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Hey everyone, and welcome back! As usual, there is a lot going on around here today after taking some much-needed time off to celebrate the holiday. Isn’t it amazing how fast a few days can go by? It really is crazy how time flies. As most of you know, I was happy to be home at Anchor Point with Nick and my family this Thanksgiving where we spent time together relaxing and eating entirely too much – it was perfect. Good company, an abundance of delicious home-cooked food, and being able to crawl into my own bed when it’s all said and done are just about all I need to feel like I’ve celebrated appropriately. Then, just when I think I can’t stand to look at another piece of turkey, mashed potatoes, or pumpkin pie for one more second, “Project Leftovers” ensues immediately the next day… Gluttons for punishment we are. Ahh, and how glorious it is.

Anyway, I hope you had a great celebration with your friends and family as well. It’s always kind of tough to get back into the swing of work related things after a big holiday like that (believe me I know), but for whatever reason I was up early chomping at the bit this morning, ready to get back at it. We just have SO much going on that I get anxious in the gate if I sit around for too long. Because of the crazy amount of activity happening last week, I was pretty busy all the days leading up to Thanksgiving. I didn’t really have much time to think about Black Friday or Cyber Monday so I thought heck, let’s do something fun on Tuesday to help cure everyone’s holiday hangover. That’s why tomorrow, Tuesday November 29th we are having what I’m calling my Cyber Tuesday Hangover Sale at Primitive Gatherings! Let me give you the details… Starting at midnight, you will receive 25% OFF everything in stock – both in-store and online (offer includes regularly priced items only – offer does not include pre-ordered items, the Red & White Gatherings fabric line, Bernina products, or any other sewing machines)!

This is my way of celebrating Thanksgiving and showing how much I am thankful for all of YOU! That pretty much means that now is the perfect time for you to put a dent in your holiday shopping list and stock up on last-minute Christmas projects, stocking stuffers, and other gifts! The best news is, this sale is both in-store and online, so if you can’t make it into the shop, simply shop online!

Sometimes shopping for my fellow stitching friends can be a bit challenging, considering it seems like most of them already have everything they need. When this happens, I usually turn to our apparel and home décor items. We offer things like t-shirts and other unique tops, jewelry, home décor, festive socks, stoneware mugs, tumblers, paper goods, soaps, caramels, Christmas items, and more to choose from! You can find a great selection on our website under the GIFTS/HOME tab! You can also click the button below to check it out. And remember, if you shop tomorrow you get %25 OFF. Can’t lose!

Are you ready to shop all night? I don’t know about you, but I do some of my best gift selecting in the wee hours of the morning when nobody else is awake to bother me. That also helps to keep my purchases a secret as well – LOL! Alright everybody, I’m going to head home but we’ll be back tomorrow LIVE with Shop Talk at 9:30 a.m. Jess is going to steal the show and talk all about some more super exciting news: Red & White Gatherings has finally arrived! We’re also going to be discussing another one of my recent lines, Rustic Gatherings so you don’t want to miss that. Set your reminders now and I will there in the comment section! Simply click the button below to tune in. Have a great night and see you soon! ~Lisa

It’s a Sticky Situation…

Hey everyone! How’s your day going? Mine has been pretty great so far. Even though it’s Wednesday and I should technically be working from home today, I needed to stop into the studio to pick up a couple of things and have yet to make it back there. I can’t say I’m surprised considering that between both our Wool and Cross Stitch Clubs, we have a full house over at The Gathering. The shop has also been super busy with all the buzz going on around here, so I’m super happy about that. You can definitely tell that the holidays are approaching as we’re starting to see more and more people working on, and shopping for future Christmas gifts. Don’t you just love this time of year? And it’s just going to keep getting better…

