Liberty Gatherings Corrections I am so sorry for all the errors in the Liberty Gatherings pattern. We are beside ourselves and can only blame it on the unfortunate coincidence that it happened right before Market. I stitched the 16 appliqué blocks but did not personally proof the pieced block directions, so it’s my fault for not checking them before publishing the pattern. Going forward, we will defiantly be doing things differently when we do a collaboration pattern. We want to thank everyone who has brought any errors to our attention. It takes a village! Thanks again.

  • 03 18 17 Cutting Chart Liberty Gatherings This is a cutting chart for the whole quilt…Val who is teaching this as a BOM went through the pattern and listed the fabrics and the cutting amounts and found the errors…a little to late but thank you Val for doing this extra work to help everyone…
  • 03 18 17 Piecing Cutting Corrections Liberty Gatherings These are Val’s corrections. They are listed in the order she discovered them. I am adding one as well as it might contain some we didn’t have already.
  • NOTE: We didn’t like how one of the stitched words looks so we gave you a new one with better spacing.
Nantucket Summer – Please trim your flying geese units to 3 x 4 1/2 (NOT 3 1/2 x 4 1/2)
Primitive Bride – The pattern should read 3 1/2 yds Primitive Muslin – blocks and borders – by Moda Fabrics -1040-27. We have changed our in stock patterns. If you have purchased a kit before October 31 2012, your kit only has the 2 1/2 yds in it and you will need one more yard (we did not initially charge for the extra yard in the kit). Pleas contact us and we will get you the additional yard  (this is provided you can send us proof of your purchase, something like a receipt or picture of your kit for example). 

Proud to be American Pillow

Snow Buddies Table Mat Unfortunately, our first run of Snow Buddies sent to Moda was printed with the wrong pattern back. Please contact us if you would like us to send you a new back. You can also print one HERE. Sorry for the inconvenience!!!

Snowflake Garden – We have printed 100 patterns with this error – please adjust your pattern!

  • From each blue fabric cut 5 – 3 3/8″squares. You will need 45 total.
  • From each blue fabric cut 14 – 3″ squares. You will need 132 total.
  • From each of the 6 light fabrics cut 11 – 3 3/8″ squares. You will need 62 total.

Twinkling Star

Underground Railroad

Yuletide Star

131 thoughts on “Whoops! CORRECTIONS TO OUR PATTERNS

  1. I have just completed two projects from your book summer gatherings, I love your patterns! Cant wait to do more.Keep the books coming.I plan to buy them all.Thnaks for all the great ideas.Penny

  2. I purchased a kit for the Christmas Time Table mat and when sorting through, I find No Black Homespun. This is listed in the required items, but above the “Not included” list. O therefore assume that this is an oversite. The phone number included on the pattern is “not a working number”

    Maryln Zelenz
    209 Lavender Dr
    Cedar Hill TX 75104

  3. I just cut my sashing for the Summer Holidays quilt in your Summer Gatherings book. Unfortunately I believe that the cutting directions are wrong. My blocks are 14.5 inches and I think that is correct, your book says they are 13.5 and it tells us to cut sashing 5 x 14 inches – 1/2 inch too short! 🙁 Is it me???

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I recently purchased your pattern ” A Little Northwind” and in the cutting directions you have us cutting 2″ strips.
    The supply list calls for 1″ finished size triangle thangles, but that leaves 1/4 ” overhang on either side of the thangles strip. Should it have read 2″ finished size?

    Please let me know
    Jean Finnegan

  5. Maybe I am doing something wrong but the Pinwheel Garden pattern calls for 1 1/2″ finished triangles on a roll. I purchased that size but it is way too big for the 5″ squares I bought at your shop. Is the thangle size correct or am I doing something wrong?

    Love everything you have.

    1. Judy…
      if you look closely at the picturei used 1-1/2″ Triangles on a roll. We though we had all of the patterns corrected..but that is what is wrong…I assumed any of the triangle papers would work, but the Thangles are too long. So you need to get the Triangles on a roll and cut them like i did on the diagram. I have changed it to say you need both kinds of papers…sorry you purchased one of the old ones and that this happened. Lisa

  6. Is the pinwheel pattern the one from June ’11? if so, I love it and would love to get the pattern.

  7. could you make a pattern for your tree skirt with stars on it? It would be fun to make. if someone else made that pattern could you please me know. Thank you and A happy New year to you/!

