2019 Schedule…Workshop & Shows

Hey Everyone…I get lots of comments from people wondering how they can sign up to go to a retreat, workshop or event I am holding/attending.

So here are the remaining dates for 2019.

October 3 California Stitcher’s Gatherings- open sewing, which means bring your project and I will help you…and you will learn a lot by the other ladies bringing their projects…You can bring quilting, wool work, embroidery, hand quilting, punch needle and anything else I will try and help you with!  Super fun class and if we fill up we will up you can put your name on for the next one…

October 25-28 Fall Quilt Market– open to shop owners only where they can  buy the up coming fabric lines and products, basically anything stitch related


October 31-November 3 Houston Quilt Festival- the biggest quilt show in the country…Primitive Gatherings will have 6 large booths packed full of fabrics, kits and the latest sewing stuff!

November 17-21– California Fall Retreat in beautiful Temecula Valley wine county!  This is a fun relaxed retreat where you will work on some of the newest projects from Primitive Gatherings as well as your own  project!  I will be teaching and hanging out til the wee hours of the morning with you all!

December 4-6…Normal IL Hands all Around Quilt Guild…They talked me into coming back!!! I will be teaching Friday and Saturday one wool class and one mini quilt class…

There will be a antique quilt trunk show and slide show Thursday night- Recreating the Past a look at fabric designing, how I use my antique quilt collection and I show about 20 antiques and their re-created versions…..if you are in the area contact them to see if you can join in!!!! Here is the link to their site…


I think I got them all… thanks for hanging out with us!






There is something SWEET at Primitive Gatherings…

I am so in LOVE with these new panels from Sweetwater’s, Printworks line!

Just look how cool these panels look in my outdoor living porch….IMG_5934Panel Size: 54″ x 65″

This panel is printed on 100% Cotton Canvas. For a super easy quilt, just add backing and batting, quilt as desired and bind.  NOTE…THIS ONE IS STAYING RIGHT HERE…Anchor Point is it’s new home…

Best part…they are only $39.99! Crazy right?

IMG_5933I think this just made that wedding quilt thing much easier!….

There are a total of four large panels and see the sampler panel at the end of the post…

Here are the other two panels…imageimage

Do you see how you can add fabric to them as well?  Think of the possibilities…

IMG_5959 2




or… you can purchase one panel that has all four panels on them 18″x 27″ for small spaces or to make a bag out of it…or just a mini quilt or????

I can’t wait to see what all can be done with them..

Here is the link you can go to purchase your favorite one…We ordered a bunch but they will go fast….ORDER HERE

I am sewing at home today after this post….making tiny little blocks for the next moda compilation quilt book…

talk again soon…


Single-fold Binding Tutorial

Today September 25th – 27 if you purchase $25 you get this pattern FREE!…This  project is now on our website for you to order a kit if you are interested.  The kit is only $30 and includes the flannel for background, binding…and all the beautiful hand dyed wools.  Order HERE.  The threads used are also linked on that same page as the mat.

For your convince there are links in this tutorial for other items needed.

We THANK YOU in advance for supporting our shop with any of your stitching needs.


Single fold binding?  Why? Well, sometimes you do not need the strength of a double fold binding like you do on the edge of a quilt.  The double fold binding is durable to take the daily use that a bed quilt might endure.  If your quilts are being used you know what I mean when I say they will take some abuse…like a well used and washed baby quilt.

But a lot of the time if the project will not be used on a bed, the edge application does not have to be as sturdy.  Thus, single fold binding…for wall hangings, mini quilts and projects like a table mat…also it saves a little fabric.

Why can I put a binding on this mat and not others? Well this depends on the edge…if it is scalloped those are harder edges to put a binding on and we usually blanket stitch them with thick perle cotton on the edge …but if it is oval or circular we can bind it.

I also used flannel as the background of this project instead of wool, which keeps the price down a bit as well, but the flannel is not thick like wool…so I added a little batting and backing and put a binding on it just like a quilt.

So on to the single fold tutorial…

Cut your binding on the bias when doing anything with a curve.

Cut a diagonal cut through the center of your fabric.

