Meet Me in the Garden Stitch-Along Intro & Supply List

Can you believe it? After what feels like an eternity of waiting, the Meet Me in the Garden Stitch-Along is finally ready to begin! This is a summer stitch-along that will feature a custom quilt project designed by my good friend, Val Krueger. Val based this intricate pattern on my new Garden Gatherings line, which after much anticipation arrived here earlier this month. Check out this beauty of a design. I can’t tell you how gorgeous it is in person – absolutely stunning!

Completed "Meet Me in the Garden" Quilt

Planning to join us for Meet Me in the Garden?” This post will take you through all the fabric and tools that you will need to participate in this stitch-along. This is the beginning of a six month long project, so having everything you need prior to starting is a great idea. It’s never a good thing to get half way through a quilt project, only to realize you’re out of something you can’t get anymore. We’re talking serious bummer there…so let’s try to avoid that by setting up for success! Fabric requirements for Meet Me in the Garden are as follows:

There are also several required rulers and tools that you will need. Ruler and tool requirements for Meet Me in the Garden are as follows:

Excited to get started yet? Video tutorials featuring explanations on the different rounds that make up this quilt will be released each month. Below you will find a list of rounds along with their video release dates, so you have an idea on how to plan for this stitch-along.

Alright! You only have a couple of short weeks to get your ducks in a row for Meet Me in the Garden.” Remember, you can find the video tutorials posted to my YouTube channel, “Stitch with Lisa Bongean” each month on the listed release dates. You can watch the intro to Meet Me in the Garden now by clicking the STITCH button below! If you have any questions feel free to email the shop at and we’ll be happy to help!

I hope you have a great week everyone! I’ll be back here on the blog on Wednesday for Moda Blockheads 4 Block #15 release, plus this week’s blog comment prize winners. Until then I know you have plenty to do so be sure to make time to stitch every day! Bye for now! ~Lisa


Moda Blockheads 4 – Block 4 is a Real Spinner!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Moda Blockhead Wednesday! I hope you’re ready for Block 4 of MBH4 because it’s available now and ready for you! Spinner was designed by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs. Driven by her love and passion for quilting, Anne runs her successful business Bunny Hill Designs out of a 400 sq ft loft in her home located in the California Bay area. In addition to being the owner and lead designer of Bunny Hill Designs, she also designs fabrics for Moda, along with patterns to coordinate with each of her fabric lines. Nice work Anne!

Spinner is a quick and easy block to make. I really like this block because though the design is simple, it can have many different looks depending on your choice of fabric placement! I hope you all are having fun, and making steady progress on MBH4. I have my versions of Spinner complete (and maybe a few more…but who’s counting?), take a look!

For the center of this block, I used a dark gray floral print from Urban Farmhouse II, and a much lighter gray small print on a white background (also from Urban Farmhouse II) combined with an Orange Bella Solid called, Ochre” (#9900-79) for the outer pieces. I’m really liking how it looks! They remind me of the colorful springtime pinwheels we used to play with as kids. You can find all the information you need to make Spinner on Anne’s blog page by clicking the link below!I will be posting a link on my blog every week for each new MBH4 block that’s released. Remember, you can also find all the MBH blocks that have already been posted by visiting the Moda Blockheads 4 Archive, which is updated every Wednesday and Friday.

Bonus blocks can be found on Moda’s Inspiration+Resources Center every four weeks on Fridays. If you’re having trouble keeping all the details straight you can also sign-up to receive Moda’s weekly Blockheads blog posts via e-mail, or by following the link below.

Ok – back to work! Wednesday is my designated mid-week day to really get down to business and get things done. I’ll admit that I try pretty hard to stay hidden away in my sewing room at home on Wednesdays because if I don’t, there are just way too many things pulling me in different directions. How can a girl get anything done?! I will see you all tomorrow at 1PM CST during, Stitch with Lisa Bongean.” I’m excited to tell you that we’ll be doing a trunk show on my newly released, Garden Gatherings line. We’ll be taking a look at each quilt in this brand new collection, as well as revisiting some pattern designs from one of my previous but similar lines, Flower Garden Gatherings.” If you’re looking for a spring project or just love these fabrics, tune in for some fun and fresh ideas by clicking the link below. OH! and I almost forgot… Easter is this Sunday so we’ll have a little something to share with you from the Easter Bunny as well. How eggciting… LOL! Don’t miss it! See you then, ~Lisa

Check Out My Projects in Process!

