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Moda Blockhead Block 37

I absolutely LOVE this block….it is from Lynne from KT Quilters….Go HERE for the pattern.

Here is my version of Lynne’s block…

Today the question is…– Do you remember your first Quilt Market as an Exhibitor?  When was it?  Was it exciting?  Terrifying?  Both?

My first quilt Market…Kansas City 2000….It was both terrifying and exciting…I had know idea what was going to happen…I’m making plans to go to Portland in 2018 so that 18 years…wow…where does the time go???



the easiest make & take ornie ever…

I know you have loved our “stackable” ornies that we designed the last two years, the TREE and then the SNOWMAN but this year’s I think is the easiest and so super cool….Our stackable  candy cane is 6″ which is made from 1″ pre-cut circles…but then what happens if we made them from 3/4″ or 1/2″ wool circles…such adorable minis which measure 4 1/2″ and 3″…The pattern will be free and included in your packet of FREE patterns and you will be able to order kits that I know you all enjoy so much…each kit will have two candy canes in it…one red, one cream…prices are reasonable and will be in Wednesday’s post where I will reveal the rest of the projects…

Now that  I have revealed the Make & Take ornie that we will be making during our three day event at both stores I can’t help but show you the annual mug and then you will discover our “theme”.  Which all of the projects have featured…all but the pincushion as I do not think it should be seasonal…

This mug is beautiful!!! We absolutely all love how it turned out and we have hopefully ordered enough to handle all the orders…I have ordered mugs based on past sales,  in hopes we do not have to order again and everyone will get theirs well in advance of Christmas…If something has happened to one of your past years mugs we do have a very limited number of them…but you will have to call and order an old mug as we cannot put them on the site and control the number we actually have on hand.  Tomorrow I will reveal the last two free patterns…

NOTE: I am sorry but the CA store will only have the 4 1/2″ candy canes for this event..we will eventually get all the sizes to them, but these kits take a lot of time to make and with shipping it just didn’t happen…but we will do our best to get them there as fast as we can….thank you for understanding…you can order them at the CA store and they will put them aside for you as soon as we get them there…

Time to get my post for the Moda Blockhead ready to post early tomorrow morning….all for now…LB


What’s coming up?

I know some of you know we are all working our butts off for our biggest event of the year…I am taking a break…eating a bowl of chili for dinner for the third day in a row…gets better everyday…still a lot left…hopefully it will take me to Thursday…

This Thursday is our first day of our Primitive Christmas Event!!! I love this event…its tough getting it all ready…designed, stitched patterned, cutting and kitting…patterns checked…always pushing…make another set of samples for CA…mugs came in on time…shipped everything to CA today 2nd day air…watching the Voice stitching one last binding…now…time to start sharing what’s coming…the Free pincushion kit or you can frame it…yes..I think it’s that cute…So how does this all happen…I walk through the warehouse…find a bunch of bolts or end cuts just sitting there…maybe a little while too long…it’s time to “get rid” of this…no…scratch that…it time for it to “be something”….Well…we give lots of these away…between the two shops and our web orders…so I want to design something that every “stitcher” will LOVE…

So…here is your pincushion you will get free along with 3 other patterns with a $30 purchase Thursday the 16th-19th at the shops or through the 20th on our website…I hope you like it…you will be able to purchase extras for $5 each and you can pick your color…We have red, gold and natural….I have to admit I am a little smitten with the “vintage farmhouse” look that’s so popular lately…so that is what the natural one is trying to encompass…the urban farmhouse stitcher!!!We will also be selling black /cream frames for $25 each…If you are framing your pincushion you will have to stitch some scrap extenders on to wrap in the frame…they will have a 5 1/2″ opening.

Thank you all for being the best part of Primitive Gatherings…I will be revealing more tomorrow…can’t wait to show you our “stacked” project this year, sweetest one yet!!!

Is there enough time yet tonight to make a Moda blockhead block and maybe a Triangle Gathering block too…until tomorrow…LBGreat shot of the sunset…love the reflection…Anchor Point 11/12/17.



