Hello February…

I know we are a couple of days into February…but I am just coming home from being gone for two weeks…I want to share with you our bed decor for February…

I am having so much fun decorating each month…and will continue to do so and offer FREE patterns if you purchase a kit from me for either the pillows or the quilt or both…

Some of you l-o-v-e-d my January post with the Let’s Snuggle Pillow…and I will do a pattern for that, but I did not think about the fabric I used and while we have some of the Let’s Snuggle flannel used we also found a close substitution… I just used some fabric left over from a project and never checked to see if we could kit it…my bad…I’m sorry… now, going forward I will pick fabric we can kit a fair amount of kits of…and I will try to get them out at the beginning of the month… I will post the January Let’s Snuggle Pillows and Quilt with kits offered, as soon as I can…but for now…let’s do February…

Also…I used #8- O775 and #8-4, for the wool applique on the pillows.  Threads are not included in the kits.

If you just want the pattern and no kit it is sold HERE. For $15

If you want a Pillow kit the pattern is FREE and sold HERE.  Save $15

If you want a Quilt kit the pattern is FREE and it is sold HERE.  Save $15

If you want both the pillows and the quilt kits the pattern is FREE and sold HERE.. Save $33, yes…a Lovely discount for ordering both!!!

Thank you all for supporting us by buying our designs and kits…

WE LOVE YA!  Now go make everyone fall in LOVE with YOU this month!




I’m at the Indiana State Quilt Guild and one of my jobs is to pick a winner of the “decorate your space” contest… the theme of the retreat is Candy Land… oh boy am I in trouble…there were some good bribes offered…

We are 180 strong in one room…

Vote by number here are the finalists…







So help me out… just leave a comment with a simple #

The winner will win this quilt!!!!

Thank you!!!

Daytona Quilt Week!

Who is coming to Daytona in February??? If you are come take a workshop from me!!!

I am teaching four of them!!! Three of them still have a few openings…here are the days and projects.

It’s about a month away so there is still time to plan!

I would love to have all my classes full…I’m taking 2020 off from teaching anywhere else but WI and CA shops so come have some fun!

What are you reading/listening to…

Just thought I would start sharing what I am listening to while stitching, of course…I love it when I get some good reads… this one was from Jennifer …

Just finished… loved it!!!

Then listened to this… which is now on Bravo … this one was by the quilting wiz herself… Linda


Going to now start…this one suggested by Traci

I am on the road… I’ll keep in touch! Stitch away!!!

Moda Block Heads 2- Block 40 & 39

I am writing this in the Doc’s office…I am going for a 6 month mammogram check up…I have a 2mm something that they are watching…it has not grown…he tells me not to worry but they will be watching it for a year or more…so good new for me…but PLEASE everyone get your Mammies checked every year if you are supposed to!! Oh…and I had the new 3D mammogram…thought it was going to be something (easier) same situation… I didn’t even know the difference, just an FYI.

Now after that small but important message…back to the blocks…

Block 40 from Lynne…Kansas Trouble Quilters…click for pattern

no lie…this one almost did me in…I turned those hst corners the wrong way, then I noticed my center was wrong…and so on…so I’m glad this one is over…lol

moda bh 40

Block 40 was the easy one…this is one huge block!!! those squares are 4″…

block 39

Not caught up yet, but not given up…keep on it with me!

Hope you are all staying warm! LB