What’s going on in Jacksonville?

Lots of wool work…that’s what going on…

We are Retreating at the beautiful Hyatt at St. Johns Town Center.

We had a slight delay from the Hurricane Dorian….with out shipments being held up but they were all delivered on Monday and after lunch we were off busily…tracing, ironing, cutting and fusing and because we only had a half day of work on Monday…we carried on and started stitching on Tuesday…This hydrangea mat was out biggest and most complicated project we have this week out of the three they will be making…

Here are some photos of from Monday…

IMG_5650IMG_5651IMG_5652IMG_5653IMG_5654IMG_5655IMG_5656IMG_5658IMG_5659IMG_5660IMG_5661IMG_5663IMG_5667 2

Since I am teaching and can’t really make the same thing twice…I changed up the colors and will be doing a blue hydrangea on a light background…

Jenny, who is a loyal follower of mine, was working on her freebie blocks from the summer block of the week this year…while we waiting on Monday morning for out shipments of supplies…we all were so impressed with he knots on all of the sheep…IMG_5646and then look what else she is working on!!!!! I was pretty enamored by this….it’s all wool with a little hex for each day of 2019!!!!IMG_5648

Yesterday…we started with the stitching….first lesson cross stitching the stems…then blanket stitching…feather stitching in the leaves and finally the long straight stitched in the flowers topped off with a colonial knot…IMG_5669IMG_5671IMG_5672IMG_5673IMG_5674

As you can see it’s a pretty laid back retreat…IMG_5675IMG_5677IMG_5679

The sheep fairy came and left one of her babies for everyone…which were put to work right away////////////1


Here is my finished sample…with all the stitching completed…and the new version…which I use teach all the stitches during the class and then will have another sample for the shop.  If you wish to purchase your own kit or pattern for this project you can do so HERE. My new version is on the web as well…please pick the light background and you will receive my version of Hydrangea in the Sunshine.IMG_5682

We also have a nice little store set up…but did you know when you come to retreat with us…all your kits are included in the retreat price…a lot of retreats charge you extra for your kits…just thought I needed to point this out.  So when you think about going to a retreat make sure you know what you are all signing up for and getting…IMG_5683

and… we get a little Florida sun as well each day….IMG_5685

Well it’s time to get my suit on for our 7:30 water aerobics class one of the students is teaching this morning!!!  It’s hot here…but not August/ Dallas hot!

Keep reading the blog this week for a chance to win some of these kits we are making here!

PS..I wish I could wake up…talk for awhile and then fall asleep again…how does one do that? I’m rooming with cousin Mary who is snoring so daintily beside me right now…

my best…Lisa


July Wool Subscription Box reveal…

Look at all these yummy wool goodies…that were sent out late July!

Two on-going Everlasting blocks, a bundle of wools, stitch cards… recipes… and…the famous caramels!

Luna… a fall pumpkin mat was the featured kit this box…the white pumpkins sewn on a gorgeous fall plaid….

8 new additions to our 52 Way to Celebrate…

These little guys are for August and September to display.


LLate Summer blooms… was the pincushion.

We also sent out these mini canning jars with 25 precut woolie pieces…we are  running a contest with them!!!

Here is one of the recipes from the July box..it was soooooo gooood!  I know there are lots of cherry tomatoes this time year!

This pasta salad will be the hit of the potluck!

So maybe you want to join the Subscription Wool Box fun! If you do join you will have an opportunity later on to purchase some of the items that are on-going.  Like the previous quilt blocks and the previous Celebrations! 52 mini ways…so do not worry about that…

Our boxes are only $60 plus $6 shipping and they hold over $100 retail value each time…they ship every other month.  We have a Facebook group that you can ask to join when you subscribe as well. So why not join in the fun  Order HERE!                                  Last chance to order the September box!

I am packing today for my trip to Jacksonville…It was a pretty close call with the Hurricane and if we would have had to cancel it I think it would have put us all over the deep end to have this happen two years in a row to us, but that’s not the case… Whew we dodged one there…the only thing we are waiting on is all our our boxes to arrive at Glorias…but UPS is probably swamped and they will eventually get there.

