Moda Charm Week 3!


Here is a peek at this week’s Charm swap pattern…Laurie from Minick & Simpson using Sherri’s fabrics….This would made a super cute little girl quilt!!! Hop on over to Lauries BLOG to get the pattern!IMG_4324

Check back each Wednesday thru July for a new charm quilt each week. Watch next Wednesday, July 17th, for those two crazy ladies from Me and My Sister Designs…it is there week to feature their charm swap challenge reveal. We all can’t wait!

Here’s the Summer Schedule …
June 26 ~ Kansas Troubles
July 3 ~ Sherri McConnell   
July 10 ~ Laurie Simpson
July 17 ~ Me and My Sister Designs
July 24 ~ Primitive Gatherings
July 31 ~ Lella Boutique

This quilt reminds me of the strawberries we got from the Allens Farm…they were the most perfect berries I have ever seen…Mom made Jam…I froze some whole and some with sugar and of course we ate a bunch too!IMG_4027IMG_4028

Have a great summer day!



Farmhouse Gatherings Book & Kits

The flannel fabric is coming this month!!!! We are super excited!  

Farmhouse Gatherings Wool & Needle Flannel

Here is a link to see all the prints up close...CLICK HERE  Shades of grey, cream and tans…and the softest, highest quality flannel you will ever stitch with.  Flannel that looks like WOOL!

For one week we are going to put the ALL the kits on Sale from Farmhouse Gatherings Book….All the projects below are in the Farmhouse Gatherings Book which is $28.                                                      Some of you may have pre purchased this already when we ran it on PRE ORDER.Primitive Gatherings

All the pillow kits below are flannel with flannel appliqués. All the brown underlined titles are direct links to our website to order if you wish….

I used the flannel the same way I would have used wool with a light weight fusible web.  They turned out wonderful!  See for yourself…

Love Pillow-Paw Print Kit Finished size: 18×18″  regular price $15.00 Sale price$12.75 ** kit includes zipper  Thread also available (#8 P4) $5.50. Pillow form $10.Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings

Love Pillow-Chicken Kit Finished size: 18×18  regular price $15.00  Sale price$12.75     ** kit includes zipper      Thread also available (#8 O196 & #8 P4) $11.00Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings

I Love Naps Pillow Kit Finished size18 x 18 $15.00 Sale price $12.75**includes zipper  Pillow Form 20″ x 20″ $10.00  Thread Kit (#12-5) $5.50Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings

Let’s Stay Home Pillow Kit- Finished size 15″x 24″ reg. $17.50 Sale price $14.87 **includes zipper also available Thread Kits (#12-2)$5.50   Pillow form 16″x24″ $13.00

Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings

Coffee Pillow KitFinished size18″x 18″reg. $12.00 Sale price $10.20 **includes zipper   Pillow form 20″x 20″$10.00  

Thread Kit(#12-1645, 5, 196  and #5-1)$22.00Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings

Patchwork Star 12×12 (block) 18×18 (pillow) reg. $17.00  Sale price $14.50 Pillow form 20″x 20″ $10.00 Options: Brown or Black block          Frame $60.00 plus $25.00 shippingPrimitiveGatherings_PatchworkStarPillow&Framed

Let’s Snuggle Pillow Kit Finished size14″x 22″reg. $17.50 Sale price $14.87 **includes zipper  Pillow form 16″x 24″ $13.00   Thread Kit (#12-4)$5.50Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings

All Of Me Pillow KitFinished size18″x 18″reg  $15.00 Sale price $12.75 **includes zipper   Pillow form 20″x 20″ $10.00   Thread Kit (#12-118 and #5-1) $11.00 Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings


Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings


Quilt Kits from Farmhouse Gatherings

Reflections Quilt kit-Finished size 65″x 75″ reg. $225.00 Sale price  $191.25               Backing 4-yards  $41.60
This is the cover quilt…and it is a beauty!!! Remember phots don’t alway do the quilts justice…Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings

Dreams Make Life Possible Kit Finished size 100″x 108″ reg. $200.00 Sale price $170.00     Backing 9-yards$93.60

Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatheringsLisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings

Shown on a king sized bed.  Could be made to fit a smaller bed.  Appliqued words are cotton. I had the long arm quilter stitch them down on the edges.

Covered With Love Kit Finished size 94″x 112″ reg. $175.00 Sale price $148.75 **Includes the 2 balls of threads for the lettering   Backing 10-yards backing $104.00Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings

Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings

Shown on a king size bed…could be made smaller by eliminating one block or side squares..  I am assuming this quilt will shrink when washed. So it will fit just perfect when that happens.

Double Reverse Kit-Finished size 68″ x 78″ reg. $225.00 Sale price $191.25 **this is for the front and BACK of the quilt    Lisa Bongean/PrimitiveGatherings

This quilt got a little dirty during construction…washed it up and it’s even better/softer now that it is washed!

On the Farm Kit-Finished size 62″x 62″                                                                                       Fabric Appliques reg. $115.00 Sale price $97.75                                                                       Wool Appliques  reg.$165.00 (includes threads) Sale price $140.25                           Backing$41.60

LIsa BongeanLIsa Bongean

Lisa Bongean

This quilt was so much fun to make!!!

