It’s the official start of…Moda Block Heads 3!

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It’s HERE!!!

Don’t you just love the Blockhead Stitch Alongs!!!!

As an original BH, I want to welcome you!

We are ALL going to have a blast stitching these blocks!  If you are new… get ready for a year of fun…read the posts…educate yourself…there are lots of very talented designers in this years stitch along and they are all here to give their hints and advice for their style or manner in which they complete these blocks!  Each week you will have to visit the designer who designed the block to get the pattern.  You can visit all the  designers to see what they have created, or at least go to your favorites if you don’t have all the time in the world…but go check everyone’s block the first week…just to see…then if you haven’t already picked your fabrics…get them starched and ready to go after you have printed the first block off of Corey’s blog…then also make sure you are following along on the Facebook group where you can post your block and see everyone else’s.

Here is the link for the Moda Block Heads Facebook group  and don’t be shy…post…comment…and have fun!

Oh..and before I show my MBH3…let’s take a trip back in time…and look at my last two MBH’s.

Block Heads 2…was pretty much a planned sampler quilt…I added some sashing to it…It was quilted by Maggie Honeyman with an edge to edge orange peel design!IMG_5256.jpeg

Block Heads 1 was comprised of 6″ blocks…and we designed our own settings…I bordered each 6″block with Half Square Triangles…and added 2 inch stars for cornerstones…Linda Hrcka quilted this beauty and it is beyond stunning…and Linda is going to do MBH3 in my fabrics and 12″ blocks!

If you missed out on this book…all six Moda designers have their finished quilts in this book..Moda Blockheads   Click the link and you can get yourself a copy from Primitive Gatherings! Or if you would rather purchase it from Amazon…here is the link…Moda Blockheads Amazon

This year I am going to do 4″ blocks…and I will share my layout with you as well…my quilt will be small 40″x 55″-ish..I may add a bigger outer border yet…I’m not sure and guess what…I don’t have to know yet…the end is a looooooonnnnnnng way away…

I am using two fabric lines…Urban Farmhouse Gatherings and the just arrived Indigo Gatherings…creams, all shades of grey and blues along with a Bella Solid!!!!!  Indigo Gatherings   &  Urban Farmhouse Gatherings fabrics can be found by clicking the highlighted links…Lisa Bongean Urban & Indigo

So… now here is my version of Corey’s block  Click the link to go to Corey’s blog to print out the PDF pattern.L Bongean MBH3-1Lisa Bongean MBH3-1

Most of all the block patterns include 4″ block cutting sizes…but this first one did not…so here they are…(you still need to go to Corey’s blog to get the pattern) Here is a printable link –Block 1-MBH3 -4″ cutting 

Here is block 1…

A   12    1” squares

B    8     1”x 1 ½” rectangles

C    8     1” squares

D   1      2 ¼” square cut in half twice diagonally

E   2       2 ¼” squares cut in half twice diagonally

F   4        1 3/16” squares

G   4        1 3/8” squares cut in half once diagonally

H    1       1 ½” square


I did not think I could post these until Friday…so next time I will make them prettier…Happy Stitching!

NOTE: Do not attempt to make these 4” squares unless you have saturated your fabrics with heavy starch…let them dry naturally…and then… iron them with steam to get them ready for cutting.

and then…here is my preliminary layout…

Lisa Bongean MBH3 layoutI just noticed the cream parts are not showing the correct piecing…but this is the idea…the grey squares are our pieced blocks…and If you following my color placements in my blocks each week…it will all work out!  I will get this fixed and show you it again with the cream triangles fixed…sorry!

Please do not be afraid of the little blocks…I will hold your hand through it and you can ask questions in the comment section here …or directly to me on Facebook (Lisa Hoefler Bongean) and in the Moda Blockheads group..but I may miss it there because there is so much going on…but if I already answered the question in my post…do not ask me if you did not read my post…I will not repeat myself…so please read!  I know you all just like/want to look at the pictures!!!. lol!!!Lisa Bongean

My set of itty bitty creative grid rulers for working with small measurements are really helpful!