Have a great Saturday and some of you I will see tomorrow!

my best..


Summer Is over???

Well…some think the end to summer is Labor Day weekend…I disagree…there still are plenty of nice/warm days left…I know some of you are in a much warmer climate…but your wearing your puff North Face jacket when it drops to 80 degrees…so lets just say…for you the cooler weather can’t come fast enough…for us..we’d like it to stay away a little longer…

But as summer is winding down I wish to share a few things…Our summer block of the week’s are finishing up…Here are the results for the Wool version…we will be running them as a Blocks of the Month soon…I don’t know when they will be up on the site but SOON… we will start taking sign ups…I promise….we will let you know when that happens.

Kathy Decker finished the scrappy version and it’s ALL quilted!!! already!!! It’s crazy AWESOME and I love it…I just might finish my light version after seeing this!

I wanted to thank ALL of you who participated in this years SBOWs…. border kits are being dyed and we will be assembling them soon, we will also let you know in the FB group when they start shipping.

…and it’s now time to reveal your freebie finishing…to those of you who do not know what this is… when you do the SBOW you get something free each week with your block… this year they were these little colorful sheep!

This little guy is on it way to Linda and I’m sure she’ll spruce it up with some fab quilting in those open spaces!

If you are interested in our finishing kit and pattern and it even includes the backing in the kit as well….you can go HERE to our website to order yours now…we will have this for sale in its entirety after we have shipped out finishing kits to our customers…

Now here’s a few pics from my weekend…how was your long weekend?

I harvested some apples off my dwarf trees I planted a couple years ago…some other things from the garden…hot peppers… don’t know what I am going to do with these yet…

Dried some tomatoes in my oven… it has a built in dehydrator…I packed these in olive oil, first time for this…anyone have a good recipe for Sun-dried tomato Aioli?  I think I spelled that right…We went to a BBQ… the food was a real treat and had a bon fire and some games…

Some plums too, from my trees … Mom is getting these to make jelly.

And look at this!!!! Congrats to Barbara whose last years block of the week Twilight Garden won best of show at the South Dakota State Fair!!!!  I was trilled to see this!

Then my week with cousin Mary ended with an almost run to the emergency room… but I fixed her up after she stabbed herself trying to make colonial knots!!! But, boy did she get the projects done while hanging out with me.

Looking forward to Jacksonville next week… thank GOD that hurricane is not hitting dead on us again!

Talk with you soon…


You won’t want to miss this…

*WARNING* Long post alert…but lots of info…read til the end…

Stunning Stitches for Crazy Quilts-500x500

Did you see this awesome, newest book on crazy stitches?  Not only does it give you some great ideas for your seam designs….It informs and shows you how to use these stitch templates that are also available…

Click HERE to order book.

I know a bunch of you are working on the Crazy Season blog hop we were doing this year and this is perfect for that…I think this is a better option than sticking an adhesive product and then getting your project wet to get if off…here they are… Embroidery Stitch Templates-500x500

You can find the Templates HERE to purchase.


Here they are all cut ready to use…in their categories.


So they day after I finished our Summer Block of the week I got these in the mail…and look what was included…IMG_5264

You would mark on dark with the our favorite marking pen.  Click HERE for white marking pen. You would use lead pencil on light fabric…



When the feather stitch is complete…add the lazy daisy flowers…


Here is mine using no templates…I am pretty good…but with these the template my stitching would have been perfect…don’t get me wrong…I am perfectly fine with my stitching…but SO MANY people struggle with the stitches itself and then the spacing is another killer…so regardless of you level of expertise you NEED these template…

IMG_5266We have the book and the templates available on our website just click the links above in the post to “go there”…again…remember we so appreciate you ordering from us…and rewarding us for informing you on these great products…I know you know it is the right thing to do to support the little businesses.