Moda Blockheads…Block 36

We are fresh home from Quilt Market/Festival…tired…very tired…but we have a Primitive Christmas coming next week which is Primitive Gatherings biggest event of the year in our Wisconsin and California  quilt shops…We give away 3 patterns along with  pincushion kit to each of our customers who places an order November 16-18 in the shop and through the 19th on the web…I need to make our projects, get the patterns written, kits made some need to be sent to CA and then after that we can relax a little…So I hope you can join us for this event!!!  The more the merrier!!!  If you can come to the store we have some very cool fun stuff for you!!! Hot Chocolate bar (in WI, its probably 80 degrees in CA!!)…the best ever make and takes ever!!! and a mini quilt show for you to vote on (WI)!!!

This week’s block is from Carrie…Go to the Moda blog to get the pattern…

Nice and easy block…take about 15 min…some of you love that!!! lol..

Question of the Week ~ How many fabric collections have you created?  Do you have a favorite?  If so, which one is it and why is it your favorite? Well…I know I have 21 for sure…but it’s early in the morning so I could be off by one or two…I do NOT have a favorite..I have cotton lines, some with accompanying wovens…6 full lines of cozy super soft flannels…all my lines are different than each other, unless we of course re-create a line…like Snowman Gatherings I-III…which by the way sells like crazy…that is why we had three!!!  All my regular cotton lines feature small/tiny mostly reproduction prints I find in my lovely collection of antique quilts…I will be working on a few more this week for next year…so who knows what you will be seeing from Primitive Gatherings!!!

Have a great day and you have to go see all the designers blocks and find out who has the most Moda fabric lines…I bet I know who!!!  LB



Triangle Gatherings Blocks..79,80 & 81

I hope you all had a great Halloween…I am in Houston but we had a practice Trick or Treat before we left…so Mimi could give “little man” his treats…He didn’t need much practice….and he was a little ham..oh I mean shark… then I received some pics from the real day…
Looks like he knows what to do!!!

Here are a few blocks to keep you busy until we make it home!!! Can’t wait to see a bunch of you all this weekend…we have 6 booths here in Houston…the most we have ever had…so come visit us!!! and for the rest of you who aren’t coming to the biggest and the best show of the year we will keep in touch here!  Happy November!! LB

click here to print Block 79Click here to print Block 80Click here to print Block 81



Moda Blockheads…Block 35

Good Morning from Houston!!!…today is my block…here is the pattern click Block35LB_Northridge

I named it after the street we used to live on…This weeks question…November 1 – Do you make quilts to give as gifts for Christmas?  Have you started them yet?  The answer is simple…no…I do not…there is not enough time for me to do this…but…sometimes when the pile of quilts are huge…I just go through them and think…who would like this one and then I wrap them up and give them to everyone all at once…

Make sure you go and see everyone block!!!



Border Correction…for Happy Home….Summer 2017 Freebie pattern….and the start of Fall Quilt Market!!!!

I wanted to let everyone who bought the Freebie Finishing kit “Happy Home” that we wrote the directions for adding the border the wrong way…well.. we wrote them for how a border normally goes on…sides and then top and bottom…but I put this border on log cabin style…so if you cut both your sides the same size you will not have enough for the top fabric….It was caught early but if you cut yours already please call us at the shop. (920-722-7233) and we will take care of it….

Happy Home Correction     I have also added it to our corrections page..

Thank you as some “mistakes” are not easily caught!!!

I am in Houston…all set up for the show!!!

Patterns will be coming soon for the quilts and the little things…Fulltime/Partime is the name of the blue quilt…Sticks & Stones the quilt on the left bunched up…and Checked Out the quilt on the ladder…

Sentiments of Home…These can be framed, pillowed or put on a funky clip board!!

Chenille Pillows…who remembers making chenille back in the “homespun” crazy days?…this technique is so easy and fun…I’ll be doing a video soon on how to make them!!!  You can insert your favorite word…home…family…faith…or an Initial…or a symbol…like the heart, anchor…I can see a stag…star…pumpkin…cross…do you see all the possibilities???  See the above 1st for more pillows…

Sweethearts…I always wanted to stitch some hearts…perfect for upcoming Valentine’s Day or really…everyday!!!

I’ll be doing some more posting…also see FB & IG!!!

take care…LB


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