As usual, I’m not the only one busy as a bee here at PG. Each and every one of my staff has been hard at work helping to prepare for our upcoming annual Primitive Christmas Event, scheduled for November 17th through the 20th, 2022. If you haven’t heard of it, Primitive Christmas is an open-house event we put on every year designed to welcome the holiday season with open arms. Guests are invited to join us for fresh cookies and hot cider, Make-n’-Take projects (Thursday through Saturday), complimentary patterns (with a minimum purchase of $40.00), and more! Plus this year I’m excited to have our Red & White Challenge Quilt Show going on at the same time, so even if you’re not in the mood to shop (is there such a thing?) you’ll have plenty to look at. Not to mention, part of each $5.00 entry fee collected will go to help animals in need through the Our Pack Animal Rescue in New London, WI. It’s going to be great! We are still working out the final details, so stay tuned to the blog and my facebook pages for more information as it comes out. Also, be sure to watch upcoming episodes of both STITCH with Lisa Bongean and Shop Talk with Shelley for the latest scoop, including some sneak peeks of the projects and Make-‘n-Takes that will be there. You can tune in to STITCH with Lisa tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. CST by clicking the STITCH button below!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Every year I swear I’m going to start earlier so that it’s not such a hassle at the last minute, but do you think that ever actually works out? All I can say is thank God for technology and the internet because I’m not sure how else I’d get it all done. I mean yes, I do make a considerable amount of my gifts for people by hand, but there’s no way I could make them all – I’m only one person! I guess you could say I am a tiny bit spoiled having both the shop and my boutique right here in my lap, because I certainly take advantage of them when I need to. We pretty much have everything a quilter could possibly want, but we also have a ton of unique items for the non-stitcher like home décor, jewelry, and apparel to choose from – all of which make excellent gifts. I really wish you could all visit! Obviously that’s simply not possible for everyone, so once again I’m grateful for the magic of the internet. At least you’re still able to shop with us even if you are on the other side of the country, or just stuck at home.

Speaking of shopping with PG, if you’ve made any online or in-store purchases over the last several months you hopefully noticed that we threw in an extra little bonus with your order/purchase as a way to say thanks – a custom designed Primitive Gatherings collectable sticker! Anyone who knows me at all knows I have a major sticker addiction. If you need proof just look around. I have them stuck all over everything! I have stickers on (and in) my car, covering my computer, on my bike and skis, and all over every water bottle I own – they’re everywhere! So of course, a while back I decided that we should have our own custom sticker collection here at Primitive Gatherings because, why not!? My lead graphic designer Teri and I have teamed up every month since then to come up with super cute sticker design that’s especially geared toward stitchers and other creative people. So far we have eight total designs with more where those came from. Check em’ out!Adorable, right? And just think – they were free with a purchase of over $30.00 (limit one per order/purchase) both in-store and online! We are currently in the midst of finalizing our design for December and it’s looking super cute to say the least. I can’t wait to see it done! If what you like what you see in the collection so far and want one for yourself, all you have to do is something you were most likely going to do anyway – spend $30.00 (before tax and shipping) at Primitive Gatherings!

Are you a sticker freak like me? As you know, I love to find inspiration in other creative people so I thought it might be fun to have a little contest involving our monthly stickers. If you have any ideas you’d like to see made into a future PG sticker, I’d love to see/hear them! If your design is chosen I’ll send you a nice prize for your efforts. Plus your sticker will be printed and distributed for an entire month! You can submit your ideas to my blog manager Heidi at:

Alright everyone, time to sneak out of here if I can manage. I have things to do! I will see you all tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. CST LIVE during STITCH with Lisa! Remember to like and comment and you might just win a prize! Tell me how your Christmas shopping is going. Have you started yet? What’s your routine? Are you a list person or do you go all willy-nilly? I’m curious. See you tomorrow! ~Lisa

Lisa Bongean/American Quilters SAL

Hogs for Heros…American Quilter’s Stitch Along/Prep

HOGS FOR HEROES checking in here…and we are stunned, and honored, by this beautiful effort to support our healing mission! We only just learned of Lisa’s generous plan and can hardly believe quilters across the nation will unite to sew their hearts out to benefit veterans’ healing. Thank you!