This then becomes the edge of your binding and you will fold and line up this edge as your starting cut your strips.

Cut single fold binding for this project 1 3/4″.  You will sometimes have to test what size you wish to use….I am making this one a little larger for two reasons…one, this is flannel and two because I am going to put this binding on a little bigger than a 1/4″…more like 3/8″.

After your strips are cut, lay them right sides together and stitch on the diagonal.


Press the seams open.IMG_6072

Start with a straight edge and lay it right sides-together on the edge.  Start stitching about 4 to 5 inches from the beginning of the strip using your walking foot.  IMG_6073

The binding will curve nicely as your stitch around the mat.


When the end is near, about 6″ away,  stop stitching.  Pin the start of the mat in place.  IMG_6075

Now lay the end over the top of it…move the pin to where the inside edges meet…you might even move it back an 1/8 to snug it up…IMG_3671 2

Now take that inside start corner and place it right sides together at the same point you moved the pin to.IMG_3293 2

Move the pin to hold them together.   Shorten your stitch length to about half of your normal stitch length was for stitching the binding on…stitch  from the outside edge to the bottom intersection.  IMG_3702IMG_6080

Clip 1/4″ away from the seam and press it open.IMG_6072

Lay the binding at the edge of the mat.  Continue stitching, putting your stitch length back to normal, until you meet the beginning.IMG_6083

Now flip the binding over to the back side.IMG_6084

Lift up and fold down the raw edge to meet the edge of the mat.  IMG_6085

Now fold it down one more time and clip in place with binding clips..  I don’t go crazy..about three to get started…IMG_6086IMG_6087

Thread your binding needle with quilting thread..IMG_6088

Insert needle above the stitched edge, come out on the fold edge a little away form where you inserted.IMG_6089

Insert the needle into the backing just below the stitched line, biting the backing and batting and then moving up into the binding fold.IMG_6090

The thread will loop and close the binding with out seeing any thread.  It especially hides in the flannel.IMG_6091

Continue taking stitches.IMG_6093

Flip it over to see if you are getting a nice tight full binding.IMG_6094 2

Continue all the way around!

I hope this tutorial was helpful and now you will consider a single fold binding on your quilt and wool projects!

Thanks for reading our blog and I will put this tutorial under the tutorial category at the beginning of the blog for you to access whenever you need it or you can always print it off…LisaIMG_6100

Fall Frenzy…September 25-27th

Its Fall Frenzy at the Wisconsin shop…Primitive Gatherings along with Going to Pieces in Appleton and two other shops in Green Bay will be participating.

If you come to Primitive Gatherings during this time you get this pattern FREE with a $25 purchase during the small shop hop….I stitched this while in Utah on a mini retreat…just in time for this event!  It is 18″ wide and we do have kits for them for just $30 each…I added batting and a binding on it for something different….You could also add a little quilting in the center to add a little more to it…I will be putting a candle on the center so I did not bother adding some quilting…I just used a fabric adhesive to secure the layers together and then look for a single fold binding tutorial later on today…IMG_6100We will be offering this deal on our website for those of you who cannot come to the shop…we would never leave you out!

Had a quick little retreat with friends in UT Friday through Sunday…There is a three hour flight from Appleton to Vegas…where Vegas Val picked me up to join Joyce, Louise, Charlene, Mimi, Diane, Deleska, aka Demelza,  Ginger, Gale, Shannon and Lily in St. George!!!   Saturday Diane and I had a little hike in red mountains…then a message with everyone else and lunch after…then back to the stitching…I can’t wait to show you what else I stitched…IMG_6002

It started out a little chilly in the morning…IMG_6003

the sun on the red rocks was beautiful…IMG_5985

The black volcano rock….IMG_5982

sometimes the trail was rocky and not flat…a nice incline/declineIMG_5994

Inside the canyon…IMG_5989

sometimes the trail was flat and sandy…IMG_5979IMG_5984

see the guy ascending the mountain?IMG_0634 2

the spa…IMG_6008

the middle of the round-a-bout


wish I could hike this on a regular basis…IMG_5997

Had a blast!  Thanks for reading about my adventures…


What’s going on in Jacksonville?