  8. Hi Lisa,
    I recently purchased Summer Gatherings and a kit for the blue bird table runner. Are the birds supposed to be blue? There was no blue wool in the kit and on the side bar in the book, there is no listing for any blue (it is also the onlly pattern with wool that didn’t list what the colors were used for). I can certainly fill it in on my own but was wondering if that was intentional.

    1. Yes, but it is a drab blue… It shows much brighter in the photo…count your pieces of wool and see if you have an extra… If you are missing it we surely can send you one…
      Please call the shop if we need to get one out to you…
      All I can say about the threads is that carole wrote/stitched that pattern and maybe forgot to include them???

  9. In Lancaster, PA, at the APQS Quilt show, I purchased the Nine-Patch Gatherings book and a pack of 3 1/2″ light and dark repro fabric (100 prints). I was told that the fabric was enough to make 5 of the patterns in the book, but I didn’t write down which five. Can you please let me know which five patterns?

  10. I’m confused. The snowflake garden pattern says that the hst units should finish at 3-1/2″. How can that be if we start out with 3-3/8″ squares? Also shouldn’t the hst unit finish at 3″ to match the other 3″ cut whole squares. Help!

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  12. I want to make Northern lights from summer gathering, but how can it finish at 94 x 107 with only 2 yds of backing per supply list

    1. Yes…it is all ready I just have to post it….when I return from Des Moines it will go on…thanks for asking and being patient with me and how busy we are!

  13. Hi Lisa..I’m looking for the Halloween quilt pattern, with pumpkins going around te outside. Could you tell me how to purchase pattern. Thanks, Bonnie

  14. I’m just finishing “Acorns and Leaves Table Mat”. I am checking your site to get a better look at the
    veins in the leaves. Also, how to create a “fray check”. Thanks, Donna

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  17. I purchased the Primitive Gatherings Mini Alphabet Quilt I am doing some wording on a quilt and have discovered two of the alphabet patterns to have a mis measured piece in the pattern. I didn’t notice anyone catching errors in Corrections To Our Patterns. Patterns F and N are incorrect I think. Please double check me, and in the meantime I will continue make words. Any possibility of punctuation and numbers in a pattern?

  18. i am putting “Be the good” blocks together..
    The borders instructions say to cut 2 1/2″. the pic says 3″. 3″ is correct because i will have to cut down my vase or really pay attention to placement to get it to fit in the border.

  19. Hi Lisa ! I have a question about the “Garden walk table mat” (from the book “Summer Gatherings) : is it a perfect circle ? I have drawn the scalloped pattern on fusible web, but it’s not round. There’s a difference of about 1 inch (a little less) between the two borders of the pattern. Did I make something wrong ? Is there a correction somewhere ?
    With kind regards,
    Anne – Tempus fugit, France

    1. Anne.. I have not ever heard of this one…mine looks round, but i dusbt get out the measuring taoe to check it… I am not by the warrhouse so i can check on it.. But draw two intersecting center lines through the mat then trace one set of the four scallops 4 tiimes and see if that helps.. , but like i said. Itcould be slightly off but i didnt notice it in oursvif it is… But we just made a new one for the california store and theblafy didnt say/notice anything off… Will get back tovuou on monday uf you gave not soulved it by then

  20. Hi Lisa, I haven’t seen it listed but I think the block of the month for the Primitive Garden (for the month of January) the one that goes on the left hand side, is not to be reversed. Looking at the picture, I reversed the pattern for the other blocks. This one seems to already be reversed.

  21. i have a question about the marrieta stars quilt top. I´m at the point of having all blocks in rows together now the question is ” trim quilt if needed “1/4 inch from the blocks?? A big hello from Germany

  22. Hi. I am working on the homestead quilt. On B. It states 112 single
    HST — 56 paper HST = 28 four patches. Then the number of 4 patches
    B=2. HH=10 and OO= 3. That only totals 15 four patches
    Where do the other 13 HST go?

