Day 2-Aurifil thread…


I am sure, like you…I need to do some last minute things…so here’s today’s post…stop a little now and then and just to reflect on where you are, what you have accomplished and think about where you are going…both literally and in your dreams!!!


I love my Aurifil thread…50 wt. for all my piecing…I want you to know we expanded our line to include the larger cones in all the colors they come in… please read all the uses for this remarkable thread but hands down the main reason we use it is how clean it runs in the machine…no lint anywhere and its runs like a dream through my machine…

Aurifil’s 50wt thread is our most versatile and most popular Cotton thread. It is available in all 270 of our Cotton colors, and is wound on our iconic orange spool. The 50wt is strong and thin, and results in remarkably flat and crisp seams. While it is wonderful for piecing, subtle quilting & topstitching, and English Paper Piecing it also works incredibly well for Needle Turn Applique, Bobbin and Machine Lace, Machine Applique (Straight Stitch, ZigZag, Blind Hem and Blanket Stitch,) Machine Embroidery, Dense Machine Quilting, Subtle Machine and Longarm Quilting, Basting, Whole Cloth and Micro Quilting, and Dense Background Designs.

Needle Turn Applique, English Paper Piecing, Hand Piecing, Bobbin and Machine Lace, Machine Applique (Straight Stitch, Zig Zag, Blind Hem, and Blanket Stitch), Machine Embroidery, Dense Machine Quilting, Subtle Machine and Longarm Quilting, Basting, Whole Cloth and Micro Quilting, Dense Background Designs.

Needle Recommendations:

  • 80/12 Microtex/Sharp, Universal, Quilting, or Denim Needles (50wt in the bobbin)
  • 4.0 Longarm Needle (50wt in the bobbin)


(6452 yd cones shown above)  I use all large cones for the basic’s


My fabric lines have become a little more on the lighter side so I have had to add a few more colors to my thread options…white, cream, light grey dark grey are all new to me in the last year…I am loving the change…so we are offering ALL Aurifil in any size on sale 20% off..


(1422 yds spools shown above)

I use this size spool for my specialized stitching! Like buttonhole around appliqués and e.p.p. I do not like seeing the thread when doing e.p.p. so I like to use an exact match…

They come in 4 sizes…I call them mini, standard,  large cone & super cone…we only carry the middle two sizes…

Click HERE to see all the colors they come in at a glance…Someday I will have them all!

Click HERE to go to add some to your collection!



When I empty a spool of Aurifil one would think you would be sad…but when I empty one I think…. woo whoo look at the the stitching I have done!…I want to throw a party and  I am happy to  buy another large cone or standard  size spool.

Leave me a comment…what thread do you use…do you feel the same way when you empty a spool?  Again…will pick some winners on Jan.1st…