Welcome back, everyone! With so much going on at Primitive Gatherings and The Gathering last week, time really flew by! Val and I had our noses to the grindstone, both stitching and filming for our upcoming Stitch-A-Long, Meet Me in the Garden. We can’t wait to see the finished product after Kali does her video magic and spins it all into Stitch-A-Long gold. This ongoing, online tutorial with Val and I will start sometime in June/July, 2022. Keep an eye on my blog for the actual date, which will depend on the much-anticipated delivery of my new fabric line, Garden Gatherings. If you haven’t heard, Garden Gatherings is scheduled to arrive here at Primitive Gatherings sometime in April/May, 2022. We will also be making a post about what you’ll need (patterns, rulers, etc) for the Stitch-A-Long in the near future. Can you wait? Didn’t think so. Neither can I!

Looking on the bright side, April/May will be here before we know it. It’s crazy to think that April 1st isn’t even a month away! Another positive is that you can pre-order Garden Gatherings to put yourself ahead of the game for Meet Me in the Garden Stitch-A-Long. I highly recommend pre-ordering now if you have your heart set on joining us for that. There is a good chance that we may already be sold out of the fabrics you will need for Meet Me in the Gardenby the by the time the Stitch-A-Long event starts. In other words, if you’re able to pre-order now, please do to avoid running into potential availability issues.

If you tuned in to, Stitch with Lisa Bongean last week you were lucky enough to catch Val one more time before I had to whisk her off to the airport for her trip home to Vegas. We discussed some of my current projects and talked about a few that I have on deck waiting to be started as well. While she was here, Val was gracious enough to pick up where I left off on a few random works in progress, which really helped move things along on my “to-do” pile. There is always plenty to work on around here, so when she asked me if I had anything for her to stitch, I was happy to oblige. I don’t like things being unfinished and do my best not to let things pile up. I had a bunch of blocks sitting in a drawer in my home studio that needed attention, so she got busy stitching on those. Even though our styles are slightly different, I really like working together with her on projects like this. Collaborating is fun, plus now every time I look at this quilt I will think of Val and her very first visit to The Gathering! Blocks to Stitch

There are a few other things hanging on my design wall at the moment that I’d also like to share with you. I’m currently working on a cute little sheep-themed mini quilt called, Create. I combined cozy flannel in browns, grays, creams and navy blues, with earth toned wools to make this mini not only adorable, but beautiful as well. Finished, this darling little “flock” measures at 14″ x 14″, making it the perfect size for a table mat or hanging décor.Mini quilt featuring multi colored sheep

All the fabric you need for for Create is available now our website to order. You will need our special-cut, 6×10 half-layer cake of flannel (it actually is a bit more than half a layer cake), three wool charm bundles (taupe, sheep, and raven), and 1/8 yard (appx 12″ x 15″) hand dyed black wool. As a way to say thanks for ordering, if you grab one of each items needed to complete Create,” I will gladly throw in the pattern for free! You can find these items on the website under, New Items and then under, Live with Lisa Featured Products, or by clicking the link below!

Next up on the design wall is my new quilt pattern, “Revel.” This awesome design was inspired by a vintage quilt from my personal collection that I really love. “Revel” is not available to the public at the moment because it is the ongoing, year-long project in our current Quilt Box. If you’re not a member of our Quilt Box subscription but love this quilt, don’t worry! I will be available to the public sometime next year after we’ve moved on to the next Quilt Box subscription year. Look for the “mini” instructions in your April Quilt Box!

