Moon Garden Block 5

Yay!!! I’m home again!!! Thanks for waiting for Block 5…I know we said we would put them out around the 15th so I guess we are not too late…I love this block…so fun to stitch…IMG_4443Pattern can be downloaded HERE Moon Garden Block 5 blog

Here is a closeup of the fly stitch…you already know how to do this one…IMG_4445but then on the leaves I stitched the feather stitch…the one that everyone thinks is the hardest…I promise in the video I will make it very easy…and you may get a laugh or two…  Also someone pointed out that we did not have the black O531 thread not in our thread kits…I blanket stiched all the blocks and wrote down all the threads…then as I was looking at them I decided they needed some bling(pretty embroidery stitches)…so I am adding them as we go…so if you have to have the threads I am using for those special stitches you can order them or just use what you have that is close…no big deal…just thought I would let you know how/why this happened.  Besides aren’t all those extra stitches and videos fun!!!IMG_4444I hope you have a wonderful weekend…feather stitch video coming soon…please post in our FB group Moon Garden Stitch Along your progress…I’d love to see all your blocks in one photo…even if they are not stitched!!!  Stitch On my Friends…LB

Moda Block Heads 2- Block 11


I know…I did not post block 10 yet! (because i did not stitch it yet!)…I had way too many deadlines that week: turned into Moda a bunch of fabric lines-like 5, Warehouse sale was happening, had to write that new lecture, quiltsproject/fabric requirement for 9 quilts- for my next fabric line *Star & Stripe Gatherings* and so on, too much stuff…right?…but since it wasn’t my block…I bet no one noticed…lol…but I will post it when I return home from this teaching trip…but… this week’s block was super simple …it literally took me 10 min.  

Moda block headThis week’s featured block is from Sherry McConnell…th

Go to her blog HERE to get this week’s pattern.  Sherry is one of the NICEST people I know…always smiling and just a beautiful person inside and out!!! Now one of the things I am envious about Sherry is she has a goregous daughter named Chelsea who alsoth-4th-3 quilts and designs fabric with her!!!!! So special and cool at the same time…Sherry also has one of the best quilting blogs where you will find this weeks block…listed above…th-2All for now…this pic is from the pier in Huntington Beach…oh the beatiful things I get to see…all while teaching quilting…how much better can it get…IMG_4268 2.JPGIMG_4269 2

Flying Geese…

I am near Huntington Beach teaching workshops yesterday and today! IMG_4267IMG_4266

Teaching how to use a “redneck” overlay to postition their wools on the background.. def…A crude outline of the project on a plasitc bag, sheet protector ect…to fast and easy positioning of the appliques so they are close enough…do not have to be exact…unless you have to have them perfect… you would trace the motifs (more) carefully….IMG_4265IMG_4264IMG_4263lisabongean2_gal_crock-116x116Click this link if you are interested in the kit or kit & pattern

I am excited for tonight….after the workshop I am presenting my first ever trunk show/lecture on Re-creating Antique Quilts…I think I have 20 quilts, which is really 40, the antique and the re-creation, to show tonight!!!  Come see me at the Flying Geese Quilt Guild meeting at Rancho San Joaquin Middle School!!!

So by now you know that I am in California…I also am teaching at our shop Primitive Gathering- Murrieta  on Tuesday and Wednesday…Both Sit & Sew days…join us…bring what you need help on, whether you are starting something new, stuck on a stitch or you need some advice or how to on something you have been struggling with…come join us…call for availablilty  915-304-9787.

Hope to see you soon!!! Lisa

Nothing like being home…

I am happily spending time at home….Nick, Jake, Lauren, Jace and I took the boat out today for lunch…Nicks first adventure in the boat after his surgery….Yay!

The garden is producing…and the flowers are blooming…I love picking something from the garden and then making something from it right away…lisa bongean

Jalapeno & banana peppers…hope these turn out, I have not done this before…I will be using them for nachos, chili, on hot dogs…and so on…4 Pint Jars…2 just Jalapeno’s and 2 mixed with banana peppers.lisa bongeanWe are working on the yard…and it is looking nice!!!lisa bongean

I hope this morning glory starts to bloom soon…its getting taller…pretty soon it will make this ugle telephone pole that no one in the world wants to admit that it is theirs…Ma Bell must have put it up years ago, but no one will come remove it…so I had to make it look as pretty as I can…for now.Lisa bongeanthe pond-less water fall...

I pond-less water feature…is so nice…IMG_4061the baskets on each side of the stairs… Nick did a great job of keeping them alive…

lisa bongeanLance’s tree continues to do well…just when it is going to look amazing it will be time to dig it up and bring it in for the winter, it is the red-hibiscus (he gave me for Mother’s Day and we’ve kept it alive all these years, I say we because if it weren’t for AL this would not be here, and I am grateful it is)…..this bed is starting to fill in a little more…

img_4067.jpgCukes from the garden for tonights baked pork chops with brown rice…IMG_4068

then the next dilemma…what to do with these?  Anyone have a great recipe for green peppers besides stuffing them?  I do not care for stuffed green peppers with hamberger and the tomatoe thing…I am going to try doing chicken, rice and pepperjack cheese…I’ll let you now how that turns out…but anyone got anything for me to try?  You can message me on FB or leave it here in the comments…but that zuccinni is going to be mixed with lemon and made into a quick bread with a glaze on top…but if you have something “great” I’d appreciate it if you could share it!!!  Hope you are having a great weekend…I need to start fusing my shapes for Twighlight Garden Finishing kits…then I will have to have a cutting marathon…I’ll post some pics..tomorrow.



