12 Days of Needful Things…Day 2

Day 2- Needful Things-   Re-claimed Seam Rippers

I fell in love with a gifted seam ripper I received from a quilting friend.  When everyone raved at how awesome they were I thought they would be perfect for our Needful Things.  Because let’s face it, seam rippers are needful.  Ripping is much more enjoyable with a pretty ripper.

Now to find someone to make them for me.  I have this uncanny ability to come up with something for my family member “to do”.  My new brother-in-law, Doug is a concrete finisher for CRMeyer.  He usually works out of state on a big job, long term, but right now he is being shuffled to smaller jobs here and there.  He has a big beautiful shop so I asked him if he could make them for us!  So for the last two months, we have been scouring the antique shop and thrift stores for chubby knife handles.  You are doing us all a big service keeping Doug busy making ripppers!

We have a large selection but not many of one kind.  So we have put them into 3 categories.  Ornate Silver                           Unornate                                   GoldReclaimed Seam ripper from Primitive Gatherings

Ornate SilverReclaimed Seam RipperReclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive GatheringsReclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive Gatherings

Unornate-(not so busy) Reclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive Gatherings

Reclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive Gatherings Gold.

Reclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive Gatherings

These will make perfect gifts for your sewing friends and for yourself.  We will randomly pick it and put it in your order.  I am sure you can understand for obvious reasons why we cannot let you pick. So we appreciate your understanding

I know we are all busy so If you want a  chance to win a re-claimed ripper, just quickly leave me a comment here telling me what you are wishing for from Santa this year!
and if you are not busy take a  minute to watch our   Red & White bed turning live from the lakehouse yesterday!!!
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Thank You! Lisa

12 Days of Needful Things…Day 3

Just a reminder about our shop hours through the rest of the year.

Day 3- Needful Things-Custom Quilt Hangers

Scott has been busy designing new quilt Hangers…We have had a single arm for a while now…I loved mine..but…wait…now I can have 3 or 5 quilts hanging at the same time!3 arm quilt hangerShown here black or white…notice they are distressed on purpose.  Paint is rubbed off…and such…

Then here it is… all dressed up in red & white for Christmas!

Primitive Gatherings 5 arm quilt hangerThis is our family room…now all the quilt are stored here instead of folded on the couch…tidy’s up space quickly!  Most of these quilts are flannel…and heavy so they are nice and strong as well.
These hangers are hand made by Scott so please allow some time for him to make your beautiful hanger…it will come next year.  Something to look forward to in 2021!  We are offering the hangers on sale for 10% off.  They will not ever be on sale again, maybe next Christmas…as they are very laborious and not easy to ship…so this is your chance.  You can order the single,  triple, and the five-arm…black or white.
If you won a quilt hanger….where would you hang it? 
What is the first quilt you would put on it? 
Which one would you want? 
After you leave me a comment telling me all this info make sure you check your list…do you have all those presents yet?  Some of mine are not going to make it…oh well, I will put a picture of it in a card and say Merry Christmas… it is coming!!!  It’s all good…we will just keep celebrating until they all come in!  Why not… In 2020 all things are unpredictable.
I can’t wait to read your comments today!!!

12 Days of Needful Things…Day 5

DAY 5 NEEDFUL THINGS–    Endurance Blades: 20%

I really did not notice until I really thought about it…but  I have had this blade in this cutter since  I  got the new navy cutter…well over a year for sure.  So I put this blade on my list for our NEEDFUL THINGS.   I am only buying/using them from now on.  I used to change my blades at least once a month…it could have been done more often than that but I am very frugal…and I do not want to mess up my cutting mats.   The worst thing you can do to your mat is cut on it  with a dull blade.

I am going to be a snob here for just a little moment….I only use Olfa blades/cutters and really like there mats…but I have occasionally used different mats.  But not the cutter…this brand is amazing, I don’t care what cutter…there are many…but these are the most comfortable and the “LV” of rotary cutters…that was “Louie Vuitton” just in case you were not going to get my joke.

