Moon Garden Block 11!

I am excited and then not…one because we are almost finished, bet then not, because we are almost finished!!! Does this make sense?  But trust me…If you like or even loved Moon Garden there will be another Stitch Along…I promise…thank you for buying our kits/pattern each month…this is what keeps the business going…If you cannot buy from us…you can help in other ways…you can buy the backing or finishing from us or keep our shop on top of the list when you DO have to buy something…you can tell everyone you know who stitches about your blocks…maybe they will join in and reward us by following and buying from us…again Thanks for anyway you can support us…

Block 11… Click Moon Garden Block 11 Blog to print pattern. Link has been removed…Click HERE if you want to ORDER a printed pattern.

Also…we have kits for blocks-2,5,6,8,9 &10…left but very few..some only 4 left some 7 left…if you want one or any of these call Judy P at the Shop…920-722-7233


MG11-Lisa Bongeanjpg.jpegMG11b LisaB.jpgMG11a Lisa B.jpg

Nothing too fancy about this block…except the feather stitches on the leaves…so I promise a video on this…we will shoot it Monday and Kali will have it hopefully by the time we leave on Wednesday for Quilt Con in Nashville!

Some Important Details

I have finished my blocks with the printed background…I pieced sashing and some of the border has piecing on it…and now it is in the hands of the quilter…Maggie will do an awesome job of making it even more beautiful!

As for the blocks with Primitive Black muslin..I am working on an applique border for those…I cannot wait to show you!!

You can use either version for either set of blocks that you have…you could put the applique border on the print background blocks or you could piece the muslin background blocks…either will work…no stressing about that…

We will have finishing kits for BOTH versions.  Both versions will be purchased patterns  only and If you order our finishing kit the pattern is free.  The pattern for finishing will not be free on the blog. You are welcome to do your own finishing or support us by buy ours.

I am hoping to have the finishing kit info ready to go out with your block 12 kits…please open block 12 even if you are not caught up and are collecting white padded envelopes…

Let me know if you have any questions that I may have missed in the comment section…

Happy Stitching! LB



Happy Valentines Day!!!

Whoops…this was SUPPOSED to post yesterday…but I will be posting a bunch of things today…so you may just want to keep your shopping cart open???

I LOVE you all!!! To celebrate I have stitched a valentine that will last forever!!! Year after year…If you order this kit today (which is now the 15th) the pattern is FREE!

Click HERE to order…you only need to order the kit and we will add the pattern for free today only!!! You have a choice of kits… pick light or dark kit!!! Kit is $16.

I hope you all get a big smooches from the ones you love…LB

Vegas Market

Early in the month (Feb) I visited Las Vegas for the World gift and Home Dec Market…It was HUGE…OVER-WHELMING…AMAZING.IMG_0329

I am thinking about the future and I want to share my thoughts with you…because we are in this together…without you…I do not have a business.   I guess…I am always thinking about the future…and I hate to admit it but I am a little bit worried about the quilting industry…it’s not going away…but…

Here is what’s happening…the shows are not what they once were…the sales are not as high as they used to be…we used to make and sells lots of big quilt kits…now we are not selling big kits but we are selling little smaller priced items …the average sale is less than half of what it used to be and the number of sales are down too…..pattern designers are closeing shop because they cannot make enough money to take care of all the expenses involved…the booth fees at trade shows and consumer shows are outrageous…so with these things in mind…what can we do?  How are we going to SURVIVE…how can we be different?  Before you delete this and move on…This is not a woe to me post…please read on…it gets exciting.

Subscription Boxes??? Yes!  As you know we are working on WOOL BOX #2 at the moment….I am very pleased with the current subscriptions for starting out!!  Did you remember to sign up for March…I am designing projects now…

Offer Machine Quilting services…with timely(not 6-12 months) waiting lists. Yes..I think this is definately a possibility…

I am thinking we need to be more than a quilt store…maybe a place to paint/make a sign, plant a succulent garden, hook a rug, make a wreath, make a pie, take a cooking class, or candy making class, knit a pair of socks, make a personalized piece of jewelry…calligraphy class, a place to see how to decorate our homes, with quilts too and things we make and so on…a place to CREATE, to hang out…so this is why I attended the Market in LV.

I found so much…and I wanted it ALL…ok…maybe not all of it but there was so neat stuff there….great wall art…IMG_0460

great reclaimed/vintage jewelry…IMG_0412

Cool Paper products….IMG_0339

a couple different soap companies….hand made soap is in…shower gel not so much…lol and made from wine? (grapeseed oil…close enough)IMG_0424

great Christmas stuff..IMG_0331

things to hand our quilted stocking on…IMG_0348.jpg

fall decor…IMG_0394

and everyday stuff…IMG_0483

The displays were beautiful…I could show you hundreds of photos I took..

I might have found a few personal things…these spheres are coming to Anchor Point…IMG_0342.jpg

and last…I LOVE these letter boards…I love quotes, words that touch your soul…click HERE to look at these on our website!  The letter boards are on the way to the warehouse!!!  Because of the multiple sizes and offerings Please be advised that there could be a possible 2-3 week delivery time if you all ordered the same size or something…You will see my letter boards on my social media posts!!! IMG_0462-1

I believe what we want out of life is experiences…this is what matters…memories of good times spent with friends or people who share the same passion to MAKE SOMETHING!…So I really want to create such that place with a shop, retreat and outdoor space to grow some of the food for the retreat house or a place where you can feed the Chickens or watch the Sheep in the field while we stitch… It’s a BIG dream, but for me it TIME to find out….I have a few more commitments for early 2019, then it’s time to start planning a NEW Primitive Gatherings…and hopefully it will all work out and we will ALL have such a place to visit…BTW. We are only 10 min from ATW International airport!!!

