Tuesday…a total play day….

Today (yesterday)there were no quilt shops on my agenda….I was to be picked up by Dru and just hang out…we shopped in Temecula and then visited my favorite winery from my last visit…now I don’t know much about wine…but I am starting to kind of really like it…remember I am from WI where most everyone drinks beer and hard liquor…now Wilson Creek winery is famous for its Almond Champaign served in none other than a shot glass made out of formed dark chocolate! It is to die for!





The second pic is supposed to show the vineyard…but no grapes on the vine this time of year…

This last pic is of my delivery of purchase of a whole case….WI will not be so bad with a little of this to end the day! I made Dru join their wine club so she can send me more at a better price…and she doesn’t drink wine…it is amazing what friends will do for you…I got a nice price if you bought a case…you know it is really all about saving money.
We then met up with Roxanne and the rest of the day we spent in the antique shops…picked up two orphans for me and the last one is for my friend Nancy to make Santa coats out of…all for 300 bucks!…now you are all up to date on my travels…I am in the airport with a needle in my hand….all for now…