Day 6…Needful things for Quilters

12 Days of Christmas 6

Day 6…Glue…I love this Roxanne Mini Glue Baste-it…not the old one with the metal needle in it…

Now what do I use it for…Well I used it twice in the last two days..

1st… I am making a new quilt with my new line  Homestead has a big ol house on it with a willow tree…I used this glue to temporally hold down my bias cotton “branches” on the tree before I stitch them..


The second time was…. I use it on every quilt I make..I have to stitch a sleeve on to hang every quilt because it ends up in the booth at show…so I stitch a sleeve onto the back of each quilt.  The top part of the sleeve goes into the binding…The folded over edge of the bottom of the sleeve gets glued down until I can stitch it down usually after the binding is stitched…This way I don’t have to hold a quilt in my lap with pins in it holding the sleeve in place…

I threw out my glue baste-it with the needle in the top… it always was plugged…this one…never plugs up!!  Glue Baste-It  here it is on our site…

I have picked 3 winners for this drawing…they…they will receive the glue baste-it and some moda yummy fabric from my line!  They are….

LoriDecember 19, 2013 at 7:50 am

wow, a light that uses 1/2 the energy – no bulb – tri spectrum lighting – – sounds perfect to me – this is now on my list – Thanks Lisa for bringing your favorite things to our attention!

GlynisDecember 18, 2013 at 8:28 pm

My Ott light is not shining so brightly these days, I think that a new Stella light will be on my wish list.

MaryDecember 18, 2013 at 7:12 pm

Another awesome product that I do believe I can’t live without. My “birthday” list is growing everyday you post! Thanks Lisa.

Please send me your addresses…at to claim your prize!!