So where are offering discounts on everything else as well…

All Regular  & Endurance Rotary Blades: 20%

Rotary Cutters: Yellow Handles only
                                     60mm 45mm  28mm 18mm: 
Creative Grid Itty Bitty Rulers by Primitive Gatherings plus a few more….
We also can’t offer blades and cutters and not rulers.  I LOVE my rulers.  I wish they came in more sizes but this is what we have for now…They do work for all of my cutting needs so I am happy.  
Rulers from Lisa Bongean/Primitive GatheringsWhat I mean by MY rulers is…these are MY rulers.   I designed them…they are still Creative Grid rulers but they have some differences from the normal CG rulers…they have not one solid line…everything is dashed.  They have 1/8, 3/8, 5/8, and 7/8″ markings on them…  Last, they do not have 1/2″ added to them…my ruler is  8″x 24″.  Not  8 1/2″ x 24 1/2″  This has screwed me up more times than I would like to admit…
My rulers come in 3 rectangles.  3×7, 5×15, super nice for cuttting 5″ squares and 8×24 all measurements are in inches.  I also have two squares…6 and 15 inches.  
Creative Grids does not allow us to put their rulers on sale ever.   But we are going to give away a FQ bonus for every $12 you spend on a creative grid ruler, so if you spend $48 dollars on two rulers you get 4 FQs.  We also have added a few more rulers just in case you have all 5 of my ruler or maybe you need double of some!!!
Today you have two chances to win….because I forgot to add a giveaway to yesterday’s post. 
Let’s do something easy….The first comment, Did you make any of your gifts this year?…. Second comment for today’s post. …Do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced quilter? and why?  Put them both in one comment and we will pick several winners to win a bunch of stuff from this post and yesterdays.   You know I love to give things away!!!
Thanks for taking the time out to read and participate in our 12 Needful Things!!!
Take time to enjoy all the things…Lisa 
Jace helped organize all my pins, and clips, and other stuff that gets all messed up…he was so proud to work for MiMi.Teaching Grandkids organization
…and then it was time for stitching.  A couple of weeks ago he asked if he could stitch…I said yes. Then did nothing about it…then he asked again and again…so I knew he was really interested.  I asked him what he wanted to stitch…A dragon was his answer…so I found a dragon and we started stitching.  I don’t make him…I do not correct him unless he asks me…I do help thread the needles!!!  We are working on holding onto it by the eye…he stitches for about 15-20 min. then he’s onto something else.  I am wondering how long our sessions will go.  It’s funny because his Mother is left-handed, so he sometimes stitches left and sometimes right…but he is good with both!  Also, a lot of the comments about your quilt shop in Jess’s post was about teaching kids…So I agree.



12 Days of Needful Things…Day 6

Day 6- Needful Things- Precision Mats, Iron off Iron Cleaner & Small Wool Pressing Mat

       Precision Mats- these mats are perfect for helping layout fusible web pieces to the exact placement of the pattern…the pattern can be easily seen through the mat. This allows you to place and then pick up the whole fused layout out of the applique piece and transfer it to the background.  Where then it can be pressed with lots of steam.
Here is a video from the manufacturer on how to use them…I made one but the sound did not work…uggghh….so CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO.
We have both sizes, but to me, there is only one I would buy and that is the larger one…This way you can do a much larger piece and you can always to any small shape…I sometimes have huge applique blocks.
          12×18  $40.00   sale   20% off   $32.00
          17×24   $50.00  sale    20% off   $40.00
Iron off Iron Cleaner: $7.30  Sale 25% off $5.48  Now is the time to replenish your supply….my iron often has to be cleaned.
Iron Off Hot Iron Cleaner

Mat $20.00   Sale 25% off $15.00 

Our Wool Ironing Mat is a favorite and we use them all the time….but unfortunately, we only have the small in stock…so keep this in mind for the future and put them in your wish list.   Primitive Gatherings has an everyday decent price on these mats, so anytime you order the price will be better than anyone one out there. 
Our sizes are:
20″x 58″ Large fits big board ironing boards.  $120
20″x 20″ medium mat-$50
12×12 small mat-$20.00   Sale 25% off   $15.00