There are 5 of them 3×7. 6×6, 5×15, 15×15 & 8×24..the link above will take you there.  Notice there are no solid lines on the rulers and they have 1/8. 3/8 and so on marked out?  No more guessing!

Block Heads Header - Gray.png

Here is the schedule for the first round of blocks mark your calendars!    

1.15 – Corey Yoder –

1.22 – Sherri McConnell –

1.29 – Betsy Chutchian –

2.5 – Jan Patek –

2.12 – Brigitte Heitland –

2.19 – Lisa Bongean –

2.26 – Lissa Alexander –

3.4 – Laurie Simpson –

3.11 – Vanessa Goertzen –

3.18 – Stacy Iest Hsu –

3.25 – Robin Pickens –

4.1 – Janet Clare –

4.8 – Jen Kingwell –

4.15 – Joanna Figueroa –
If you have not already done so…please subscribe to my blog…by putting your email address here…then every time I post it will send you an email….IMG_8565
if you are not on a computer…scroll down on your phone or tablet until you can find it…
Thanks for stopping by the blog here today and reading all the way to the end….I hope I did not miss anything…but if so…just leave a comment or use the FB group!
XO Lisa


IMG_8513 2How are you at organizing?  I get to a point… if there if too much stuff I cannot work…my home studio was starting to look like a dumping ground for lost fabric!!! I know..I know…you all wish you had such a problems…but between the wool scraps and the fabrics leftover from making 6 quilts in a fabric line and then there is 10 years of it…it starts to bust out of everything…so that is the first area I have been attacking…Everything is off the floor that’s been piling…then everything goes in a drawer…I will then sort the drawers when I have it all “in” and hopefully can purge some of that…once I see what is all there…

So look for some fun things from me this year…like Friday is Give-Away Day!  Even though I want to keep it all I am not going to…so look for planned and spontaneous give-aways on Fridays!IMG_8516 2

I find it is nice to go through your projects, your threads and your fabric that you are not ever going to use….donate it…give it away…share it with friends that may not have a big budget for their art…Make your space pretty…make it functional…make it a joy to sit in and amongst your things and create!  I’m ready! I love stitching in my space…LB studio 1LB studio 3LB studio 2

…all clear to start the next project!LB studio 4

Then there is another thing in my life….it is my time…I need to organize my time…I need to schedule certain things for certain days and stick to it…blogging, Instagram and facebook posts as well as meetings..and maybe do some Facebook Live stuff….let me know if you want to discuss certain things…I will also keep you informed of my schedule too…maybe we can meet at a show or at an event, like our retreats or classes!

I am doing pretty well at the health part…I will do a post on this…I have to keep up with those grandkids!!!

Stitching Everyday…I thought I would also show you my daily stitching journal quilt. I am two weeks in…daily stitching LB.jpgBlock a day...2I keep a little sketch book/journal if I do not have time to stitch something that day….I write down what I want to stitch and do it when I can…but I have been pretty good about doing it almost everyday!block a day journal

Then there is the “Create” tin project!  How many of you are getting this?  A lot of you!…THANK YOU!   They are on the way!!!! I am getting this ready so I can do a sheep a day/ or 7 per week as well….we will start a facebook group and keep each other inspired with this was too…If you missed out you still can get one of HEREIMG_8520IMG_8519

So are you ready? If not…get your stuff organized and let start stitching lots of beautiful things in 2020!

Guess what starts tomorrow?  Yup..Moda Blockheads 3!  Corey Yoder will kick us off with her block and we will be stitching a block a week on wednesdays!  Come back here tomorrow for details!


comment and let me know what your doing for 2020?





Let it snow…hopefully…

I love taking down the Christmas decorations….and the house seems really bare…I like it that way…but…I have something new to put up this year!IMG_8329

This is a quilt kit called Sweet Christmas….but I think is should be called Sweet Winter!  The kit comes with 2 Loc-Bloc rulers to make the half rectangle blocks…the same two rulers I used to make the Santa in the Pines kit pattern for our Christmas event!  So if you did not purchase them yet…you can make two quilts now with those rulers…as we all know they are a little pricey but worth it!  I love how that lots in the seam when trimming them down to the perfect size.