  23. I just purchased your pattern, “A Penny Gathering”, at Road to California yesterday. On the outside it says the quilt finishes at 27″ x 27″; on the inside front cover it says the finished quilt is 72′” x 72″! After doing some quick math, I assume the latter dimension is a typo? Looking forward to starting this project. Are there any significant errors in this pattern that I should be aware of?

    1. Yes… it is a typo.. it is 27×27… we will get it changed and thank you for letting Ilya know… there are no know errors in this pattern… I’ve seen many of them done and no one has said anything

  24. Lisa. My first time using your patterns and working on Fresh Cut Daisies. Because I am new to this, I don’t know how may strands of floss is needed as I work on this. I used one strand for the blanket stitch but am not sure how many strands to use on the jar lid and words. Help!

    1. Karen… if the pattern tells you to use the 4 strand gloss use only one strand.. if it calls for the pestle cotton use it as it. Ones off the ball…

  25. Your pattern instructions included a look at your blog for any corrections. Can I assume that the pattern entitled Crop Circles dated 2016 has no corrections?

  26. Can I still get corrected Block pattern for Magic of Christmas block. 3. I saw it on sight but can’t seem to get it.

  27. I am currently working on Colfax County, I purchased the pattern quite awhile ago at your booth at a show but I didn’t see a correction listed in this section of your website so I thought I would mention that the middle layout picture for the star is wrong (top right unit is turned incorrectly)–This is on the page that begins with “making the 24 star blocks”. It is correct in the lower picture and in the photo. Threw me off but caught it before I did any sewing together. It is a beauty of a pattern and I am excited to be done with prep and to be getting ready to sew stars, thanks for your pattern!

  28. I am trying to work on kits for the Patriot Pattern. The cutting instructions are different for the dark vs the light and I cannot figure out why. The 13 reds should be the same for the dark and light correct? The “light” on the dark version should be the same cutting and requirements as the “blue” on the light version? But it is not listed that way. Am I missing something or is the pattern wrong? It seems to me like the light version may be the correct requirements and cutting. Thank you!

  29. Hello! I am starting my Daurmont quilt and have received my first two block kits. Looking at the paper pattern and the circles, “D” measures 2″; “E” measures 1″, and pattern “F” measures 5/8″. The instructions, however, indicate to “cut 9 circles of shape E and F… and the example states: Trace 9 – 3/4″ circles onto a 3″ x 3″ fusible web…Repeat for the larger circles using a 4″ x 4″ fusible and the 1 1/8” circle. Is the drawn pattern incorrect or the written instructions? What size should these circles be? I’ve stopped everything until I receive a response. I don’t see anything listed under your pattern corrections. Thank you.

    1. Hi Janet…I’m so sorry we have not found this error yet…I do not have access to the pattern here…but I would trace the size they physically are on the the drawn pattern/layout…that will be the correct size, but really either size will work, so nothing will be detrimental to the outcome…I don’t know where this got changed, maybe when the graphic designer cleaned up my drawing???…I will list this correction when I get into the office and am able to check it out..thank you for letting us know of this issue

  30. Hello Lisa, I cut out my center block of liberty gatherings after checking pattern corrections on store website and didn’t see any corrections, so proceeded with what was written. Now trying to sew them together I think some of the cutting dimensions are incorrect. I checked your blog and realized there were some corrections. Please check the center tan square dimensions for H – 4 1/2 and red F 51/4 cut diagonal do not seem correct. The red is way too large for the center square. Sorry you are having issues with the pattern, the quilt is beautiful.

  31. Hi Lisa! I am working on my Daurmont quilt and I’m wondering why you choose to use the recommended Steam a Seam 2. I realize there are several options, from using an iron on stabilizer to using nothing at all. Is it just to help the wool pieces adhere for stitching? Does it make a hanging quilt hang better? Does it extend the life of the quilt? I think using a stabilizer makes it difficult to stitch through, and I’m debating whether I like the look of the wool once it’s been ironed because it loses it’s dimensional qualities; it’s flat. I’ve done wool appliqué both ways; I’m just wondering why you use it. Thank you!

  32. I am working on the “Perserverance” pattern using the Liberty gatherings charm pack and 21 rows does not come out to finished size of 36.75″! Disapointed it is so short as I was making for a gift .

  33. Working on Layers of Fun. Cutting instructions say cut 4 – 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ squares from 10″ squares. Should it be 9″ not 10″ so there is no waste and requiring extra cuts?