Timeless KitFinished size 88″x 88″ reg. $175.00 Sale price $148.75   Backing 7-yards $72.80  Lisa Bongean

Also we are adding this fabulous thread collection for a special price and ruler box. Click HERE for details on these as well.image.png

Remember this sale is only on for one week…til next Monday the 15th of July.                 Order yours great kits now! Just a reminder…remember $100 is free shipping.

Thanks for hanging around this long….that was a loooong post!

We really appreciate you following and supporting our business!


Potluck or picnic time!!!

I have a big family party coming up this weekend….We are busy planning and preparing and I thought this is the perfect time to post these as they will be in use and I don’t want to keep this all to myself any longer!!!

I am super excited to be able to share this awesome product with you!  As you all know I love to cook in my beautiful kitchen and create new soups, salads, cookies and so on…It’s summertime and this couldn’t be a better time to to show you these awesome new foil pan carriers for bringing your dish to the picnic or especially the quilter’s potluck…they come with a serving spoon and tray shelf insert for short pans as well as the large deep ones too, but I usually put ice insert under my pan in the summer…can be used for hot or cold items…and the best part…when you are ready to leave you take out the foil pan and leave it…take your carrier and off you go…no mess to clean up or another dish to wash…IMG_3663

They come in seven colors…green, orange, teal, smoke, red , navy and white….IMG_3662We have tried to show all the color decals and pans, but remember colors will vary on phones and computer screens…There are also 15 different decals to choose from….I have a  blue and white pan…and now that red one is mine as well!!!!  But that smoke/grey color is going to be my next one!  You al

Click HERE to get your pan now!  They are $25 and we are including a personalization with each pan…you can choose the type of decal and the color (red, blue, white, silver, gold and black) of the decal along with your name…remember these make very nice gifts for wedding and hostesses.  Your quilting friends will love them as well.  The red pan with the star quilt block is what we came up with for a pieced block for you awesome Quilters! IMG_3043-1

Here is mine in action…You pop off that clear lid place it under your pan and you are ready to serve…

IMG_0605Remember we have free shipping on $100 orders…so get your friends together for an order or…order 4 of them for your self!!!  Please share this with your non quilting friends as well!

We do not know what the demand will be so please be sure to give us 2 weeks to ship your order just  in case we are swamped with orders and have to order more pans and also time to do the personalization on the pans…



and the rest of the Moda Block Heads 2…blocks 34, 47 & 48- the appliqué blocks…

Good news…My quilt is done and off to the quilter..bad news…I forgot to photograph the last three appliqué blocks of Jan’s and Lauries…so… will have to see them from these shots from when Amy was stitching them together for me…

This is block 47 from Jan  

I used wool appliqués and hand stitched them using perle cottons.

IMG_4294This is block is block 34  I added a little more to Jan’s block to date and put my initials on the the quilt…IMG_4295

and then I replaced block 48 with an anchor…I could not find a closer picture but you can see it in the quilt with all the sashing near the middle top here…Amy and I had a few days of tag-teaming to get this done last week…while we were supposed to be on vacation!  Thanks Amy…you know I appreciate all you do for me…even though you do not read my blog…everyone else will know I do.IMG_4297 2

I will post a new picture and the sashing/finishing directions when Maggie is done quilting it and we bind it….I also will have our sashing fabric available to purchase if you need a small cream/blue print to go with your blocks like ours shown here.

We did our best to finish this quilt and I hope that the one person who scolded me about not finishing the blocks each week and leaving her “blowing in the wind” (her words) can now finish her’s exactly like mine or has already completed it using the examples that have been posted in the facebook group from everyone else’s blocks…I do not like disappointing anyone….I knew we would get this quilt  done but sometimes we live with too many deadlines and can only commit to what we can do at the time and that was my 6 blocks…but its all done now and I hope you all finish your quilt or are still happily stitching/plugging away on it…

Oh…I almost forgot…Jace has picked the winner of the bag of scraps/leftovers from making this quilt is…he can’t read yet, but he scrolled and landed on one and the winner is…

User Info

I have loved your color choices from the beginning. I would love to have your scraps as I have not finished the quilt either. I can incorporate your scraps into my quilt.


If this is you…please contact Amy at  and she will get them in the mail to you!IMG_4064 2.jpg

This is a huge bag…it doesn’t look like it here but….trust me…she is going to love it!

Happy Monday morning…let’s get a lot done today!   Lisa

Moda Charm Week 2!


So I hope you are loving these weekly posts because here is another fabulous one…hop on over to Sherri HERE to see what she has done using Lynne’s famous Kansas Trouble fabrics…here is a sneak peek!

Check back each Wednesday thru July for a new charm quilt each week. Watch next Wednesday, July 10th, for Laurie Simpson’s charm swap challenge reveal. We all can’t wait!

Here’s the Summer Schedule …
June 26 ~ Kansas Troubles
July 3 ~ Sherri McConnell   
July 10 ~ Laurie Simpson
July 17 ~ Me and My Sister Designs
July 24 ~ Primitive Gatherings
July 31 ~ Lella Boutique

Hope you enjoy our Summer Fun we have planned this year for you!


Moda Blockheads 2….. Blocks- 37, 46, 33, 41, 52, 24, 23, 29, 27!


ALMOST done…Head on over to this link below if you need the pattern for any of these blocks…Here is another batch…still catching up, but oh so close to being done!

Block 37








BLOCK 27-note…I had a bunch of 1 1/2″ HSTs so I rearranged this block to use them…so my block 27 is a little different…

I think only three more to go…LB