but …no reply…so I will do my own giveaway.

If you are an Amazon groupie they have some there but not the cool pretty ones shown above…and of course Walmart does have them and the decorated ones from the Pioneer Woman some of her patterns are shown here in the fridge..

I was not going to post this until tomorrow but…I guess there was a random post of my kitchen that got sent out into the inter-space…so now you see the whole post…I was uploading photos to my /computer  from my phone  to blog and somehow they published?????????

Leave me a comment to win the live, love, share set of containers…and have a great day…oh…make sure you stitch something today as well…after you clean your fridge while waiting for your new containers….LB


Moda Charm Week 6

It’s the last day of July (sad face) already! My favorite time of the year is flying by fast! (as always) but lets celebrate with a give-away…read on!


Here is a peek at this week’s Charm Swap pattern…Vanessa from Lella Boutique is using MY Star & Stripe Gatherings fabrics….This is an awesome table runner…I love how it sparkles!   Head on over to Vanessa’s  BLOG  to get the pattern!Mini Chandelier Table Runner1

If you need the Charm pack for this runner click HERE-do not hesitate there are limited charm packs left.

If you need the white/red background click HERE

If you need the red binding click HERE

If you need backing click HERE

I hope you love this runner and if you need any red, white and blue fabrics we have a bunch of them HERE!

If you would like to see more of the Star & Stripe Gatherings Precuts click HERE.

If you would like to WIN a kit for this table runner please leave a comment and tell me your favorite summer activity!

Here’s was the whole Summer Schedule if you missed any of the designer patterns
June 26 ~ Kansas Troubles
July 3 ~ Sherri McConnell   
July 10 ~ Laurie Simpson
July 17 ~ Me and My Sister Designs
July 24 ~ Primitive Gatherings
July 31 ~ Lella Boutique

Do you have all six pattern printed?

Have a great summer day!  It’s 100 degrees in Dallas…and I like the heat, but it is kinda like walking inside of a furnace….look for some fun pics from QuiltStock and ReStore this week!

my best…




Jacksonville Retreat Projects!

I know some of you are “on the fence” and are waiting to see what NEW projects I have designed for our Jacksonville Florida retreat…and…here they are…The projects are not available to the public yet…so be patient until after the retreat, I will post when they are ready.

Fall is coming…so I thought I would design a set of three 5″ wool mats to be featured on this hand made wood clipboard stand made at Primitive Gatherings…YES…you get the stand  in your kit too!


This big 22″ wool mat is never out of season… I wanted to come up with a new mat shape and here it is!  The hydrangea wool is a new wool color as well!


Have you any wool?  This framed (or pillow) sheep is carrying his wool to be made into fabric for us to stitch!  Frame is not included but can be ordered ahead for 42$, black or cream.

PrimitiveGatherings_HaveEweAnyWoolSo these are the 3 main projects for our week long escape in a beautiful brand new Jacksonville hotel…Sept. 8-14th 2019

I will have your supply sheets ready when I return home August 12, for those of you who are signed up already!

So… if you want to join us…The super awesome ladies from Olde Green Cupboard handle all the details for this event.  Click HERE for all the details

I am nursing a sore neck…too much hand stitching…but it’s time to pack for QuiltStock and RESTore…my plane leaves super early tomorrow!

I hope you can come and stitch with us in Florida…we have a fun week planned.


Moda Charm Swap…Week 5



It’s my week to post! I had the privilege of using Good Day from Me & My Sister…Now I know you are all like… what??? Lisa can’t work with brights!!! Well…I just want you all to know…I can ROCK brights…I made a simple, cute, adorable quilt using their Charm pack…now we also could use a little yardage as well with the quilt so I asked the girls to send me some FQS as well…IMG_4714image

I cut the M&MS charms into 2 1/2″ squares…I needed a few more to complete the design so I cut up some 2 1/2″ squares from those 3 FQs to get the required amount…You need 196 print 2 1/2″ squares and 29 solid white 2 1/2″ squares to form the X through the quilt…Now if you know me well you know I love to appliqué and my company Primitive Gatherings has the best hand dyed wools…so I added a little Duck and her ducklings to add a little more interest to the quilt, but the quilt would look fine without them as well…Click this link Duck Quilt  to download the pattern…The Duckling quilt is 47″x 47″ with the border.  If you need a Good Day Charm pack click HERE  This is a link for Fat Quarter Shop…we do not have these charm packs.                                              But … If you need a wool kit and or threads for your Ducks…Click HERE  we have wools and threads.LisabongeanI just read the pattern and it says 1/2 yd for the green inner border…but like I said before…I know I only had a FQ of it but if you don’t want your inner border to be in lots of pieces use a 1/2 yd.  I also used the remaining fabrics from those FQs for the binding…that is why it is scrappy…again if you want one color binding use one, your choice.IMG_4713