A little bit about us, because knowing who benefits from your labors is important to your heart. Hogs For Heroes is a small, WI nonprofit created by four family members, none of whom served. We do this volunteer work simply out of gratitude for those who served and sacrificed much on our behalf, and from a desire to provide struggling, at-risk Veterans with a healing alternative: wind therapy, as we Bikers affectionately call it. We raise funds to buy Harley-Davidson motorcycles for Veteran riders who, injured in the course of active duty, find themselves hurting–mentally, physically, emotionally–and unable to have a Bike in their life. We help them heal by gifting them a Harley that allows them to regain peace on the road, control in their life, clarity, pride, and joy…and equally important, support from the rider community and Veteran brotherhoods.

We know motorcycling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… but if it’s your blood its roots run deep and make up an identity, culture, and community for its riders–all things similar to the military, and deeply missed as Veterans separate from service. It is estimated that 22 Veterans a day commit suicide; another compelling reason to offer alternative therapy with a “tool” that is well established in the military community and will support them for years to come. We direct 100% of every donation straight toward the next Bike and Veteran pairing. And because we do this work voluntarily on the side of jobs, family, and life…we thought we would be successful if we could raise funds to gift one Harley a year. Instead, in just a little over 4 years of gifting bikes, we wrapped up our 2020 season by returning SIXTEEN injured Veteran riders back to the road they love on beautiful Harleys. Each Recipient will tell you that our gift has truly changed their life and, in several cases, literally saved their lives. And while our gift is only given to one individual, its positive ripple effect impacts the lives of their spouses, families, friends, employers, and community as they find new outlets, opportunities, and support systems.

Thank you for reading through our nutshell-version to learn about our unique work. And thank you, for participating in this amazing project to support our veterans’ healing needs.

Like what you heard? Be sure to LIKE US on Facebook to stay on top of our activity and announcements! You can learn more about our work and the Veterans we have supported at And, if you’re so inclined, you can donate there too, but I know Lisa is raising funds as well with this stitch along and you may want to contribute to the Quilters effort.

🙂 Peace to all…. and best wishes as you each make these beautiful quilts!  Audra Thompson

If this doesn’t touch you?  I don’t know what does, It has even more impact seeing it in person. May 2019 I watched Rob Thede receive his bike…and with tears streaming down my face that is when I decided I was going to “try” and do this for another vet.  Believing you can is 90% of completing a goal.  It is now time to make that happen.  With this American Quilters Stitch Along WE are going to accomplish it. I hope you’re along for this ride...because I need y’all to do it!  I’m counting on us Quilter’s to make this happen!  Audra left the above info as a comment on my blog but I wanted you all to read it.  She sent this to me after I called her and explained what I wished to do.  We have set up a separate bank account for our funds raised, you will be able to directly donate to it.  I will let you know when that time comes.  But while you are waiting you can start getting ready…

American Quilters SAL/Lisa Bongean

         Here is a PDF of the following info…You may want to print it and start a binder for this project!                                                                                  Click HERE to print SAL Prep


★    Hey Everyone…                                                                                                              

    I am so excited you are going to Stitch-Along with us on this wonderful pattern. This quilt is so much fun and everyone will want it! You now have to decide if you are only going to make one, or more than one! Hopefully, we will be starting on time, but if our fabric is delayed we will have to push it back and start when it is possible!                                       

  I do have an underlying reason for this SAL and that is to raise money for Hogs for Heroes.    

    I hope all of you can help me do this, and we can help change lives for our military veterans. I will be posting more information about this on my blog.                                     


   The American Gatherings Fat Quarter fabric bundle. -Each FQ tower of American Gatherings bought at Primitive Gatherings is an automatic $10 donation for Hogs for Heros.                                                  

★    4 or 6 yards of fabric, for sashing, borders, and bindings. I made one quilt with blue and the other one with cream…I will be making several more with the blocks I will be making while doing the tutorials each week. I have two sizes here just in case you want to make your quilt bigger or add matching pillowcases. The four yards is enough to complete the quilt.                                                                                                                              

★    Starch – I strongly suggest you starch your fabrics prior to cutting them. I will be posting a video on How to Starch your fabrics.  Buy Heavy Duty Faultless starch in blue or purple cans, not gold.  You will need about 2 for this project.

