Summer Block of the Week #6 Update…also Stitch Along

Hey all…just a little info here…I appreciate if you find any errors in this summer pattern as you are my pattern testers….so please email if you think there is a problem or a typo or whatever, like the missing wing in block 6.  We forgot to add a wing to the bird on Block 6 Wool SBOW…we have the wool in the kit but the drawing is missing the wing…we will also add it to Block 9’s direction off to the side so you have a hard copy. Those of you who are keeping up and need this wing now this is for you!!!  Click on it to print the PDF Click here for Block 6 Correction 

We have been getting a few calls about there not being enough fabric in the block kits…The appliqué block kit consists ONLY of the tans and the 4 patches like here….all the other stuff around this is in the pieced blocks.  I also would suggest to only maResizedImage951405011654393ke blocks for now…and finish the appliqués that travel into the pieced blocks when you put the whole quilt together.  This is only  my suggestion…as it will spread the fabrics out…I also did not arrange my blocks in the order you are getting them….but if you do you own thing by piecing rows together…I am sure it can somehow work…but it is not how I have done this quilt and written the directions…

Speaking of directions…PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE  read ALL of my directions! We get calls that are unnecessary if only they would have read the directions.  Also, please remember the girls at the shop have not done this quilt I have…so if you have questions…please email me…you can send it to attn Lisa B and i will answer you…but only if the answer is NOT in my directions….lol..

The Stitch Along Part 2 will be shipping tomorrow and next week…in case you are looking for them…they are starting to ship…

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and taking time to stitch!!! Someone told me once only I am in charge of my time…so if you don’t have time to stitch who’s fault is that?

all for now…LB

The wool SBOW-finished…Summer Gatherings


I thought It was time to show you the whole quilt!  It is in Chicago at the show right now…and we ONLY have a few more openings left…this summer has been a record number of people doing it…we usually have enough left over to do a BOM with it in October…this will not be the case with this one…if we decide to run it we will have to re-cut kits for it!!! My photo is unquilted…my quilted photo is blurry…so if you want to see the
custom quilting up close an click HERE and visit awesome friend (1st place AQS show winner)Linda’s post about all the quilting on Sunflower Gatherings…

If you are on the fence with signing up this is probably your last chance as the Chicago show just opened up today…and I expect by the end of the show the spots will be full…Click here if you have to have it!!! Sunflower Gatherings




Pieced SBOW #2

I know some of you have received the first week’s SBOW…if you have not…they are on the way…If you signed up late as in last week…you will probably will get 2 this week…I have the wool SBOW back…binding is on and it is ready to go to the shop…the Summer kids have arrived today to help with the extra workload… thanks for being patient and hope everything is going good for you all…I am off to MN to teach a bunch of classes…so I will be on the road…come see us in St. Cloud, MN if you can!!!LB

Week 2




This is just an update on the SBOW’s

Shipping has begun and will be finished on Thursday.  The first two weeks are always the longest…We also have about 50 CC declines…If you notice your card has not be charged by FRIDAY, you might be one of them…please call the shop at 920-722-7233 and give us a new number or tell us to run it again…It takes about 4 days to ship them out of PG.  We will start calling on friday about the declines…You know the drill if you have done many of these…if you are NEW to the SBOW…PLEASE, PLEASE…PLEASE be patient…they all do not get shipped out on Monday. We have had a couple of emails and phone calls concerning that we did not charge their card yet and they are worried we didn’t get their order…so again..if this is the case by FRIDAY please let us know.  I love the enthusiasm!!

The VALDANI threads will NOT be shipped this week, They will be shipped next week.  Valdani has shipped us 16 boxes and they take their sweet time coming through customs…so we put off shipping until the majority of the threads arrived.  There may be a few missing from your shipment.  We have notes on your orders what is missing and will ship them as soon as they arrive.  Valdani makes and ships threads every three weeks from Romania.  We needed to order 300 quantities of each color and they can’t produce as fast as we all would like…lol…but remember we WANT you to have those threads as fast as you do.

A couple of ???s on the FREEBIE…they are included in ALL SBOW’s including the pieced one.  They are not in BOM’s as you would only get 3 and the BOMs are a previous commitment….sorry…If you are not in a SBOW you can purchase online each week to get the freebies too.  (min purchase is $16).

Thanks and hope you are excited as I am about these quilts!!!…here are the blocks shipping this week…LB

I will be getting the quilt back today from Linda(Miss AWESOME quilter) and will get the binding on and in the shop for next week!








Summer Freebie…Believe there is good in the world….

Be the Good…is the name of the Summer Freebie…YES! this is what you will be getting if you are signed up for wool appliqué or pieced BOW this summer… or if you order something online or come in the shop each week this summer.  (The 12 flower blocks are FREE with a $16 min purchase)

Lisa Bongean/ Primitive Gatherings
Lisa Bongean/ Primitive Gatherings

Read the words…then read just the red words….I love this little quilt!! Won’t get much easier than this…and it makes an adorable little quilt!

Finishing Kit will be only$12.50

Finishing kit includes: 8 tan flannels for finishing blocks…border fabric and binding….wool appliqués for border(basket and 19 flowers)and pattern. Finished size is 12 1/2″ x 15.   Will be shipped with the 13 or 14th week with Summer Blocks of the Week…Please help us out and place the order for this  on our website and do not email your order Deadline to order will be August 1 if we are to ship them with your SBOW.  We will file your order and process/charge it when shipped in late August or early September or whenever those 13 or 14th weeks are, so no $$ being spent now.

To pre-order your*** Be The Good*** finishing kit click HERE!!!

Also here is the list of threads I used on the FREEBIE-threads are NOT included in finishing kits.- if you need to order threads please place them on our website, also we are trying to get Valdani to make ALL of the threads needed before the month long European holiday in August.

Valdani #8-O548

Valdani #12 -P9, V3 or H204, 822, O154, H203, O78, 873,  822, O551, P12,  O775, O86, O545, 1

Be the good is beautifully quilted by Ms. Linda Hrcka…will show some better pics of it later…

Thanks for reading all of this text and helping us out…I didn’t realize that the SAL was going to be such an interference for my girls…but OH well we have good problems!!!

Have a great weekend