2 Blocks - one purple based, one lime green based, from my quilt, "Revel."

I’ve also recently joined a Quilt-A-Long called, Heartfelt, This awesome project is a Make a Wish Foundation of America fundraising quilt sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop. Heartfelt is currently a free download on the Fat Quarter Shop website! They do not require it, but highly encourage that a $5.00 donation be made for the pattern if you’re able to do so. Proceeds go to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation of America. In the spirit of being generous and giving, if you download this free pattern please make a donation!

The version of, Heartfelt that I am personally working on will be auctioned off in the future. Of course, all proceeds from the auction will go to the Make a Wish Foundation as well. I decided to do my quilt in a mix of Valentine’s day fabrics to go along with the heart theme. What do you think?

Want to be part of the fun ? Come join the Quilt-A-Long! Remember, Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich them with hope, strength and joy. What better way to contribute than with your own hard work, talent, and love for quilting!? Ready to sign up? Hit the link below for more information!

Val is especially excited about the next project on the board. “Dragonfly Dreams,” which is an ongoing quilt featured in our current Wool Box subscription. Dragonfly Dreams is another quilt design inspired by a vintage quilt in my collection (shown on the left below). I love the combination of wool appliqué combined with different types of hand embroidery and stitching. Just look at the intricate floral design work on this vintage beauty! My modern version uses more earth toned colors with a pallet including blacks, browns creams and grays. If you like this quilt and aren’t currently subscribed to the Wool Box, hang tight! It will be available as a Block of the Month in 2023.

Remember the American Quilter’s Stitch-A-Long Hogs for Heroes fundraising event from last summer? We are proud to say we raised over $30K in 2021 for a WI veteran in need! I am currently finishing my last set of blocks on another one of these awesome quilts that I plan to donate to a local vet. You might have noticed that these blocks were previously free downloads, but have recently been removed from the blog. We want to keep this fundraising even going, so we plan to sell this as a full quilt pattern in the near future with proceeds going to Hogs for Heroes.

If you haven’t heard of this great fundraiser let me tell you a little bit about it. Hogs for Heroes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to healing the mental and physical wounds suffered by Wisconsin Veterans during the course of active duty. They do this through the therapeutic benefits of owning and riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Each year they raise funds, purchase a motorcycle and gift it to a deserving Wisconsin Veteran Hero! How cool is that!? I absolutely love being part of such a fun event to let WI veterans know how much we appreciate them! Want to make a contribution to Hogs for Heroes? Click the link below!

Last but not least on the design board is a sneak peek of what the ongoing, 1-year project in our current Wool Box looks like. Going back to my primitive roots, this is a cute wool penny mat project is sure to delight. I’m ready to tell you what the end project will be – you’ll just have to delve in, follow along and find out! I will forever love penny mats! Stitching pennies will never get old for me.Hexagon Wool Penny Mats

Heads up! I don’t know if you’re aware, but Moda Blockheads 4 is just about here! I have the first 20 patterns in my hands already, so be aware that MBH4 is coming March 24th. Of course we will be posting all about it next week so make sure to check back for that! Also, as I mentioned on, Stitch with Lisa Bongean last week, starting in April my plan is to have a free, “mystery” pattern for you to download. I thought it would be a fun way to use the scraps I know we all have laying around from past projects. I really hate to waste fabric so I think it will be fun to come up with something we can do with the scraps. I haven’t named this mystery project yet, but I will be talking more about it in future blog posts. Exciting stuff!

I hope you all have a great week. Temperatures are finally starting to warm up and the sunshine is out. Get out there and enjoy it! Don’t forget to go to Stitch with Lisa Bongean on YouTube LIVE, Thursday at 1PM CST. We’ve been having a lot of fun picking out prizes each week so like and share, and keep those comments coming for your chance to win! Take care and remember to make time to…

Home Sweet Home!

Hey everyone! As most of you know I recently made a trip out west to visit friends and work on some collaboration projects. I’m excited to say that Val Krueger and I have been hard at work planning our upcoming Stitch-A-Long, featuring Moda’s new Garden Gatherings fabric line (scheduled to release this April/May)! It’s pretty hard to tell that summer is right around the corner considering it’s been below zero here in WI for the last week or so, but trust me – it’s going to be here before we know it. The time is definitely now to start thinking about starting spring and summer-themed projects that you want to get finished before then.

