Are You a Blockhead?

Have you ever participated in a Moda Blockhead Sew-Along? If you’re not familiar, it’s a Block of the Week Sew-Along that includes weekly exclusive blocks created by a group of Moda’s top designers. Moda Blockheads 4 (BH4) will feature 28 individual designer blocks (mine included – I’m block #7!) and 8 bonus blocks, making 36 blocks in total! New blocks for Moda Blockheads 4 will be released weekly every Wednesday, through September 28, 2022. Blocks have options in two different sizes including 9″ finished, and 4.5″ finished! Each block pattern also includes two shading/color options.

If you’ve experienced one of these awesome Sew-Alongs, you already know how much fun they are. If not, the time is now to join in! I am thrilled to announce that Block 1 of the Moda Blockheads 4 Sew-Along has officially released today!

I’m proud to say that I’ve participated in every Moda Blockheads Sew-Along so far, including BH1, BH2, and BH3. At this point, I guess you can call me a veteran Blockhead – LOL! Needless to say I’m really excited to get started on Blockheads 4, but before we get down to the nitty-gritty details, let’s take a look back at my finished quilts from previous years.

Blockheads 1 was comprised of all 6″ blocks, and each stitcher designed their own settings. I personally bordered each 6″ block with Half Square Triangles, and added 2 inch stars for cornerstones. My good friend Linda Hrcka from The Quilted Pineapple in MI was kind enough to put her talent to work by quilting this beauty for me. Finished, it measures at 88 1/2″ x 88 1/2″. Stunning!

If you weren’t able to participate in BH1 but love this quilt, don’t worry! Moda put together a book where all six featured designers have their block designs and finished quilts proudly displayed. I’m sure you will love this varied collection. It offers a wide spectrum of option, from historically inspired traditional patchwork, to whimsical appliquéd nature scenes. The book includes instructions for six gorgeous sampler quilts that allow quilters to showcase the beautiful blocks they make. It also includes useful sewing tips from the pros that quilters can take advantage of again and again. You can get your copy of Moda Blockheads by simply hitting the link below!

Blockheads 2 was just as much fun as BH1! The project was a planned sampler quilt that I ended up adding sashings to. I had this one quilted with an edge to edge orange peel design by Maggie Honeyman! Check out this beautiful work of art!

For my Blockheads 3 quilt, I used two of my fabric lines, including Urban Farmhouse Gatherings and Indigo Gatherings. It was done in all creams, light and dark shades of grays and blues, along with a Bella Solid. I really think this one turned out beautifully!

Now let’s get down to the best part – Block 1 of Blockheads 4 is officially here for you to enjoy! Block 1 – “Square Wheel,” was created by Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles Quilters. Lynne is a quilt designer, business owner, and fabric designer for Moda Fabrics. She and her husband Robert run their business out of Bennington, KS where she creates what she describes as, “easy and fun to live with quilts.” Lynne’s BH4 – Block 1 “Square Wheel” is now available! To get the full design, complete instructions, and shading options, please visit her blog!

If you’re not already a Blockhead, I’m sure by now you’re wondering how to get involved and what the fabric requirements are for the Moda Blockheads 4 Sew-Along. You can sign-up to receive Moda’s weekly Blockheads blog post via e-mail by following the link below. You can also find the links for each block as they are released on the Moda Blockheads 4 Archive, which will be updated every Wednesday and Friday. I will also be posting a link here on my blog every week for each new block. Bonus blocks can be found on Moda’s Inspiration+Resources Center every four weeks on Fridays.

Yardage Information: The amount of yardage that you will need for BH4 depends on how many blocks you make, and at which size you make them. Keep in mind that these yardage numbers are generous estimates (based on what Moda recommends) because this is a sampler quilt, and cutting isn’t the most efficient. Please note: estimates do NOT include sashings, borders, binding, or backing.

9” Blocks – For 36 Blocks:

  • Background – 2½ yards of a single background, or 3 yards of multiple backgrounds.
  • Assorted Mediums and Darks – 36 “Sweet 16’s” or Layer Cake squares.

4½” Blocks – For 36 Blocks:

  • Background – 1¼ yards of a single background, or 1¾ yards of multiple backgrounds.
  • Assorted Mediums and Darks – 18 “Sweet 16’s” or Layer Cake squares.

9” Blocks and 4½” Blocks – For 72 Blocks:

  • Background – 3¾ yards of a single background, or 4 yards of multiple backgrounds.
  • Assorted Mediums and Darks – 27 Fat Eighths, or 54 “Sweet 16’s” or Layer Cake squares.

If you’d like a printable PDF of yardage requirements and other information, you can find it by clicking HERE! There is also an excellent Moda Blockheads facebook group you can join for more information, support, and project insight! Feel free to post questions, comments or updates on your progress. You can join the Moda Blockheads facebook group by clicking the link below!

For my BH4 quilt, I plan to do the 4.5″ version, using a Fat Quarter Bundle of my Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II series, paired with an orange Bella Solid called, Ochre” (#9900-79). Jess will be tackling the 9″ version, also using a Fat Quarter Bundle of Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II, but pairing it with a yellow Bella Solid called, “30’s Yellow” (#9900-23). I know both versions are going to be beautiful and I can’t wait to see them finished! If you’d like to do your quilt in either of these color schemes, you can find the fabrics you need by clicking the link below!

Despite being on vacation with my grand baby in FL, I did manage get my blocks finished before flying out. I knew I was going to like my fabric choices but seeing them starting to come together is really exciting. I like it even more than I thought I would! Here is what it is looking like so far. What do you think?Square Wheel pattern using orange, black, gray and white

Setting Options: There will be at least four setting options coming from Moda, and several others from Moda designers. You should start seeing these posted around the third week block release date. The first setting option to share is by Michelle White. She is both a talented graphic artist and quilt designer at Moda. Click the link below for your printable PDF of Michelle’s setting option!

Well folks, the girls are scolding me for working. They keep reminding me over and over that I’m supposed to be on vacation, so I guess I better put this computer down and get to it! My goal is to make sure that this is a trip of a lifetime for my grandson, full of great experiences and fun! There is nothing better than time spent with family. Making memories like these is so important. After all, they don’t stay young very long – neither do we for that matter! I will do my best to check in later in the week with an update and some photos of all our shenanigans. In the mean time, don’t forget to tune in to Stitch with Lisa Bongean this Thursday at 1PM CST where Michelle and Jess will be showcasing their favorite Easter projects. Easter is just around the corner so if you’re still looking for the perfect home décor or basket stuffers you don’t want to miss it! Click the link below to watch!

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