10th Anniversary Stitch Along…Part 6…Last one!


Here it is.. the final round…I wanted to get this out to you as I promised it would be done by the end of the year…I did not finish the pieced version yet, and I don’t know if I’m going to put the last border on it…I might want them to be different…I did however, give you the directions to finish the pieced one…This final kit will be $25.  It includes 22 fabrics for the pieced blocks and the wools for corner borders.  It does not include the binding…. Which could be any dark color that’s in the quilt.  …I have all the patterns linked up on the Stitch Along side button.   Judi has this loaded on the site to order part 6. CLICK HERE ….I hope you all enjoyed this pattern and stitching along…..and I can’t wait to see your finished quilts.  Make sure you send them to me and I’ll do one massive post…Mine is sent off to the quilter and will post how it was quilted when it comes back from Linda.  Thanks for a great 10 years together!!!Stitch Along/Primitive Gatherings/ Lisa Bongean

Getting Ready to post 10th Anniversary Stitch Along Part 4…


I am done stitching both versions for Part 4 on the SAL!  Look for it to post next week…You can see a peek on the website! HERE  I want to bring to your attention that we will be making square in a square units for the next round…I just happened to have this 2 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ ruler and it worked amazing for making these units…It has a center line that you line up in the corners of the square and then trim…it creates perfect 1/4″ seam allowances.  The ruler is 2 1/2″ wide so you can do both edges!  Go and get yourself one of these at your LQS if you don’t have it OR we have discounted the ruler for you all…reg.$14.95 for you it will be $11.95! It is a great size ruler for many other things as well…this won’t be the only thing you use it on!

If you  are AUTOMATICALLY receiving the SAL and would like one to be sent with your Part 4 please let us know when placing your order for the ruler (in comment section-say…send with SAL)

If you order each time the SAL posts just add it to your order it there is a drop down box for the ruler on the Part 4… and we will get it out to you with your kit.


Part 3- kit corrections- you will be getting 2 different strips of green fabric…we are NOT putting them in the Part 4 kit.  They will just be in the envelope…so make sure you look for them as well as your Part 4 kit..

If you get your SAL automatically we have already corrected or will be correcting yours with Part 4.

If you order each time the SAL posts we will also be sending the 2 green strips with your Part 4.

If for some reason you are NOT going to order Part 4 and you did order Part 3, email us and we will get the 2 strips out to you.

Again, I apologize for this and hurried to get Part 4 done so you can finish up your Part 3.


Now no more words now…Here is a 10ASAL- that this kind Quilter( please email me with your name again…I know I wrote it down somewhere)brought to Grand Rapids show to show me…Isn’t it awesome! Can’t wait to see her next rounds…securedownload-1

Martha MumawHere us Martha Mumaw’s SAL!  Did you notice it is on point??

Please send your SAL photos to:


Have a great weekend…and don’t forget to send me some photos!!! I love getting them..LB

Part 3 Stitch Along…



Here is Part 3! I am so loving this little project…The pieced version directions are at the end…Click on the Part 3 Icon on the right side bar to print the directions.  The photo is a little funny colored but I’m in a hurry…I should be packing for Grand Rapids!!!  We leave at midnight tonight…and set up at 8am tomorrow…

Hope you are enjoying this…please send me your photos! Name your photo with your own name…thanks!Stitch Along P3 Lisa Bongean

IMG_9773Here is K. Mitchels… Pieced version.  Isn’t that inner border just perfect!!!

kaoru mitchellaurely de Smith



Then Aurely Smith’s, center with pinkish wools…


Then Deb Gepfer sent hers in as well!deb gepfer

10th anniversary stitch along….Pieced version & Part 2

I do not want to confuse anyone so please read everything…

Good Morning…first of all..I want you to know I didn’t forget about a PIECED version instead of the wool version I promised to do…I will be making  the 2 versions…this way I can use whatever I have, (including some fabrics that were never made??? I get 100’s of sample strike-off that are so cool…but can only pick 40 fabrics for a next new line of MODA)…I am sorry to announce we are NOT going to kit this version in parts…BUT we will offer a fabric bundle or two, to those who NEED them so they can use similar fabrics to my sample….The fabric bundle will be 18 fat 1/8ths…6-red,tan and blacks….for a total of 2 1/4 yards…just please understand while there is lots of fabric here and I will use all these  fabrics in future parts, there may be more fabrics and some parts may require more than a fat 1/8 once we get bigger…so you kind of get what I’m saying here….you may add your own fabrics (and it is encouraged)to this bundle and of course use only fabrics from your own collection…

So just to get this straight…this is not another block to go with the first…this is in place of the center wool appliqué block that was posted earlier.  Some people are allergic to wool…some don’t do wool appliqué?  What’s wrong with that?…lol…so this is their center  OR  you can make 2 Stitch Along quilts!!!!!

