Day 9…Needful things for Quilters

12 Days of Christmas 9

Good Evening Quilters….I know you thought I was going to forget about this post….I even got some texts and emails asking if I was “OK” or if they accidentally deleted their email…but no… I am just late because I am putting the finishing touches on my NEW studio…everything is all set minus a little decorating…which we can always do that…and its so exciting…will show you some pics after this 12 day thing…now for todays item….

This will be cool whether you are a hand quilter, machine quilter, long arm quilter or all!!! I have this awesome set of templates that Judy P had made for me for my Birthday a long time ago… I thought why should I be the only one with these…so I had them made and now we all can have this cool set…They are about an 1 1/2″ wide and you just start with the smallest one…mark it’s edge…then lay the next size on the mark from the first one….mark and so on until you have all five of them marked.  After the first set of fans you have to move the ark until it touches the last line of the first set of arcs.  You just slide it over and continue to mark on the outside edge…

Below pictures show  the I have one arc stitched and then the next one marked…The rail quilt is from a shop swap…the pattern was in American Patchwor

fan1k and Quilting magazine…it was submitted by Kathy Holland… an awesome scrap quilt…I will show you my progress so you see how fast it goes…I mark with a light grey chalk pencil that just rubs away by the time I am stitching on the next arc my arm is rubbing off the chalk…If you would like this template set it is on sale on our website…FAN TEMPLATES  here.  They are regularly $15 and will be on sale for $12.

The quilt is in my hand quilting frame…which this model is no longer available…I do have a new hand quilting frame from Grace…but have yet to get it set up and quilt loaded…that will be my winter goal…

I will try and get the next posts loaded so they come earlier in the day…keep commenting on a chance to win some cool prizes…

and the winner from yesterday’s post is:

Linda LDecember 15, 2013 at 12:20 pmWow, I love this. I haven’t heard of these either, what a helpful, “needful” notion. Besides saving my fingers from burns, it looks perfect for pressing strip sets so they stay straight. I struggle to keep strip sets from going “wonky”.  Please email w


ith your address!  You have won….an 18″ strip stick and some yummy Moda fabric!…

Stitch a little today and everyday!!! LB