★    ThreadsMy suggestions for threads are any of these three, Aurifil 2309 (cream) 2620            (light/med grey) and 2785 (navy). I personally do not like stitching dark fabrics with light thread…I used the navy for stitching the blue borders on the quilt blocks.                           

★    Small rulers like, 3×7, 6×6, 5×15 Itty Bitty Eights rulers. All of these rulers will be so helpful for cutting these blocks.                                                                                        

★    12½” x 12½’ Creative Grid rulers. This ruler is so helpful in squaring up your finished quilt blocks.                                                                                                                            ★

★    Simple Folded Corner ruler. This tool is awesome…especially if you like perfect blocks.         

★   Optional, but recommended…Single Hole throat plate on your machine. If you have an oblong hole on your machine where the needle goes up and down, you may want to put on a single hole throat plate. These are standard on machines that only stitch straight, but can be purchased for your machine if you do not have one. This prevents the little pieces of fabric from being sucked down into the oblong hole which is standard on machines         


I may share other ideas, tips, and thoughts along the way. I will be posting the block each week on here on my Blog along with weekly giveaways, auctions and other fun…do not miss out!            

 Here are all the places to join in-these are links and when clicked will take you there to sign up. are here…but are you signed up?               

If you are on a computer it is on the right-hand sidebar…if you are on a phone/tablet you will have to scroll to the bottom of this post to sign up…

You-tube channel- Stich with Lisa Bongean

Stitch with Lisa’s Facebook Group.                       

I encourage you to stitch along each week, share your blocks on my Stitch with Lisa’s           Facebook Group, and tag your blocks with #americanquilterssal on Instagram or other social platforms. I know lots of shops will also be hosting this as a Stitch-Along…I am hoping we can get some posts and comments from them as well as showing them all stitching together!                                                                                                           

★   ABBREVIATIONS: I like to use the following abbreviations in the pattern to help from repeating over and over.                                                                                                 

          SFC = Single Folded Corner                                                                                     

         SQ/SQ = Square in a Square                                                                                    

         FG = Flying Geese

         HST = Half Square Triangle                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

★ I will show a couple of different ways to make/stitch the blocks each week. However, you may have a preferred way and you are more than welcome to use your favorite method.           

★Cutting for Blocks: 

In the first week, I will give you the cutting for all the red and cream stripes. You can choose to cut one block each week OR stack and cut ALL of your blocks (20) for the whole quilt the first week.         

 When stacking your fabrics, pay attention to the direction of the stripes. You may want them to run the short way on some prints and/or the long way. This is certainly up to you. (But keep this in mind when you are stacking and cutting your strips.) These strips are also cut longer and will be trimmed down later. I find this much easier with this many strips involved.                                                                                                                        

 ★ Use a scant ¼” seam allowance and test it to make sure you are not too big or too small.                                                                      

 I just found out our FQ bundles will be delayed….there are so many on the order they need a little more time!.   This gives us a little extra time to gather our things and get ready….so no worries, we will start with the first block when the fabric is on it’s way to us from Dallas.   It’s a time of adaptability.  I will redo the 20 bock schedule so we have all the blocks by Memorial Day! Lisa     

Print this for the cover of your binder…there is a PDF  link button below.             

Lisa Bongean/American Quilters SAL           PDF Cover for American Quilters SAL                                                                                 

That is all for now…I hope you are as excited as I am to get this project started!     

I’ll be in touch….Lisa


Quilting giveaway hosted by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Winner of Fridays Antique Quilting Book

Antique Quilting Book Piece by Piece featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanThe winner of Friday’s Giveaway is…..