If you look close  at the pic below…I made half square triangles…but in my instructions I wrote them for flying geese…so either way will work…I was going to do something else but changed my mind and was too lazy to make the flying geese…

Click here to print the PDF…Pieced Stitch Along  Click here for Fabric Bundle  


Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
Stitch Along Pieced center


fabric bundle for pieced stitch along
fabric bundle for pieced stitch along

Now for PART 2–remember the deal…If I have to write the directions…You have to read them….all the information on the piecing of the block is in these PDF directions…example…What to cut your appliqué block to?  It is in the PDF!

Here is the PDF.. click to print  Stitch Along Part 2 

Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
10th Anniversary Stitch Along…Parts 1&2

Here is the actual wool block.

Pieced Version Parts 1 & 2 10th Anniversary Stitch Along

Now here is the pieced version with Part 2- The piecing will be the same for each version unless I specify in separate directions for the blocks.

Do you like them??? If am super excited and want to start stitching the next round!!!

Please remember to be patient with this Stitch Along stuff… I didn’t expect this to be what it has become and our girls have a lot on their plate with our normal orders and our block of the week event…We are a little company and cannot compete with Amazon and their shipping times…. so what I am saying is please be nice when calling or emailing…we want you to get your stuff, we purposely are not holding yours hostage to make you mad…we want to please you and we appreciate all of our customers…if something isn’t right we will figure it out and get your your quilting goodies!!!

Now I wish you all a Happy 4th of July and hope you make it FUN!

PS…send me some of your photos I will do a post of everyones I get!!n  Some have sent them…I am holding on to them…



We will ship part 2 at the end of next week…after seeing how many orders we have accumulated

SAL- please read if your are joining in…

Hey Everyone…

Thanks for all the interest and comments about the Stitch Along…I just want you all to know a few things….Like I said…I wasn’t really set up for kitting this so I really wasn’t prepared…

If you want to sign up for the kits here what you can do for us…

First…you have to go to our website and order if you want Part 1, you cannot just leave a comment that you want to order in the comment section on the blog.  We need all of your info to process an order. Click Here…Stitch Along

If you want all the Parts, even though I do not know what each one costs and you still don’t care, write in your comment section you want them all and we will ship them as we put them out.

This is supposed to be a Stitch Along…I will want to see your  parts as we stitch and will have you send your photos in if you wish and we will post them on the blog…Some of you want the kits and are saying to keep all of the parts until the end and send them all at once…we can do this, but this project may not be over until November…do you want to wait or stitch along with us?

I do not know how much, how many or any real details right now…but If I were a customer like you…When I got an email I would order my kit…print my pattern and then order a couple other items, like: threads, a couple of patterns or whatever is new,  because the shipping will not change that much…we cannot send anything out the door for less than $4 and still be able to track it.  So why not get a few more things for not much more shipping or the same cost of shipping.  Remember this will be spread out…I will post about every 2 to three weeks…give or take depending on how busy my schedule it…but promise it will be done before the end of the year…and also remember it is going to be a SMALL quilt.  Not a bed size.

We can possibly throw it in with a BOM (not BOW), if you let us know you are in one…its just a lot to keep track of, but if you cannot find anything else to order we can try to put it with a BOM.

Some people are really caught up on shipping…here’s how I look at it…I love the fact that I can shop in my PJ’s and before I know it, it is here…now if I don’t have to leave my house, put make up on…brush my hair or put gas in my car…I’m good with paying for shipping…lol..Linda Hrcka and I were discussing shipping costs and we BOTH agree there are many advantages to it…we like staying home and having IT come to us.

When will you get your kit…After we post each part we will wait about a week or so, so we know how many to make…we don’t want to over kit or under kit and be making them again…So please know that we are not shipping them as soon as we post them. Give us a week to collect the orders please.

