Day 10…Needful things for Quilters

12 Days of Christmas 10

Day 10….It is nice to see all the great comments about how much you love these posts…at least I know I am not wasting anyones time…so keep commenting!

I want you all to know that I am NOT a gadget person…I only buy what I know I will use…unlike my friend Nancy who has to have everything, but she loves her quilting stuff…and if you ever need something she has it!  She also is fun to shop with she gets so excited about something new and then makes 12 of them before she can stop and move on to the next thing….Got to love the Nancy’s in the world…

The next item up for discussion is The Strip Stick…hmmm…now I have to say I use this in just about every block I make and especially if I am making a tiny quilt where MOST of the seams need to be press open to distribute the bulk…so here is why we need this….When pressing seams open:

1.  Does not mess up the other seams around it.

2.  I don’t seem to burn my fingers trying  to separate the seam- with the hard stick under it they sort of flop to the side easier…

3.  You can also press them to one side too….

4.  They come in 3 sizes…45″, 18″ and then mini which I think is 6″…

The 45″ is great for rows that need to be pressed open, also sashings, borders and large strip sets selvage to selvage…as well as all blocks…this is the one to get if you only want to buy one.

The 18″ is great for any open seam pressing in blocks or small strip sets..

Now… I don’t need the mini, because I can use the 18″ for any smaller seams…but maybe someone requested it for traveling  for mini blocks…my guess is there was some waste and they just covered it and now there is a mini too!!!

IMG_0680But  seriously…I only had one of each of the 45″ and 18″ and I have several spots I stitch in…so I found myself cussing that I did not remember to get another set of these for the Lakehouse and the Gathering…so because of this post…I now have that second set.  I talked with Richard who sells them and he advised us the cheapest way to ship them …also, if anything every happens to your stick…its has a Warranty:  Return the Strip Stick at any time for any reason and receive a new one of the same size free…

I have put both of the sticks on sale here on our website:  STRIP STICKS

stripstickFor yesterdays winner…we have a 6×12 omni grid along with some more 5″ Charm pack of Floral Gatherings Shirtings…The winner is..

  1. Debbie Reber

    December 14, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    A quilter can NEVER have too many rulers! I love Creative grids rulers, wish I could buy them all!

    Debbie…please send me your address at   and we will send out your prize!  PS…Nick is picking numbers for the winners…if you look at the comments each one has a number….

Day 11…Needful things for quilters

12 Days of Christmas 11

Day 11….Christmas is coming fast….hope you have made your list….every year Nick makes me go through every William-Sonoma, Sundance, Athleta ect. catalog and pick everything I like……so he can surprise me…funny…right?  But at least I get what I like and not a real surprise!!!  I’m not good at faking that I like something…I know that sounds bad but when you have been married for 15 years he should know what I would like…and I guess he does…he asks me….lol…can you tell I am feeling a little better?

Now on to the real needful things…for this next one you are going to say…I have all the rulers I need I have my 6×24 or a 12×12….but… as I was cutting my project for my latest quilt with the new  Creative Grid rulers that I have outfitted my new studio with, it was amazing … I can’t tell you what a huge difference these new updated Creative Grid rulers made…the best part? They have the 1/2″ marking in bold black…now this is really what we are cutting the most is 2 1/2″ or 4 1/2″ and so on…because of our half inch seam allowances…this bold black make this so much more recognizable and easy to find the right  1/2″.  Did I mention I recently got my first pair of no line bifocals????…but anyway…. I was elated and now want to replace every ruler I own, (except my little 4×8 omni) with this new updated version…did you know you can get a square ruler in every size square from 2 1/2- 12 1/2?   I actually use my 20 1/2″ ruler a lot too…but you may want to start slowly when your budget allows to upgrade your rulers….As I was inspecting my old rulers I noticed the lines are starting to fade, the edges are nicked up a bit…so I can see getting a few new rulers….You want to check these out!!!

I think you can get these rulers at any quilt shop…but…If you want to add them to your list from Primitive Gatherings we have them on sale for you…I have listed and added the most common rulers I use in my quilting as I do not think you need a square in every size!  These are my favorites…6 1/2 and 12 1/2″ squares and 6 1/2″x 12 1/2″ and 8 1/2″x 24 1/2″ rectangles.  Click here to shop for Rulers




Please keep in mind that we have no idea how many items people are going to buy for these 12 posts, so please be patient and we will ship your rulers and any other needful things you order as soon as possible…we appreciate your loyalty and want to get you your things as fast as possible because you are the best!

Today I am going to finish decorating the tree…it has been up with lights for a week now…so on with those ornies!!!  Did you read this all the way to the end?  If so comment and I will pick a winner for each of these 12 posts….The winner for yesterdays post is…

Sue kraftDecember 13, 2013 at 7:58 pm

Lisa, get better soon!! The Seam-Fix looks great. The minis would be excellent as favors for the Christmas meeting of my quilting group, but we meet next Tuesday and I don’t think even Santa could get them here fast enough. BTW, I’ve been using tweezers to remove those threads and sometimes it can be a pain. I enjoy your Needful Things postings very much.

Sue send me your address details to  and we will be sending you a Floral Gatherings Layer cake and a seam-fix!  Thanks for following and not being to shy to comment!!!

Merry Quilting!


Day 12…Needful Things for Quilters…

12 Days of Christmas 12

Hello…and welcome to our 2nd year of Needful Things….I am going to give you 12 things that I cannot “live” aka “quilt” without!…thanks for joining me this year…I appreciate all of you…please comment if you wish…Santa might come a little early…it has been a good year!

All of the 12 items I am showcasing are going to be on sale through the end of the year on our website.  This is going to be a lot of fun so hopefully you can find some of these items useful and want to own them…If you wish to gather a bunch of them and place an order at the end of the 12 days that is great too…or if you want to order them we will just keep sending what you order!!!

Please remember you do not have to buy them from us….you can also support your local shop if that is your wish…we should all LOVE and support our local shops!!!!

I just want to say first of all I am so so so sick…I have never had a cough burn down to my soul this bad before…but I think I am getting a little better everyday now…so hopefully I will make it!!!

The first new item that I cannot live without is my new seam ripper….It is called the Seam-fix…shown here…It has this new rubbery end to pull all the threads out that are stinkers to get out after pickin the stitches out…here is a video

UnknownUnknown-1I found onYoutube...Click Here to see how great this baby works….Now it comes in two sizes….The Regular size is $6.95 on sale for $5.60 and now the mini in the bright pink, neon and purple are $2.80.  These would make awesome stocking stuffers for your quilty friends…and you can never have too many of them…

If you would like to purchase this item here are the links to our site Seam-fix and Seam-fix mini

Sorry this is short and sweet…but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for me…Merry Quilting!!! Lisa