Need an idea for an awesome summer project? The Meet Me in the Garden Stitch-A-Long (finished size = 104″ x 104″) will start in June/July, 2022 and I can hardly wait! This event features an amazing quilt personally designed by Val. Take a look at this beauty…

Seeing Val in action this last week made me even more excited to get started on this gorgeous work of art! The amount of time, planning and preparation that goes into a quilt like this is truly remarkable. This quilt is definitely making itself at home already at Val’s, even if it is still in pieces.

For me, seeing the progress of all my hard work finally coming together is one of the best things about quilting. Each stage has a unique level of excitement as the individual steps come to completion. It’s fascinating to watch so many small elements combine together to form nothing short of a spectacular finished product. I just love it! Look at the amazing progress Val is making so far…

If you would like to participate in our, “Meet Me in the Garden Stitch-A-Long”, we’d love to have you! We will post more information on how to join once we have a better idea of when the collection is going to arrive here at Primitive Gatherings, so keep an eye on the blog for that.

Remember, the Garden Gatherings line doesn’t release until April/May, 2022, but you can pre-order what you’ll need for the Stitch-A-Long in advance! You will need the FQ Bundles of each Garden Gatherings and Garden Gatherings Shirtings, along with a Layer Cake of the shirtings as well. We will also post pattern & ruler details later in 2022 (please remember each pre-order needs to be ordered separately as an individual order – it should be the only item in your cart).

Click HERE to Pre-Order Fabrics for the Upcoming Garden Gatherings Stitch-A-Long with Lisa & Val!

Thankfully, my trip out west wasn’t all work and no play. As you saw in my last post, I managed to do some hiking earlier in the week out at Lone Mountain Trail in Utah with Val. We decided we deserved a spa day after such a journey so we also made sure to make time for that as well. We enjoyed an afternoon of pampering at Red Mountain Resort, which is in the heart of the most abundant and beautiful hiking in Utah and North America. It’s a wonderland of sandstone cliffs and canyons, and the spectacular views certainly did not disappoint. 

I really loved the, “Labyrinth” at Red Mountain – a spiral-shaped, stone-lined path in the desert. The stones that line the path are Arizona River Rock, worn smooth by hundreds of thousands of years of running water. They represent the cleansing and healing energy of water.

The spiral shape of the Labyrinth symbolizes evolution, the never-ending cycle of growth, change, and eternal life. I especially love the sign posted at the beginning. The main message reads, “Enter to let go of what limits you, exit filled with peace and inspiration.” 

After our hike we had a delicious lunch back at the resort. In the true spirit of our healthy hike and spa day, I kept it light with a fresh salad with grilled chicken. The restaurant there was excellent, complete with a menu that focuses on whole foods, local and pasture raised meats, homemade baked goods, sustainably harvested seafood, and delicious desserts all made from scratch – which is something I really appreciate as I have been trying to eat a more clean and less processed diet lately. The venue also offers spectacular desert views, outdoor patio seating and an indoor double-sided fireplace. I mean seriously, twist my arm!

Feeling the warm sun and fresh air on my skin left me wanting more, so a couple days later I got together with friends Diane, Mimi, and Roxanne for a bike ride in Snow Canyon State Park, located close by in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. The park features a canyon carved from the red and white Navajo sandstone of the Red Mountains, as well as the extinct Santa Clara Volcano, lava tubes, lava flows, and sand dunes. It’s just beautiful!I am so thankful that I was able to take the time to get away for a few days. Unfortunately the fun came to an end and I’ve been back in the frozen Tundra of WI for a few days now – of course my nose is also back to the grindstone! While I would have loved to stay on vacation forever, I have several retreats and stitching events coming up that I need to prepare for, so I had no choice but to give in and come home.

Of course, PG isn’t the only thing demanding my attention at the moment. As many of you know, my partner in crime Nick is officially on the bench until further notice! Yes, that’s right, Nick is out of commission as he heals from his total shoulder replacement surgery last Thursday.