Please email the shop if you have any questions…as it is easier to print an email if you want to change something we then would have a record of it…

primitivegatheringsquiltshop@yahoo.com    is the shops email

Lastly I cannot believe how many of you have ordered kits…its amazing…thanks again

I thought I would share what I am stitching on tonight…Our Statewide Wisconsin Shop Hop is starting June 6??? I have the center done…now for some piecing around it…this will also be a little quilt 18×21-ishIMG_9535

My Best…Lisa

Also Jake and Amy are in Indiana…Vending at this location below…Stop and visit if you can…20140403-111248





Celebrating our 10th Anniversary and a sneak peak!!!

PG Stitch-Along

In honor of our 10th Anniversary I would like to do a FREE 10 part quilt pattern and run a Stitch-Along here on my blog…Now I have to admit…I have it designed, but not stitched…I am going to STITCH-ALONG with you on this one…I will post them twice a month or so…and we will be done in November to avoid all the Holiday stuff…

Some of the details…It will be a little quilt, medallion styled…and scrappy!  I will do two versions…one with a wool applique on cotton center and the other a pieced center for those of you who do not appliqué or you may want to do both!!!… (I did not even think about offering kits for it but before I could even post this we have had calls about it…so since I did not start yet…I can pick fabrics and kit them…then I will post again when I have kit details)…The center of the quilt will be 6″…and have 9 more borders added to it.  The patterns will be a free pdf posted here on my blog…hope you want to join in and share your version with us!!!

Also…I know some of you are anxiously waiting for our 2014 Summer Blocks of the Week to be announced…They will go on our site today!  AND…I am very happy…over the top happy that I can say….I am stitching the wool on the appliquéd border!!! So we have all the information for you on pricing, shipping, threads lists…finishing kits and know everything before it starts!  This is what I have been up to instead of blogging…lol… but I can say that everyone in Paducah who saw me stitching L-O-V-E-D IT!  Which is really cool, because… do you know how hard it is to design a project that you can kit 1000 kits for and have everyone like it?  It is always hard to compete with the last years SBOW that I stress over all of these issues to the point where I drive myself crazy….The Crows and I were talking and we figured this is the 8th summer of the block of the week…and it took us a bit but we figured them all out and in order!…without cheating…We were wondering…has anyone done all 8??? and the freebies too?…I would love to know if you have or if you are close to doing all 8…like maybe you did 6?…ok..back on topic here…. I don’t think I’m going to show the FREEBIE, which by the way is all stitched and even quilted!!!…because I am showing you more of the SBOW than I usually do…But you can tell from the pic here that you will be doing 25 blocks?, right?  can you see you have an alternating pieced block??  13/applique,12/pieced

2014 SBOW Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
2014 SBOW
Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
2014 SBOW Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
2014 SBOW
Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings

….for the wool version…and that is why the price is $16 this summer and the finishing kit is only $65…I have shown a little of the border here as well…see no stitching on the border yet…that is because I stayed up till 3am as I did not want to stop until I had the borders designed and cut and pressed down….I was very happy when it was done…I couldn’t stop staring at it!!!!  Quilt is 68″x 68″,  Also you can see a pic of another one of the blocks on our shop NEWSLETTER that has just been placed on the site…Please see our website here Primitive Gatherings for all the details…and don’t forget about the Pieced(no wool appliqué) SBOW called Opposites Attract…14 weeks, 12 blocks each week for a total of 168 blocks…plus you will be piecing the border as well each week!  The blocks finish at 6″…and will finish 76×88, with 168 blocks and a little pieced border…you then can add big borders to make it bigger if you wish…So much fun…this will also give you a chance to try out our new Triangle Papers from Primitive Gatherings that will be included each week!  This is a really great chance to “collect” repro fabrics if you do not want to “piece” these blocks…but these blocks are so much fun…and you know…fast too…

Opposites Attract 2014 SBOW Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
Opposites Attract 2014 SBOW Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings


Thank you for following my blog and supporting our shop all these years…we appreciate you all so much and hopefully I will be blogging a lot more now that the SBOW stuff in out of the way!…It’s like a mega load has been lifted and I can actually say that both projects just maybe quilted and finished before the first block is sent out…This is a first!… and will probably never happen again, unless…I start next years now?

Stitch on…