Let me know what is going on in your head after reading this…imput…suggestions?


Let’s Snuggle…

I am home early from the warehouse because we are in the middle of ANOTHER Winter snowstorm…this one is named Chase, in case, you needed to know that…but I think our store has been closed more in February than it has been opened…but….I know some of you are trying to call and our messages are probably full…so PLEASE call back tomorrow…we do not want to miss your call…IMG_0064

But I can’t think of a better time to post about these kits that we have ready…I know some of you are sweetly waiting for them to be announced…

Here are the details and then the deals…All pillows are flannel with wool appliques…Threads used are #12-4 Valdani and #12-O515.

Let’s snuggle pillow kit: :$25.00

Snowflake pillow kit: $17 each

Pattern: $12 includes both designs.IMG_0067

Combo deal: $60… Combo deal includes: 1-let’s snuggle kit 2-snowflake kits 1-yard of coordinating fabric to create the remaining blank pillows in the picture…That is $13 OFF and we will add in the pattern for FREE, PLUS we will throw in the pattern for Heritage Star which is the quilt on the bed.

When you purchase the kit for the snowflake pillow or the let’s snuggle pillow you will receive the pattern for FREE as well! Finished size of snowflake pillow approximately 16 x 16 Finished size of let’s snuggle pillow approximately 14 x 22

I used an 18″ pillow form for the snowflake and blank pillows and a 16×22 for the Let’s Snuggle.IMG_0061

Click HERE to go to the site for quick ordering…and just an FYI the flannel we are using is this one for the Let’s Snuggle Pillow, the one shown in the picture is all gone…but I think this one will work just as well!  This is a computer image so keep that in mind as well…it will not look this bright!!1867.39151

If you just are intereseted in the quilt pattern on the bed Heritage Stars that is HERE to order…

I hope I have covered all the bases here…now to work on March’s Pillow & Quilt Combo and Crazy Season blog hop project!!!!!

Stay warm and Snuggle in! Lisa

Wool Subscription Box #1 Reveal…


I wish to THANK all of you who participated in our first ever box!!!!

It was because we have lots of them that we were able to fill that box with lots of wooly goodness!!!  Now those of you who have not ordered this box…at the end I will discuss your options…

We will try and theme our boxes each time…Box #1 Theme…White Winter Pine…I will note when EACH box coming 2-7 will contain something similar.

Each box will contain one main project…in Box #1 it is…

  1. Forrest FriendsPrimitiveGatherings_01
  2.  Each box will contain Something Wooly this one contains a special charm pack of 10 currated wools, both hand dyed and textured.

PrimitiveGatherings_193. Ruler Box

PrimitiveGatherings_034.  Each box will contain a pincushion kit that will fit in the ruler box…so you can switch them out.  This pattern has every monogram for you to make more pincushions…after all you have a bunch of wool charms!!!PrimitiveGatherings_11

5.  Valdani Ball…and a needle…a color used in one of the projects in the box.



6.  Hand made Pins from… Just Another Button Co.PrimitiveGatherings_07

9 & 10. An ON-GOING Wool Applique Project called “Everlasting”.  the number of blocks will vary in each box going forward until I think we have enough for a great quilt.PrimitiveGatherings_13PrimitiveGatherings_1211.  Each block will contain a Recipe Card.


Note: The Target store has this galvanized recipe card holder that will nicely hold all your cards.

12.  This box contained a cookie cutter to go along with the recipe…this droopy tree is so cute!PrimitiveGatherings_2013. Each block will contain a Stitch Card…We are working on the ring/clip to keep them together along with a front and a back cover for our Stitch Cards.  These will come in Box #2IMG_0635IMG_0634

14. Last.. but not least…Hand made Carmels from our famous candy store…VandeWalles Cakes & Candies in Appleton, WIPrimitiveGatherings_14and our box is going to make an amazing storage container….It  turned out so amazing we are so proud of that box!!!  It is valued at $102.00, not counting the box!

Now those of you who received BOX #1 make sure you go and sign up if you wish to continue…you only have to sign up once…and you are in til box 7 and then if you wish to opt out you can, but you have to call and cancel.  If you do nothing they keep coming.  Click HERE.  Boxes will be charged on the 15th of March and then every other month on the 15th.  If your card is successfully processed we will ship them out right away.  They will be $66..or $72 if you get a protective box and this includes the shipping.

If you did not get BOX #1 and you wish to…you need to call the shop and order one.  920-722-7233.  

If you sign up for our subscription on our website it will start with BOX #2.

If you do not wish to have BOX #1 but want the ruler box and the two quilt blocks you can purchase them at full retail prices.  We will notify you when you can order them.

We will have a Facebook Group…PG Wool Box…we are going to accept the members in soon…we need to make sure everyone who asks to join IS really a subscriber…and that takes a little time…So please do not worry if we do not get to that right away!!!

These projects will not be available til 2020 for the public.  And…. I can’t wait for you to see what coming up…especially BOX #3…another ON-Going project…


If you have any questions…I will be checking the comment section here…ask away!

Thank you all for the great comments about the BOX #1…It sure was nice to hear!!!

Lisa & the Staff of Primitive Gatherings