Moda Block Heads 2-Blocks 8 & 9

IMG_2852I am playing catch up today in a couple of ways…

Let’s get the business part done first…IMG_3984Block 8– Pineapple from Jan Patek…click  HERE to visit her blog for her pattern…Jan is known for her hand applique, which I love…but I decided to go with a pieced pineapple that I seen in the Moda Block Heads Facebook group…its very simple all based on a 1″ grid…so this was an easy catch up for missing last week while in Dallas for the awesome retreats from Moda/Martingale….back to Jan…

thJan is an original Block Head…she is an icon in the quilting world…the Brannock & Patek Moda fabric lines have long been my favorite…I have a nice collection of their wovens from the last 20 years…

I wish we could see a quilt show of Jan’s quilts…it would be a a soothing journey to browse throught the folk art style.  Jan’s show would have to be held in Houston…the only venue big enough to house them all!!!  I am planting  this seed so maybe the powers that be can put it into action.. Here is it… wouldn’t  be nice to see quilting legends like Jan have an opportunity to browse among ALL (ok..I no this is not possible to track them all down)…of her quilts in a setting that is fitting of the contribution people like her have given us through the years?  We do it to honor them after they have passed but…why not celebrate while they are still with us and creating…just my thought for the day…what do you think?th-9th-8th-7

Block 9- With a plus from Laurie Simpson…the quilting half of Minick & Simpson. IMG_3989th-2 Laurie the is the quiet-est quilter I know…I have spent time with her at retreats and I am glad I had this opportunity because you get to know someone a lot better when you hang out in your PJs.  Laurie is known for her applique and hand quilting, yes I said HAND…she loves it and I get it…as I do as well…so go visit Laurie HERE on their blog and print your pattern and see what is happening.  fullsizeoutput_314b-1


So..I hope enjoyed these last two blocks and the designers who made them and the fabrics…my pile of them is getting bigger!!!IMG_3988Now…I know not all of you have grand children….but some of you will know this and for some I hope you get to experience something like this…but when your “little man” says…Mimi you have been gone too long!…you must have a play day, NOW!…here is some of our fun on Monday…warning…it may wear some of you out…

I picked him up and we went straight to the retreat house….The Gathering…we actually have a nice big garden planted and I was told stuff needed to be picked!!!  Thank heavens Scott is taking care of it and it is well tended to while I am still running around…We picked a couple of zucchinis, seedless cukes, onions, jalapenos and green peppers…came home and cleaned them up…IMG_3923IMG_3930 I had to share some of my chocolates from class with my little guy…someone got him hooked on dark chocolate so I thought he would enjoy a few of these too…Kate Weiser ChocolatesIMG_3924“Little Man’s” most favorite thing in the world right now is riding on the Jetski…so we were off…we probably spent almost 2 hours on it and rode to Lake Winnebago through all the bridges in Oshkosh…we got to see the train bridge lower and raise as well.  It is very hard to take a selfi on a Jetski, but we were both saying the magic word for a (less than) perfect picture…IMG_3931After the Jetski excursion it was time for lunch…we packed up the “summer car” and headed to the little local drive in, The Well in Winneconne.  We spread our quilt and he got to order anything he wanted…a hamburger and a hot dog, fries, cheese sticks and lemon aide…then of course a blue raspberry sundae!!!IMG_3933IMG_3934IMG_3935IMG_3938It was just us and some working teenagers who were working on the very near road construction…on the way home “little man” said Mimi…can we go to the park??? Sure why not…We did our most favorite thing first…I pushed him in the swing for what felt like half an hour then I coaxed him into the slides so I could rest and take some pics…We also played “drive thru” where I was told I could not order cookies, I had to order “vanilla petite scones and a coffee”….hmmmm I think he has this experience in this area…IMG_3948IMG_3964Then back home he then saw “the piglet” aka the moped (the Harley is a Hog…so the moped is the piglet)…so we rode the moped through the neighbor hood and stumbled upon a lemon aid stand…IMG_3974We had to then drive home to get some cash…came back…were served our drinks and we made sure to leave the girls a nice tip!!

As our day was coming to an end…we remembered we stopped at a yard sale on the way home and bought a “new” to us tricycle….he did not want to stop at the timehe said rummage sales are just junk and he was excited to get to Anchor Point….but he then changed his mind when he discovered this trike….that occupied him for a bit until it was time for Daddy to pick him up!!! Mimi…had to get ready for S&B sewing night….I had a binding to finish!!!IMG_3971

I needed a day like this…so fun…have a great day today ..and make some memories however you can!!! Lisa

Moon Garden Block 4 -Pattern


I know some of you have been waiting for this!!!  Block 4 is linked below and this weekend the video on the Drizzle Stitch knots and Alternating Chain Stitch  will be uploaded to the Facebook group…Nick is ready to be my camera man and he is super excited for me to be home from Dallas.  If you do not have the needles to do the Drizzle Stitch they can be found HERE.  Get them ordered and you will be ready to go… Here is the link to the pattern  Block 4 has been removed…please see website here to purchase

Please remember to post your progress on the Facebook group…We appreciate seeing your beautiful blocks!!!

I also can’t wait to come home from Dallas and have some time to post all the fun stuff we did and the good times…we had!!!

my best, Lisa