12 Days of Needful Things…Day 7

Today I am turning the blog over to Jess.  She is our long time shop manager.  I love her and think of her as one of my own.  I am over the moon happy for her.   Jessica has adopted a new baby boy this year,  His name is David Jefferey, after her and Phil’s fathers.  She is still working hard for us while being a tired new Mommy but loving every minute that for sure!  I can tell she will be an excellent mother.  We are all grateful for the hard work she puts in at Primitive Gatherings.
Jessica asked me to make three projects…one small, one medium & one large.  This day is her idea and actually a lot of fun.  You may think how is this a needful thing?  We all need a little mystery, anticipation, and wonder in our lives…..Enjoy!  Lisa
A couple of years ago we did St. Nick tins filled with goodies from our Shop. No one knew what they would get in their tin. This year we have added a little twist to the tins.
Each tin includes a kit and pattern that Lisa design for the 12 Days, you have not seen these designs and they will be a surprise when you receive them! Christmas after Christmas they can be recycled in place of wrapping paper!
These tins would make great little gifts for your sewing circle and sewing friends.  Each Tin will hold a project plus a couple of fun goodies added from the Shop.  Each size tin holds a specific project, meaning all the small tins have the same project, mediums hold another, and so on and so forth)  
Our Small, Medium and Large Tins are all 25% off!  (Tins may vary in design)  
We have also added an X-Large option in our Create Tin.  
This tin will hold ALL 3 designs and also goodies from the Shop.    
**We have taken out the additional shipping charges for the packaging of the tins. That is a little extra bonus discount.  Meaning we usually add $5.00 to the tins because we have to box and wrap each tin separately, we will not have that on there this year.  You will just be responsible for our standard shipping fees.
To win an Extra Large Create tin with all three projects included, leave us a comment finishing this sentence.   If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer/teach/have __________________, to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online.
Have a Great Day and Thank you for being part of Primitive Gatherings!  The shop girls and I love helping you with your quilting and stitching needs. 



12 Days of Needful Things…Day 8

DAY 8-Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns Book.

This book…hands down… is a MUST have for any quilter.  When you have this book in your quilt book library you will be “complete” as a quilter.  If the house was burning down and I could only grab one quilting book, this is what I would have chosen… I think, my book here is a first edition…the new book that is shown in the first picture is the third edition. This is a highly sought after book….look what it is going for on Ebay….

But now we can ALL own the newest and updated version from Barbara Brackman, who has teamed up with Electric Quilt Co. in the making of this book!

This book is such a treasured resource for any quilter, whether you design your own quilt blocks or you are just looking for the perfect one to go with your nine-patch alternating blocks.  If you are a beginning quilter, remember you will not always be a beginner.  The more you quilt, your skills will evolve, as well as your desire to make more challenging projects.  You will find yourself designing or re-arranging your patterns. You will start to add your changes to already designed patterns and then one day you will be picking blocks and coming up with your own setting for those blocks.  This is where a book like this comes in.  But more than that….the history of each of these blocks is fascinating.  My book is from 1993 and has the designer and the year their blocks came into the world and where they were published.  Maybe someday there will be a Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings block in the 10th edition!!! HA! A girl can hope! 

I do not have the new book in my hands…because it comes out on 12/24/2020…So I am impatiently waiting!!!!   My book has over 550 pages. So I did a little research on the new book.  As you can see it is much prettier and it still has over 500 pages. Also, this book would not be possible without the author…

Barbara BrackmanBarbara Brackman is a quilt historian and author from Lawrence, Kansas. She’s been fascinated by quilt patterns for forty years and could not rest until she’d indexed more than 4,000 pieced patterns for her Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. BlockBase+ is that index for the computer age. She writes several blogs about quilt history and patterns including Material Culture. She was inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame of Marion, Indiana in 2001 and is a founding member of the American Quilt Study Group.

We are giving you 12$ off the retail price of the book for this Needful Things promotion.

The giveaway for this day will be a purchase giveaway…For every 25 books we sell, one of you who purchases it, we are giving it to you free.  If you win we will contact you and ask if you want us to credit your purchase or we will give you a gift certificate in the amount of the book.  Good luck…and I am so excited for you and me, to get this book.  If you do own a first, or second edition, feel free to comment about your book and how you use it.

Click HERE to get your book!

 Thank you for taking the time out of your day to come here to our Needful Things,!!!    Lisa