We also have FREE shipping on a $100 order and…we just got a huge new shipment of Valdani 8 wt. threads if you need to pump up your order to reach the free shipping mark…We now have every thread color and weight Valdani has three strand floss, 12,8 and 5 weights……here are the new ones…again these are 8 weights we have not had before…those embroidery stitches look so much better in the thicker weights 8 and 5s…and before the thought enters your mind…yes…these are all coming home to live at Anchor Point. Here is a quick link to the threads  I have shown them two ways so you can see the numbers and the colors better.PrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.SolidCollection2PrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.SolidCollection2.iPrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.SolidCollection1PrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.SolidCollection1.iPrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.OandVseriesPrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.OandVseries.i

These are the JPs now available in 8 wt.PrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.JPseries

Just look how lovely this looks in our warehouse…

IMG_5370 2also…My cousin Mary is here visiting from Delaware…and she confiscated my templates for one of her projects she was working on…and now she is so crazy in love with her abilities… she was driving everyone crazy saying…how awesome she is now that she has these…she reminded us several times…every hour.IMG_5388IMG_5387IMG_5389 3

Mary and my sister Lisa met for the first time…we went to Amaze & Grace, the Harley shop…Culvers for dinner(on Mary’s list) and then to Lambeau!!! We had some fun…and…we should not shop together…ever…again! That’s all I’m saying…IMG_5411IMG_5412IMG_5413IMG_5409

If you want to win a book…please comment on something...I’m too crazy busy at the moment to think of something clever…

All for now…talk soon…LB


Blog Winners…

Hey Everyone!!
Life has been crazy here…I am working on another blog post but thought I would post the winners from my last two blog posts…
Kay U McAllister

Love what they have done with all the dishes, wished my refrigerator was that neat and clean. Thanks for a chance to win.


I love summer! We love to go to the beach and just relax and read a good book. But paddle boarding or kayaking on one of the many lakes in the area is right up there with favorite things about summer. Thank you for showing us this darling quilt using such a fun charm pack.
Mini Chandelier Table Runner1
Please email Amy who is keeper of the prizes….ahoefler@new.rr.com  and she will get them in the mail for you!!!

My latest obsession?

This might surprise you a bit…but then again maybe not…As you know I have this beautiful kitchen and that makes be want everything in it to be awesome as well…

anchor point kitchen

image_d6f97f41-cb53-4818-8ac2-11fd25eac33f.img_5641so here it is….

I am obsessed  with Pyrex!

Not only because it is better/healthier way for storing your food than in plastic, it’s also so pretty!  I have included quick  links to go to Pyrex if you wish to purchase some of these as well…I do not make any money from pyrex…I just love it their product…Maybe  they will send me some to give away?

Here is some eye candy…and the first two are my current favorites!IMG_3325

Really…they are killing me with these new ones! Click HERE


and then look at the patterns…are these kinda quilty or am I the only one who thinks so?IMG_3329

Can you say Aqua?  How sweet are these? To order these from Pyrex click HERE


Sophisticated blue & white…Click HERE to purchase

IMG_3327and then…seasonal of course!  These are all sold individually on their site.

pumpkins, mummies and haunted houses…my pet peeve…where did my lid go?

Nick, what cabinet did you put it in?  I know I’ll have to check the highest ones in the kitchen, the ones where I have to get the stool out for…that’s where he puts them…do you think he does it on purpose or is he just trying to put things away as fast and he can and whatever…

IMG_9800 3

Christmas…where is the gingerbread house one…the third one to this set?  I found it…see next pic…IMG_6464

here is an action shot…in use…a look into the fridge…notice I didn’t show the whole thing?


They also come in plain if plain and simple is your thing… and you can customize your lid colors or get replacement ones…uh-hem (see above)!! I just found this out…click HERE if you want to browse Amazon

If you want to start a collection of Pyrex… Click HERE for their whole website.  I did send them an email to say I was going to do a post about these and see if they would sponsor a give-away but …no reply…so I will do my own giveaway.

If you are an Amazon groupie they have some there but not the cool pretty ones shown above…and of course Walmart does have them and the decorated ones from the Pioneer Woman some of her patterns are shown here in the fridge..

I was not going to post this until tomorrow but…I guess there was a random post of my kitchen that got sent out into the inter-space…so now you see the whole post…I was uploading photos to my /computer  from my phone  to blog and somehow they published?????????

Leave me a comment to win the live, love, share set of containers…and have a great day…oh…make sure you stitch something today as well…after you clean your fridge while waiting for your new containers….LB