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Moda Blockheads…Block 24….

Today’s Block is Corn No Beans (don’t you just love that name? from Miss Carrie Nelson, it can be found here on the Moda Blog.

This was an easy block to make with  my 1″  Triangle Papers….

I am heading to Dallas and will be arriving just as this posts near midnight at DFW…Going to the Mothership and to hangout and work with some awesome quilty people!!!!  I will post some fun pics!!!

Make sure you visit us all today…

Have a Great Day…It will be even better if you stitch a little…LB





Teaching in St. George Utah next week….

I will be teaching next week in Utah…come take one of my workshops!!!!  These are the two projects…come hangout…stitch and learn lots about wool appliqué!!! See flyer below for details…Would love to have you in class…I am taking 2018 off from teaching…so it may be awhile before I am back in UT!  


12 Designers…12 Months…12 Contests…

I hope you are up for a contest??? Moda is sponsoring lots of prizes for us designers to give away to our followers who want to participate in something special!!!  Primitive Gatherings is also going to sweeten this deal with Big Gift Cards and many more prizes…

August…is my month and we are going to have a “mini” quilt contest…This is my wall in my home sewing studio…I can just look at this for hours!!! Everyone LOVES mini quilts!!!

here is the info…

3 categories- you decide which one yours belongs in…we reserve the right to change it if necessary.

 Pieced– patchwork  can be hand pieced or machine-no applique, the following are a few examples. of what is good and what is not…

all PG fabric in this one…

This one…would be disqualified…not enough PG fabric…


 Applique–  can have some piecing as well…applique can be any kind…wool, cotton, cotton flannel…all are good…can have embroidery embellishing-here are few examples…


Quilt featuring Triangles- 1″ or smaller– must use Primitive Gatherings Triangle papers and they must be shown in the picture…can have appliqué or embellishing or anything else goes…

We strongly want you to consider submitting an original design….but if you can’t…please list pattern designer and/or inspiration for your quilt- maybe you sized down a bigger quilt pattern.

Rules-not too many but contests must have rules….

At least half of the fabrics (50%) need to be from Primitive Gatherings designs/Moda Fabric to qualify.-example…if you use two fabrics, one is a PG muslin and then you use another fabric other than PG we are not going to figure out the yardage to make sure is exactly 50%…this also means not just any fabric purchased from Primitive  Gatherings quilt shop…it must be our Moda fabrics…the selvage will have our name on it… You can use your stash, visit your local shop and ask if they have any Primitive Gatherings Fabric…. or visit our website. HERE   we have lots of it!!!

We just want you to use some of our wonderful fabrics and support us since we are giving away fabulous prizes,   wonderful exposure and some bragging rights and we are hoping to get enough quilts for a book, so you will be published too!!!

Quilt perimeters must not exceed 100″ example… 25×25 would be 100″

Contest will end Sept 30th.  We will pick 12 quilts from each category and have you send them to Primitive Gatherings.  They will then be in a Quilt Show and we will have customers vote on them and will also put them on Facebook/Instagram to see which get the most “Likes”

Please post using #12contestsPGmini on Instagram/Facebook-tag Lisa Hoefler Bongean  and make sure you mention the contest in the description or email photo to to enter your quilt.

We know how creative you all are and are looking forward to your wonderful submissions…

I will be firming up the prizes and will list them sometime during September to inspire you to finish and post your mini quilts…

Good Luck!!!











Moda Blockhead…Block 23!!!


Block 23 already!!!  Why does it just seem like it was just my turn??? I just love taking simple blocks and adding to them…a simple 8 pointed star and…I added four patches in the center and the corners… Click here to print out the pattern…Block23LB_WinneconneStar

I had just enough time to do one block…but will catch up with the scrappy version later when there are not so many deadlines…we have our warehouse sale this weekend and I am teaching Tuesday and Wednesday (today)…I made them Chicken Dumpling soup tonight(this is Monday)…I hope they like it!!!

The question of the week:   What is your favorite brand of rulers?  And why do you prefer that one? 

After quilting for 20 years of quilting and owning many many rulers…I prefer the Creative Grid rulers…when I wanted to design a ruler I went to them with my idea and they were totally “onboard”…I now have 3 rulers currently with them 5″x15″, 6″x6″ and 3″x7″…why do I like these rulers?…so simple…everything is a dashed line…no solid lines…I can SEE where my fabric is…and…those 1/8″ markings…all there so.. no more counting hash marks for 3/8” or 5/8″…then last but not least…the famous built in no slip grips (see those see thru circles?) …If you need one of these  you can buy them  HERE or see our whole selection of CGR rulers HERE   I can’t cut with out them…I will soon be working on another size?  Any of you have these already? Thanks for hanging out this long and listening to me “talk” about CGR rulers, I appreciate your time and hope you enjoy making my block this week…

Go check out everyone else’s blocks too!!! See what rulers they like!!


Triangle Gatherings Block 59 & 60!!!!

Hey!!! We are about 2/3’s the way done!!!  I gave you all some time to catch up again…your all doing great!!!  Please post on our groups FB page!!!



Click here to print Block 59

Click here to print Block 60




Moda Blockheads Block 22

Hi Everyone…This weeks block is Jan Patek’s ….another appliqué blocks a beautiful birdhouse Click HERE to get her pattern …I am in the middle of about 23 things so I only had time to do the alternate block for you who are not appliqué-ers…I will be doing Jan’s block as soon as I can come up for air…

Click here for the PDF printout of this alternate Block Head #22   

I also just noticed from the photo… I need to redo that last seam… but not now…it really looks worse in the photo…why is that???? I don’t have time to fix it…and redo the photo, so forgive me on this one!!!

Question of the Week…What kind of batting do you use?   Whatever the quilter puts in!!!lol….no really…that’s what is used and I usually don’t ask…they are professional quilters who do a fabulous job!!! Sorry I’m no help on this topic…in the past my favs have been Quilters’ Dream and Hobbs…

My Best…Lisa

Please go and see everyones versions of Jan’s applique block…





Triangle gatherings blocks 57 & 58

Click here to print Block 57Click here to print Block 58

I want you all to know we are having some awesome weather here in WI…I am enjoying it and getting some stitching done…

Elaina & Alyssa on the water tramp…
Jeter and I  hanging out while I stitch…

Nick and Scott in their fishing tourney…took 13 out of 49 boats…not bad… guys!!!
Finished up the freebie for this summer’s blocks of the week!!! Look for the finishing kit on our website soon!!! For those of you who did not do the summer bow and got this free it will be a kit and/or pattern in September…Hope you are keeping up with our TG blocks…or even if you are in the beginning please post on our FB page…Triangle Gatherings – show us your progress!!!

all for now…LB

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