Baby it’s Really, REALLY Cold Outside!

Hey everyone – welcome back! If you are anywhere near me, I hope you’re making the most of this blustery and frigid day. I’m sure you heard by now that we decided to close the shop before it even had a chance to open this morning, due to some seriously nasty weather out there. Much to Nick’s delight, the snow seems to have subsided – at least for the moment – but that’s not really the issue either way. The real danger of a storm like this is the sub-zero temps paired up with some super strong winds, resulting in wind chill temperatures in the negative 40’s (yes, seriously). What makes it even crazier, is that the forecast is saying that by mid-week next week we’ll be up in the 40’s. I’m not even kidding – check it out! I really feel sorry for the arthritis sufferers out there – Nick included. He has not let me forget how much drastic changes in the weather make him ache all over, especially his shoulder. I do feel bad for him, especially since he’s been doing all the snow removal between Primitive Gatherings and Anchor Point. For those of you who aren’t from a snowy climate, what that basically means is he has to be up around 3-4:00 a.m. to start the first of many rounds of plowing the parking lot and clearing entry ways and sidewalks so our customers and staff can park and get into the building safely. He also has our house to worry about in between so that I can get where I need to go. It’s no wonder he’s pooped by mid-afternoon! Whether or not he gets any rest is always up to Mother Nature considering he’s at her mercy depending on how much snow she decides to send. I hope he knows I appreciate him. In fact, I feel like I might have a little crush… LOL Shout out to Nick – thank you for all you do!!!

Despite the shop being closed I hope you were all able to hop online and take advantage of the on-going 25% OFF FLASH Sale, going on now through Monday December 26th, 2022. If you missed out on all the great deals we had going on throughout the month of December, now is your time to do some catching up! Get 25% OFF store and site-wide (new items are not included and have been removed from the website until after the sale is over). Click the button below to shop til your heart’s content!

As I mentioned above, there are several new items we did not include in the sale because they are so new, so if you can’t find something on the website you know was just there yesterday, that’s most likely the reason (sewing machines and subscription boxes are also not included in the sale).

Well folks, you’d have to be absolutely crazy to be outdoors voluntarily for any extended period of time on a day like today. I mean, we’re no strangers to lots of snow and temps below zero but this is extreme and could be deadly in a matter of minutes. I spent my day inside with my family, cozy and happy as a clam. I managed to get some baking and a bit of present wrapping done, along with the finishing touches on my decorating. We don’t have any big plans for Christmas, just hanging out at home where we belong. I’ve learned just how over-rated traveling can be over the years and I really don’t need it anymore. I mean, I work hard all week to pay for this shack, so I like to spend time in it when I can!

Even Jax who usually gets the immediate zoomies in the snow is like… no thanks when it’s time to let him out in this garbage. I can’t say I blame him but on the other hand, I think he’s learning to enjoy the good life a little too much sometimes. Diva much? He’s certainly made himself right at home not only in our house but in our hearts… and has even won over the grooming lady by being the best dog ever during his first spa trip yesterday. Look at that face! He really is a great dog. They don’t come any better!

Alright everyone, I have cookies in the oven that I need to check on. Don’t forget, if you haven’t gotten everything off your wish list you still have until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, December 26th to get 25% off everything in stock at Primitive Gatherings! Want even more insight on what’s on sale? If you didn’t already watch, you can catch the replay of this week’s STITCH with Lisa Bongean on YouTube by hitting the link below. There is a lot of great information on upcoming events, subscriptions, what’s on sale, and more! Click below to watch! Have a wonderful Christmas eve eve friends. Stay warm and get some stitching in if you can. We all know it’s good for the soul! I will see you all back here soon. Happy holidays from me, Nick, and my entire staff at Primitive Gatherings! ~Lisa