Carmen N

My Great Grandma was a quilter. I have fond memories of her quilting on her wooden quilting frame (my mom still has it somewhere). Most of her quilts were utility type quilts but they still inspired my quilting journey. I have a fondness for 30’s quilts but I would love to reproduce some of the appliqué quilts at the DAR museum. Antique quilts always make my heart flutter.

We will get Mary & Joe’s book out to you as soon as you contact Amy with your address Amy’s email is

I hope everyone is hanging in there and making the best the situation…I see lots of social media contact…stitch-alongs, mask making…keep up the good attitudes.

I have started a new Facebook group called “STITCH with Lisa Bongean“…if you want to join search for it on Facebook and join! It is open to all!

my best…LB


What can a Quilter Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine? Thoughts shared by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

What can a Quilter Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine? Stitch!


I don’t know what to say, as I do not know what to do, or how to fix it!  But hopefully, the smarter people in this country will figure it out.  The only thing that seems logical to me during this Coronavirus quarantine is to stay home and/or stay in a protected environment with those who choose to not venture out.  We agree only to be  going to work and back.  We have closed the WI store, but are operating our quilting web/online site…We are here if you need anything, but if you don’t need anything at the moment, we understand that too.

Dru and the crew  in CA will decide when or if to close the CA store, if you want to call and pick something up they will have it ready, or if you need it shipped they can do that as well.  If you need a quilt quilted Luke will surely love to stay busy and will have your quilt done in no time. We also know there are more important things going on right now than buying quilting supplies online. Let’s pray we will be all able to bounce back from whatever this deals us.

It was all hands on deck today to get our Wool subscription boxes in the mail, yes I actually stuffed boxes!!!  We do not want them in postal limbo.  What if they decide to shut down our mail? So to be safe, rather than sorry, our crew got them ready and they will be going to the post office tomorrow.   Not to worry, your boxes are on the way!!!  We actually have only 30 boxes unsold for this round out of a 1000, so pretty soon our subscription will be closed.  If  you are looking for some nice little projects the wool subscription boxes are super fun and a great deal… over $100 worth of exclusive designs for only $60! You will have to call the shop in order to buy them at this time 920-722-7233, the subscription is $60. They are $82 after they have been revealed.


As Quilters, we should be relishing the fact that they are telling us to stay home.  There is so much to do.  We can stay in our sewing rooms for days/weeks and be just fine with it!  Let’s stitch to our hearts content and post our progress on our social media.  Flood it with our beautiful sewing accomplishments.  When times get tough, the tough keep stitching!!!!

Personally, I am taking this time to work on my deadlines to catch up and to be actually ahead for once. We almost have all our new quilts done for Quilt Market!!!!  Here is a peek at our Spring
Quilt Market release.   Redwork Gatherings, I promise a post or two to show you all the quilts on this later.

What can a Quilter Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine? Thoughts shared by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Redwork Gatherings Coming in August 2020!

Yes, I’d be lying if I wasn’t worried about making our payroll with no sales coming in.  But worrying about it is not going to help, a lot of small businesses will be in the same position.  So I am just going to stitch away and hope it all works its way out.  We have invested in a big quilt show coming up and a beautiful retreat in the middle of April in North Carolina.

What can a Quilter Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine? Thoughts shared by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Triumph Tulips designed for our Outer Banks Retreat in North Carolina

I hope we are all able to go by then…fingers crossed….if we stay home now maybe by then it will be over…


Good News!

we have a winner for last Friday’s Quilting GiveAway!

Robin Crittenden

I buy fat quarters or 1/2 yards unless the fabric really.takes my breath then I do yards.

has won a kit for our Be Kind/ Golden Rule quilt and a Two, Four Six, Eight Quilt book using Fat Quarters! Please contact Amy at– and she will get your kit out to you!!!  Your book will be a download and will be sent in an email from Martingale!

What can a Quilter Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine? Thoughts shared by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

This kit comes from this book…

B1532_cover Instagram square

all for now….

Be smart and be safe my friends! xxx Lisa