  34. I have just bought the pattern Daurmont quilt 72 x72 and the wool kit – is there any corrections to this pattern that I should know before starting??

  35. Hello! I bought the pattern Potted Getanium Pillow & bought the threads listed on the back. However the thread required thread on the inside of the pattern shows valdani 12 204 and #8 Dmc 356, not H204 and P8 as is on the back. Please let me know if this will affect the look of the completed pillow,?since I really like the pattern colors used in the picture. I can’t tell which leaf is which (clover, petunia) or if it matters for the flower since dmc is usually floss. Just let me know—thx! Love your wool patterns!

    1. Hi Carmen…we do not use DMC anymore- so the ones on the back are correct…so we must have missed that on the inside…use whatever threads looks best…you didn’t say if you bought our kits…so really it all depends on what wool you are using…thank you!!! LB

  36. On the snowman buddies table mat. I just don’t understand how to make the hexagons. I made them and they turned out way too small for the snowman. The directions say to cut away the blue fabric 1/2 inch away from freezer paper is that correct? Need help

  37. I just bought a kit from a lady in South Dakota. It is called 2017 Summer Block of the week with 12 blocks. Reading the instructions that were sent with the kit, it mentions triangle papers. These were not in the kit. Can I order them from you or can you tell me the size of them. I live in Kansas and my email is Kclark4800@gmail.com. Thank you for your response.

    1. There were two kits that had triangle papers for them…please call the shop and talk with judy m-f and she’ll help you figure which one you have and what tp you need

  38. Hi Lisa. I just received the large Candy Cane Ornies and can’t wait to get started. There are no directions. I know I should be able to forgive it out but directions would be nice. Help lol.


    1. The directions are in the packet of free patterns…if you did not order during the Christmas event and didn’t receive the pattern pack the pattern is sold separate because you only need one pattern for the multiple sizes and if you want more than one kit your not purchasing a pattern every time…please call the shop if you need help….920-722-7233

  39. Hi Lisa, I’m working on Snowflake Catcher and there isn’t a pattern for the road. Is mine missing or is there an error? Jill

  40. Hi Lisa, I am a newbie to quilting. Like crazy new and just figured out what a ‘jelly roll’ is. Lol anyways, I got the snowman collector wall quilt from a quilting store while I was visiting home. Now that I 2k miles away I find myself a little confused. Likely because I am new and don’t know what I am doing yet. Is there a ‘support group’ I can contact to help. My town does not have a quilting store because it flooded in a recent hurricane, maybe in a few months we will have it back. I am not sure where to ask questions and have patterns translated into newbie dummy speak. I want to learn, not stop. And the snow man collector is perfect for my grandma! 🙂

  41. I am trying Block 47 of the Block Heads but the unit 2 pieces are larger than the F triangle, I double checked my cutting sizes and I cut to what the pattern states. What am I doing wrong? How do I calculate what size to cut a new F so I can use the pieces I have already made of unit 2…..Thanks

  42. I am trying Block 47 of the Block Heads but the unit 2 pieces are larger than the F triangle, I double checked my cutting sizes and I cut to what the pattern states. What am I doing wrong? How do I calculate what size to cut a new F so I can use the pieces I have already made of unit 2…..Thanks

  43. Lisa. Just got Live a Simpke Life lighter version. Did you prewash all your flannels? Since a wall ha going and has wool, not likely to see washings, but wanted to see if you did for shrinkage and color bleeding for darker flannels


    1. Lisa is actually on a cruise this week and will not have internet. But here is the answer to your questions. We do not prewash any of the fabrics that we work with. If you are worried about bleeding you can use Retain if you are looking to wash it. But we do not use it with our Fabrics. Hope that helps, thank you jessica

  44. Hello…I am working on a kit I bought from you this past Christmas. Silent Night. Am working on the center block and can’t see where the size of the large dark triangles are… page 78 of the book…. “Stitch large dark triangles to center block” Thank you for your help!!!

