Summer Is over???

Well…some think the end to summer is Labor Day weekend…I disagree…there still are plenty of nice/warm days left…I know some of you are in a much warmer climate…but your wearing your puff North Face jacket when it drops to 80 degrees…so lets just say…for you the cooler weather can’t come fast enough…for us..we’d like it to stay away a little longer…

But as summer is winding down I wish to share a few things…Our summer block of the week’s are finishing up…Here are the results for the Wool version…we will be running them as a Blocks of the Month soon…I don’t know when they will be up on the site but SOON… we will start taking sign ups…I promise….we will let you know when that happens.

Kathy Decker finished the scrappy version and it’s ALL quilted!!! already!!! It’s crazy AWESOME and I love it…I just might finish my light version after seeing this!

I wanted to thank ALL of you who participated in this years SBOWs…. border kits are being dyed and we will be assembling them soon, we will also let you know in the FB group when they start shipping.

…and it’s now time to reveal your freebie finishing…to those of you who do not know what this is… when you do the SBOW you get something free each week with your block… this year they were these little colorful sheep!

This little guy is on it way to Linda and I’m sure she’ll spruce it up with some fab quilting in those open spaces!

If you are interested in our finishing kit and pattern and it even includes the backing in the kit as well….you can go HERE to our website to order yours now…we will have this for sale in its entirety after we have shipped out finishing kits to our customers…

Now here’s a few pics from my weekend…how was your long weekend?

I harvested some apples off my dwarf trees I planted a couple years ago…some other things from the garden…hot peppers… don’t know what I am going to do with these yet…

Dried some tomatoes in my oven… it has a built in dehydrator…I packed these in olive oil, first time for this…anyone have a good recipe for Sun-dried tomato Aioli?  I think I spelled that right…We went to a BBQ… the food was a real treat and had a bon fire and some games…

Some plums too, from my trees … Mom is getting these to make jelly.

And look at this!!!! Congrats to Barbara whose last years block of the week Twilight Garden won best of show at the South Dakota State Fair!!!!  I was trilled to see this!

Then my week with cousin Mary ended with an almost run to the emergency room… but I fixed her up after she stabbed herself trying to make colonial knots!!! But, boy did she get the projects done while hanging out with me.

Looking forward to Jacksonville next week… thank GOD that hurricane is not hitting dead on us again!

Talk with you soon…