We live on a lake in Wisconsin and we see Ducks & Geese raising their families every year…I tried to take a pic of them today on their daily swim…but they are all getting older now and a little more mobile then when they were younger…IMG_4622

I am sure they will be on their own soon!


Now that you know the reason for the Ducks…I guess I should also say…I am sooooo impatiently waiting for my flannel line to arrive which is any day…now the only thing I had left of my designer precuts was a layercake…so…I made this…but because we had a bunch of storms with tornadoes and no power at the warehouse for three days…and this is where my long arm is… it didn’t get quilted…but I know you all will understand…so I decided to baste it for a big stitch demo coming soon…IMG_4704

and… because I had a layer cake…I made the squares 3 1/2″ and the quilt finished 64″ square…so this pattern its easily adaptable…and it could also be make from a Farmhouse flannel charm pack using the duck pattern with the 2 1/2″squares…I don’t want to be mean sharing this and then not sharing this pattern as well.

Click this link to print pattern. Elephant Quilt


If you are interested in a kit for the Elephant quilt click this link


I just had enough batting to make this work…


an no…I do not have a pic of elephants roaming the field here in WI to show you…but Jake wanted me to put elephants on this quilt…so elephants it is…

IMG_4711Now as of yesterday this is ready for the hand quilting frame…make sure you stop back here to find out how this turns out after it has been big-stitch quilted with perle cotton!!!

Also…Check back next Wednesday for the last charm quilt pattern.  Wednesday, July 31st, for Vanessa of Lella Boutique..she is making a charm quilt with Primitive Gatherings fabric!  I can’t wait!!!

If you need to go the the other designers …here are their sites for the FREE charm pack patterns they have provided earlier.

Here’s the Summer Schedule …
June 26 ~ Kansas Troubles
July 3 ~ Sherri McConnell   
July 10 ~ Laurie Simpson
July 17 ~ Me and My Sister Designs
July 24 ~ Primitive Gatherings
July 31 ~ Lella Boutique

Have a great HUMP day….


Moda Charm Week 4!


Here is a peek at this week’s Charm swap pattern…Me and My Sisters using Lauries Minick & Simpsons’s fabrics….This would make a great baby quilt!!! Hop on over to Mary & Barb’s  BLOG to get the pattern!image

Check back each Wednesday thru July for a new charm quilt each week. Watch next Wednesday, July 17th, for those two crazy ladies from Me and My Sister Designs…it is there week to feature their charm swap challenge reveal. We all can’t wait!

Here’s the Summer Schedule …
June 26 ~ Kansas Troubles
July 3 ~ Sherri McConnell   
July 10 ~ Laurie Simpson
July 17 ~ Me and My Sister Designs
July 24 ~ Primitive Gatherings
July 31 ~ Lella Boutique

Next week is my week…can you guess who’s fabric I got to create with?  Well, I won’t be letting out the secret until next Wednesday. So you have to wait for that one…I hope you are all enjoying Summer…did you know Summer is my favorite season. Primitive Gatherings

Every summer we stitch a block of the week…this is one of this summer’s …I love it!!!

Have a great summer day!


summer fun…

It’s time to post some pictures of family fun…the 4th of July week and this last weekend have been my scheduled vacation since January…I love summer…I love the heat…the summer nights especially the sunsets on Anchor Point…for those of you who are new here we named our home we build 3 years ago Anchor Point.  I have not been able to spend lots of time here so when I get 5 weeks home…I truly try to make the best of it…

I love the wild life of living on the lake…there is always something to watch…

IMG_3215 2

We live near an old railroad bed that has been converted into a recreational trail…Jake and Lauren and the boys joined Jeter and I for a midmorning walk…


IMG_5692 2

Baby O is 7 months old and is finally somewhat liking people other than Mama…so it was nice to spend some quality time with him as well…He is a happy baby…and his Papa loves to make him smile as much as he can.


