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Stunning Stitches for Crazy Quilts-500x500

Did you see this awesome, newest book on crazy stitches?  Not only does it give you some great ideas for your seam designs….It informs and shows you how to use these stitch templates that are also available…

Click HERE to order book.

I know a bunch of you are working on the Crazy Season blog hop we were doing this year and this is perfect for that…I think this is a better option than sticking an adhesive product and then getting your project wet to get if off…here they are… Embroidery Stitch Templates-500x500

You can find the Templates HERE to purchase.


Here they are all cut ready to use…in their categories.


So they day after I finished our Summer Block of the week I got these in the mail…and look what was included…IMG_5264

You would mark on dark with the our favorite marking pen.  Click HERE for white marking pen. You would use lead pencil on light fabric…



When the feather stitch is complete…add the lazy daisy flowers…


Here is mine using no templates…I am pretty good…but with these the template my stitching would have been perfect…don’t get me wrong…I am perfectly fine with my stitching…but SO MANY people struggle with the stitches itself and then the spacing is another killer…so regardless of you level of expertise you NEED these template…

IMG_5266We have the book and the templates available on our website just click the links above in the post to “go there”…again…remember we so appreciate you ordering from us…and rewarding us for informing you on these great products…I know you know it is the right thing to do to support the little businesses.

We also have FREE shipping on a $100 order and…we just got a huge new shipment of Valdani 8 wt. threads if you need to pump up your order to reach the free shipping mark…We now have every thread color and weight Valdani has three strand floss, 12,8 and 5 weights……here are the new ones…again these are 8 weights we have not had before…those embroidery stitches look so much better in the thicker weights 8 and 5s…and before the thought enters your mind…yes…these are all coming home to live at Anchor Point. Here is a quick link to the threads  I have shown them two ways so you can see the numbers and the colors better.PrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.SolidCollection2PrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.SolidCollection2.iPrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.SolidCollection1PrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.SolidCollection1.iPrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.OandVseriesPrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.OandVseries.i

These are the JPs now available in 8 wt.PrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.JPseries

Just look how lovely this looks in our warehouse…

IMG_5370 2also…My cousin Mary is here visiting from Delaware…and she confiscated my templates for one of her projects she was working on…and now she is so crazy in love with her abilities… she was driving everyone crazy saying…how awesome she is now that she has these…she reminded us several times…every hour.IMG_5388IMG_5387IMG_5389 3

Mary and my sister Lisa met for the first time…we went to Amaze & Grace, the Harley shop…Culvers for dinner(on Mary’s list) and then to Lambeau!!! We had some fun…and…we should not shop together…ever…again! That’s all I’m saying…IMG_5411IMG_5412IMG_5413IMG_5409

If you want to win a book…please comment on something...I’m too crazy busy at the moment to think of something clever…

All for now…talk soon…LB



Blog Winners…

Hey Everyone!!
Life has been crazy here…I am working on another blog post but thought I would post the winners from my last two blog posts…
Kay U McAllister

Love what they have done with all the dishes, wished my refrigerator was that neat and clean. Thanks for a chance to win.


I love summer! We love to go to the beach and just relax and read a good book. But paddle boarding or kayaking on one of the many lakes in the area is right up there with favorite things about summer. Thank you for showing us this darling quilt using such a fun charm pack.
Mini Chandelier Table Runner1
Please email Amy who is keeper of the prizes…  and she will get them in the mail for you!!!