Despite the pain, he has been in good spirits and a well-behaved patient so far. I took him to his first physical therapy appointment Monday and he reports that it, “wasn’t too bad.” Of course they sent him home with a stack of exercises to do throughout the day to keep things moving along and healing correctly. He says that the most difficult thing so far is finding a comfortable way to sleep – especially now that his nerves have started to “wake up.” All-in-all the surgery was a success and the doctors expect him to be good as new in no time. I will keep you updated as he goes through his healing process. So far, so good! 

I’m sure you noticed that I didn’t have time to do a LIVE presentation on YouTube this week. Between being out of town, Nick’s surgery and the Winter Wonderland Retreat coming up this weekend at The Gathering, there just aren’t enough hours in the day! Speaking of the Winter Wonderland Retreat, we still have a couple of spots open if you’re looking for something to do in the middle of this cold-snap! 

The retreat includes classes personally instructed by me, project kits, additional winter crafts and classes, an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Primitive Gatherings, an official swag bag, and a gift card for the quilt shop! Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner is also provided. For our daily students, lunch will be provided. Check-in is Wednesday January 26th, 2022. Classes are from 9AM until 4:30PM Thursday the 27th through Saturday the 29th. Check-out is by 11AM Sunday morning.

There’s still time to get in on this awesome retreat! If you’re interested in joining the fun, call Jenny at The Gathering at 920-778-8031 to register. You can also email to book your spot! 

If you missed Val and I on my, “Stitch with Lisa Bongean” YouTube channel last week, don’t worry – you can still watch by hitting the link below! Jess and the girls hosted, and Val and I popped in as special guests! We discuss a few announcements, Valentine’s Day project ideas, and of course my trip out west. Check it out!  See you soon everyone!

12 Days of Christmas – Day 11

Today we are celebrating another beautiful Moda fabric line in addition to a new Quilt Along coming in 2022! This fabric line is going to be fun! It’s two collections in one – Garden Gatherings & Garden Gatherings Shirtings! This glorious line includes lots of unique colors and colorful shirtings (backgrounds) to play with, and is scheduled to release in April/May, 2022.

Click HERE for Garden Gatherings Book & Quilt Kits

Now is the perfect time to pre-order your fabrics, pre-cuts and quilt kits because we are offering 20% off until January 2nd, 2022! Also, take 25% off your backings as well if you order by January 2nd, 2022. Simply click the photo below for easy ordering (please remember each pre-order needs to be ordered separately as an individual order – it should be the only item in your cart)!

Now for the Best Part of Garden Gatherings… A Quilt Along!

Meet Me in the Garden QAL –  Finished size 104″x 104″ is starting in June/July 2022. The event features an amazing quilt designed by my longtime friend Val Krueger. It’s going to be simply awesome! You will need the FQ Bundles of each Garden Gatherings and Garden Gatherings Shirtings, along with a Layer Cake of the shirtings as well. We will post pattern & ruler details later in 2022. 

Val will be doing video instructions for each block, so you will have all month to get them ready for the next set. Sets release each month. The last month (of 6 months total) will be focusing on finishing. If you’re new to quilting, don’t worry! This quilt is perfect for the beginner or advanced quilter. 

As I mentioned, don’t forget to secure these fabrics by January 2nd, 2022 to get 20% off! For an added bonus, you can also take 25% off your backing if ordered by January 2nd, 2022 (please remember each pre-order needs to be ordered separately as an individual order – it should be the only item in your cart).

Click HERE to Pre-Order Fabrics for the Garden Gatherings  Quilt Along with Lisa & Val!

This is such a cool quilt that I thought I would show you again! Make sure you watch our YouTube video to see the quilt in progress live as Val is giving us a sneak peek!

Stitch with Lisa Bongean YouTube Channel

Please leave us a comment here to win! Garden Gatherings Pre-Cuts, a Jelly Roll and a Layer Cake will be given away here on the blog, and a Honey Bun and Charm Pack from the YouTube comments! Let us know If you love Quilt Alongs, and how many you’ve done! Will you will be joining us on this one? Don’t worry, if none of those questions apply to you, just tell us what your favorite flower is and why!