Mimi (that’s me) tried to get a photo of the two of them together…not an easy task..


I try to keep Jace busy with activities…so I am alway looking for something different…these were sidewalk paints…they were different but didn’t go very far…they ran out of chalk paint way to soon…IMG_4086

We also visited out old neighbors and what had once been adult only parties has now turned into very kid friendly…Jace had a ball on their water slide, we need to up our game in that department.  Our slip & slide I bought was pretty lame….Larry & Diane had a regular playground of things to do for our combined 4 grandchildren along with a house full of food.  It was nice to see them and our old house…(shown here in the background)


The kids couldn’t wait for the fireworks…but the weather did not hold up for us…we shot a few of leftover fireworks we had found from last year…and then watched them over the lake instead of being in Winneconne on the water.   I didn’t realize how close and good you could see them from the house because we are always there…but we knew we were going to see them on Saturday so it was not too disappointing…


Lauren was all prepared for Baby O…to watch the fireworks…see next photo.


Here are some pic of our fireworks on Saturday when Scott & Jody invited us to Royal Vista for fireworks…Nick & I took the motorcycle there for an evening ride which was a nice bonus as well.


Baby O slept through them all….IMG_4238

Waiting to see the show…


Little Man and his Daddy…..Jake is such a good Dad…even when Little Man is a handful…he gets tired and cranky sometimes…but Jake has lots of patience…more than Papa for sure…

IMG_4262 3IMG_3675IMG_6082IMG_0216 3

We sat on a beach with a ton of others but it was really awesome!


Then it was time to get ready for our weekend for my family to come and stay…I put the finishing touches on the cleaning of our converted boathouse for my brother Brad & Tina and the boys to stay in…It was nice to see it all cleaned up instead of a storage spot for all the “stuff” we have.  I don’t remember scrubbing a floor on my hand and knees to be such a chore…but the results were worth the effort…I do not think I showed the boat house before so I included some pics here…



The Thursday before everyone arrived was just amazingly beautiful, the work and prepping all done…hoping for great weekend weather as well…


imageI gave mugs as a keepsake for all who came and shared the weekend with us.  White for girls navy for boys…


Papa blew up all the floating creatures and Jace had to try one out right away on Friday!


Romey…loves the water and is waiting his turn to jump in!


My niece Kaity spent lots of time in the water with the kids….Jace and  (niece) Addie…IMG_5491.JPG

A content Baby…not missing a thing…


Tina (who is the Master wool- dyer for PG) and her son Tyler and Rudy (the Corgie) playing cornhole…


GG…Great Grandma…taking a nap on the Crock-agator…IMG_4405

Jake made wood fish for everyone to paint…I can’t wait to show you what I am going to do with them….


Saturday was boat ride day on Lake Winneconne/ Lake Poygan…Baby O slept through the whole thing…again.


GG with Little Man…blowing bubblesIMG_4427 2

We all helped with the chores…Brad…grilling the corn.

imageLittle man eating the corn… of my favorite things is photographing this little man…


can you tell?  Jace painted lots of fish…IMG_4408 2


IMG_4431 2

and night-time poker…which I won $7 in case you were wondering…IMG_4433

Ok…I love to photograph Baby O as well!!!


Jace and Papa fishing…sorry Papa…but look I got your new tattoo!

IMG_4442IMG_4444 2

There was lots of food and treats…


GG and Baby O..(Owen if I didn’t mention that yet…but he is finally enjoying being held by someone other than his Mama…


GG-and both her boys…


Some of the floating critters…on the last day.


IMG_4462Slow down Sunday as I like to call it…my sister Lisa came with her daughter Jenni…for a visit and some sun…


As you can see Jace welcomed her right into the family with an octopus tentacle hug!

IMG_4465I had a great time…it went very well…my only regret??? I missed some photos ..I missed a group shot…but everyone was not here for all of it or at the same time…I missed a photo of the 5 dogs that were here…keeping Nick on his dog, Romey..had to go stay the weekend with he, the littlest one…does not always like lots of dog company.  We had 16 people guests total…and a lot of fun!

Thanks for a great time for those who came…I guess there is no reason not to do it again next year!

As for my quilting friends…this is a look into why I work so hard…so I can enjoy what we have with my family and friends…hope you loved seeing more of Baby O…all for now…

I need to get back to my work!  The summer weeks fly by so fast!  Lisa