    1. On the cutting directions on the previous page they come from the dark 3 1/8″ squares cut in half once. You will use 12 of them instead of only 8…but you have 32 total so that is not an issue so we did not correct it…If you only cut 2 squares you just need to cut another…Thanks for finding this…

  45. Hi…I’m working on “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”. Started piecing the letters together and realized that the blocks must be separated by background fabric. Did you use 1 1/2 ” strips? And maybe 3 1/2 strips between words? Also, under the “Letter Making” instructions it said to use the remaining red fabrics and background fabrics. I now realize that I should have used only the remaining red fabric. The background fabric for the letters should have been all the same color from the “white print for borders”. I’m kind of new at this and I guess I should know these things…but I didn’t. It’s just that the instructions were so easy until I got to the outside edge. Also, I am assuming that once I get the words together, I will need to determine block sizes to make the whole thing center. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  46. Hello – i am working on A Happy Home and cannot find what size to cut the spacers for F and G .

    thanks so much for any help.


  47. I just bought your book “Summer Gatherings” and wanted to make the Garden Walk tablemat BUT I have looked through the magazine several times and there’s no pattern for the 16 flowers that go on it. Has this been corrected and where can I go to get the pattern?

    Char K.

  48. Hi…me again, also no pattern for the scalloped mat for the Garden Walk tablemat. Hope I can find where to get the mat and flower patterns so I can make the tablemat.
    Char K.

  49. I just purchased the Columbus pattern and the Square in a Square cutting sizes on page 2 do not match the sewing instructions on page 3. It says to cut 116 – 2 5/8″ cream squares, but the sewing instructions reference using a 2 7/8″ cream square, “make sure this center section is cut accurately”. Can you please clarify which size is correct?

  50. Your Blueberry Cobbler PAttern has two pieces mislabeled. K should be labeled L and J should be labeled K. Will post picture of my version when I get borders on. Love it

  51. I purchased your pattern Garden Blooms Table Mat from your booth at the Houston International Quilt Show and part of the pattern is missing. Can you tell me how to get the missing pages? Thank you so much. I can’t wait to start on it.

    1. Hi…I am sorry Dianne…but we have given you 1/4 of the pattern…and placed few of the designs on it…the rest of the pattern you just place according to the pattern.

  52. I purchased the urban farmhouse gatherings quilt book for the Hole in the Barn Door quilt. Cutting instructions for the background dark fabric are missing for the dashing. Can you clarify the cutting instructions for the sashing. Thank you

      1. Cindy Stevens – I am at that same point trying to figure out how much dark fabric to cut for the sashing. Glad I’m not the only one.

  53. Sorry, it’s in reply to Cindy Stevens of January 18 regarding the Barn Door Quilt from Farmhouse Gatherings. The dark background sashing cutting instruction is not listed in the book, at least not that I can find. I looked for corrections here and that’s how I came upon her comment but couldn’t see another reference. Thank you .

  54. I am interested in making the Double Reverse. I love the colors in the book and am interested in knowing which colors (order #’s) were used. I’ve never made a flannel quilt and am unsure of which flannel is best for a quilt. Hopefully it doesn’t pill. It will definitely be used…it will be a gift for my grandson that will be heading off to college soon.

  55. On the Everlasting – house – box 3 what color wool is the chimney, it was omitted on the picture of the completed block.

  56. Old Glory table mat – the fly stitch around mat is not mentioned in the books pattern, is it done before blanket stitch on border and is it done with 12 -P4?

  57. I’m working on the Land of the Free Home of the Brave Pattern and it seems to me the blocks should be 12.5 in not 12 in because the middle of the quilt measurements say 60.5 x 72.5 and if you sew 12 in blocks together with the 1/4 in seam allowance it comes to 58 in if you sew 12.5 blocks together with seam allowance it comes to 60.5 but the pattern states Pair a red and white fabric for each of the 15 – 12″ Finished Star Blocks and pair a blue and white fabric for each of the 19 6″ Finished Star Blocks

    1. The blocks are 12.5 until they are stitched into the quilt…the star blocks will be 6.5 and then they are 6″finished when after the quilt is stitched…
      so the directions are right…no worries…

  58. Thank you for clarifying but it is kind of confusing in the statement above the Star Blocks it says 15 – 12in Finished Star Blocks and 19 – 6in Finished Star Blocks so I guess that means when the rows are sewn together then the Star Blocks will be 12in and 6in

  59. I am starting your Indicon quilt pattern now. How did you pay out 40 different fabrics and the 4 different sizes? Any suggestions?

