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  • HOT Off the APQ Press!

    Looking for a fresh new winter project that you can easily tackle in a weekend? I have just the quilt for you! I’m proud to announce that once again, I’ve […]

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    Hey everyone. Happy Black Friday to you! Even though my staff and I are still recovering from the craze of Primitive Christmas, I couldn’t let Black Friday slip by without […]

  • I Owe You One!

    Hey everyone! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I’m actually feeling pretty good about everything I’ve done in preparation so far, for any shenanigans that may happen during the holiday weekend. […]

  • Sue Spargo Returns to the Gathering in Winter, 2024!

    Hey everyone! Have you heard the great news? Internationally renowned fiber artist, Sue Spargo is officially returning to The Gathering this February, 2024! As I’m sure you already know, Sue […]

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    Hey everyone. Merry Primitive Christmas! I hope you’ve had a chance to stop into the shop, or onto the website to take advantage of all the great things we have […]

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    Hey everyone! How are things going? I was just thinking that the month of October seemed to have flown by at the speed of light this year, when suddenly I […]

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    Hey everyone, happy Friday to you! It’s been a cold and dreary day here in east central WI but we’re making the best of it as we always do – […]

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    Hey stitchers! How’s your week coming along? I’m busy as usual, with a lot of my focus going toward our annual Primitive Christmas event that’s coming up next week already. […]

  • Twilight Stars Quilt-Along – Block Release 21

    Anyone else feeling like this week has been one big giant game of catch up? I feel like I have been running around non-stop, scrambling to find “normal” again after […]

  • MBH5 Bock Release Week #8 – “Community Star”

    Hey everyone! Welcome to another exciting Blockheads 5 block release day -er… day-after, I mean. Whatever it is, welcome! Yes, I’m a day late but I say I get a […]

  • SAVE 20% on Lakeside Gatherings Flannels!

    Hello, hello everyone! I’m currently on my way back home to WI with another successful International Quilt Market officially under my belt. I can’t wait to tell you about it, […]

  • Twilight Stars Quilt-Along – Block Release 20

    Hey everyone! In case you were wondering, I’m happy to report that I made it to Houston safe and sound last night without too many bumps. After a hot shower […]

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    Hey stitchers! I hope you’re having a great day. After a nice visit with my good friend and fellow quilt designer Alysha, I’m busy making my way from CA to […]

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    Hey everyone! Even though I’m traveling for Market at the moment and not in my studio, the show we call Blockheads 5 must still go on! This week my friend […]

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    Good morning, everyone – great news! I’m still in CA but I just wanted to drop in for a minute to share something exciting… If you don’t have quite the […]

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    Yep! I’m turning 29 once again today, and as promised I have a gift for all of you to help me celebrate! In honor of us October babies – and […]

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    Hey Blockheads! Welcome to the official half-way point of the first round in the Moda Blockheads 5 Quilt-Along! We’re ringing it in with a fabulous and fitting design by Jenelle […]

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    Hey everyone, welcome back! I hope you were able to get your orders placed in time for the big PG Anniversary Wool Sale last week. I know many of your […]

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    Hey everyone! Another Wednesday is upon us, which means a couple of specific things are on my agenda. I’m sure you remember the good ol’ days when not so long […]

  • Twilight Stars Quilt-Along – Block Release #15

    Hey, everyone. T.G.I.F.! Is it just me, or did this week seem extra long and especially busy? It’s been nothing but go-go-go for several weeks now, and I feel like […]

  • MBH5 Block Release #2 – “Galaxy Star”

    Hey everyone – happy Hump Day! How are all your projects coming along? Considering the number of active quilt and sew-alongs going on right now, I can’t imagine that too […]

  • Raffle Time!

    Have you purchased tickets for the 2023 Bountiful Charity Quilt Raffle yet? If you recall, back in April 2023, Kimberly Jolly of the Fat Quarter Shop kicked off her annual charity […]

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    Hey, hey! Are you as excited as I am to be back again for yet another Twilight Stars Quilt-Along block release? I hope you’re ready, because here we go! This […]

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    Hey everyone, welcome back! The dust is finally starting to settle after one of our biggest weekends of the year came to an end yesterday. As most of you know, […]

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    Are you ready for the next Bountiful Quilt-Along release? I hope so because today marks the debut of Release Four – “Butterflies & Posy Blocks.” If you’ve been following along […]

  • And We’re OFF!

    Hey everybody! Welcome back to my blog! It feels a little weird to be writing again, since I haven’t been able to make a post all week due to the […]

  • Get Ready for the Big Day!

    Hello everyone! I hope you’re as pumped as we are for the arrival of our brand-spankin’ new website, that will officially launch TOMORROW, May 18th, 2023! We are proud to […]

  • CommentSold Time Change

    Hey everyone! Just a quick announcement regarding CommentSold tomorrow, Tuesday May 16th, 2023… Due to a scheduling conflict the broadcast time will be 1:00 p.m. CST rather than our normal […]

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    Hey gang! Welcome back to the Monday grind. As you know it’s a pretty big week here at Primitive Gatherings as we make our final preparations for the new website […]

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    Wow! What an absolutely gorgeous day outside. The sun is out, the birds are singing, and there’s barely a cloud in the sky – finally! I was reluctant to believe […]

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    Hey everyone! I hope your Monday is treating you well. It’s a quiet day here at Primitive Gatherings, which is nice after a couple of back-to-back crazy weeks of nonstop […]

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    Hey everyone! I’m back in the studio again on another gloomy Friday afternoon tying up loose ends before the weekend hits. Despite the warmer temps finally starting to settling in, […]

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    Good morning everyone on this beautiful Thursday! I hate to send you into a frenzy of panic buuut, heads up! Mother’s Day is only TEN short days away, which means […]

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    Hey friends! Happy May Day to all of you, and what a May Day it’s been! The last thing any of us wanted to see out the window while waking […]

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    Hey friends! T.G.I.F. It’s our last official Sewcialites 2 Friday and I don’t know about you, but with summer fast approaching and so many other projects going on, I’m definitely […]

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    Hey crew, welcome back! It’s been another quiet, yet productive Wednesday working at my home studio and I can’t say I mind. Once again the rain is coming down like […]

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  • We Made It!

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