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Triumph Tulips Wool Applique Mats

Triumph Tulips Wool Applique Mats featured by top US quilting and sewing blogger, Lisa Bongean

Triumph Tulip Wool Applique Mats

Spring is coming! (I think it is anyways.)

I love tulips. I am part Dutch 1/4 to be exact and come from a little town that has a huge actual size windmill gracing it’s downtown.  This was not there when I was running the streets of Little Chute WI as a kid…but every other yard had a kissing Dutch Boy and Girl.  Some of you who have been following me know I planted a Moon Garden when we built our home.  Moon garden, meaning all my blooms are white or shades of white…I will be home the whole time this Spring to see my tulips in all their glory!  Social Isolation has some perks!

Tulips- Bongean Garden 2017
Spring 2017

Our “moon” garden was the inspiration for our Triumph Tulips Table Mat.  I designed this project for our North Carolina Retreat.  But that isn’t happening and we have over 100 kits of each version so I am putting them out here for everyone.  This will be the last new item we have for awhile as our Gov. had shut down our state of WI.  We will get our Bunny kits, tumblers and Tulip kits out and then shut it down until we can open.  Hopefully after Easter…like Pres. Trump wants..

I also have included a little video on how to stitch the Triple Alternating Blanket Stitch!


Here are the two options for the Tulip mats.

Dark Triumph Tulip Mat is 22″ x 22″…This color option is perfect for those new home owners where everything is a shades of grey.  This looks amazing in my home and hopefully someday it can live there after it has run it’s coarse at the shop, fingers crossed.  The embellishing stitch just adds a little extra zing and a few more hours of stitching but it is worth it!

This mat is a stunner for sure…

The traditional color way.

Growing up I only remember red and yellow tulips in our town.  This more traditional color way is still a stunner and the new red wool we used it super cool.

I am still working on stitching this version…because I wanted it to show in our workshop all the stitching options for this mat…so that is why it is not finished yet.  It is still  beautiful and fun and I will have plenty of time to get it done now…

If you wish to purchase our Tulip wool applique mats, click the button below.  We have all the optional notions you will need as well listed in related products.  Make sure you have everything you need to get started on this.  You need a piece of 24″ wide fusible web…just a reminder.

Triumph Tulip Table Mats

I hope you all can put a dent in your collection of sewing supplies!  This is why we have what we have…as long as I can stitch…I am HAPPY!  You agree?

NOTE: Please know we are working with a minimal crew…If you are calling to check on your order the girls cannot be shipping.  So please wait a reasonable time before calling to check on your order.  We promise to have the bunny pillows out before the end of this week for all orders placed by 3/25.

I have some fun new STICKERS. We will be putting one in every order for Bunnies, drink ware and Tulips and every order or until we run out!  Stickers are about 4″ and are very nice vinyl can be used outdoor and you will LOVE them!  If you wish to order more stickers they are $3 each. They are easy to apply, durable,  weather proof  & dishwasher safe. Click HERE for Stickers.


Things to do to keep yourself busy…during social Iso


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Organize your sewing room, studio or bins.

This is very satisfying. You find lots of good things you forgot you had or at least this happens to me…

Cook and try new recipes.

I love Ashley…she is so inspirational.  Everything that she makes looks amazing!

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Learn something new!  I am going to practice lettering…

All for now my Stitchers!







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