  60. Hi, Lisa, I’m making the “Happy Fall” pillow. The notions needed calls for an 18″ x 18″ pillow form (or stuffing) for a 15″ x 15″ finished. However, the finished pillow comes to 15.5″ x 19.5″ (from a cut background of 16″ x 20″ with a 1/2″ seam). Hoping that I didn’t cut the wrong size background. I’ll use polyfill stuffing, but am just wondering about the correct sizes. I love your patterns and have quite a few. Thanks so much, Diana

    1. Well, I discovered my stupidity this morning regarding the size of the finished pillow. My apologies. However, the supply list still says an 18×18 form for a finished 15×15. Thanks and again, my apologies for not realizing my other error earlier.

  61. Love your patterns! Please could you add all of the cutting instructions all in the beginning of your patterns especially when the borders will be using the same fabric as the blocks? Thanks!

  62. Purchased Antique Star Flower. I admit to being mathematically challenged. Can you tell me the dimensions for the flying geese in the center block BEFORE being sewn in to the block? Also, am I to cut 4-1”x1” GREEN squares for the center block?

  63. Questions for Homestead!!!
    Can you please help me out? I am trying to figure out your OUTER BORDER instructions. It gives longer measurements for the sides and shorter for the “top and bottom”.
    1. Is that accurately described?
    2. Are the measurements accurate?
    3. It instructs to cut 10 strips of 2″ for the binding. How long should they be?
    I can’t seem to find the amount of fabric needed for backing. Or binding.
    Can you please help me out?

  64. Working on ‘Follow you heart … up north. As I was cutting letters after being fused to wool, ‘AS LONG AS’ is not reversed in the pattern. Disappointing.

  65. Hello, Lisa! I’m working on the Santa in the Pines quilt. I purchased the kit from Missouri Star. The instructions seem ,a bit sketchy and can’t find a tutorial online. The part I don’t understand is putting the Santa together.
    Is there a tutorial I can access?
    Thank you

  66. Working on Our Flag stands for Freedom, so pretty! Question though- corrections still have me sewing all of the red 3.5” strips together…when it looks like 18 ea 3.5” squares are needed for the star blocks.

  67. I purchased the Square Deal kit many years ago and am about to start it!!! Were there any corrections to it?

  68. Good afternoon! Happy Mother’s Day! I have been reading over the pattern for the Our Flag Stands for Freedom quilt and thanks for the update of the 3 1/2″ squares from the red fabric. I do have one question. The pattern doesn’t say what size to cut the light fabric for the star points. It tells you to cut 1 to 2 – 2″ strips and then cut into 8 or 16 squares for stars etc….. I’m guessing it means sub-cut the 2″ strips into 2″ squares? That would mean you would need a total of 168 two inch squares of the light colored fabric for star points. Or have I completely missed the mark on this one? Thanks!

  69. I was trying to figure out if you cut the light fabric 2″ strips into 2″ squares. Also, a note about the number of 3 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ pieces for the red and white stripes of the flag. You can save on material and cutting if you dont cut the striped fabric, it’s not needed. As well as state the number of pieces needed for each. Red strips would be 42 and the light strips would be 39. You could still get a good variety by cutting 2 from each of the 15 light fabrics. By following the instructions you have too much waste.

  70. I just started the red and cream twinkling stars and it doesn’t give sizes to cut for setting triangles in pattern or corrections

  71. I am working on the Christmas Love Pattern. Cutting instructions for background fabric Letter “K” is cut 2 – 3 1/2″ x3 1/2″ cut in half once. As you would need 8 triangle’s, one for each side of the face for 4 Reindeer.
    Therefor there are a few options here, Should I cut 4 – 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ cutting each in half once? or should I cut just 2 – 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ as the pattern indicates but then cut it in half “TWICE” diagonally???

  72. Lisa – I just got the Step Into Spring pattern – there are no yardage requirements. The cutting instructions are there but not the total yardage. Do you have that information, please?

  73. I just finished the Very Charming quilt top from the June/July #3 quilt box. The cutting instructions show a subcut of 3 – 2 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ strips. You actually need 4 – 2 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ strips. I love the pattern. It is quick and easy to put together.

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