Twilight Stars QAL – Block #16

Seriously… How is it even Friday again so soon? I hate to admit it, but what they say is true… Life really does keep flying by faster and faster the older I get! I swear, I spend a week’s worth of time buzzing around taking care of business in what seems like a blink of an eye sometimes. That’s why I’m grateful for the -kind of crazy, yet “structured” schedule we’ve all been maintaining as we ride the wave of a bazillion quilt-alongs, new fabric releases, clubs, classes, retreats, CommentSolds, a RED, WHITE, and GREEN QUILT SHOW to get ready for (are you ready???)… Oh, and not to mention – life in general – simultaneously. Great job keeping it all straight everyone! Isn’t it fun?

Honestly though, if you happen to have a finger or two in just a fraction of the pots I’m stirring at the moment, unless you’re a magician it should be a while before I find you looking for a project to do. I’m happy to say that judging by the comments I’ve been reading lately, we have a nice mix of quilters participating in a variety of QAL’s and other activities, including the latest release of my Joyful Gatherings Quilt-Along series, Block #8 and Block #9 (they are free to download now until the next blocks release, and can be found under the “Quilt-Alongs” tab at Basically, there is plenty to keep you busy. That being said, just when you thought you had Joyful Gatherings under control, to add to the craze I have the next dose of the Twilight Stars Quilt-Along all set and ready to go! You may now consider Block #12 and Block #100 officially on your to-do list!

For those of you just joining us who want to know what my fabric selections are, I’m using my Rustic Gatherings fabric line combined with Jackie MacDonald’s Halloween-themed collection, SpellboundBoth lines feature color palettes including rusty oranges and rich blacks, along with some nice grey selections from Rustic Gatherings. Patterns for the quilt-along blocks can be found in my book Triangle Gatherings, which is required to participate (along with a few other items that can be purchased on our website by clicking HERE). A blog post I did explaining the full details on Twilight Stars can be found by clicking HERE. The full list of details and required supplies can be found at the Twilight Stars Info Page by hitting the button below!

Have you been remembering to share your progress for a chance to win a package from Heidi’s famous prize vault? All you have to do is post a photo of your completed blocks each week before the release of the next batch, including the required book Triangle Gatherings and Primitive Gatherings Triangle Paper in the picture. Please also include the hashtag #TwilightStarsQAL in your post! Heidi will choose a winner randomly each week until the end of the QAL, which we will announce during my LIVE show on Thursday. I’m sure most of you saw the epic shot of supermodel “Sawyer” that made the feed earlier in the week… Great work Sawyer! It looks like you really put a lo t of effort into this project. Special thanks to his “agent,”Jodio King for her “work assistance” on the project as well. We appreciate you! 😉

Diane S. and Sheryl P. also have reason to celebrate because they also will be receiving package from the PG Goodie Bandit, simply for leaving a comment here on the blog (if you think this is you, please check your email for a prize confirmation letter from Heidi! You may also reach out to her at!!! Want to win a prize too? You should know what to do by now… But in case you don’t, it’s as simple as leaving me a comment here on the blog! Not feeling talkative? Post photos of your blocks instead! Catch my attention and support my cause – it’s that easy. Happy Friday everyone! I’ll catch you all Monday. Until then, take care and happy stitching!

P.S. in case you missed it… We had a VERY special guest join us yesterday on STITCH with Lisa. If you missed the show and have been wondering about our dear friend Shelley, I STRONGLY suggest you watch the replay by clicking the STITCH button below… You won’t regret it!!! <3

13 responses to “Twilight Stars QAL – Block #16”

  1. Terri Uden Avatar
    Terri Uden

    I am keeping up with the Twinkling Stars QAL. Challenging myself by doing the smallest version of the blocks but am planning on making the 113 block version of the quilt. Always glad to try a new challenge.

  2. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    You know why time flies by at this age don’t you? You’re rolling down the hill! Ha.

  3. Susan Wid Avatar
    Susan Wid

    Stitch With Lisa on Thursday was jam-packed with information, fun and best of all – Shelley!

  4. Karren Mitchell Avatar
    Karren Mitchell

    Loving the Twilight Stars quiltalong. Honestly, Lisa, I can’t figure out how you keep all the balls in the air! I only have a couple of things going on in my sewing room right now and it is kicking my butt 😵‍💫.

  5. Joanne Hudock Avatar
    Joanne Hudock

    It was so nice to see Shelley, I pray she continues her wellness journey.
    And, I love these 2 blocks, I can’t wait to sew them up, and then I am done with the blocks, I’m making 32. What a great sew along, thank you Lisa and crew for all the hard work you all do.

  6. Renee B. Avatar
    Renee B.

    What a beautiful autumn season so far. Primitive Gatherings’ blogs, demos and comment solds always add a little more fun, encouragement and inspiration to our week bringing many sewing room smiles. Thanks! 😊🐑💖

  7. sonshinepam5308 Avatar

    I just love the twilight stars quilt along. Your blocks are so pretty. I hope to starch my joyful gatherings this weekend. Excited to see the final layout as I know it will be beautiful. I hope to work on Moda Blockheads 5 block this weekend and then continue working on Moda Blockheads 4 as well.

    Thank you for all you do for us, excited to see what you are creating next. Have a blessed weekend.

    1. Dianne Deaver Avatar
      Dianne Deaver

      Lisa, you and your crew are the bomb! You have no idea how these quiltalongs have kept me going and sane. You are soo much appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

      Completed all 100 in three weeks after ordering the charm hst paper. My American flag quilt one first place in March, just the second anniversary of my husband’s passing from Alzheimer’s. Quilting for veterans has been my passion for the past twenty years. Thanks for all you do, God bless you all.

      1. Pam Mueller Avatar
        Pam Mueller

        I’m so sorry for your loss. Prayers to you. I agree sew alongs are so great!

  8. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    Enjoying twilight stars and the weekly pace we are doing. Nice to stay current with my squares. It’s giving me a chance to work on and finish my sunflower gathering quilt. I’ve got the border and wool fused on that now, so I’ll be stitching those vines, flowers and leaves next. I’ll look for your video to refresh how to do that cross stitch in the vines. I’m loving it, as always. I love all of your patterns and I’m enjoying my retirement finishing these projects, already paid for. It helps the budget. Thank you for your inspiration and guidance and for keeping me busy during retirement.

  9. Stephanie R Avatar
    Stephanie R

    Thanks for the recap! I was too busy to get my Twilight stars done last week so its is double duty this week! I have prepped 8 blocks which will hopefully help keep me on track. I love seeing the updates on everyones blocks, the Joyful Gatherings QAL, MBH5, fresh cut gardens, etc. I have finished up a few wool projects that were lingering in my sewing room. I’ll share pics to the Facebook group soon.

  10. Linda Mahoney Avatar
    Linda Mahoney

    I like the Twilight Stars sew along. I do get behind because I have signed up for too many things. I was keeping up and posting my blocks but ( and I hate to admit this) until I found out I needed to try to make them look cute. Not possible for me. I just can’t do cute.🤣 I struggle just to keep up. Seriously, thanks for all you do. I love watching your Stitch presentation on YouTube. You have a wonderful staff.

  11. Sharon Browne Avatar
    Sharon Browne

    Love the photo of Sawyer with the quilt blocks! Jodio King was so creative with her photography.

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