But if you do not want to make all those triangles you can just make the panel as quilt.  We have a few boxed kits from Moda left in our WI store!IMG_8332

As you can see here…all I have to put away yet are the red & white quilts!  And then  run  all the red tubs down the stairs!

I took this photo of the panel quilted…IMG_8331 2

If you want to get your hands on this great vintage inspired quilt you can order it here: click this link to go to our website!  imageIt will be winter in WI for a long time…so this will live in this spot awhile…now we have to work on the snow part, but we finally going to get some that will hopefully stick around…

So what have you all been up to?  I am still organizing all my stuff and working on new quilts and projects for you all!  Talk to you soon!  Can’t wait to announce some fun stuff!!!


New Year…New Project!

I have had time to work but no time to explain what I am up to….

I have been cleaning my sewing studio…organizing…planning….and playing!  I have not gone to so many parties in the last 10 days than in my whole life!

So…come see what I have been up to…img_8258

Last September while I was in Florida….Jenny who attended our event was working and showing us her year long stitch along…every day she stitched a wool hex…something…anything… important to that day…but the best thing was how folky it was…you do not need to care if you have a perfect font…just write in your own handwriting and draw the best you can!img_8311.png

I was pretty enamored by it…she said she got the idea and was stitching along with Michelle, from IG-@raspberryrabbits …so I went to see what Michelle was doing…and WOW look at this wool hexagon…I read that the side of the hex was one inch finishedIMG_8310

I could not stop thinking about this….this is the perfect way to stitch everyday…or almost…I am sure there will be some days I will not be able to…but I will still think about what was important that day….

So because I love both fabric and wool I decided to do a 2020 #dailystitch using my Farmhouse Gatherings flannels and then added wool or embroidery stitches to come up with my daily stitches.  My project is going to be a quilt.IMG_8313

Here are my first three days…2020 is the year….I was still thinking about our WI boys who lost the Rose Bowl game the next day..Wisconsin vs. Oregon…and then today..a friend texted me this anchor…so I did that today…

If you want to start this you can…maybe you want to do the all wool ones like the girls above or if you want to do a quilt…here are my sizes if you want to know… or use the same idea I don’t care!!

Blocks will finish at 3″.  Starch your flannel! I will do a video on either facebook or IG…and show you how easy it is and show efficient ways to starch..img_8278

Background is cut 2 5/8″

Triangles are made from 2 squares cut 2 7/8″ and then cut in half.



Pinch the centers of the background square.


Line up the point of the triangle at the center of the background, like shown…Stitch triangle using 1/4 seam allowance…you do not have to be perfect because you will be trimming.


Finger press the stitched triangle…they will flatten out nicely because of the starch.

Add next triangle to opposite side.  Stitch and Press.  Repeat for the other sides of the block.  I am using two colors…greys and browns.  Make a bunch of them so you are ready to go for awhile…



I traced two 1/2″ circles for snowman heads onto fusible web that was adhered to the wool.  Then drew the 2’s and began stitching…I wanted the snowman heads to be snowflakes…


Threads used: Valdani #5 M49 for 2s.  3SF-M49 for snowman heads, #8 M49 for snowflake parts.  Valdani #12 1 for eyes, 3SF 1 for mouth and 196 for nose…all my threads will be neutral…no color for this project…


After block is stitched and pressed…square it up to 3 1/2″.




Now if you want you can stitch along…but you have to make your quilt– your quilt!  Things that are meaningful to you!  Look closely at the inspiration ones above …sometime it was a trip to Costco! or whatever!!!!

Let’s have some fun…I double dog dare you to join me!

Here are some of the upcoming posts I am working on..

Jen Kingwell from Australia teaching in WI  May 10-12

Debby Maddy, Indigo dying workshops in WI June 17-20?

Moda Block Heads 3!

So stick around and let’s get some projects done!

my best…