Lots of wool work…that’s what going on…

We are Retreating at the beautiful Hyatt at St. Johns Town Center.

We had a slight delay from the Hurricane Dorian….with out shipments being held up but they were all delivered on Monday and after lunch we were off busily…tracing, ironing, cutting and fusing and because we only had a half day of work on Monday…we carried on and started stitching on Tuesday…This hydrangea mat was out biggest and most complicated project we have this week out of the three they will be making…

Here are some photos of from Monday…

IMG_5650IMG_5651IMG_5652IMG_5653IMG_5654IMG_5655IMG_5656IMG_5658IMG_5659IMG_5660IMG_5661IMG_5663IMG_5667 2

Since I am teaching and can’t really make the same thing twice…I changed up the colors and will be doing a blue hydrangea on a light background…

Jenny, who is a loyal follower of mine, was working on her freebie blocks from the summer block of the week this year…while we waiting on Monday morning for out shipments of supplies…we all were so impressed with he knots on all of the sheep…IMG_5646and then look what else she is working on!!!!! I was pretty enamored by this….it’s all wool with a little hex for each day of 2019!!!!IMG_5648

Yesterday…we started with the stitching….first lesson cross stitching the stems…then blanket stitching…feather stitching in the leaves and finally the long straight stitched in the flowers topped off with a colonial knot…IMG_5669IMG_5671IMG_5672IMG_5673IMG_5674

As you can see it’s a pretty laid back retreat…IMG_5675IMG_5677IMG_5679

The sheep fairy came and left one of her babies for everyone…which were put to work right away////////////1


Here is my finished sample…with all the stitching completed…and the new version…which I use teach all the stitches during the class and then will have another sample for the shop.  If you wish to purchase your own kit or pattern for this project you can do so HERE. My new version is on the web as well…please pick the light background and you will receive my version of Hydrangea in the Sunshine.IMG_5682

We also have a nice little store set up…but did you know when you come to retreat with us…all your kits are included in the retreat price…a lot of retreats charge you extra for your kits…just thought I needed to point this out.  So when you think about going to a retreat make sure you know what you are all signing up for and getting…IMG_5683

and… we get a little Florida sun as well each day….IMG_5685

Well it’s time to get my suit on for our 7:30 water aerobics class one of the students is teaching this morning!!!  It’s hot here…but not August/ Dallas hot!

Keep reading the blog this week for a chance to win some of these kits we are making here!

PS..I wish I could wake up…talk for awhile and then fall asleep again…how does one do that? I’m rooming with cousin Mary who is snoring so daintily beside me right now…

my best…Lisa

July Wool Subscription Box reveal…

Look at all these yummy wool goodies…that were sent out late July!

Two on-going Everlasting blocks, a bundle of wools, stitch cards… recipes… and…the famous caramels!

Luna… a fall pumpkin mat was the featured kit this box…the white pumpkins sewn on a gorgeous fall plaid….

8 new additions to our 52 Way to Celebrate…

These little guys are for August and September to display.


LLate Summer blooms… was the pincushion.

We also sent out these mini canning jars with 25 precut woolie pieces…we are  running a contest with them!!!

Here is one of the recipes from the July box..it was soooooo gooood!  I know there are lots of cherry tomatoes this time year!

This pasta salad will be the hit of the potluck!

So maybe you want to join the Subscription Wool Box fun! If you do join you will have an opportunity later on to purchase some of the items that are on-going.  Like the previous quilt blocks and the previous Celebrations! 52 mini ways…so do not worry about that…

Our boxes are only $60 plus $6 shipping and they hold over $100 retail value each time…they ship every other month.  We have a Facebook group that you can ask to join when you subscribe as well. So why not join in the fun  Order HERE!                                  Last chance to order the September box!

I am packing today for my trip to Jacksonville…It was a pretty close call with the Hurricane and if we would have had to cancel it I think it would have put us all over the deep end to have this happen two years in a row to us, but that’s not the case… Whew we dodged one there…the only thing we are waiting on is all our our boxes to arrive at Glorias…but UPS is probably swamped and they will eventually get there.

Have a great Saturday and some of you I will see tomorrow!

my best..